Should You Manifest The Same Thing Everyday?

should you manifest the same thing everyday

Should you manifest the same thing everyday or have a bucket list of things you want to manifest? We all struggle with this at some point.

We all want a lot of stuff and our desires change constantly. Knowing that we ‘could’ manifest anything we desire makes it even more complicated.

One of the greatest lessons I can teach you regarding the law of attraction is to spend 90% of your time in getting clear and understanding what it is that you really want.

Whether this is one thing or one hundred things.

It doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you know what you truly want because inherent in the desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment.

Manifesting One Thing Versus a Bucket List

There are essentially two schools of thought when it comes to this question should you manifest the same thing everyday.

The first is that you focus on manifesting only one thing and that you put all your focus on that one thing until it manifests.

The second school of thought is that you keep a manifestation list and that you load it up with everything that you possibly want to manifest – kind of like a bucket list.

Neither strategy is necessarily better or worse than the other.

Both work and both work really well given the fact that less than 5% of people actually have written down exactly what they want in life.

Doing that alone – no matter whether it is one thing or one hundred things, will already start moving you in the right direction.

It is all a matter of preference, personality and desire.

The challenge is that while both strategies work, they can also work against you.

Below I’ve outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Hopefully this will give you some insight and help you identify your own struggles and your own personality to find what works best for you.

1. Manifesting Just One Thing

There are many law of attraction teachers that swear by the idea that you should manifest the same thing everyday.

That is to say that you focus on manifesting one thing and one thing ONLY until it is manifested in your life.

There are certain situations where this strategy is the obvious choice. If you have an illness or disease, if you want to win a gold medal at the olympics or if you want to graduate with straight A’s then having a single goal or intention is more obvious.

If you want to manifest your dream job, your ideal husband, your dream home and the perfect body then the options open up significantly.

Which one should you choose first? Should you manifest them all at the same time? Which one should you give the most attention to?

These are all very common questions – and they are very valid.

I want to assure you that there is no real right or wrong. It is all about what is better for you.

Let’s briefly explore the advantages and disadvantages of manifesting the same thing every day – of directing all your focus towards manifesting just one thing.


– Focussed Energy:

In general terms, the more energy and attention you can give one single intention the faster it will manifest.

It is the energy and attention you give the thought or idea that causes the law of attraction to bring it into your life.

This is one of the main reasons why many law of attraction teachers recommend that you should manifest the same thing everyday.

– Clarity:

Getting really clear on exactly what you want and building that image in your mind – embedding it in your consciousness is an incredibly powerful step towards manifesting anything.

If you are focussed on manifesting just one thing then you can spend much more time and energy on creating clarity – on building, refining and internalizing that image.

– Sense of Purpose:

When all your energy and attention is focussed on just one thing it often takes hold of your entire life.

When this works for you and when this is done without resistance you often develop a sense of purpose.

High achievers like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Richard Barnson are not just driven by money and success. They are driven by a sense of purpose.


– It Becomes ‘a Thing’:

One of the biggest mistakes that almost everyone makes with the law of attraction is that they try to hard. Effort does not translate to faster or better results.

When you try to manifest just one thing you can easily become too involved and try too hard.

Manifestation happens with effortless ease. When you can let go, relax and allow then it happens much faster than when you try to ‘make it happen’.

– You Become Numb To It:

When you manifest the same thing everyday you can easily become numb to it. Your affirmations, visualization and intention can become dull and mundane repetitions.

You lose sight of what you are really trying to achieve and manifest.

You start acting out of habit and when the habits are tainted by fear or negative beliefs then you are in reality just doing manifestation practices that bring you what you do not want.

– Its Absence Become Dominant:

The law of attraction is incredibly subtle in its workings. Much more so than I realized early on.

Every single thought manifests in some way. Very often we think we are focussed on what we want but in reality we are focussed on its absence. This is especially true for money.

Sometimes the very act of doing affirmations only reminds you that you do not have that million dollars yet.

While you think you are giving your energy and attention to wealth, you are really focussed on its absence in your life.

– Easy To Create Resistance:

When all your energy and attention is focussed and directed to manifesting just one thing you are much more prone to resistant thoughts.

If everything in your life is about manifesting just that one thing then you are open to more resistance – especially if it is something that you’ve been trying to manifest without much success.

2. A Manifesting a Bucket List

The law of attraction makes a pretty bold promise. The promise that you can have any and everything you desire sounds too good to be true.

To those who do not understand the law this sounds like a pie-in-the-sky promise.

To those whose eyes open up to the truth and who realize how they have been manifesting their lives it can be very exciting at first.

You may feel like a kid in a candy store. You just want to have it all.

It is not uncommon to start a bucket list of everything you ever wanted and to think you will manifest it all by next Sunday.

Like all things in life, we can easily get overwhelmed by taking on more than we can handle.

Trying to manifest a hundred different things is a bit like walking into a gym after 5 years and picking the heaviest weights.

It does not make this strategy fruitless though. In fact, for many people this is exactly what they need because they become too obsessed over manifesting just one thing.


– Its New and Exciting:

Your mind loves something new and exciting. When you first set a goal or create an intention your mind is all over it.

This sense of excitement can be very inspiring and motivating. It can give you a renewed and invigorated push in your life.

– You Rarely Create Manifestation Blocks:

When you manifest the same thing every day and focus on just one thing then that one thing can become ‘a thing’. It is easy for resistant thoughts to creep in.

If you are focussed on manifesting several things then you are far less likely to get hung iup about just one thing and all the challenges that may come with.

The mind will always have another thing to jump on to.

– Easy To Let Go and Let God:

Being able to let go and relax in the knowing that the universe has your back is much easier if you are trying to manifest several things at the same time.

You are not obsessed over the one thing and you do not pin all your hopes and aspirations on the one thing.

– Reaching for the Stars:

There is a saying that when you are reaching for the stars you will at least hit the moon. By creating a bucket list of everything you want to manifest you may not get them all but even if you get just 50% of it you will probably still be happy about it.

The nature of our thoughts and emotions paired with our beliefs creates a very complex cocktail that is hard to unravel.

The inner workings of what you will and won’t manifest are often very complex and by opening yourself up to many ‘things’ you are far less likely to come up against them all.

– Unlocks Your Creativity:

When you start brainstorming all the things you really want in your life, it can be very liberating.

You start seeing how you’ve been limiting yourself.

Making a bucket list of everything you want to manifest really frees your creativity and allows you to dream on a different level.

– Motivation

This is a big one. When you start seeing some of the things on your list manifest it can be incredibly motivating.

I often recommend you start by manifesting something small simply because the process of creating an intention and seeing it manifest is very powerful.

Should you manifest the same thing everyday if you are trying to manifest something so big that you don’t really believe you can have it?

Without the motivation and the first hand experience of seeing your intentions manifest it can be very hard to keep going and to keep the faith.


– A Lack of Focus:

The biggest criticism of manifesting a big list of things is the lack of focus. It is not necessarily the amount of time you spend giving your attention to an idea but rather the quality of your attention and intention.

Most of the time we need to overcome certain beliefs in order to reach a point where we can manifest what we desire.

It is this internal work that takes the time, energy and focus.

If you are trying to manifest a number of things where you hold negative beliefs then you are most likely not going to have enough momentum to overcome these beliefs to reach a point where you have removed your own inner resistance.

– Easily Get Distracted:

Having a manifestation list and jumping on to every new desire that comes along has an obvious disadvantage in that you become distracted.

– Overwhelm:

When your mind gets overwhelmed it tends to ‘switch off’ or look for a distraction. Trying to manifest too many things at once can lead to overwhelm.

When you start thinking about the fact that you need to visualize, write your affirmations and meditate on each and every thing on your list then it just becomes too much.

You end up doing something else or discarding your list altogether.

The 3 Things

To the question should you manifest the same thing everyday, the answer is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

It really depends on you – on your personality, your desire and you beliefs.

For me the solution lies somewhere in between the two. I like to focus on just 3 things to manifest at any given time.

Because things manifest, this list is always evolving – always changing. This satisfies the need to attach my thoughts to something new and exciting while still giving enough energy and attention to the ‘big things’ that I find harder to manifest and that takes more time.

You need to find your own ‘number’. I would rarely suggest that you focus on just one thing.

Even if you just want to manifest a single ‘thing’ you should still try and break it up.

For example, If you want to manifest financial abundance. Don’t just try and manifest a million dollars in your bank account.

  • Create your ideal job. Manifest that.
  • Create your ideal home. Manifest that.
  • Create your dream lifestyle . Manifest that.

By doing this you do not just pin all your dreams on a single thing. This can limit your thoughts immensely.

It also limits the universe in that you allow the good to come to you through a little pin hole.

You want to be wide open and completely receptive to allow the universe to easily bring to you what you desire.

Always remember that you want to be specific only about the END RESULTS that you want to manifest.

Don’t get caught up in the means to the end.

The HOW is not in your domain. That is the job of the universe.

Anytime you interfere in this and try to figure out how to make it happen or how you think it should come to you, you close 999 of the 1000 doors.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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