Does Manifesting Make You Tired?

does manifesting make you tired

Does manifesting make you tired? While the true process of manifesting has the opposite effect, we often feel tired and drained because of how we approach manifestation.

When you have an intention with no resistance it starts to manifest almost immediately.

When you start seeing these seeds of your intention sprout, it can fill you with joy and inspiration.

It is what drives so many successful people.

The ‘effort’ they put in does not come from a place of duty or forcing things. They are ‘juiced’ and everything just flows.

Instead of feeling tired and drained they feel energized and excited.

When you are forcing things. When you are trying to make it happen and when you are trying to manipulate the law of attraction it absolutely can have the opposite effect.

How Does Manifestation Happen?

The manifestation process is often summed up with the popular catch phrase ‘thoughts become things’.

There is a lot more to it though.

Manifestation is the (mostly) unconscious process through which we use our own energy to create our lives.

We live in an exact universe and everything you have or do not have in your life is the direct result of how you used your thoughts and emotions.

Manifestation is an effortless process.

When you look at nature, nothing strains to grow. Life and growth unfolds with effortless ease.

There is a magnificence in seeing the natural world unfold and seeing how almost every life form adapts and transforms with no apparent effort.

This universe is one of abundance and you are entitled to all your desires.

They will unfold naturally and with effortless ease…as long as you don’t interfere.

When Does Manifestation Make You Tired?

It is when we interfere with the natural process of manifestation that we start running into problems.

You want more money and your intention and desire is enough to make it flow freely to you.

When you start worrying and offering negative and low energy thoughts to that intention you effective;ly tell the universe that you do not want it.

This is at the heart of the problem and manifesting does make you feel tired if this is how you go about it.

1. You Believe In Hard Work

Hard work is a belief that is imposed on most of us. It is seen as a virtue and most people who are ‘good hard working people’ actually take pride in that ‘title’.

Does manifesting make you tired when you believe in hard work? Absolutely! The belief that hard work pays off and that hard work will get you where you want to go then you will get very tired in accomplishing your goals.

Physical effort and taking action is almost always required when manifesting .

There is a big difference though between inspired action and you trying hard and working yourself to the bone.

Inspired action is the path of least resistance. It feels effortless, joyful and not like work at all.

This flies in the face of how most people ‘achieve’ in life.

When you look at some of the most successful people though, they always follow their bliss and work with a sense of joy and inner peace.

I love what Abraham (Hicks) says – 15 minutes of focussed thought is work more than a day of hard work.

Always remember that is NOT the hard work that will allow you to manifest what you desire.

It is the inner work, not the outer effort.

2. You’ve Convinced Yourself It Is Hard

In the original movie The Secret it was said that to the universe there is no difference between manifesting 1 dollar or a million dollars.

The difference in what we try to manifest is all within ourselves.

You may have no attachments or resistance to manifesting yourself a cup of coffee or something ‘small’.

When it comes to manifesting your dream job, your dream home or your ideal life partner then you quickly run into your own resistance.

What you have ‘told yourself’ is big, difficult or very significant automatically comes with resistance.

Does manifesting make you tired is it is hard? Absolutely! When you feel like it is this huge effort just to manifest mediocre things, then how hard would it be – and how much time will it take to manifest the things you really want!?

What you have convinced yourself is easy or difficult, small or big and what will take a long time to manifest is all inside your own mind.

In the end it is all relative.

Know that to the universe there really is no ‘big or small’ and no ‘easy or difficult’.

Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is universal and works all the time, every time and with no exceptions.

3. You Keep Sabotaging Your Manifestation

Every thought you think is manifesting in some way. Thoughts that you think persistently have more energy and tend to manifest faster and more clearly.

When you add strong emotion to those persistent thoughts then your manifestations tend to happen even faster.

The challenge that most of us face is that we are so accustomed to feelings of fear that it tends to dominate most of our thoughts.

Consciously you may want to manifest more money, your dream job or your ideal life partner.

When you think about these things though, what emotions are dominant?

You may feel good about it for a few minutes but the majority of times you actually feal fearful and apprehensive of when its going to come, how its going to come and what will happen if it never comes?

Does manifesting make you tired when you take one step forward and two steps back?

This is exactly what happens when you sabotage yourself in this way.

Even when your intention starts to manifest and you start seeing those first signs you often freak out. Instead of being joyful and anticipating the full manifestation you start freaking out about how it will unfold or if it will unfold fully.

4. Your Manifestation Practices Are ‘Chores’

I love manifestation practices. I’ve been doing it for years to varying degrees. Lately I’ve been doing less though.

Not because it does not work but because I’ve realized that I started losing sight of what was really important.

It is so easy to get caught up in some manifestation technique that the doing of the technique starts to dominate.

You do not need any techniques or any practices to manifest everything you desire.

Most successful people manifest all their desires unconsciously. They apply the manifestation process successfully without consciously doing it.

Techniques and practices are there to help you cultivate the right thoughts and emotions to deliberately manifest.

When these practices start to get ‘too much’ it can easily start to feel like a chore – like something you ‘have to’ do.

This is a prime example of when manifesting can make you feel tired.

5. You Are Impatient

Manifesting does make you feel tired when you are impatient. Most people are impatient. Its only human to see your intentions manifest now.

You want what you want and you want it now.

The problem is that with everything there is an incubation period. The law of gestation requires the universe to arrange things along the most natural path of manifestation.

The analogy of planting a seed an allowing it to grow is very relevant.

Every time you dig up the seed to see if it has started to sprout, you effectively ‘kill’ that seed and you start over.

Every time you ‘dig up’ your manifestation you immediately create resistance. It shows a lack of faith and a lack of trust.

You start wondering why its taking so long, when will it happen, how will it happen and why is it not here yet!

Those are the kinds of thoughts that I have come to stop really quickly – and it certainly has paid off.

Do not dig up the manifestation seeds that you have planted. It will end up making you tired because you will feel like you are getting nowhere.

Just because you can’t see it does not mean your intentions are growing and aren’t manifesting.


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