9 Crystals to Attract a Specific Person

Crystals to Attract a Specific Person

The best crystals to attract a specific person are Rubies, Tanzanite, Rose Quartz and SoulMate/Twin crystals which can help you attract and manifest directly.

Crystals like Malachite, Lapiz Lazuli, and Amethyst can help you indirectly through managing emotions, balancing your energy, and giving you clarity and insight when it comes to love and attraction.

These special stones can be used to attract a specific person with whom you can build a relationship. It can also be used for healing and bouncing back from a painful breakup.

Each of the 9 crystals I will be discussing below projects different energies and knowing how to use them will help you attract the right person into your life given your own situation.

How to Use Crystals to Attract a Specific Person

Crystals can be used in two ways: a talisman and an ornament. How you use them depends on the specific use of a crystal.

  1. Ornamental Crystals:
    These crystals can be used as ornaments in jewelry. They can be set on bracelets, brooch earrings, necklaces, rings, and other types of jewelry. Some crystals have spiritual and religious significance.
  2. Talismans:
    Protective crystals and healing gems fall under this category. These crystals don’t need to be set on any particular type of jewelry. But you can use them as such if you wish. They provide you healing energies by just having them in your person.

Crystals that attract another person can be used either way. To use the crystal, simply hold it in your hand or wear the jewelry that has it. Focus on your intention and imagine sending your emotions, intentions, and soul into the crystal.

You can also meditate while having them in your person. You can also carry them around with you. If it’s in jewelry, then you can just wear it.

You can also design a small altar and it can be placed in your safe space or that spot in your home where you meditate.

The 9 Best Attraction Crystals

The next question is which crystals should one use to attract the right person in your life? It depends on your current situation and the type of person you want to attract. The following 9 crystals are those that I think can help the most:

The next section describes each crystal, its benefits and uses, and which type of person it may attract, or how they can help you in your love life.

1. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye crystal for attraction

This is the crystal for attracting a guy who is genuinely interested in you. The tiger’s eye is classified as a type of chatoyant gemstone. It is also known as tiger eye. This crystal has a rather lustrous exterior.

Some would even say that it has a silky look.

One key feature of this crystal is the quartz intergrowth lining up in parallel lines. These quartz lines alternate with amphibole fibers.

• This crystal is well-known for achieving balanced emotions
• It helps women discern warning signs
• It cultivates insight

This is the one for you if you’re looking for someone who is low-maintenance, a genuine person, and one that is trusting.

Note that this crystal serves other functions that may help you find the right man a lot better. It is used as a protection stone, which prevents untoward incidents from happening.

It has that tendency to reflect negative energies away. Think of the light being projected away from a mirror.

The tiger eye also stimulates self-love, which helps you focus on love for yourself first before allowing someone else to project their attraction and feelings for you.

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine crystal

This gem is a variant of gemstone known as blue beryl. The name aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marina, which literally translates to “sea water.”

• Improves discernment
• Helps you keep calm
• Allows you to focus your energy
• Improves your sense of responsibility
• Helps overcome fears

If you’re looking for a man who is gainfully employed, independent, and serious about finding a life partner, then this is the gem for you. If you’re serious about finding a serious lover, then this is a good choice.

This gem helps you find someone who is a perfect match for your true self.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal for attracting love

Amethyst is one of the crystals that people use to attract love. It also provides protection for couples. The ancient Greeks use it as a protection from homesickness.

The name “amethyst” is Greek for “not drunk”. Carry it with you when you have to travel and will be away from your special someone.

• Soothes the nerves and calms the heart
• It can help you improve your concentration
• This crystal can also help you have recuperative sleep at night

If you’re interested in finding someone that can stimulate your imagination and intellect, then bring an amethyst with you wherever you go. It can help you attract someone who will remain faithful—a man you will miss when he’s far away.

4. The ‘SoulMate’ Crystal

The soul mate crystal is a twin crystal. Notice that it has two ends, also known as terminations, opposite the base. They are classified as twin crystals—notice that there is no boundary between the two conjoined crystals.

These crystals are also known as tantric twins and twin flames.

• Attracts the person who is your perfect match or as close to it as possible
• Brings a lot of life lessons along the way
• This crystal is a bit pricey, so think of it as a kind of investment

Remember that you should use this crystal with utmost care and caution. You should only use it if you’re serious about settling down with the man you’re supposed to be with.

5. Ruby

ruby crystal attracting a specific person

Rubies have resplendent look and they connect you to the root chakra. They project self-confidence and inner power.

• Facilitates love, emotions, and self-worth
• Increases your intuition
• Gives you a fiery sense of courage

Ruby is the kind of crystal that will attract a guy who is going to make you let go of your inhibitions. It’s the one that you will wear for guys looking for one-night stands.

If you’re after a titillating encounter without long-term commitments, then this might be worth trying.

6. Lapiz Lazuli

This is a semi-precious stone that can be set on jewelry. It has an azure blue color that looks great on silver or gold. It is a powerful stone that can give you inner peace. It empowers the human senses and lends wisdom.

• Stimulates creativity
• Increases mental clarity
• Improves ability to communicate

If you’re looking to attract a guy who has a beautiful mind, then this crystal might just be the one you’re looking for. This is the type of crystal you wear to reel in a guy with whom you can talk for hours on end.

Conversations never get boring and you two might even inspire creativity in one another.

7. Tanzanite


Some people say that you should marry your best friend. Have you ever met a guy with whom you can be BFFs and still have that romantic fervor?

• Improves spiritual awareness
• Increases attraction
• Improves intuition

Do you want to find a guy with whom you just click the moment you meet? Tanzanite can help you find guys who are interested in women but maybe want to begin the relationship as friends.

These are guys who aren’t afraid to flirt with you and will unabashedly test the waters fishing for something more.

8. Rose Quartz

Crystals of rose quartz

Do you need something that will help you heal from a previous heartbreak? Find some rose quartz and feel that release from emotional baggage, lingering emotional pain, and old love wounds.

Apart from that, rose quartz stimulates your mind to seek out love once again. It’s a good option for women who want to move on to better things—and a better guy for that matter.

• This crystal will help you find satisfaction for your flirtatious tendencies
• It attracts guys who are into you and are actively looking for one night stands—but it can also reel in guys who may be looking for something more serious
• Attracts love of different levels from simple friendship and comfort all the way to steamy encounters in the sheets

If you haven’t gotten laid in a while, having rose quartz with you can help set the mood. The guys you meet who are ready will sense it in you. This is one of the crystals to attract a specific person who will listen to your story and be genuinely interested in you.

9. Malachite


Malachite is an elegant-looking crystal. It has a rather regal appearance. It has a mesmerizing green color with a few white striations. This particular stone is used to obtain the heart chakra.

• This stone takes away negative energies that you may be experiencing
• This is another stone that is used for inner healing
• It balances emotions and makes you less critical of others

Being a protection crystal, it would be great to have a piece of malachite if you still feel the pain from your previous relationship.

It can help you understand your fears and balance them with an understanding of your emotions and needs. It can help you reach out and try to love again.

A Final Word on Crystals for Love and Attraction

The above 9 are my top picks for crystals to attract a specific person. There are many more that can work for you either directly or indirectly.

Finding exactly what your own deeper needs or ‘issues’ are will help you better decide exactly what crystal you may need.

Let the energy from these crystals help you find inner peace and emotional balance. The process of finding the right person for you will take time and effort. But with the help of these crystals, you can overcome the inevitable challenges that will come along the way.

Always remember that the answer to everything always lies deep within yourself. Crystals won’t do anything ‘for you’ but can help immensely in balancing and aligning your energy to help you to help yourself.


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