Does Law Of Attraction Work For Love?

does law of attraction work for love

Does law of attraction work for love? Can you really use it to attract a soulmate, your dream relationship and true love?

The law of attraction absolutely works for love but the emotional baggage we carry tends to put us in a vibration that makes it hard for love to come into our lives.

You can never attract something into your life that you are not a vibrational match to.

Like attracts like.

Your relationships, or lack of relationships, are always a direct reflection of your own relationship with yourself.

Your innermost thoughts, what you think of yourself, of love and relationships in general will always be revealed in your current circumstances.

This is a profound insight and it is one that can transform your relationship with yourself. When you are in conflict with someone else it is usually a reflection of some inner conflict.

If you have a bad relationship with someone else then at some level it is a reflection of some aspect of your own relationship with yourself.

This is the law of attraction at work in the most subtle and poignant ways.

If you are someone who is filled with love, joy and passion then it will be impossible for you to not constantly attract love in spades.

Conversely, if you are someone who is filled with anger, resentment and hatred then you can do every law of attraction exercise in the book, you simply will not attract love into your life.

The Law Of Attraction And Love

The law of attraction makes it abundantly clear that whatever you place your energy and your attention on consistently, will manifest in your life.

Does law of attraction work for love?

Absolutely, but it is not as easy as that. Even though the basic premise of the law of attraction is simple, applying it is a whole different story.

You can manifest love, a beautiful relationship with your soulmate and everything that you could possibly want in an intimate relationship.

The law of attraction has no limits. You are the only one who creates and imposes the limits.

Far too often we feel completely out of control when it comes to love and relationships. We feel like we can not affect or influence another person and that the law of attraction does not work in relationship because of that.

It is absolutely true that you can not create in someone else’s reality. Neither should you.

The way to use the law of attraction for love is to get clear on what you want in an intimate love relationship and to completely let go.

You need to release your own preconceived ideas of how and whom you want to manifest.

Only then can the universe truly work for you and bring about your ideal love.

So often people get fixated on the type of person they want to manifest only because that is what they think they should have to be happy.

When you truly let go and allow the universe to bring true love to you it may show up in a completely unexpected package.

In fact, most of the time you do not know what you really need to have a truly meaningful relationship because you are blinded by what you think you ‘should have’.

The law of attraction works for love but only if you allow it to. The first and most important step is to surrender completely and let go of everything you think you need to have a happy relationship.

You need to dig really deep within yourself and figure out what qualities you want to have in a soulmate and ultimately what you want to experience in a relationship.

These are the real questions to answer and are so far beyond the typical ideas of what someone looks like, smalls like or what car they drive.

Why The Law of Attraction Does NOT Work For Love

When it comes to love and relationships we tend to carry a lot of baggage. Past experiences and ingrained beliefs have distorted most of our views of love and relationships to the point where we all believe our own lies.


Yes, lies. Most of what you believe about relationships are not true at all. Your beliefs are merely your own stories (based on personal experience) that you have accepted as truth.

These beliefs are incredibly powerful and dictates how you think and feel about love and relationships.

Your past tends to colour your present and future experiences because of your beliefs.

Your beliefs are nothing but unconscious thoughts that are ingrained in your mind.

These thoughts often make up your ‘rules’ that dictate what you think relationships should be, what you think you deserve and your entire perception of what love is.

The reason why the law of attraction does not work for most people when it comes to love and relationships is because of our beliefs.

Because relationships are so emotionally charged, we tend to have a lot of attachments to these beliefs.

Consciously you may want a new or a better relationship but your subconscious mind and your subconscious thoughts have an incredibly strong hold on you.

You may set an intention to attract your soulmate, you can visualize it but most of the time your beliefs kick in.

We often become what we believe ourselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. When I believe I can, I acquire the ability to do it, even if I didn’t have it in the beginning.

– Gandhi

Your dominant thoughts are often on what you DO NOT want – not because that is your choice but because that is your habitual thoughts.

If the law of attraction is not working for love in your life then you most probably have strong beliefs holding you back.

Remember that it is your dominant thoughts that dictates what will be attracted to you through the law of attraction.

If your dominant thoughts are in the past, on what has been and what you do not want then that is all that can possibly manifest.

What you manifest or fail to manifest is always a perfect match to your dominant vibration.

What Should I Do To Manifest Love?

You’ve probably tried everything to manifest love. The really frustrating thing is that it can feel so helpless if you want to attract love.

You feel like you want to do something to make it happen but despite your best efforts it just isn’t happening.

The good and the bad news is that no amount of external effort will ever manifest love into your love.

This process is entirely internal. It is what goes on inside of you that will dictate whom you attract. The way you think and feel about yourself, relationships and love is what will ultimately determine your point of attraction.

The law of attraction works for love in a very powerful way because love is such a strong emotion.

Most people who make the shift in their thinking tend to attract love very quickly because they can inject so much emotion into their intentions.

To manifest love with the law of attraction there are 3 important shifts in your thinking that you have to make:

1. The shift from external control to internal control:

It is the way you use your thoughts and emotions that will dictate what you attract and manifest and not your external appearance, possessions or even personality.

2. The shift from things happening ‘FOR you’ instead of ‘TO you’:

As long as you see yourself as a victim, that you are cursed by bad luck or that life is somehow stacked against you then you can never attract the love or relationship that you really want.

3. The shift from being powerless to empowered:

You have the power to influence your own life. It is the central message of this entire website and it is the promise of the law of attraction and much of what is taught in spirituality today.

Ultimately you are in charge of your life. You directly affect everything that comes into your life through the way you think.

This means that you can dictate exactly what you attract to yourself. It means that the law of attraction works for love just as it works for attracting a cup of coffee or a million dollars.

5 Powerful Steps To Manifest Love and Relationships

To make the law of attraction work for love in your life you you do not have to do anything to try an manipulate or change outside events or circumstances.

It may seem counterintuitive but all you really need to do is to turn your attention inwards.

You are the solution – but you are also the problem. If you are not attracting the kind of love you truly desire then these 5 steps will help to transform your world.

1. Love yourself

A lot has been written about loving and accepting yourself. It is such an important part of being truly happy in life that it almost goes without saying but loving yourself is the key to attracting love into your life.

Loving yourself is not about vanity or ‘faking it’ but it is about fostering a healthy reverence for yourself.

You are an absolute miracle. Your life is a miracle. You are amazing, unique and special.

Not because of what you do or achieve or have but because you are You. A divine spiritual being.

You have to learn to let go of all the vain requirements that society imposes on you that causes you to not love yourself.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it within us, or we find it not.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

You do not have to look a certain way, dress a certain way or achieve a certain way to be loved. You are worthy and deserving of love and it all starts with loving yourself.

If you do not love yourself it is impossible to manifest love and relationship with someone else.

If you resent yourself in any way shape or form then the law of attraction simply can not match up with the vibration of love.

A great analogy is to always think of the love you have within yourself as the real magnet that will attract more love into your life.

2. Get clear on exactly what you want

Most people have a very long list of things they do not want in a relationship and what they despise about a partner.

These are often based on past experiences and it tends to dominate most people’s thoughts and conversations about love and relationships.

You need to create a seismic shift in your life.

You need to let go of everything you do not want. Get very clear on exactly what you DO want and make a massive effort to keep your attention on that.

Resist the temptation to wallow in the past, on what went wrong and how awful it was.

The idea is the first currency of the Universe, so pay attention to the ideas that are in harmony with your vision.

– Mary Morrissey

Define for yourself in very clear terms exactly what you want in your ideal partner. Avoid the superficial things like looks and possessions.

When you focus on the qualities you want in your ideal partner then you allow the universe to truly go to town and find someone that matches exactly what you want.

Get very clear on exactly what you want from a relationship. What does love look like to you? What does a perfect relationship feel like and can see yourself in that relationship?

Unless and until you are very clear on exactly what you do want, you can not have a clear intention and without an intention you can not manifest love.

Does law of attraction work for love without clarity, intention and purpose? No. It simply can not because your thoughts will not be focussed enough on a singular idea.

3. Release your past

As long as you hold on to past beliefs and past experiences you can not move forward. If you keep attracting more of what you had then you are most likely stuck in a belief cycle.

Your beliefs create your reality which in turns reinforces your beliefs to create more of the same.

Your dominant thoughts are always manifesting.

Sit down and really think about what you believe about relationships. Dig deep and try and come up with your core beliefs.

Do the same for your beliefs about a partner and even about yourself.

Once you see these beliefs on paper it can often trigger the change in itself. Seeing how you actually created the beliefs can give you the ‘ah ha’ moment to realize that you can create new beliefs.

Even though you may have had many experiences that backed up your beliefs, they are not fixed and you can choose a new thought.

Law of attraction works for love but you have to understand how power and how subtle your thoughts really are.

It is not the deliberate and conscious thoughts you think a few minutes a day but those persistent subconscious thoughts that dominate your thinking most of the time.

4. Keep your energy and attention on what you DO want

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you want, you have an intention. This intention is what creates the attractive force that invokes the law of attraction.

You want to do everything you possibly can to keep your energy and your attention on what you DO want.

When you find yourself drifting into old habitual thoughts, immediately do something to steer your thoughts back.

Read books, meditate, watch movies – do anything you can to keep your vibration matched up with the love that you can envision yourself having.

If you can see it in your mind, you can feel it in your heart and you can maintain that vibration it must manifest.

5. Become the best version of yourself

One of the law of attraction ideas that I absolutely love is the idea that you do not attract what you want. You attract what you are.

So many people sit around hoping for a great relationship and someone to come and ‘rescue’ them.

This popular idea that you need to find someone to complete you is complete rubbish.

You need to become whole and complete on your own. You do not need someone else to complete you or ‘make you’ happy. In fact, nobody can do that for you.

You need to become the best version of yourself NOW – not some day when you do find love. You need to become that awesome person that would be a perfect match for the ideal person you want to attract.

Start living your ideal life. Start creating it. Don’t sit around waiting.

You already know what you need to do to become the best version of yourself. Why wait?

It is only when you start moving towards what you want that it starts moving towards you. The law of attraction works for love in many mysterious ways because it orchestrates the universe in ways you can’t.

It won’t know your door down though. You need to get out there and live your life.


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