Where To Place Citrine Crystals on The Body

where to place citrine crystal on body

Learning where to place citrine crystals on the body can help you get the most benefit from this powerful crystal. By placing it on different energy centers on the body it can help you harness numerous physical and energetic benefits

The use of healing crystals has risen in popularity in recent years. I for one have witnessed and experienced this miracle.

Of all the various precious and semi-precious stones out there, citrine is one of my favorites. It is what introduced me to the empowering wisdom of crystals and cosmic energies.

Like any other discipline, there is a procedure you must follow to maximize the effect of these stones. There are strategic locations to place a citrine crystal in the body. Read on to know more.

What is Citrine Crystal? – Understanding Its Power and Use

From the French word citron, citrine is famous for the bright yellowish color it possesses akin to that of citrus fruit. It is a type of quartz which is a chemical compound called silicon dioxide, a combination of 1 silicone atom and 2 oxygen.

Citron has many names that accommodate its many health and wealth benefits. It is called the ‘merchant stone’ since it is known to usher in opportunities for businesses to grow financially.

It doesn’t only help you thrive in abundance but also protect your wealth from any forces that could deplete it.

I wouldn’t have believed in the power of crystals if it wasn’t for my entrepreneur friend who claimed to be walking evidence of this influence.

It is also known as the “success stone”. The golden hue of this crystal alone is enough to inspire dreams of success and wealth. It acts as a magnet for wonderful things to come your way in both personal and professional aspects.

In general, citrine is a happy stone. It promotes emotional and spiritual joy. Your lost energy in life due to stresses will return to you with the help of this crystal.

Where does citrine come from?

Citrine occurs naturally on earth. It is often extracted from open-pit mines like all quartz are. However, due to its relative rarity, most citrines in the market are not originally citrine but amethyst.

By ‘cooking’ under high temperature, the purple amethyst gains its yellowish hue resembling citrine. However, crystal healers and enthusiasts are divided on whether a heat-treated citrine is an acceptable alternative or not.

Citrine and its powers have been known since ancient times. The benefits of this crystal remain true to this day.

A Manifesting Stone…

Among other stones such as garnet, obsidian, pyrite, hematite, etc., citrine is a crystal that can help you make your dreams and aspirations manifest into the real world.

Whether it is achieving success in career and business, buying a new home, or finding the love of your life, you can have it all.

Citrine serves as the anchor that grounds you and helps you gain focus to know exactly what you desire and what practical steps to get them.

You’ll be able to encounter more synchronicities that can give you an advantage and motivation to move forward.

A Charm of Positivity

At the toughest and darkest part of your life, citrine can show you the light at the end of the tunnel. The positive energy of this stone will chase away all the self-doubt, toxicity, melancholy, and anger from your life.

As a stone of happiness, citrine can help you regain your balance and find peace of mind once again.

You’ll be able to forgive, smile, laugh, and just bask in the positive energy that this crystal absorbs and gives out.

A Physical and Mental Detox

The energy within this crystal helps flush out any creative blocks that are hindering your productivity and powers of vision. The same way for your physical body particularly in your digestive and excretory system. Whether it’s constipation or some level of toxicity in your blood, citrine can help cleanse them.

Where to place a citrine crystal on the body?

Chakra is an essential life-giving energy that runs throughout your body from the 7 chakra centers. But due to stresses, anxiety, isolation, melancholy, and other emotional disturbances, these chakra centers become prone to blockage.

Once blocked, these vital spiritual energies will not be able to flow freely, affecting your mental, emotional, and physical functioning negatively.

This turns to an energy-draining cycle that, if you’re not aware, can be a seemingly inescapable psychic void.

I’ve been in that dark place. Though I was still ‘functional’ in my job as a team leader, I felt dead inside. Like a zombie or a lifeless robot just going on auto-pilot.

If you are experiencing something similar, don’t worry. By placing a citrine crystal on the vital centers in your body, you can unblock your chakras and let this life energy begin flowing again.

1. The Root chakra, (Sanskrit: “the root of all things”)

This chakra center is found at the base of your spine at the back or the pubic bone at the front. Lying flat on your yoga mat, place the citrine crystal on your preferred spot in your body.

You might as well meditate or take a yoga pose that will allow the crystal to stay in place and do its work.

Do this for at least 15 minutes a day.

Not only is this area your body’s center of gravity but also the center of spiritual and emotional equilibrium. At the primal level, this is also the seat of your instinctive mind.

When blocked, this causes feelings of insecurity and inferiority ranging from mild to extremely debilitating. That feeling of being lost, aimless, and ungrounded as if you’re only going to work to pay the bills and simply survive all come from this blockage.

Once the root chakra is freed, you’ll feel immediate relief from anxiety. As this lively energy begins flowing again, you’ll realize that your doubt and fears were unfounded so you can be your confident self again.

That sense of control over your life will return to you motivating the reestablishment of the healthy connection with your friends, family, and colleagues.

2. The Heart Chakra (Sanskrit “unhurt”)

Blockage on the heart chakra might be caused by a broken heart or extreme grief due to losing a loved one. It can also come from a more existential source such as the general disappointment or disillusionment over humanity. Its symptoms are unmistakable.

You feel hopeless and are experiencing extreme grief and emotional pain. It’s as if a storm cloud is hanging above your head obscuring the light and colors of the world.

To remove this blockage, put a citrine crystal at the center of your chest. The crystal can absorb negative energies in the forms of harmful thoughts and feelings and transmute them into positive energy.

You might feel the urge to hold on to the things that are hurting you because you’ve been so used to their presence. Let them go. Allow the crystal to release the energy from the heart chakra.

The very first thing the heart chakra will teach you is to love yourself. You’ll be able to forgive and trust once again. And it will restore your faith in humanity.

3. The Crown Chakra (Sanskrit “the bridge of the cosmos”)

Located at the top of your head, the crown chakra is your connection to the divine. Of all the chakra centers in your body, this is the most spiritual. It allows you to see and appreciate that everything and everyone in the universe is one.

The most telling symptoms of blockage in the crown chakra are apathy, boredom, non-spirituality, misalignment with or total ignorance of one’s purpose.

Specifically, it manifests in a lack of compassion for other people, disregard of the environment, impatience with simple chores, and generally being an A-hole.

Place the citrine on top of your head. Meditate by visualizing the divine light coming from the cosmos gently beaming down onto the crystal and connecting to your crown chakra.

4. The Solar Plexus (Sanskrit “city of jewels”)

Found within the upper belly, this chakra center is the seat of your power. Your identity, ego, and willpower are governed by this essential energy.

Naturally, a blockage in the solar plexus chakra diminishes motivation and self-confidence – the drive to achieve a person’s full potential.

The need for control can fluctuate to both extremes, from being a control freak to playing the victim.

Physiologically, this blockage negatively affects digestion. It causes nausea, acid reflux, appetite loss, and stomach ulcers.

Placing citrine crystal on the solar plexus helps realign this chakra. This is also the perfect place to utilize citrine as a manifesting stone. While meditating, focus your thoughts on your dreams and aspirations. It’s just you and the crystal, so don’t hesitate to affirm your honest desires.

The connection between the manifest stone and your solar plexus will recharge your motivation. You’ll be able to determine what is relevant to your goals and set aside the distractions. Make it a part of your daily routine and you’ll be unstoppable.


Citrine is a basic crystal, but its power can create miracles in your life. And with the insight of your spiritual centers where you should place citrine crystal in your body, you are primed to meet great successes in your journey.


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