Can You Manifest Someone Who Is In A Relationship?

can you manifest someone who is in a relationship

Can you manifest someone who is in a relationship with someone else? You most certainly can manifest a specific person but never if it is against their own will.

If you are aligned with someone vibrationally you not only can but will manifest them. The real question is not just whether you can but whether you should.

As you will soon discover, the specific person you think you want to be in a relationship with might be completely irrelevant.

The great promise of the law of attraction is that we can attract and manifest ANYTHING into our lives.

Can you then manifest someone who is in a relationship with someone else? After all, if you can have ‘anything’ then why not have someone that you are in love with or that you are infatuated with?

The law of attraction certainly does raise some moral dilemmas and unless you have a deeper understanding of the law of attraction you can potentially inflict a lot of unwanted pain upon yourself.

The law of attraction does not exist in isolation.

The law of action and reaction and the law of karma should not be underestimated – especially if you start dabbling in manifestations that you know are morally questionable.

Is It Possible To Manifest Someone Who Is in a Relationship Already?

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. Trying to manifest someone who is already in a relationship has some serious moral implications.

Trying to lure someone away from a happy relationship for your own selfish desire is one sur-fire way to inflict bad karma upon yourself.

Not to mention the potential pain you could cause someone else in the process.

While it is most certainly possible to lure someone out of a relationship and into your arms, it is rarely a recipe for happiness.

If you truly want to manifest someone who is in a relationship and if you use the principles of the law of attraction then it is impossible for you to manifest that person if it is not their will too.

We can NEVER create or manifest in someone else’s reality.

That will violate the sacred law of free will and personal choice.

You can only manifest someone into your life if you are a vibrational match to each other. While you could influence someone’s vibration with your presence you can not create their vibration.

Affairs often flair up in work environments because of proximity. When people are around each other a lot and they share common interests they are often aligned vibrationally.

Does this equate to love and love relationships?

Often not. It is often passion and it is a passion that comes from a sense of excitement and adventure.

There is often something much deeper and much more profound behind your desire to manifest someone who is in a relationship with someone else.

It’s a difficult truth to swallow but once you understand it you can be set free…

What You Really Want To Manifest: The Difficult Truth

It is easy for people to fall in love with, to become infatuated or even obsessed over a specific person that you are in love with.

The reality is that you are not in love with that person.

You may think you are but you are NOT.

You are in love with how you feel when you think about being with that person. It is the relationship that you truly want and not so much the relationship with that specific person.

It is the feelings you feel when you think about being with that person that you truly want and not so much the person.

When you are in love with someone, it is not what they give you that makes you feel euphoric. It is how you make YOURSELF feel from being with them.

No one can ever ‘give you’ any feelings. It all comes from YOU and the real kicker is that you are the master of all your feelings.

You decide when you have them, how you have them, and what needs to happen for you to feel them.

It may sound like some pretty crazy stuff but that is just the way your mind and emotions are wired up.

Can you manifest someone who is in a relationship? Sure you can but knowing that it is not really that person you want but rather the relationship do you still want to focus only on that one specific person?

If you use the law of attraction to manifest love it can find a person for you that will most likely be infinitely better in every way.

If you tell the law of attraction exactly what you want in a person, it will match you up with that person vibrationally and attract them into your life.

Without fail.

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Interfere in Relationships

If you want to manifest someone who is in a casual relationship with someone else and it is not serious then I suppose its ‘fair play’ for you to get involved.

Things get very messy when you start interfering in established relationships where you can potentially hurt a lot of people.

Using the law of attraction for selfish gains can have some serious repercussions.

You can most certainly use the law of attraction for unsavory things like breaking up happy relationships.

You should know that there are consequences when you manifest someone who is in a relationship with someone else.

There are 3 laws of the universe that gives us some more insight into the potential consequences:

The law of cause and effect

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The energy that you use to manifest something is what will eventually come back into your life.

You may be able to manifest someone who is in a relationship but if you use your energy and attention to break up a relationship or cause mental and emotional distress to someone else then that will be the energy that you attract back into your life.

The law of compensation

The law of compensation basically dictates that you get what you give. The concept of karma has been around for centuries and it is believed to have the power to transcend lifetimes.

You may have to ‘pay for’ your actions from this life in future lifetimes.

The law of vibration

Whatever you create and manage to manifest from lower energy will always be tainted by that energy.

A good example of this is with people who acquire money through illegal means. That energy will stay with them and eventually bring them down.

Similarly, if you attract someone who is already in a happy relationship then the low energy that brought the two of you together will eventually manifest in numerous different way.

That is why affairs never last.

The Secret To Manifesting Relationships

The real secret to manifesting and the law of attraction is NOT about what you bring into your life but rather what you ‘put out’ from your life.

As human beings, we are obsessed with getting. We tend to be completely blinded by what we can attract and bring into our lives.

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that getting stuff and attracting things from outside ourselves will make us happy.

Most law of attraction books focus on the idea of ‘getting stuff’ and attracting possessions in some shape or form.

When you distill all of this, however, the harsh reality is that EVERYTHING you want to attract and manifest are only serving as ‘triggers’ that YOU use to allow yourself to FEEL a certain way.

You want to manifest someone who is in a relationship because of how you think they will make you feel. In reality, all you are really doing is to use that person as a trigger to make yourself feel a certain way.

As you grow and mature spiritually you start seeing how you do not need any of these triggers and that you can allow yourself to feel any way you want WITHOUT external triggers.

The great irony that hit me like a ton of bricks was once you start aligning with these feelings that you thought you need the external trigger for, you actually start attracting it without effort.

We’ve all had it the wrong way round all along.

You think you need something or someone to feel a certain way.

The reality is that you don’t and when you start feeling a certain way, the things that match up with that feeling start manifesting in your life.

This is true in relationships more than anything else.

You can only attract people who are in a vibrational match to what you ARE.

When you focus on yourself and who you are and forget about what your ideal partner should look like or be like then you actually CREATE them through the way you are.


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