How To Manifest Someone On Paper – 2 Powerful Techniques

how to manifest someone on paper

Learning how to manifest someone on paper involves two writing techniques that use the power of the law of attraction.

Manifesting people into your life can get a bit tricky and it is often quite a controversial subject.

We all have our own free will.

We all get to decide our own fate and our own destiny.

Can someone manifest in your life and interfere with your free will if they are trying to deliberately manifest you?

Can You Really Manifest Someone?

The idea of manifesting people into and out of your life is very interesting. When it comes to manifesting innate things and stuff like cars, homes and piles money it is easy.

It is easy in the sense that these things can’t think. They have no consciousness and most of all they have a neutral energy.

When it comes to people the dynamics is completely different.

As people we all have the ability (and the privilege) to dictate our own energy. We have the ability to control our thoughts and emotions and consequently change our vibration.

All the people in your life right now are there because they resonate with you at some vibrational level.

Have you noticed that when you life heads into a new direction some people seem to just ‘drop-out’ of your life.

There is no conscious decision to get rid of them but because your energy changes there is no longer a vibrational harmony between you.

One very common and very popular question is whether you can manifest someone into your life?

I’ve seen a lot bogus videos with YouTubers coming up with all sorts of theories.

The fact of the matter is that you absolutely CAN manifest someone into your life – even someone every specific.


There is one caveat and it is a rule in the universe that can not be broken:

You can never create in someone else’s reality.

What this means then is that you can manifest someone into your life but only if they are open and receptive to having you (and your energy) in their lives.

You can not manifest someone into your life against their will.

Learning how to manifest someone on paper is not so much about manifesting someone specific but rather about manifesting someone with specific qualities.

We tend to get blinded by a specific person.

You think that the person is everything you want and need, but of you are really open to the law of attraction you WILL attract someone even better than that person you may be fixated on.

This can be hard to accept.

Manifesting a Soulmate (or What You Think is Your Soulmate)

Learning how to manifest someone on paper requires an open mind and an unattached heart.

So many people try and use the law of attraction to attract an ex back into their life. While this can work and there certainly are many scenarios where this is valid, the truth is that there are many soulmates out there for you.

You are not confined to one soulmate.

You are not confined to just one person who you are ‘destined’ to be with.

These are ideas from movies that most of us have come to believe in.

You are a soul. You’ve had many lives before this one. Soulmates are simply souls from past lives that you ‘know’ on a spiritual level.

You don’t need a soulmate to be happy. You don’t need a soulmate to find true love.

When you truly surrender to the universe and open your heart and mind and allow the universe to bring to you the perfect person for this life then he or she WILL come to you.

Your own limitations – and especially the limitation of trying to manifest just one specific person places such a limit on the law of attraction that you are really asking for a needle in a haystack.

Manifesting Anything Using a Pen And Paper

You can manifest anything using a simple piece of paper and a pen – and that includes to manifest someone on paper.

The real power is not in the piece of paper or in the pen.

It lies in what the process of putting pen to paper does in your own consciousness.

Taking an idea and putting it down on paper gives it a concrete reality. The act of writing it, seeing it and hearing it gives you a sense of clarity and help to create an intention.

Writing down exactly what you want to manifest, being specific and gaining clarity through writing is one of the most powerful strategies to manifest anything.

When thoughts and ideas swirl around in your head it’s not specific. It’s in a constant state of flux.

The main reason why most people never manifest what they truly desire is simply because they are not crystal clear on exactly what they do want.

The law of attraction can not respond to instructions that are general.

When you get very specific on exactly what you do want, you start the creative process. When you write it down and give it concrete reality on a piece of paper you can see it, you can start to build the image of having it and set into motion forces that will turn the idea into a reality.

2 Powerful Techniques To Manifest Someone on Paper

To manifest someone on paper we are going to look at two powerful techniques that are proven to work.

We’ve already discussed the main principles behind the theory of writing down what you want to manifest so please keep that in mind – especially the idea of gaining clarity on exactly what you do want.

If you want to manifest someone into your life whether it is someone you already know or someone who you ‘make up’ in your mind, the principle is the same.

1. Manifestation List

The idea of a manifestation list is a strategy that is a bit like a ‘bucket list’ of everything you want to manifest in your life.

The idea is that you ‘pin down’ things that you really want to be, do or have and that you keep this as a ‘running list’ – ticking off accomplishments and adding new tings as you go along.

People often keep their manifestation list in a manifestation box. This is a box where you place photos, memorabilia and ideas of things that have already manifested along with what you still want to manifest.

This box creates an energy and represents your ability to manifest anything you truly put your focus and your attention on.

I use manifestation lists slightly differently and I find that my tweak works much better than the standard approach.

It happens to work incredibly well if you want to manifest someone into your life.

Instead of making a list of things you want to manifest, make a list of EXPERIENCES you want to manifest.

Instead of making a list of the qualities in the person you want to manifest, make a list of things you want to experience with this person.

When you focus on experiences it is much more powerful in terms of visualization.

The experience of getting married…
The experience of having a baby together…
The experience of going to the Acropolis together…

This is a powerful strategy because it really engages your mind and your emotions on a whole different level.

On top of that it creates the assumption that you are already together – without you having to try and use your willpower to imagine it.

Simply sit down and think of all the things you want to experience with this person who you want to manifest. Keep writing until you can come up with at least 20 to 30 experiences.

Pick things in your immediate and in your distant future and make sure you can really ‘see yourself’ there.

Once you have written your list on paper (or in your journal) treat it with great respect and place a lot of value on this list.

2. Writing Exercises

I’ve been using writing exercises for more than 10 years now and it is by far the most effective way to help you control your own thinking.

The mind can easily start drifting.

It usually drifts towards your fears and towards the things you do not want to manifest.

The result is usually that you only manifest more of what you already have.

To manifest someone on paper using writing exercises you basically create a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to manifest and then use the power of writing to laser target your thoughts on that ‘one thing’ you want to manifest.

There are 3 simple steps to manifest someone on paper using writing exercises.

Step #1:

The first steps to create a crystal clear picture of the person you want to manifest.

If it is someone you know it is slightly easier, but instead of focusing on them physically, focus on their qualities.

Step #2:

Create a statement or an affirmation that summarizes the most important qualities that you want in this person you want to manifest.

Step #3:

Once you have your affirmation statement you will repeat the affirmation daily and write it out over and over again. This process is all about repetition.

You can use the 55×5 method or the 3 6 9 method. The idea is the same. By writing and rewriting this statement over and over again you engage your subconscious mind and focus all your energy and attention on what you want to manifest.

Your affirmation statement really needs to be in your own words. However, there is one powerful affirmation I learned from Dr. Joseph Murphy that was mainly responsible for me attracting my soulmate and the love of my life.

Here’s that affirmation:

Dr. Joseph Murphy – I now build into my mentality the kind of person that I deeply desire. He/She is…{include the 5 or 6 most important qualities in this person}. I now release this desire into the universe who knows exactly who embodies all these qualities. The universal law of attraction now draws us together in love, joy and harmony.

If you know the persons name and if it is a specific person you want to manifest then include their name.

Final Thoughts On Manifesting Someone on Paper

I want to close by saying that you should never get too attached to one specific person. If you make a wishlist of your ideal partner then the universe will find this person and bring you together.

It really is like magic and it really works.

If you want to manifest a specific person by all means use this process and base it on that person but be open minded.

Someone ‘even better’ might show up and it will completely blow your mind.

Remember that you can not create in someone else’s reality. You can try and manifest them but if you are not aligned with their own desires and their own creation then your attempts will be futile.

You need to be okay with this.

Attachment is the distraction to manifesting because you think you know how the universe should operate.

Your job in the creative process is not to figure out the ‘how’. Your only job is to figure out the ‘what’.

Learning how to manifest someone on paper is not hard but it takes persistence and the ‘hard work’ of really pinning down what it is about that person that you want in your life.


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