Can You Manifest a Breakup of a Relationship?

can you manifest a breakup

Can you manifest a breakup of your own or someone else’s relationship using the law of attraction? You most certainly can manifest breakups in your own life but trying to ‘engineer’ a breakup of another relationship through deliberate manifestation gets murkier.

I’ve written about the idea of manifesting in someone else’s life before.

There certainly are many ideas around how (and if) this can be done but personally, I do not think it’s possible unless the other person surrenders their free will.

We create and manifest from our consciousness.

No one else can ‘be’ your consciousness and therefore no one but you can be responsible for what you create and manifest in your own life.

Relationships can get very emotional. It often leads to irrational behavior and the end of relationships can sink us to dark places emotionally.

One thing I want to say right at the start is to never underestimate the karma you create.

Ultimately, what you do for others you do to yourself.

Manifesting in Someone Else’s Life

There has long been a fascination with the idea of being able to affect or influence someone else’s life.

Witches, wizards, sorcerers and even religious leaders are often portrayed as people who have the ability to direct influence and affect others.

This is fiction though.

The reality is that we ALL have the ability and the God-given power to decide our own lives. This is the ultimate gift you were born with.

We create our own lives through the way we think and the way we use our thoughts.

No one can enter your consciousness and take control of your thoughts. It’s true that manipulative people can greatly influence and affect your thoughts but ultimately your thoughts are your own.

To the question can you manifest a breakup, there are really two sides that I want to discuss.

The first is manifesting breakups in your own life.

This can be deliberate if you want to get out of the relationship or unconscious where your unconscious thoughts are actually creating the conditions that leads to a breakup.

The second is when you try and manifest a breakup of someone else’s relationship.

At some level, you do not approve of another relationship. You want to end that relationship because you believe that you will benefit from its end.

1. Can You Manifest a Breakup In Your Own Relationship?

Can you manifest a breakup in your own life? If you want to somehow engineer a breakup and want to end a relationship then it’s probably not that hard.

Removing yourself emotionally from a relationship will inevitably lead to its demise.

What I really want to talk about here is how most people manifest a breakup unconsciously. If your thoughts ultimately manifest in some shape or form then when you manifest a breakup it has to be the result of your persistent thoughts.

You may think that you did not consciously think about a breakup, but the breakup itself is often the final step.

  • are you constantly worried about your partner cheating?
  • do you feel you are ‘not enough’ and not worthy of your partner and/or a happy relationship?
  • are you focusing on what your partner is not and what he/she is lacking?
  • are you always focused on what your partner is doing wrong?
  • do you often think about life and a future without your partner?

If you have nothing but loving thoughts towards your partner and when unconditional love is central in your relationship then the relationship can only flourish.

That’s not real life though.

We argue. We have different opinions. We all drift apart at times.

Paying attention to your own thoughts and how you think and feel about your relationship and your partner is a crucial part to being in a happy and loving relationship.

Can you manifest a breakup if you occasionally have negative thoughts? Probably not.

It is the persistent thoughts that dominate your subconscious thinking that almost always manifest.

2. Can You Manifest a Breakup of Someone Else’s Relationship?

Trying to manifest a breakup of someone else’s relationship is almost always grounded in a selfish pursuit of some kind.

I had a mom write to me asking how she can get her son to break up with a girl she did not approve of.

She had a laundry list of things she disliked and she had a genuine fear of her son eventually marrying this girl.

As I explained to her there are 3 reasons why you can’t and shouldn’t manifest a breakup in someone else’s life.

1. Never interfere in another soul’s life path

We all have the gift of free will. Every soul is here to walk its own path. It is not up to you to decide what path another soul should walk.

You NEVER really know what’s best for someone else.

You may have good intentions but when you really examine these good intentions it’s really there to benefit you in some way.

Be a friend. Counsel others. Help them, encourage them and do what you can to help them make better decisions but never force your hand.

2. What you wish for others you create for yourself

Your thoughts dictate your energy. It ultimately creates your point of attraction. The content of your thoughts dictates your energy and your vibration.

If your thoughts are on destruction, harm or deceit then that is what your energy will be.

That is what the law of attraction will respond to and bring more of into your life.

When you truly hold thoughts of love, joy and prosperity for others it must and will reflect in your own life.

3. Create, don’t destroy

The ultimate purpose of the law of attraction and deliberate manifestation is to create, not to destroy.

If we think about manifesting from an energetic point of view then it becomes more clear as to what the real dangers are.

Everything you create from a place of love, joy, peace and gratitude will be endued with that energy. It’s not so much the thought that manifests, but the energy.

If your thoughts of jealousy, hate, and destruction end up manifesting then whatever manifests from that will be tainted with those energies.

Destructive thoughts can manifest things that appear to be ‘good’ but eventually, it implodes.

Always focus only on what you can create. If it’s not of love, peace or joy then adjust your focus.

If you are jealous about another relationship, release that person with love and focus on creating the relationship that you ultimately want.

Not Intefering in Other Relationships

If you want to create a breakup of a relationship that you are not in then you probably have not accepted that relationship yet.

If you dislike or do not approve of another person’s relationship then there is only one thing you still have to do to be at peace with it:

You have to change.

Trying to change external conditions to mold around YOU is what most people try to do.

This causes a lot of anger, frustration and leads you to feel helpless. You can change a lot but trying to change everyone and everything around you is not the best way to use your power to manifest YOUR reality.

You change you. The rest will take care of itself.

To accept other people and other relationships you need to change who you are.

This can be a tough lesson but this level of growth can truly transform the way you perceive yourself and your world.

When your focus is on creating in your own life and manifesting that which is in your own life experience you regain ALL your power.

The Law of Attraction and Manifesting Bad Things For Others

When you truly start to understand the law of attraction you will discover that everything you do, you ultimately do for and to yourself.

The energy and the intention behind your thoughts and actions are what ultimately manifest.

If you can manifest a breakup through the use of your thoughts and intentions then you have to stop for a second and really look in the mirror.

It is your thoughts about wanting to cause a breakup that is the real problem.

It is the energy you create in your own consciousness that is the real problem.

You may convince yourself that you have ‘good intentions’ but the fact that you entertain these thoughts will inevitably manifest in your own life in some shape or form.

Using the law of attraction to manifest something that is against someone else’s free will inevitably only turn itself on you.


Because you can never fuse with someone else’s consciousness. You can never think for them or be in charge of their own energy and point of attraction.

Your thoughts about engineering a breakup through the law of attraction reflect on you, your own thoughts and consequently your own point of attraction.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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