Attract Money With Salt And Rosemary

attract money with salt and rosemary

There are many rituals and magical practices to attract money with salt and rosemary. Carrying it with you, taking a herb infused bath or doing a smike cleanse are the most popular methods.

Since ancient times, shamans, priests, and magicians have considered rosemary a sacred plant. It even appears in exorcisms and similar ceremonies in the Christian faith.

It has long been thought to have immense power.

Salt also has a powerful and magical connotation that appears widely in rituals and ceremonies. The combination of salt and rosemary is not just a great ‘spice blend’ but the combination is a powerful union in many rituals.

They are mainly purification tools, but they have many magical properties.

Besides their other characteristics, many people use salt and rosemary to attract money into their lives.

Most skeptics will snark at this idea. I know because I used to be one of them. How can spices make you rich!?

I will start by saying that it is not the assumption to make. Nothing can ‘make you rich’. If we consider money, wealth and abundance as a more spiritual idea and start to see money as an energy then it starts to make more sense how rituals and objects can help our energy balance..

From the point of view of how the law of attraction work we know that what we place our energy and attention on, will manifest.

When you associate the presence of salt and rosemary to wealth then the mere presence of it will provoke the thought which causes your energy to shift on to wealth and prosperity.

How to Attract Money with Salt and Rosemary

1. Carry a little bag with rosemary and salt with you

You can also make a money bag with rosemary and salt to help in manifesting prosperity.

Pick your rosemary and salt and place them in a small bag. You can even add other items that make you feel wealthy, such as a $100 bill, Chinese coins, or a small statue of the laughing Buddha of abundance.

Try to choose a green pouch since that color represents abundance. You can smudge it to cleanse it and activate it.

Carry it around with you as a good luck amulet. For example, in your purse or your wallet. You can put it under your pillow at night and sleep with it to make it work faster.

You can also create a necklace with this pouch and put it closer to your heart chakra.

2. Make a herbal bath.

Prepare a herbal bath with salt and rosemary to attract wealth.

Program the ingredients with meditation and infuse them with your intention. Bless them and ask the spirit of the plants and minerals to help you cleanse negativity to attract abundance.

Take a shower like you normally would. Then, use this herbal bath to cleanse you energetically. Imagine it’s dissipating all negativity in your subtle bodies.

Let it take effect. Afterward, get out of the shower and meditate while your body dries completely. Here the herbs are working their magic.

Try to do this at least once or twice a week to make it more effective.

3. Smoke cleanse your home or workplace to welcome prosperity

First, clean your whole house or workspace physically. Then, burn dry rosemary on a heat-safe surface and pass the smoke throughout the space.

While you do this, you can also sprinkle some sea salt to potentiate its effects.

As you smoke-cleanse your space, recite a mantra like “OM” to harmonize.

You can also recite psalm 91 for protection. Other mantras such as “Om Shree Maha Lakshmi Namaha” or “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” help you attract wealth and remove obstacles.

Start from the inside (the last rooms) to the outside (the entrance). Do this to keep negative energy away from your home.

After cleansing with rosemary and salt, you can smoke-cleanse with cinnamon and dried oranges to attract abundance.

4. Mop the floor with rosemary-infused water

Create a herbal tea by boiling rosemary in water and letting it sit. Then, add sea salt to it. You can also use other wealth-attracting plants such as lemon, cinnamon, orange, coffee, to make it more powerful.

Use meditation to program this water with your intention. For example, you can visualize how the energy of abundance fills this water.

You can activate it with a mantra or phrase of power such as “I welcome the energy of wealth into my life. May these plants assist me in becoming abundant”.

Mop the floor of your house or workplace with this rosemary-infused water.

Start from the outside in. In other words, you should start near the door and end with the last rooms. In this way, you attract external forces of abundance to enter your life.

5. Create a sacred space or wealth corner in your house

The wealth corner in feng shui is the area of a house, building, room, or yard that corresponds to the energy of prosperity. According to the ancient art/science of feng shui, placing specific things in this location will help you attract more wealth energy into your life.

In this space, you can put items that symbolize or attract abundance. For example, Buddha of Abundance statues, Chinese coins, etc.

It’s a great idea to place plants that represent and attract wealth in this space. The money plant or the jade plant is a good example.

You could also add a rosemary plant since it has a similar energy.

Add a glass container with sea salt to enhance the effects of this sacred space.

A Simple Ritual to Attract Money With Salt And Rosemary

In this ritual, you will need some ingredients and supplies that you most likely already have at home for this ritual. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the true power of this spell lies in the purpose.

What You Need…

  • Three rosemary sprigs
  • Incense
  • Lentils, half a cup
  • 7 coins of various denominations
  • Glass jar
  • A green candle
  • Salt

What to do…

  1. Use a match to light the green candle, then use it to light the incense.
  2. Place the seven coins in the bottom of the jar, then layer the lentils on top, making sure they are well covered.
  3. Add the three rosemary branches at the same time as you say, “May the universe multiply my wealth and provide me prosperity in every aspect of my life”.
  4. Close the container and imagine how the money ends up in your hands.
  5. Focus all of your attention on ideas of wealth
  6. Place the jar beneath your bed for seven days. Every day add three rosemary sprigs more and repeat the phrases.

I recommend you to perform this in a safe environment where you may have all the serenity and concentration you want.

Rosemary has mystical characteristics that can help you increase your money and bring prosperity and abundance into your life. Remember to ask the Universe with fervency, visualizing how you pay off your debts, and the money appears on its own.

The Magical Properties Of Rosemary

The principal applications of rosemary as a medical and magical herb come from its flavoring, antibacterial, and stimulant properties.

1. Cleansing and Purifying

The dried or fresh leaves of rosemary give a refreshing touch to foods since ancient times. This plant has many properties. People use it in many places around the world because of its renewing, regenerating, cleansing powers.

As a magical herb, rosemary is famous for its ability to cleanse a place before executing any spell or ritual, such as attracting money or requesting love and health. It is a plant used for centuries to fight evil spirits and negative energy.

2. Spells and Ceremonies

In addition to its purifying properties for the house, body, and aura, rosemary has several magical applications. One of them is the transformation of the soul, which is necessary for spiritual alchemy since internal cleansing is a prerequisite. Rosemary is a magical herb used in spells and ceremonies.

3. Stimulant Effect

However, rosemary also has a stimulating effect, enhancing the mental, physical, and spiritual faculties.

Rosemary frequently appears in magic rituals as a stimulant. It enhances the mind in telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis, or even mediumship exercises.

The shamans used it as a sacred plant to enter another dimension.

As a result, rosemary is a frequent tool for oracles and healers, and it’s in almost all rituals and spells that require supernatural abilities. Many believe that burning rosemary allows one to connect with divinity.

4. Other magical uses

Putting rosemary beneath the pillow makes it easier to fall asleep and guard off negative energy. Therefore, it prevents nightmares.

Another idea about rosemary is that it is a beautiful plant that draws love and emotions. Some also say that it increases libido and sexual potency when ingested.

The Magical Properties of Salt

1. Salt cleanses and aligns the chakras

Cleansing our subtle and ethereal body is one of the properties of salt.

The chakras are our body’s energy centers, also known as the subtle body. You need to balance your chakras in a way that allows energy to circulate. This is necessary to preserve physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

2. Salt purifies your living space

Sea salt not only cleanses the chakras. It also helps to clear the home from negative energy.

3. Crystal cleansing

You can cleanse your crystals with sea salt before programming them for healing or protection.

4. Get rid of bad luck

One of the most prevalent uses of sea salt is cleansing, transmuting, and dissipating negative energy and bad luck.

5. Relieve illnesses and pain

Many illnesses have a link with the chakras and the etheric body. When you cleanse them, it’s possible to relieve those diseases.

6. Protection

You may also use sea salt to shield yourself from harmful energy. It’s nothing to be terrified of!

Sea salt defends you by cleansing any bad energy that became “attached” to you. It works by strengthening your energy system, allowing you to withstand psychic attacks and external influences.

7. Absorption of energy

Sea salt absorbs and transmutes negative energy in the environment, dissipating it.


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