Is Manifesting Bad to God

is manifesting bad to god

Many religious people are fearful, worried and even nervous about whether manifesting is bad to God.

This is completely understandable.

Superficial understandings, doctrines, traditions and false teachings have kept mankind ‘imprisoned’ for ages.

Religions have long feared all teachings that empower people. It negates their very existence and The Church have fought tooth and nail to withhold certain teachings from ‘the masses’.

While we live in an era where virtually all information is readily avail;able, people still remain fearful of somehow ‘offending’ God or drawing his ‘punishments’ into their lives.

My main goal with this write up is to help you understand that manifesting your goals and dreams is not only good to God but it is the very fact that not doing it is what is really ‘bad’.

There is of course the one issue I want to address early on. The law of attraction and manifesting can be used for bad things. Just like you can create the good, the laws can also be used to create the bad.

Manifesting unsavoury things that are bad for humanity, that are destructive in nature or that does not serve the ideas of love, peace and joy are obviously bad.

Manifesting these things is not just bad to yourself but are by nature bad to God since you are an extension of God.

When Is Manifesting Bad To God?

We are all manifesting and creating our own lives all the time. Whether you are doing it consciously and deliberately or not.

The idea that there is a God up in the clouds who decides who gets what and who suffers or not is a medieval idea.

Perish the thought.

It is simply not true.

It is an idea based on fear and was designed by the early church to keep people in line, to make them dependent on the church and to command subordinance.

God is the giver and the gift and has given us all the resources within ourselves to work with His laws to create our own lives.

If manifesting is bad to God then the only bad part is if you fail to fully use and utilize the greatest gift that God has given you and that is to create your own life.

In some ways I believe that the whole purpose of life is to really learn how to do this.

We all have inner desires to be more, to do more and to have more. These desires come from your Highest Self. Having a desire innately gives you the ability to fulfill it.

Not fulfilling the life that you know deep inside that you really want to live is the cause of so much frustration and is ultimately cause by not assuming your own God given gift – the power to create and manifest your own destiny.

If you believe in a judgemental, demanding and vengeful God who somehow oversees your actions to determine what you get and what you fail to get then you will be in bondage all your life.

I believe that God is all-loving and that She has given us a perfect universe dictated by laws that we can learn, discover and use to create anything we desire.

The law of attraction is universal and even the most basic understanding can help anyone to start moving towards what they really want in their lives.

Calling the law of attraction and manifesting bad is like calling gravity bad.

It is not good or bad.

It simply is.

Understanding it and using it to create a beautiful, happy and abundant life certainly is not bad? Ignoring it and allowing ‘fate’ to have its way with you most certainly can not be good, can it?

7 Reasons Why Manifesting Is Not Bad

Even if you are a devout Christian, the law of attraction and manifesting is 100% compatible with your faith. Many of the leading voices in modern Christian teachings understand this.

People like Joel Osteen and T.D Jakes are great teachers who understand the power of combining Christian teachings with the law of attraction.

The fact remains that the teachings of the law of attraction ALL come from The Bible.

The earliest teachers of the law of attraction – people like Florence Scovel Shinn, Neville Goddard and Wallace D. Wattles based their entire teachings upon the Bible – what was called ‘truth teachings’ that read The Bible in a new way – a way that was free from what The Church imposed for hundreds of years.

I see many ‘conservative’ Christains who criticise the law of attraction and who call it evil, bad or ‘sin’.

I completely understand their point of view because they come from a very narrow minded. One dimensional mindset and they simply ‘parrot’ back what they were conditioned to in their life.

Indoctrinated teachings of The Bible will always lead you to just one answer and that is that you are bad, everything you do is tainted by sin and that The Church is your only real salvation.

I want to invite you to open your heart and mind and to allow God to reveal the truth to you so that you can live freely and that your life may be blessed with joy, abundance and true prosperity.

Below I briefly outline 7 basic ideas why manifesting is not bad to God and why you should not be afraid to really ‘go for it’ – to create and manifest YOUR best life.

1. Who Really Knows?

There are many so-called experts who study The Bible and who are very good at telling you what God really means with certain words.

The reality is that The Bible is a curated, heavily edited, translated and redacted collection of writings. Studying The Bible is often studying a certain doctrine – a specific interpretation of certain text.

To say that you ‘know’ what God really wants from all of humanity is kind of ridiculous. We all have the compass of the universe within us.

God is not some being up there in the clouds.

God is within us.

God is us.

If someone tells me that manifesting is bad to God, then my response is usually “how do you know?”

What I do know is that when you make conscious contact with God within, the truth of the ideas of manifesting becomes very clear and I want to challenge you to do the same.

God’s one and only voice is silence. In your moments of quite contemplation, prayer or meditation you only need to listen within to discover what is really good or bad for you.

2. God Experiences ALL Of Life Through You

To call anything ‘good’ or ‘bad’ are simply value judgments that are part of our human experience. These value judgments are created by people.

It is a function of our society. Many of the things that are now commonplace and freely accepted would have had you stone a few hundred years ago.

It is not something imposed on us by God in any way.

3. What Is Good For You Is Good For God

The idea that you are here on earth and God is up there in the clouds is not only a ridiculous thought, it is childish and believing it is just crazy.

Most people who grew up in the Christian faith still have that idea in some shape or form.

One of the central messages in The Bible is that ‘the Kingdom of heaven is within’. God is not just ‘in you’ but your very life or consciousness is in fact a spark of the Divine.

That is the main difference between religion and spirituality.

So many very religious people live deeply unhappy lives because they know everything intellectually but they don’t KNOW God personally.

When you understand that you are God and that every single soul is also a part of The Divine then life takes on a whole new dimension.

What you do for yourself and what you do for others you also do ‘for God’.

From this understanding it is impossible to use the law of attraction in a blasphemous way.

4. Manifesting is a Gift From God

When mankind discovered electricity the world changed dramatically. These days virtually every single thing we have or use requires electricity.

This one thing gave us almost everything else in a better way.

Calling the laws of electromagnetism bad seems like an absurd idea, doesn;t it.

Yet, many Christinas call the law of attraction bad.

Both these laws are invisible forces that we can harness. It is part of creation and God has given it to use to use and utilize to make and create life experiences.

When you understand that the law of attraction and manifesting is a gift from God then you can really shift your beliefs.

You can escape from the fear that God somehow wants you to remain small, struggling or wanting.

5. Not Manifesting Is Bad To God

Dr. Abraham Maslow developed a concept of self actualization. It is this idea that people who live at the highest level are those who fulfill their true potential.

These are people who not achieve at a high level, but they are happy, healthy and prosperous in every area of life. They contribute to humanity and they make the world a better place.

There is a very common negative belief that most people parrot back endlessly – “you can’t have it all”.

What if God set up life in such a way that you are supposed to have it all?

Did you know that there is enough money in the world for everyone to live a wealthy life? There certainly is enough food and water, yet people die of starvation.

Never be imprisoned by the belief that God is somehow withholding some things from you or that She grants certain things only to others.

That is the level of thinking that is giving religion a really bad name.

God wants for you what you want for you.

Your highest ideals, your biggest dreams, your loftiest ambitions are those that come from your Higher Self and this Higher Self is the real God within you.

The Bible says that The Kingdom of Heaven is within and to Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.

This idea that ‘heaven’ is an end goal or some place up in the sky is just ludicrous. It is a superficial and complete bogus interpretation of The Bible.

Is manifesting bad to God if you are simply fulfilling the ultimate plan that God had for you which is to be all that you can be?

6. There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Fear is a powerful emotion. It is what keeps us from doing many things in our lives.

Religion has used fear very effectively to control people.

While dictators could control the peoples through fear in this life, religion had the power to threaten the people for eternity.

The so-called ‘wrath of God’ is what kept (and still keeps) many people in check.

The very idea that manifesting is bad for God is based on this fear of God.

God is not to be feared in any way. There are no punishments and there are no eternal damnations if you somehow violate God’s rules – whatever they might be.

You don’t have to fear God. All you really need to fear is fear itself for fear is what keeps you from being all that you can be.

7. God Is The Giver and The Gift

The power of manifesting is the very power of creation. God has created this universe in a state of ever expanding evolution.

We are co-creating this world every single one of us.

The ability to create our lives; to manifest is the gift and it is a gift from God.

Is manifesting bad to God if He is the giver of this gift?

In fact, refusing the gift, burying it and not using it would be more ‘bad’ than anything else, wouldn’t it?

Everything that you could ever want is already here. All you have to do is to bring it into your life experience.

In the end you never really own anything anyway. We are merely custodians and we get to borrow everything, use it, look after it and enjoy it while we are here in this life.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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