Why is My Manifestation Taking So Long?

why is my manifestation taking so long

Why is my manifestation taking so long? I’m doing ‘everything’ right yet I see nothing materialize. When your intentions are not manifesting, you either have beliefs, resistant thoughts or you are trying too hard.

Manifestation is instant.

We read this in almost every law of attraction book.

What manifestas instantly is where the real difference lies. Every thought has an impact on what manifests in your life.

This is what is instant.

There is a simple ‘rule’ to manifest ANYTHING you want:
Think more of what you DO want than what you DON’T want.

Doing this automatically results into feeling the feeling of already having it. It sounds really simple – and it is but being self aware and really understanding your true thoughts can be very blinding.

Instant Manifestation Vs Manifestation Reality

Before I really ‘got it’ I found it incredibly annoying how the law of attraction teachers would say that ‘all manifestation is instant’.

If that was so, I most certainly did not experience any of that. I spent years ‘trying’ to manifest about 3 different things.

I tried every method conceivable. Every few months I would ‘check in’ and then get completely down when I realized how long I’ve been trying to manifest something without any results.

In fact, most of the time it seemed like I was actually moving in the opposite direction.

Not only is this discouraging it is downright depressing!

The last thing I wanted to hear was:

‘Your manifestations are instant!’

I have come to understand that it is in fact true but not in the way that I thought it was. It does not mean that your BMW, your dream home and your soulmate just shows up at your front door by next Friday.

What it does mean is that when you really (and deeply) analyze your thoughts and more importantly, the ENERGY of your thought then it all manifests in some shape or form.

Even if your thought just manifests another thought – it all somehow formulates what you are REALLY asking for.

Here’s the most important point to understand why your manifestations is taking so long:
When you think of what you DO want, does that create a vibration or a feeling of fear, worry or anxiety about NOT having it?

In the end, THIS is what creates the manifestation – not that which you consciously say you want.

What you say you want and what you intend to manifest does not always match up with your vibration and it is your vibration that dictates what you attract into your life.

5 Reasons Why Your Manifestation Is Taking So Long

Almost everyone wants to know why is my manifestation taking so long. By nature we are impatient. It also seems like ‘everyone else’ manifests things faster than you do.

The natural and instinctive reaction is to think that you are doing something wrong.

You think that you ‘should’ have manifested what you desire by now and that you are fed up with waiting, trying so hard and struggling without that which you want to manifest.

One of the biggest challenges is that when you stop to ‘take stock’ of how your intentions are coming along – the amount of time and effort you’ve put into manifesting what you desire you actually create nothing but resistance.

The best insight into the law of attraction ever is still the words from the Bible: Ask and it is give.

That means that when you have an intention, in that moment it is DONE.

Unfortunately we get in our own way and we become our own worse enemies – without really knowing that we are.

Here are my insights into what I have come to know to be the 6 biggest reasons why your manifestation is taking so long.

1.You Believe its a ‘Big Thing’

To the universe there is no difference between manifesting $1 or a $1mil. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

What we make big or small in our own minds and emotions translate into our beliefs and our vibrations.

When you ‘make’ something BIG then you unconsciously create the resistance that makes it hard for it to come into your life.

The reality is that when you look back at your own life, all the great things you’ve manifested came with ease.

The way anything comes into being in nature is with effortless ease.

Yes, you can struggle and work hard but those things manifest through effort and in accordance with your own belief that it takes hard work and struggle.

Why is your manifestation taking so long? Because you believe or have convinced yourself that it is something ‘big’ that it will require ‘luck’ or that it will take a lot of hard work and/or time.

2.You Are Trying Too Hard

I recently hear a very successful LOA coach say that the number one issue people come to him with is that they feel they have tried SO hard and for SO long and still its not manifesting.

Its frustrating.

Its demoralizing.

When you feel like you have to do affirmations, manifestation practices and meditations it can easily start to feel like chores.

It becomes ‘work’ and very often you do it for the exclusive objective to manifest something.

You start treating the universe according to your own beliefs.

‘I do the work and in return you give me what I want’

Unfortunately it does not work that way. The law of attraction is exact and can reflect back into your life only what you give out energetically.

The time and effort you put in has no bearing on what you will ‘get out’.

In almost every situation, trying LESS and giving up on the hard work in order to manifest will produce far greater results.

This is what is meant by ‘letting go and letting God.’

3.You Have Resistant Thoughts

Resistant thoughts can be defined as any thought that is not in alignment with the feeling of already having what you desire.

This may seem hard because we all face many doubts every day.

Therein lies the real ‘trick’ of manifesting anything you desire. If you can see it and you can believe it as yours then it will be yours.

Most people look at what they desire or what they intend to manifest and while they have a conscious desire to create it, the mere thought of it creates resistance.

Your intellect immediately starts to ponder the what, where, when and how.

Your imagination also joins the party and you quickly start imaging the worse case scenarios if it does not show up by a certain date – or worse still what if it never shows up!?

This is a trained way of thinking that most people indulge in all the time.

If you want to know why is my manifestation taking so long, then this is almost always the reason to a more or lesser degree.

4.Your Dominant Thoughts Are Rooted In Fear

In Psychology 101 we are taught that human beings are either driven by growth or by deficiency. Deficiency motivation is when the lack of something in your life drives you to get it.

Most people who are in pain from the lack of something usually find a lot of drive and motivation to fill that lack.

Very few people are driven by growth because growth motivation can usually only be accessed once you transcend lack and the feelings of deficiency.

The problem with deficiency motivation is that it is rooted in fear.

The fear of not being enough and the fear of not being loved is universal.

I would guess that most of the things and stuff you want to manifest falls into this category and therein lies a big issue why your manifestation is taking so long.

You can think of or image the same thing and feel either fearful or worried about if, when and how it comes or you can feel elated, joyful and grateful because its arrival is imminent.

The degree to which your thoughts lean to the one or the other determines what you will or won’t manifest in your life.

What if it does not manifest by next week, next month or next year?

What if it never shows up?

These fearful thoughts always lead to one thing and one thing only which is a negative vibration…

5.You Have A Negative Vibration

What are your dominant emotions? We tend to think about what we want to manifest a LOT. The real challenge is not the fact that we give our focus, our energy and our attention to this but WHAT energy we give it.

Most of what you desperately want to manifest is to fill some void in your life.

The absence of what you really want can really be a big driving force in our lives.

The problem is that in almost all cases, this instantaneously creates a negative vibration.

Thinking about what you don’t have, about what;s missing and seeing what is not in your life is what creates a negative vibration.

Your emotional scale is like a doorway that either opens or closes your ability to receive what you desire most.

You have to learn to SEE past your current reality. You have to learn to think beyond your habitual thoughts and most of all you have to stop reacting which simply recreates what you already have.

Your vibrational setpoint does not just revolve around the thoughts you have about what you want to manifest.

Your dominant vibration is determined by your dominant thoughts and emotions.

  • Do you live in anger?
  • Do you have resentment?
  • Do you lack compassion and understanding?
  • Are you ungrateful and always complaining?

Self awareness becomes critically important as you start to pay more attention to the true nature of your thoughts and emotions.

6.You Have an Unclear Intention

This may seem the most obvious but most unless you have a very clear and very specific intention you will be moving one step forward and one step back.

When it comes to the ‘big things’ we want to manifest, the goal posts tend to move.

Having a clear intention is not just about being clear about what you want. It is also about being steadfast and fixed on it without modifying, altering or changing what you think you want.

This is an interesting dynamic. It is one that I have experienced a lot.

You set an intention to manifest $100,000 in the next 6 months.

After 3 months nothing happens.

You get discouraged.

You may even become desperate.

At this stage, it seems ‘reasonable’ to lower your expectations and to set a more realistic goal.

The flipside is also true.

You may see very fast results. I manifested $20,000 within days of having the intention.

Immediately a light went off and I thought why on earth would I just settle for $100,000!?

I started upping the ante and going for something far bigger and better.

This process goes on to some extent in all our lived and in almost every area of life. The act of living naturally exposes us to many experiences and our desires are constantly shifting with the tides of daily life.

When you have a clear intention and you have an exact outcome fixed in your mind you wield the most powerful force in the universe.

It requires that you resist the temptation to chop and change because of what you observe in your outside world.

If the universe responds to your every intention then it goes without saying that your changing intentions are sending many mixed requests to the universe.

When you are clear on exactly what you want and you remain steadfast you not only keep energy and your attention fixed on it, you actually strengthen your desire as you keep thinking about it – as you keep refining it and as you keep building the image and the feeling of already having it.


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