7 Things To Put On A Vision Board

things to put on a vision board

The most important things to put on a vision board are not nice images but ideas that can trigger an emotional response within you and cause you to project yourself into a future reality.

There certainly are no shortage of things to put on a vision board. If I told you that the universe is a catalogue and you can order anything you want, what would you order?

So often when you sit down to start a vision board you get stuck. Why? If you can have anything you want then why is it sometimes hard to sit down and make a vision board?

One of the reasons is that “reality” sets in and instead of dreaming and picking anything you want you start filtering things through your analytical mind.

You start picking things that you think you can get or that you think you deserve.

When this starts happening you always sell yourself short.

When the idea of vision boards was introduced to the world by the movie The Secret, people started using vision boards with amazing results.

If you use vision boards correctly you WILL see results. It absolutely works and is a powerful tool you can use to help you manifest what you truly desire.

So, how do you use vision boards correctly?

How To Create Vision Boards That Work

I see so many people going online and downloading vision boards. This is so wrong. These “cookie-cutter” goals that are so generic and that gets imposed on us subconsciously, simply never manifest.

When your goal is to manifest something that does not come from deep within yourself, then you will be striving for a goal that is not truly your own.

You may be able to manifest it but it will almost never make you happy and it will almost never truly manifest to its fullest potential.

We can so easily get bamboozled by what we think we should have in our lives. The goals and ideals of society and your peer groups can be very convincing and for most people, it is so convincing that they actually believe that that is what they want.

You need to really dig deep to find what it is that YOU really want. You may think it is lot of money, a good looking partner or fancy education.

But WHY do you want that?

When you figure out why you want these things you will start uncovering what it is that you truly want.

A lot of money, a good looking partner or a fancy education are usually MEANS TO AN END. What is the end that you desire?

This END GOAL is what you want to place your energy and your attention on. This is what should go on your vision board because that is what will have the emotional charge and the energy to manifest in your life.

When your energy and attention is on the end goal; on the state of being that comes from having it then and only then do you allow the universe the freedom to figure out the HOW.

Most people’s vision boards are focussed around these “HOW’S” – stuff that they believe will bring them what they truly want.

They want a big bank balance because they believe that will make them feel secure.

Money could make you feel secure but it is not the only way. The money is a means to an end.

If your focus and your energy is on creating the financial security in your life then the universe can figure out a hundred ways to bring it to you.

Do not fall into this trap.

How things will come to you is not your job. That will be taken care of by the universe. Your only job is to focus on the end goal and what you truly want.

Creating a vision board based on this distinction will make all the difference in the world.

If you feel stumped by what to put on a vision board, just place your attention on the end goal and collect anything that will remind you of that end goal.

Two Different Types of Vision Boards

There are essentially two strategies when creating vision boards.

The first is a general vision board. This is one vision board that contains numerous different images and goals you want to manifest. It could include images of your dream car, your dream job, and even your dream life partner.

You are more productive by doing fifteen minutes of visualization than from sixteen hours of hard labor.

– Abraham Hicks

The second is a focussed vision board. This is a vision board that is entirely dedicated to just one single goal or idea you want to manifest.

If you want to manifest more money in your life you can create an abundance vision board. On it you will have numerous different images and ideas of what will make you FEEL abundant and prosperous.

Both these approaches to vision boards work equally well. It really depends on what feels right for you and what you ultimately want to manifest in your life.

7 Things To Put on a Vision Board

There are no hard and fast rules on what you should or should not put on a vision board. Just sticking a bunch of pictures on a board of nice loot you want in your life is not the way to do it either.

Here are 7 great ideas to help you with your vision boards.

1. Images

Okay, so images are the obvious thing to put on a vision board, but there are a few important distinctions we need to make about the types of images you put on your vision board.

The images you put in your vision board needs to represent your END goals.

The images need to make you feel excited and enthusiastic about what you want to manifest.

It is never really the images themselves that matter but rather what that image invokes inside you.

Can the image make you feel like you already have it?

Lastly, the images you place on your vision board are deeply personal. Ensure that you always remain true to yourself and what YOU ultimately desire.

Don’t go downloading or copying other people’s vision boards. Take The time and effort to craft your own.

The process of looking for images and making the vision board is a powerful exercise in and of itself as it helps you gain more clarity in what you really want.

2. Words

While a vision board is mostly about using visuals, words can work well and is more than welcome on my vision boards.

Try not to make it too wordy and use short and powerful statements.

One strategy is to caption each photo with an affirmation. That way you see it, read it and hear it.

Words are also powerful in the sense that words create images in your mind. By using positive and exciting words it can help you define your vision much clearer.

3. Yourself

In the pursuit of manifesting things and stuff it is easy to forget yourself. Remember that no matter what you want to attract or manifest, you should be in there!

Include your favourite picture of yourself in your vision board. When you look at the picture, send love and light to yourself.

Tell yourself “I love you and you are worthy and deserving of everything on this vision board”.

4. People You Love

According to Dr. David Hawkins (Power Versus Force), love is a feeling that has a very high energy.

When your attention shifts to feelings of love, it instantly banishes all fear from your life.

If you experience fear and anxiety around the things you want to attract and manifest then adding the energy of love can help you make the shift.

I find that by including images of the people I love is very powerful in shifting my energy.

In many ways this is a quick fix and a very powerful addition to your vision board.

5. Great Memories

If you look at your vision board and all you feel is stress and anxiety then it simply can not manifest.

Your job in the creative process is only to know what you want, be very clear about it and feel good.

Abraham (Ester Hicks) talks about this a lot. Feeling good raises your vibration and allows what you want to come to you much faster.

Adding images of great memories is an easy way to feel good instantly. I can look at a picture of our family holiday and it instantly changes my mood.

Memories are powerful ways to recall joyous feelings that can instantly raise your vibration.

6. Things You Already Manifested

We tend to obsess about the things we want but don’t have. In fact, many people just want stuff for the sake of wanting it.

Noticing and celebrating the things that you have manifested can serve as a powerful reminder that everything else on your vision board is on its way.

7. Things You Are Grateful For

The energy of gratitude is really important when it comes to manifesting. Gratitude quite literally opens you up to receive more.

Gratitude removes the feelings of lack, scarcity and worries about not having enough.

Oftentimes you can look at your vision board and instead of inspiring you it actually reminds you of what you don’t have.

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.

– Tony Robbins

Adding gratitude to your vision board can help you resolve that conflict.

You can add images of people you are grateful for or even events from your life that fill you with gratitude.

You can also write a gratitude list on your vision board which could be a powerful reminder every time you look at it.

Things To Put On A Vision Board – Conclusion

There are no limits and no real rules about the things you put on your vision board. The 7 suggestions above are there to help you deal with common issues that many people face with manifesting in general.

What is really important with a vision board is that it is authentic. It must be meaningful and connect with you at a very deep level.

The law of attraction focuses a lot on talking about how you need to control and direct your thoughts. In reality, your thoughts always lead to some sort of mental image.

It is then far more important to work really hard on the images you create in your mind. A vision board can be a powerful tool to help you place yourself in some future “place” and create the feeling of having it now.

Look at your vision board often and place it somewhere in your home where you will see it often just in passing.

Dedicate time at least twice a day to really spend time with your vision board. Really look at it and get emotionally involved with everything on that vision board.

The emotional connection to the images on your vision board is what activates and creates the attractive force.

Don’t be afraid to add images to your vision board. Don’t be afraid to add affirmations or even quotes. Anything that inspires you and that feels like it connects with your dreams and desires that are on your vision board.

Vision boards work. Do whatever you can to build an image of what it is that you desire to manifest. A vision board is a great tool. Use it!


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