The 9 Things That Symbolize Money

things that symbolize money

There are many things that symbolize money other than cash. Land and property. Stocks and bonds. Cars, boats and planes and even an education all represents money and abundance.

We live in a society that has become blinded by money.

Accumulating money for the sake of having money has no real value whatsoever.

Ultimately we do not want more money but we want what we think money can buy us.

Money is a fairly new idea and for thousands of years humans relied on barter to exchange things with each other. Over time this developed into coins which can represent a certain value and make the exchange of goods and services easier.

Coins become valuable not for the coin itself but for what you could do with it.

As coins developed into paper money and eventually digital currency the idea of the exchange of value has remained the consistent idea behind money.

What Is Money Really?

Most people think that money is the paper bills and coins that you put in your wallet. The truth is that dollar bills and coins are not money.

They represent money.

They are things that symbolize money, but it is not money.

Ultimately money is an idea. It is an energy and it is an invisible and intangible concept with many ‘things’ that we link to it.

We are constantly reminded of money wherever we go in this world. Every place on this planet (and even outer space) that has been touched by man has some sort of connection to money.

Money represents a lot of things.

It is a symbol of freedom and power. It is also a symbol of greed and corruption.

Money simply is.

What it is to you is entirely up to you. You get to decide and create the meaning of money in your life.

What you decide (consciously or subconsciously) money means to you will ultimately dictate your own relationship to money.

Money represents life energy and we need it to function in this world and in this society.

There are many things that symbolize money other than dollar bills in your pocket. In fact, this rarely forms the focus of our thoughts around money.

It is usually the things we think money can give us that gets us all boggled up. When it comes to manifesting money we get so blinded by money itself that we rarely see past our own limiting beliefs.

One of the great money lessons I learned from Abraham is that if you want to manifest more abundance in your life, stop trying to manifest money.

Abundance comes in many forms and money is but one. When you tie your abundance to only money you open only a small peep hole for the universe to deliver your abundance to you.

When you understand that there are a lot of things that symbolizes money then you can start to expand your focus and in the process open yourself up to a greater abundance.

The 9 Things That Symbolize Money in Our Culture

There are still some parts of the world where money has little value. Although it’s becoming more rare, some older civilizations that are self sufficient have no value for money.

In some parts of Africa, a man’s wealth is determined by the amount of cattle he has.

In other parts of Africa a man’s wealth is determined by the amount of wives he has while some tribes in the Amazon determine their wealth by the size of their family.

Wealth is a relative concept and in our western culture money dominates our idea of wealth.

Very few people have big piles of hundred dollar bills stacked in a safe. Money takes on many different forms.

There are 7 main things that symbolize money and wealth in our modern western culture.

1. Bills and Coins

Bills and coins are some of the most used and most common things that symbolize money. It translates directly into money and is the currency through which we exchange value in the modern western world.

Bills and coins are slowly starting to be replaced by digital currencies and very few people carry cash around these days.

Credit cards, and virtual money in your bank account is fast becoming the norm but they still relate directly to the idea of physical representations of money.

2. Land and Property

Land and property has long been a symbol of wealth. Owning a piece of land, a building and or an apartment is an asset and is something that symbolizes money.

For many people owning property is a life goal and it was long held as ‘The American Dream’.

3. Stocks and Bonds

Just like real estate, stocks and bonds are investments where many wealthy people keep and grow their money.

Stocks and bonds are very noble investments and they are the next best thing to keeping your money in cash.

Stocks and bonds symbolize money and in many ways they are better than money from a wealth point of view.

4. Cars, Boats and Planes

When you think of wealth and prosperity the image of flashy cars, luxury boats and private jets are often in the picture.

We see wealthy upstarts post their flashy lifestyles on Instagram all the time and in many ways this contributes to these things symbolizing money and wealth.

5. Jewellery

Jewellery has long been a symbol of wealth and kings and queens used jewellery on their body, their crowns and even their palaces to illustrate their wealth and power.

Jewellery has great monetary value and stones like diamonds (especially big ones) symbolize wealth.

Many women aspire to big diamond rings as a symbol of their financial standing.

6. Clothing

One of the most obvious and most flaunted things that symbolize money is clothing. Wearing certain brands and styles of clothing instantly communicates someone’s financial position.

Being able to afford $1000 jeans says something and it has a function beyond the practicality of wearing jeans.

7. Education

Education is one of those things that symbolize money in an indirect way. While many public schools are affordable or even free you can get a good education at a low cost.

Private schools and some of the top universities are incredibly expensive and having an education from one of these top schools opens many doors that remain shut to most other people.

Investing in an education is about more than just putting titles to your name.

An education can set you up for life – especially if you get your education from a reputable school.

8. Time

One thing we hear a lot is the saying that ‘time is money’. In our culture time and money are intricately connected because earning money requires a sacrifice of your time.

Most people think they want more money but what they really want is more time.

The want more money so that they can spend more time with their family, have more time to relax or to have enough time to take care of their own health and well-being.

9. Health

Its a bit of a cliché but your health truly is your wealth. Money means nothing if you are sick and you are not capable of using the money you may have.

Money often translates into health.

If you can afford good health care, if you can afford a healthy lifestyle and if you can afford to avoid much of the stress that gives people poor health then you are truly wealthy.

The Symbols of Money, Law of Attraction and Manifesting Abundance

The law of attraction is particularly interesting to people who want to manifest money. That is not a bad thing at all.

Wanting more money is good.

More money generally means that you can live more, be more and do more. These are very natural desires and they are ingrained in us as human beings.

How ego about ‘being more’ is different for everyone. For some this does not include money at all. For others, living an abundant life relies heavily upon having enough money to live fully.

The great promise of the law of attraction is that you can have EVERYTHING you want.

If you can but believe it, correct your thinking and live in a mental and emotional state of wealth, the universe will convert your intentions into its material equivalent.

That’s just a fancy way to say that your thoughts will become things.

It’s a simple concept but when it comes to money we tend to get all messed up in our thinking thanks to our emotions and our emotional baggage around money.

Most people want to manifest money using the law of attraction because they ultimately want the things that symbolize money.

It is not the money you want but the things you think that money can buy you.

It is not even the things you think you can buy that you really want but how you think it will make you feel once you have it.

So, ultimately what we want to manifest is not more money but the feelings that having the things that symbolize money will bring us.

The main reason why most people fail at manifesting money with the law of attraction is because they focus on the wrong thing.

They focus on the money.

As long as your intention is on manifesting money – on manifesting a bigger bank account, more dollar bills or extra zeros to your pay check you will rarely manifest it.

There’s just too much emotion attached to these intentions (for most people at least).

Here are 5 tips to help you overcome this manifestation problem:

  1. Figure out WHY you really want to manifest more money – dig deep.
  2. Take money out of the equation – this helps remove resistant thoughts.
  3. Stop focusing on manifesting money as a means to an end – do you really want piles of money just so you can look at it?
  4. Place your energy and attention on what you ultimately want to do with the money – when you place your focus things that symbolize money (instead of money itself) you remove resistance.
  5. Visualize, rehearse and create the FEELING that having these things will bring you – ultimately it is the feeling that creates the attractive force and activates the law of attraction.


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