The Spiritual Meaning of a Gecko

spiritual meaning of a gecko

The spiritual meaning of a Gecko is one of rebirth, regeneration and renewal. Gecko’s represent magical creatures with the ability to shed their skin, regrow their tails and instantly transform themselves to blend into their environment.

Geckos are not only incredibly adaptive but they are extremely resilient. Like many other lizards, they are important symbols in many traditions and cultures.

For the most part, lizards carry positive and inspiring meanings. They represent good luck, the start of something good or even old friends appearing from the spiritual realm.

Gecko’s are lizards with specific traits that come with specific spiritual meanings.

If you keep seeing Gecko’s everywhere in your life then there are great messages for you. Geckos and lizards are often seen as very reliable ‘messengers’ and they feature prominently in many spiritual traditions.

In our modern world, Geckos also have a prominent meaning. Many companies use it as their logo and the symbolism of the Gecko helps them communicate resilience, adaptability and agility.

What Does Seeing a Gecko Mean Spiritually?

spiritual meaning of a gecko

If the Gecko is your spirit animal then there are many spiritual lessons for you to take from this amazing and mystical creature.

When Gecko’s start appearing in your life it can come in many different ways.

For some they start showing up in their dreams. For others it is images, stories or references about Gecko’s that appear seemingly everywhere from TV, to billboards to magazines and photos or drawings.

For others, Geckos even appear in real life.

When real gecko’s start showing up in your life it is often the strongest message.

Regardless of how Geckos show up in your life, there are some very distinct messages and spiritual meanings.

Below are the most common spiritual meanings of a Gecko. Some of the meanings overlap and in many cases there will be more than one meaning that applies to you.

As to what it means to you individually, pay attention to the meaning that really ‘jumps out at you’ and that really speaks to you. That is usually your intuition ‘telling you’ your truth.

1. Rebirth

When a Gecko sheds its skin it is symbolic of a rebirthing. The idea of being born again spiritually is an important concept in almost all religions.

Rebirthing refers to a spiritual and emotional birth that is seperate from a physical birth.

The spiritual meaning of a Gecko often refers to being born again at some mental, emotional and/or spiritual level of life.

To advance in your own life it often takes a spiritual rebirthing.

It’s about finding your Self afresh.

Looking at life in a new way and even finding something or someone who helps you see things in a new light.

2. Renewal

The shedding of the skin is part of a cycle of renewal. Nature works very much on a cycle of renewal.

The blossom vanishes of itself as the fruit grows. So will your lower self vanish as the Divine grows within you.

– Vivekananda

As human beings we tend to resist change. The mind loves the familiar and it loves what it already knows and trusts.

Change and something new represents the unknown – the unfamiliar and something needs fresh examination and new focus. The mind does not like that and wants to avoid it.

It is very necessary though.

Without renewal your life becomes stale, boring, predictable and uninteresting.

Shedding your own skin from time to time is healthy and very much needed. Letting go of old habits and outdated thinking allows you to experience a renewal in your own thinking and experience of life.

It makes you feel alive again, gives you a renewed sense of purpose and helps you find meaning in life.

3. Regeneration

One of the most fascinating abilities that many lizards have is their ability to shed their tail. Their ability to regenerate body parts relates to some of the deeper spiritual meanings of a Gecko.

As human beings we also have the ability to regenerate ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

It is even possible to regenerate parts of your body that are sick or not working well anymore.

The power of the mind has been well documented and there are thousands of cases of people who are able to heal and regenerate themselves physically.

4. Growth

When the Gecko regrows its tail it is often out of necessity. It shed its tail as a means to survive some threat.

Regrowing the tail not only makes them ‘complete’ again but arms them again for future survival.

As human beings we are often forced into growth.

Events and circumstances come along and they may be incredibly tough to deal with. At the time we may not notice it but it is almost always there to force us into growth.

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle. – Phillips Brooks

The spiritual meaning of a Gecko often serves as a reminder during tough times that it is there by design and as a Divine gift to help you grow.

Stop cursing your problems and challenges. Become grateful for them because they are there as disguised gifts that will raise you to a higher level both emotionally and spiritually.

5. Change and Transformation

Some Gecko species have the ability to change color and blend into their environment. This ability to change and transform due to some external impetus is also deeply symbolic of a Gecko.

You need to become aware of your environment and learn to adapt.

Don’t fight it.

The ability to change and adapt is not just a means of survival but a strategy for you to thrive.

6. Evolution

Lizards and Gecko’s survive millions of years through some major challenges because of their ability to evolve and change.

As people we often become very rigid and stuck in our ways.

One of the spiritual meanings of a Gecko is that you have to evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You have to reinvent yourself.

7.Letting Go Of The Old

The ability to shed their skin is symbolic of letting go of the old. From this perspective the spiritual meaning of a Gecko is that you too need to let go of the old.

You need to ‘shed your own skin’ and let go of the old things that defined you in a way that no longer serves you.

8. New Beginnings

The shedding of its skin also symbolizes new beginnings. When you let go of the old it is often the start of something new.

When something leaves your life it can often be misinterpreted as a loss or something terrible.

For something new to be revealed in your life you must shed the old in order to allow the new to be revealed.

When a Gecko shows up in your life it often serves as a reminder of this fact and calls on you not to be in despair or to dwell on any loss but to be excited because it is merely the start of something new.

9.Karmic Cycles

The way the gecko sheds its skin to regenerate symbolizes the completion of karmic cycles. We all have karma from this life and even from past lives.

We need to work through our karma and ‘pay’ whichever karmic debt we have to settle.

Seeing a gecko can be a sign that you have now paid a karmic debt and that you can now move formwar in your own karmic cycle.

10. Magic

A Gecko’s ability to instantly transform itself is fascinating to human beings. It represents ‘magic’ and this idea of instant change and transformation has fascinated human beings for centuries.

In many cultures the lizard is a symbol of magic and the supernatural.

When a Gecko starts changing colour before your eyes it almost looks like a magic act.

11. Patience

Gecko’s are not great hunters. They are not very fast and not particularly good at stalking prey. Instead, their greatest weapon is their patience.

They will wait for their prey to come to them.

patience is one of the great spiritual meaningS of a Gecko. It calls on you to be more patient – not to go out and try and make everything happen.

There is a natural flow to life and the saying that good things come to those who are patient is more than just a cliche.

When you surrender and you are at peace then the universe can fin you and bring to you what you desire most.

12. Alertness

One of a Gecko’s many strengths that allowed it to survive for millions of years is its alertness. They are always on the lookout – always alert and ready to act.

One of the Spiritual meanings of a Gecko – especially when you start seeing them everywhere is for you to become more alert – to become more aware of your own environment.

There may be many threats that you do not see because you are not alert.

13. Trickery and Cunningness

Gecko’s are very cunning and their ability to trick and deceive potential predators is part of the reason why they survived and thrived for so long.

What is particularly interesting is the fact that Geko’s never use their trickery to hunt or catch food. They only use it as a survival mechanism.

There is great spiritual meaning in this trait.

If you’ve been deceptive to advance yourself in life, stop!

Using your wits and being cunning to advance yourself materially will come back to haunt you and the spiritual meaning of a gecko in your life calls on you to correct your ways.

14. Adaptation

Lizards as a species have been incredibly adaptable. They have learned to thrive in all sorts of environments – even the harshest ones where life seems to be impossible.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation or in difficult times then the Gecko is there to remind you that you CAN adapt.

You can adapt not just to survive but to thrive.

15. Agility

While Gecko’s may not be the fastest over a distance, they have great agility. Their ability to swiftly move into and through places that others avoid allows them to survive.

The spiritual meaning of a Gecko in terms of agility does not refer to your physical agility. It refers more to a mental and emotional agility.

Your ability to move swiftly through problems and challenges is incredibly important to your own well being.

Don’t cling to the past’. Don’t let mistakes fester in your mind.

Be agile. Move on!

16. Resiliance

People who are resilient are those who made it through challenges and who used the challenges to make themselves better and to evolve into strong, powerful and empowered human beings.

Others use challenges as excuses – as reasons why their lives suck.

The Gecko is incredibly resilient and this is symbolic of resilience in human nature. Use the challenges in your life to become more resilient.

Welcome challenges and be grateful for what they are turning you into.

The Gecko has a thick skin – able to withstand many hash external environments. You too need to develop a ‘thick skin’ and stop being so easily offended, quick to judge and allowing your ego to have its way with you.

17. Sensitivity

One of the adaptations that have kept Gecko’s alive for so long is their ability to sense vibration.

They are incredibly sensitive to vibration and can sense potential prey or predators long before they can see them.

I’ve written extensively on this idea of vibration and how we are also vibrational beings. You may not have the sensitivity that a Gecko has but we all have the ability to sense vibration in others

Another important spiritual meaning of a Gecko’s sensitivity to vibration is for you to become more sensitive to your own vibration.

Your vibrational state – the way you think and feel at any given point in time emits a vibration that sends out ‘a signal’ and the universe responds to this signal through the law of attraction.

That is why your thoughts and emotions attract people, events and circumstances into your life.

Becoming more sensitive and more aware of your vibration is the key to consciously create and manifest what you desire in your life.

Geckos’ bodies are sensitive to vibrations of ground, so they could easily feel if the predator is somewhere nearby. They could blend in the environment or hide themselves, much before the predator comes really close.

18. Self Improvement

In many tribal and ancient civilizations the gecko was often used as a talisman for people to improve certain skills or to strengthen certain weaknesses.

This meaning of a Gecko is calling on you to address your own weaknesses and to work on improving yourself – especially in the areas of your life that you see as a weakness.

Real satisfaction in life comes not from what we acquire easily but often through what we have to work at overcoming.

Many of your true gifts lie hidden under the disguise of a weakness.

Strive to become the best version of yourself and make it your goal in life to live YOUR best life.

19. Face Your Fears

Most animals run away when there is a sense of danger in their environment. The ability to evade predators by running away is also something that human beings tend to do.

Lizards and the Gecko tend to be different.

They tend to confront the danger without running away. They can either change colour and evade threats through disguise or they will shed their tail and use that as a diversion to quietly slip away – undetected.

One of the spiritual meanings of a Gecko is for you to face your fears.

You may be someone who is inclined to ‘run away’ and not face your fears yet some part of you know that you have to confront it for you to move forward.

Is It Good Luck To See A Gecko?

Are geckos good in your house? While some might freak out and think of it as a wild animal to get rid of, some will understand the spiritual meaning of geckos in a house.

Seeing a gecko is an omen and a sign of good luck.

These highly adaptable, sneaky and elusive creatures symbolize the ability to escape and avoid bad luck and potential harm on your life path.

Their amazing eyesight and their ability to scan their environment and be on the constant lookout is their main form of defense.

This can be translated into the spiritual meaning of being protected and having someone look out for you.

Lizards in general are also a symbol of abundance and a change of fortune. From this point of view a gecko certainly is a symbol of good luck.

Gecko Aboriginal Meaning

Aboriginal Meaning of a Gecko

In Australian Aboriginal culture, the gecko has a very important meaning. It features very prominently in early rock paintings and to this day holds an incredibly important spiritual meaning.

Adnoartina is an Aboriginal deity that is believed to have taken on the form of a gecko.

The gecko therefore is a sacred ancestral being who is perhaps best known as the spiritual guardian of Uluru, the famous red rock formation in the Australian Outback.

Dead Gecko Spiritual Meaning

Many people obviously become worried or even scared when they start seeing dead geckos.

While seeing dead animals often draws the parallels with death and bad luck, this is not necessarily the case.

The gecko’s nature of adaptability, perseverance and regeneration symbolizes its ability to survive and live.

Seeing a dead gecko means you have now reached the end of your own struggles. You may have gone through many tests, had to endure much and survived in some shape or form for a long time.

You can now relax because you are moving into a new phase. That period of your life is ‘dead’.


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