7 Signs Of A Low Vibration Person

Signs Of A Low Vibration Person

Some of the most common signs of a low vibration person is that they are pessimistic and critical. They usually have poor relationships and bad luck and misfortune seems to follow them wherever they go.

Consider how the law of attraction actually works…

You don’t get what you want, what you hope for or even what you intend. You attract that which you are in vibrational harmony with.

This means you can not attract something good if your thoughts and feelings are focussed on what is bad.

You can not attract abundance if you are constantly worried and fearful about not having enough money.

You can not attract and manifest a lover if your thoughts and emotions are dominated by your loneliness and yearning for that person who is not in your life.

What you think and feel most of the time (which makes up your dominant vibration) and what manifests in your life is always a perfect match.

What Does it Mean When Someone’s Vibration is Low?

Being a low or high vibration person is not something you are born with. It is also not some ‘achievement’ nor is it a way to look up to or look down upon anyone.

Your vibrational state is simply a state of being you find yourself in at a certain point in time.

We all fluctuate between a myriad of emotional states almost every day.

For most, we repeat emotional states like a broken record with occasional highs and lows that seem to break us out of our patterns.

Your dominant state of being is what determines your vibration.

If the way you think and feel MOST OF THE TIME is dominated by love, joy, compassion, gratitude and peace then you are living in a high vibration.

If the way you think and feel MOST OF THE TIME is dominated by fear, anger, hate, worry, revenge, blame and jealousy then you are living in a low vibration. These are some of the most common of a low vibration person on the emotional level.

The real kicker is that this is not about those few minutes a day where you offer your thoughts deliberately. It’s mostly your subconscious thoughts that determine your vibration.

You may have an intention to manifest something good, great or wonderful in your life.

You may have vision boards, affirmations and spend endless hours contemplating your intention.

The real question you need to ask yourself is whether your efforts to manifest your desires are causing you to shift into a low or a high vibration?

When you think about that lover you want, that dream job or the big bank account…does it make you feel good and conjure up the emotions of living that vision OR does it remind you of its absence and how it’s not manifesting?

Low Vibration People…

The people you surround yourself with are not always by choice. You don’t choose your family (for the most part) and your coworkers and neighbors are not people you can easily swap out.

If you are sensitive to low vibration persons in your life then you will know how their vibration can affect you.

While it certainly is true that YOU and only you are ultimately responsible for your own vibration is does not mean you have to expose yourself to low vibration people all the time.

Other people can (and will) bring you down vibrationally.

Politely removing yourself from low vibration people is not about being rude to them.

It is about being kind to yourself.

I ‘protect’ my vibration vigorously. I simply do not allow anyone or anything to affect my vibration.

Your vibration is sacred. It is precious. It is ultimately what dictates everything that you attract or fail to attract into your life.

Here are a few of the most common signs of a low vibration person…

1. Pessimism

Pessimism is one of the most prominent signs of a low vibration person. It reflects their negative and low vibration way of thinking and seeing life and the world they live in.

Everything is a problem. Nothing is ever good enough and even when things are good they find a way to see what is bad and negative.

Perception is everything.

Ultimately it is the main difference between those who are happy or not.

Beyond that though, when you understand how the law of attraction works then you also know why an optimist ‘succeeds’ in life.

When you see the best in everyone and everything and when you learn to expect something good the law of attraction will support you.

Not only do you start attracting more of what you expect, you also start to feel good and when you combine those two facts, you can not help but create your best life.

2. Bad Luck and Misfortune

bad luck misfortune low vibration person

Have you noticed how ‘bad luck’ or ‘misfortune’ just seem to follow some people around all the time?

In a perfect universe there are no such things as luck or ‘good fortune. When you start digging deeper you will see that it is all a result of what you are attracting into your life.

You can only attract into your life that which you are in vibrational harmony with.

If you are a low vibration person you can ONLY attract people, circumstances and events that match up with your vibration.

It can be no other way.

One of the signs of a low vibration person is that their life’s circumstances reflect their vibration through their consistent bad luck and misfortune.

Everything always goes wrong because their innermost thoughts are predominantly on worse case scenarios, on what has gone wrong before and on the anticipation of the next horrible thing that could happen to them.

This sort of thinking can quickly become dominant because once you start seeing bad luck and misfortune in your life and as you offer your thought to ‘what is’ then you can only start getting more of that through the workings of the law of attraction.

3. Critical

Criticism is born out of fear. It is an egotistical ‘attack’ on some part of the self that is lacking something.

Being overly critical is a sign of a low vibration person because it reflects the fact that they are looking for what is wrong, what is negative and what they can break down.

Critical people can really suck the life out of any party.

This also translates to: critical people’s low vibration can really pull everyone down around them.

Criticizing others is really a self reflection.

Critical people often come across as very confident but deep down their critical nature reflects their own fears and insecurities.

4. Poor Relationships

low vibration relationships

When you take any person and you look at the quality of their relationships it usually reflects the relationship they have with themselves.

One of the common signs of a low vibration person is that they don’t get along with most other people.

When you are full of love, peace, jpy and harmony then it spills over into every aspect of your life – especially your relationships.

This is not just about intimate or family relationships. Relationships with friends, coworkers, business associates and even strangers.

It’s easy to love those who love you first. The real challenge is how you love those who don’t necessarily love you.

When you are a low vibration person then you are living in a state where you are dominated by low vibration thoughts. This then spills over into the way you think and feel about others and consequently your relationships reflect that.

5. Self Righteousness

People who are self-righteous want the entire world to conform to their own particular way of looking at the world.

Self-righteousness stems from the ego. It is a sense of moral superiority to others – seeing yourself as slightly better than everything else because of your own beliefs.

Since almost nobody can ever compete with anyone who is self-righteous they are constantly living in a state of dissatisfaction and disapproval of almost everyone around them.

This is a state of being that is so far removed from love and compassion that is it a tell-tale sign of a low vibration person.

6. Aura

Beyond your physical body is an energy field that radiates from you. While most people can not see it, those who are more sensitive to energy can see it and perceive it in some way.

How your aura looks depends on your dominant vibration.

There are ways in which this energy field can be measured and even photographed.

Dominant energies have different colors and those who can see auras can quite accurately ‘see’ someone’s dominant vibration.

7. They Emit a Negative Vibe

Even though most of us can not see auras, we can all perceive another person’s energy. One of the most obvious signs of a low vibration person is simply how a person can ‘creep you out’ or how you ‘knew’ someone was dishonest, bad or even just in a bad mood.

You only need to pay a little bit of attention to how someone else makes you feel in their presence to understand their vibration.

We’ve all experienced being in the presence of a really happy and joyful person.

They lift us up. They make you feel good for no reason.

We’ve also experienced the opposite.

You know you boss is angry even before they open their mouth.

This negative vibe that you get from someone else is important. It helps you to understand vibration, whom you surround yourself with and also how to deal effectively with other people.

Other Common Traits of Low Vibration People

There are many more habits, personality traits and characteristics that are signs of a low vibration person. I deliberately excluded some of them.

People who are depressed, people who are addicted to substances or those who live with certain chronic health conditions are most often living in a low vibration.

Since these are issues I don’t have any expertise in I do not wish to comment much on them.

What I will say though is that in any and all situations, rising above your own challenges will propel you into a higher vibration.

When you do, you will feel like you are born again.

Your vibration is never fixed. You are always only one thought away from being in a high vibration.

How Do You Fix Low Vibration In a Person?

I’m not particularly proud of it but I often tell me kids to ‘get happy now’. Its usually out of frustration when they seem to be unhappy about the most trivial things.

It always reminds of the fact that you and only you can ‘make yourself’ happy.

How do I make my vibration higher?

You get happy!

Genrally speaking, when you feel good you are in a high vibration. At first it may seem really hard to do this. We all know how tough it can be to snap out of a downer mood.

There are some really easy ways to raise your vibration though some of the most common are:

  • put on some music you love
  • start dancing, running or doing something physical that is high energy
  • think of something you are really grateful for
  • think of someone you love deeply
  • laugh! watch something funny that gives you a deep belly laugh
  • go do something nice for someone else
  • look at something beutiful like flowers or art or yourself!?

These may all seem really simple but they work. Yes, its not a cure for depression but once you start moving the needle and you start shifting your vibration it fuels itself and before you know it you are on that high vibration that makes you feel amazing.

How Do I Know My Vibration Level?

How Do I Know My Vibration Level

There are of course different levels to this. There is no limit to how good you can feel and hence you can always reach a higher vibration.

High vibration people have a very powerful aura. When you are in their presence you know it because their energy is infectious.

Your vibration level does not just affect you. It affects everyone around you.

I have written before about the fact that you only really have to ‘fix’ yourself to fix all the relatiuonships in your life.

The best way to gauge your vibration level is to simply gauage how you are feeling. you and only you will know and be able to distinguish the ‘level’.

There are 3 other ways to know your vibration level…

  • Muscle testing or kinesiology – I suggest you look at the book Power vs Force by David Hawkins
  • What’s manifesting? look at what is manifesting in your life. What manifests is always a perfect match to your vibration
  • Your appearance – look at yourself physically. Do you look vibrant, healthy and happy? You know yourself and if you really look at yourself you will be able to tell.

Checking your own vibration level is a good way to gauge where you are. Often we feel stuck and don’t really know why.

Most opf the time we are stuck in pattens that keep our vibration low.

Check in on yourself. be honest with yourself and then make the shift.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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