Why You Attract What You Think You Deserve

you attract what you think you deserve

You attract what you think you deserve because your thoughts are always what is expanding and causing the law of attraction to respond and reflect back to you what is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

What you think you deserve is intimately connected to your self image. The way you think and feel about yourself can colour every experience in your life.

What you think you deserve is not always a conscious choice. In fact, most of it is based on your beliefs and these beliefs were handed down to you through many life experiences since the day you were born.

Whether you believe you deserve something or not, either way you will be right.

The ultimate truth is that you are worthy and deserving of anything you desire but these beliefs – the thoughts that you deserve it or that you don’t deserve it will ultimately dictate what you attract into your life.

Your beliefs about yourself are particularly powerful. How you think and feel about yourself will determine what you feel worthy of having in your life as well.

How You Attract What You Think You Deserve

The law of attraction makes it clear that you will attract into your life that which you give your energy and your attention.

What you think about most of the time will not only dictate where your energy is directed to but it will also determine how you feel and what you do or do not do in life.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Where your energy flows is your point of attraction.

What is it then that determines what you think about most of the time? Our conscious (deliberate) thoughts make up only a very small percentage of our thinkinking.

Most of your thoughts are subconscious.

Your mind has become incredibly good at reacting and responding – without you having to consciously think about it.

Thoughts that you think over and over again become beliefs. It is a way for your mind to create a shortcut. It learns that ‘this’ means ‘that’ and there’s no need to think about it or expend any conscious present tense energy.

You attract what you think you deserve because subconsciously your beliefs are what dictates what you think you deserve.

These beliefs are your dominant thoughts.

Everything that you have (or don’t have) in your life right now is a perfect reflection of what you think you deserve.

How much you earn is a direct reflection of what you believe you are worth.

What you think you deserve is a thought and it is often a very powerful thought. Not just because it is often a belief but because these thoughts are tied to very strong emotions and even your sense of self worth.

What you think you deserve also has a very strong visual component.

Our thoughts tend to be dominated by the familiar past and this familiar past tends to become our predictable future.

We tend to believe that we deserve what we had in the past and this way of thinking keeps us bound to simply keep attracting more of the same.

Why You Think You Deserve Some Things and Not Others

In our everyday language we use the word ‘deserving’ when someone has given something and hope for something in return.

There’s a sort of exchange. Usually a great sacrifice comes with the expectation that you deserve much.

When you sacrifice a great deal of time and energy in your job for instance, you feel like you deserve a promotion or a pay rise or some sort of reward.

The true source of what you think you deserve has nothing to do with actually deserving anything.

What you think you deserve is only a thought. Often it’s a belief and for many it’s a conviction.

Most of what you think you deserve was ‘installed’ when you were a child. You parents taught you what you deserve and what you don’t deserve.

They did this either by telling you or by showing you (through their everyday words and actions).

By the time you are a teenager you have a very firm idea of what you think you deserve and what you think you don’t deserve.

You have a laundry list of belief

Most of them you picked up subconsciously.

These beliefs are thoughts and ideas that dictates what you think you are worthy of and what you think you are unworthy of.

If you grew up with a lot of money, you probably don’t know any different. You feel and know that you deserve to always have everything you want.

If you grew up poor then you believe that you ‘are poor’ and that you do not deserve to have everything you want.

This has nothing to do with the truth that you are entitled to everything. It is simply ideas and experiences that got matched up in your mind.

We all have an inner thermostat that keeps our life in balance. This thermostat is set at what you think you deserve in every area of your life.

When your income/finances drop below a certain threshold, it kicks in and you start working harder or saving more.

When your relationships decline below a certain level, your love thermostat kicks in and you do something to patch up and improve the relationship.

Unless and until you change the thermostat you will never be comfortable with something bigger or better.

The way to change the thermostat is to change what you believe you deserve to have.

What You Really Deserve and Your True Birth Right

You don’t come from your parents. You come through your parents You are not a ‘child of’ your parents but you belong to the universe.

You are a Divine part of creation.

By virtue of your Divinity you are not only part of the abundance of creation but you are part of this abundant creation.

You are entitled to everything you desire.

In fact, your desire for something whether it be more money, a better relationship or perfect health – it all stems from your inherent desire for abundance because your true nature is abundant.

In reality there is no scarcity in this universe.

There is only abundance and the absence of the awareness of abundance. Scarcity is simply a consciousness where you are disconnected from the flow of abundance.

Gaining the understanding that you are made in the image of the Creator of the Universe – and you are a living part of eternal spirit – will ultimately transform the results that you are achieving in your life every day.

– Bob Proctor

There is a stream of abundance which is the very essence of life. When you experience lack or scarcity in any area of your life, you are simply disconnected.

Your thoughts of not deserving something, whether they are conscious or subconscious, is what disconnected you from The Source.

Whether you think you deserve it or not, either way you will be right.

There is no such thing as being more or less deserving of anything in this universe. You attract what you think you deserve because your thoughts are what connects or disconnects you from The Source.

Your true birthright is that you are not only entitled to everything in this universe but that you already have it all.

Everything already exists as a possibility. Your desire for something ‘lights up’ that possibility in the quantum field.

This is the start of creation.

Transforming that thought from the field of pure potentiality into your everyday life and your concrete life experience requires nothing more than ‘right thinking’ as James Allen pointed out.

A great analogy is to imagine a great big pipeline flowing with everything you could ever want in life.

When you think and feel that you deserve something, you are connected to this pipeline and it flows into your life.

As soon as you feel or think that you do not deserve something, you disconnect and it simply can not flow into your life.

The real question is not whether you are deserving or not, but rather are you connected or not?

How To Feel More Worthy Of What You Really Want

If you attract what you think you deserve then when you change what you think you deserve you will change what you attract into your life.

This is not just about changing your thoughts or your belief.

It’s about changing your self image. What you think you deserve is intimately connected to your self image and the way you think and feel about yourself.

1. Love Yourself Unconditionally

Learning to truly love yourself is the foundation of feeling like you deserve what you really want.

When you truly love someone, what will you do for them?

You will do anything for them! You want to give them the world and in your eyes they are deserving of only the best.

Accept yourself as you are. Otherwise you will never see opportunity. You will not feel free to move toward it; you will feel you are not deserving.

– Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Why not adopt this kind of love for yourself? Until and unless you truly love yourself you will never feel deserving enough to have everything you really want.

You are a Divine being. Do not allow your body or your actions dictate the love you have for your Self.

Think about your kids. Can anything they do or any way they look change your love for them?

No! And that is exactly the kind of love you need to develop for your self.

Look beyond your actions and your appearance and peer into your Soul – that Divine part of yourself.

That is the being that you truly are and that is the being that wants nothing but love.

2. Realize The Truth

Parents, authority figures and society can manipulate us greatly to feel that we deserve some things and not others.

This happens mostly unconsciously but it is still happening.

As a thinking adult you now have the power to reclaim what you feel deserving of. You and only you attract what you think you deserve.

You can change what you feel you deserve by realizing the truth.

The truth is that you are a Divine being and you are a child of God. You are not only part of creation but you are creation.

Abundance is your birthright!

There is no Deity who dictates who gets what. There is no God who wants some people to have more while others have less.

There is only abundance and prosperity. It is the nature of this universe that is always expanding, growing and becoming more.

When you feel deserving you are connected to it. When you feel unworthy, you disconnect from it.

3. Imagination

Your imagination is incredibly powerful. Your mind thinks in pictures and the images you have in your mind is what the process of thinking really refers to.

Everything that you think you deserve is nothing more than an image in your mind.

These images are usually dictated by your past. It is familiar and it is often your mind’s only point of reference.

For imagination sets the goal picture which our automatic mechanism works on. We act, or fail to act, not because of will, as is so commonly believed, but because of imagination.

– Maxwell Maltz

When you do not change the images that represent the familiar past, it becomes a predictable future.

With your imagination you can change anything. Imagination is a faculty of your mind and we ALL have it. You can see yourself having anything you want and in doing that you change your destiny.

When you see yourself having something different than you had before you change what you think you deserve because these thoughts are nothing more than memories that keep running the same program.

4. Do What You Have To Do

If I was to hand you an Olympic Gold medal right now it will be meaningless to you. It has immense meaning to someone who feels worthy of it. Someone who has put in great sacrifice and who deserved the win.

The medal itself does not mean much. It is what the medal represents that carries the real meaning.

This analogy can help you a lot in your life as well. It is not really more money or being married to your soulmate or having perfect health that you ultimately want.

It is what you have to become in order to attract those things that carry the real value.

Instead of thinking ‘how can I attract more money’, think more about what you have to become to feel that you deserve attracting and having more money.

Ultimately you have to feel that you are entitled to it. You want to feel that you deserve it.

Some people feel they have to work really hard in order to deserve it. Some people feel that they need a special skill while others simply feel that they need to serve, help and give.

Whatever will make you feel worthy, do it!

Instead of trying to change your thoughts of worthiness you simply make yourself more worthy.


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