Negative Vibes From A Person? How To Deal With It

negative vibes from a person

Dealing with negative vibes from a person is not about dealing with them at all but rather about dealing with your own Self.

Without an awareness of your own energy, your Divine nature and how you are constantly creating your life you are wide open to being affected by other people’s energy.

When our energies collide as we interact with each other there is a complex soup of vibrations and it all affects us to some extent.

Negative people with strong negative vibes can be very detrimental.

They will invariably drag you down with them which is why you need to stand guard at the door of your own mind and become sensitive to your own vibration and your own energy.

What Are Negative Vibes Anyway?

Positive vibes is often ‘hippie talk’ for something that feels good, that feels right and that has a positive and empowering quality to it.

We are vibrational beings. We are all made up of a mass of energy and what we perceive as ‘real’ objects are nothing more than molecules that vibrate at a very high frequency.

It is not just your physical body that is made up of a vibrational swirling pool of energy.

Your ‘body’ extends well beyond your physical limits. Your ‘energy body’ is an invisible sphere of energy that surrounds you.

Many call this an aura and I’ve written about this before and how we can measure and even see it (even if you are not spiritually adept).

We all experience auras every day. When you pick up negative vibes from a person it is because your aura moves into theirs and you can sense the drop in vibration.

You can sense the creepy guy behind you in the line.

You can sense someone else’s anger and you can even sense someone’s else’s happiness and joy.

These are not strange ideas and we all experience this on a daily basis.

Vibration has a much more profound impact on our lives than most people would ever realize. It is what prompts the law of attraction and ultimately determines what you attract or repel into your life.

So, how do you know when someone is in a negative vibe? Apart from sensing it, they usually have one or more of the following attributes in varying degrees:

  • Low energy and lethargic
  • Consumed by fearful thoughts
  • Worried and often anxious
  • Filled with anger, resentment and even hate
  • Their ego is in charge – they want to be right, better and dominate others
  • Feel victimized and entitled

Someone with a positive high vibration will be…

  • Upbeat and energetic
  • Optimistic, enthusiastic and curious
  • Filled with love, peace and joy
  • Spiritually conscious
  • Grateful for life and all blessings
  • Feels good to be in their presence

Ultimately your vibrations never lie. When you get negative vibes from a person, always trust that feeling because unlike words and actions, their vibrations never lie.

What Creates Your Vibration?

A popular catchphrase that many use with the law of attraction is that ‘you do not attract what you want, but what you are’.

This is very true and refers directly to the idea that it is not so much your thoughts that dictate what you attract and manifest but your vibration.

The word vibration often puts people off. It sounds very ‘new age’ and tends to alienate a lot of people from the reality of how the law of attraction works.

As an example, you can say ‘I am rich’ a million times and you can still be dirt poor. If the thought does not translate to a feeling that matches it then your vibration remains unchanged.

In other words, your thoughts create a corresponding feeling or emotion and it is that emotion that determines your vibration.

Your vibration is therefore dictated by 3 things:

  1. You Thoughts
  2. Your Words/Language
  3. Your Emotions

They are all interrelated and often feed into each other. Someone with a negative language tends to determine their own negative vibration through their words because the words lead to negative thoughts and negative feelings.

Conversely, someone who is constantly living in negative emotions tends to talk in a way that matches how they feel.

To make matters worse, we also react to other people’s words, other people’s behaviours and even other people’s emotions.

The good news is that at any given moment in time you can take back control of your words (even what you say to yourself in your mind), your thoughts and your emotions.

This means you can instantly ‘fix’ your vibration by simply flipping the switch in your mind.

What then about your environment?

Given that we are bombarded with negativity every day, how do we best deal with this?

Negative vibes from a person that you have to spend a lot of time with certainly can and does affect your vibration – if you allow it.

How Negative Vibes From A Person Affects You

You are the creator of your own life experience. The law of attraction is always at work – always working to match your vibration with your life experiences.

While you are ultimately in charge of your own thoughts and feelings, your environment can play a massive part in shaping and directing your thoughts.

As human beings we can not live without other human beings and that is often the biggest challenge for most people who are trying to manifest something that they do not have in their lives.

Negative vibes from a person close to you or people you have to spend a lot of time with (like coworkers) can greatly affect the way you think and feel and ultimately what you manifest.

These negative vibes can…

Affect The Way You Feel:

When someone with a low vibration enters the room you can often sense it. It is as if they suck the air out of the room.

If you are sensitive to energy then you will almost certainly feel it and sense it. This most certainly can affect the way you feel.

The presence of such a low energy field (in their aura) mixes with yours and unless you are very centered it can lower your vibration too.

Affect The Way You Talk:

Talking and dealing with very negative people has the tendency to drag us down to their level. People who are always negative will defend their negativity tooth and nail.

Before you know it you start complaining along with them. You start seeing all the negativity and your thoughts automatically descend into the negative. Your vibration soon matches theirs.

Create a Negative Environment:

Negative vibes from a person can go well beyond just that person. With a strong negative energy it soon spreads to people around them and eventually it creates a negative atmosphere.

We see this very often in workplaces. A few toxic people can turn the entire atmosphere negative.

Even if you feel positive and ready for the day, as soon as you walk in you can feel the energy drop.

How To Deal With Negative Vibes in a Positive Way

While it may seem like the odds are stacked against us when having to deal with negative vibes from a person, there is some good news.

Positive vibes are infinitely more powerful than negative vibes.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships most people were brought up with the strategy where fire fights fire.

Meeting negativity with more negativity only perpetuates the situation and leaves you with a much mower vibration too.

Realize just how important YOUR vibration is. It is responsible for everything you attract and manifest. With that mindset and attitude you can meet negative vibes from others in the right way – in an empowering way.

1. Wear Your Protective Shield

If you consider your own energy field as a sort of protective shield against negativity then you can giorgio a long way to repel negative people and their negative vibes.

When you live in a positive vibration most of the time then you will invariably attract people, events and circumstances that match your vibration.

There’a saying that ‘your vibe creates your tribe’ and you will almost always attract friends and coworkers that match your vibration.

By turning your attention inwards and maintaining ‘your own garden’ you can take care of almost all negative energy that could affect your life.

Even if you do attract negative people, their negative vibes simply won’t affect you if you are ‘charged up’ and have your own positive vibration in place.

This is why it is so important to have a daily practice where you dedicate time to feeding your mind and your spirit with positive, empowering and inspiring ‘soul food’.

2. Allow Others To Be What They Are

We all have our own free will. We get to decide and choose our own lives in every detail.

Most people are simply not aware of that fact. They are sleepwalking through life as victims – feeling like life is having its way with them.

If you are spiritually conscious and your awareness is more awakened to the truth you will start noticing how people’s mindsets and attitudes are creating their life experiences.

While you can offer them that insight, it requires a lot of finesse.

People with negative vibes will defend their negative attitude vigorously. They will have plenty of evidence to back up their negative point of view.

You can always just walk away from negative people and negative situations.

Start protecting your own energy and your own vibration with a lot more sensitivity. Offer your help, kindness and love to others but allow them to be what they choose to be.

The mere presence of your positive energy will affect them in a positive and uplifting way.

3. Keep Your Ego Out Of It

The ego is that part of you that wants to be right, that wants to be important and that wants to dominate others.

It is the ego that is almost always responsible for arguments and disagreements.

No argument has ever resulted in either party raising their vibration. It is always the opposite. From a vibrational point of view, it is impossible to ‘win’ an argument because the ego takes over and when the ego is in charge your vibration takes a nosedive.

One of the secrets to dealing with negative vibes from a person is to keep your ego in check. Once your ego takes over, you want to be right. You want to argue and you want to defend your point of view.

This automatically lowers your vibration to the level of the person you are arguing with.

I remember something that Dr. Wayne Dyer once said: “You can choose to be right or you can choose to be at peace.”

When you choose to be right you move away from your peace (high vibration) and you indulge in low vibration thoughts and feelings.

4. Stay Connected

Stay connected to your Higher Self at all times. When the ego is in charge your vibration immediately drops.

Your higher Self is seeking peace, love and joy.

Whenever your focus and your awareness is on the Divine part of who you really are your vibration automatically raises.

When you are so focussed on that Divinity within you and you are in love with the magnificence that you are at your core then outside people, events and circumstances start to bother you less and less.

Negative vibes from a person will just bounce right off you.

Through meditation, time for quiet contemplation and exploring the knowledge, insight and wisdom about your True Self will help you go beyond the mere surface l;evel negativity that dictates most people’s day to day existence.

5. Be The Light in a Dark Room

Switching on the light in a dark room not only illuminates the room but it lays bare a lot of things that may have gone unnoticed.

You can be like that by being the positive force for good.

You can find what is positive. You can look for what is right.

Do not buy what the negative person(s) have to sell.

Negative people are so turned into what is wrong in the world that their arguments can be very compelling.

They also feel the need to share their negative point of view – mostly in an attempt to convert you.

What is wrong with the world is always available, but so is what’s right. In the end it is simply a choice.

When you choose the negative your thoughts and feelings will create a negative vibration and when you choose to focus on the positive you will create a positive vibration.

The really good news is that positive vibrations are infinitely more powerful than their negative counterparts.

It is why ‘the good’ always wins in the end.

You can be the light in a dark room by bringing positive energy – especially in the presence of those who are very negative.

Your mere presence can uplift the entire mood simply because you maintain your positive vibration.

You don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to argue or pick a fight. In fact, all you have to do is to focus on your own vibration and your mere presence will make a difference.

The Maharishi Effect has proven how consciousness can uplift people and places on a massive scale.

Never underestimate just how much power you and your thoughts have to create change.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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