Is The Law Of Attraction Against God?

is the law of attraction against god

Is the law of attraction against God and can Christians use it comfortably? There are strong arguments both ways but for the most part these ideas are now infiltrating mainstream religion.

I was 7 years old when I had my first encounter with the Police. It was a cool summer day and as an aspiring Wimbledon champ I decided to hit the tennis courts while my parents had their customary Sunday afternoon nap.

Mid way through my basket of balls, my service motion was interrupted by a police siren.

Two officers approached me to remind me that tennis is not allowed on a Sunday and that the signs posted on every court was clear.

As they drove me home they reminded me that sport on a Sunday is a sin and that I ought to be doing my Bible study on Sundays.

Today this sort of thing seems ludicrous but its a reflection of how Christian teachings and ‘rules’ seem to shift with the times.

Ultimately, Christianity teaches that the purpose of life is salvation and that life is not really here to be ‘the goal’. We are meant to live for what comes after.

We are all born into doom and gloom. The only way out is through salvation – and salvation only comes from following the rules and regulations set out by The Bible.

What is meant by ‘The Bible’ is usually someone’s interpretation of a series of writings that was compiled into a book many centuries ago.

These compilations were accounts of what people heard and saw and it was written, re-written, translated, edited and many of the writings were discarded because it did not serve the goals of The Church at the time.

If you consider The Bible to be the Word of God then you have to be accurate and call it SOME of The Word of God since much of it was removed and discarded.

That does not make the writings any less valuable though but understand that it is a guide rather than a rule book.

The law of attraction and prosperity teachings are more focussed on this life – not the one hereafter.

The ideas are that you are here to glorify God with your life here and that God experiences his glory through you in this life.

Can you glorify God by being small – by living a meager existence and by suppressing all your higher callings in favour of what others tell you God wants from you?

Is the law of attraction against God if its main purpose is to help you live a fuller, more prosperous and more joyful life?

The Bible, Christianity and The Law of Attraction

Many Christians grapple with the law of attraction and their faith. It seems like every Christian has a different idea and the viewpoint are often very strong.

It has become a very device topic and with the law of attraction becoming incredibly popular and very mainstream, many Christian teachers have adopted these ideas in some shape or form.

So-called prosperity preachers have adopted the law of attraction into their own teaching and use the Bible to support their ideas.

If you trace the law of attraction back to some of the early teachers like Neville Goddard and even Earl Nightingale, it is filled with Biblical references.

The fact remains that there are many Biblical references to either support or contradict the teachings of the law of attraction.

My view has always been that if something goes against your own beliefs then it can not be good for you. The inner conflict will eventually catch up with you.

You have to either change your beliefs or set aside the ideas that causes the conflict.

When it comes to religious beliefs it often defines us and most people’s identities are linked to their religious beliefs.

For some its a personal choice but for most it was engraved into them from birth. You may want to embrace new ideas but in the back of your mind there is always the ‘fear factor’ that God will somehow punish you.

I have my own views on religion and for the most part I believe it strips people of their own power – the power that God gave us all to create our lives. It is the fundamental principle of free will.

Having grown up under very conservative Christian values and rules I do understand the conflict that the ideas of the law of attraction can stir up for Christians.

Is the law of attraction against God? It depends on who you ask and it depends on how you interpret things.

Let’s briefly look at both arguments and I will explain in more detail why it is ludicrous to think that the law of attraction is against God in any way.

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Against God

Many modern churches have embraced the ideas of the law of attraction and modern day teachers like Joel Osteen teaches a purely Christian perspective of the law of attraction.

More traditional interpretations of The Bible however does not and simply can not reconcile the ideas of the law of attraction with Christianity.

There are two main points that argue very strongly that the law of attraction is against God.

1. Placing Your Trust In Something Other Than God

When you place your trust in the law of attraction you are placing your trust in something or someone other than God.

According to Christian teachings you can not place your trust in anything or anyone other than God.

God demands complete and utter loyalty and anything or anyone that comes along to demand some of that trust is not of God but of the Devil.

2. God Gives Us All

Everything comes from God’s sovereign will. God gives us all and He is the sole source of all the good in our lives.

Trying to take matters into your own hands means you do not trust in God’s giving hand. This lack of trust translates to a lack of belief in God and his ability to provide for you.

The law of attraction is your attempt to request something from someone or something other than God.

This means that you shift your belief from God to the law of attraction and you can argue that you now worship something other than God.

3. The Bible Is The Only Source of Information

If The Bible is the sole source of information on how to live your life then the law of attraction definitely contradicts this idea.

Most of the writings of the law of attraction that gives ideas and instructions for living a more prosperous and abundant life comes from documents and writings other than The Bible.

Most of the early writings about the law of attraction have many Biblical references. Many of the early teachers of the law of attractions were deeply religious.

Their teachings were based on their own interpretations of The Bible and these teachings contradict the teachings of mainstream Christianity.

The main difference is the idea that God is not a force outside of us but that God is a power that is within us all.

We do not need to seek God in a church but that we only have to look deep within ourselves. God has given us all the power to create our lives.

The traditional teachings of The Bible does not support these worldly ideas and most of it is seen as new age ideas.

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Definitely Not Against God

Main premise is that God is ‘someone’ outside of you – some deity that sits and looks down on his creation in constant judgement.

This God is an old white male, who lives up in the clouds and even though He loves you unconditionally will throw you in a pit of eternal fire if you do not do what He wants you to do.

And what does He really want you to do?

Who knows?

Just ask someone who has studied The Bible and they will be able to tell you what everyone has agreed to think and believe is ‘God’s will’.

Do you not then put your trust in other people to interpret ‘God’s will’ anyway?

The Bible is one big contradiction. For every text you can find in favour of one argument you can find three to argue the opposite.

Is the law of attraction against God even if there is no reference to it anywhere in The Bible? Every argument against it is merely someone else’s interpretation of what some text might mean.

1. God Set The Laws In Place

God has set certain laws in place in this universe. These laws operate with exact precision and as we grow in our consciousness we have uncovered many of these laws and learned to use it effectively.

If God established these laws, how can using them be against God?

If using these laws to create abundance and prosperity – to spread love and joy and to live life to the full, how can that be against God?

There may well be the argument that the law of attraction is not a law in the sense that it can be measured like many other laws in science.

This is not true anymore. We know that thoughts produce electromagnetic frequencies and we can measure the content of thoughts.

We also know that thoughts have a direct and measurable response in the body. We also know that your thoughts and emotions affect the energy field around your body.

We know that everything in the universe is energy and because you are also energy (at a subatomic level) your thoughts directly impact this exchange of energy in your environment and your life.

2. God Wants You To Live and Abundant And Prosperous Life

The Church has kept people impoverished for centuries by feeding them the lie that being poor is somehow Godly and that living a modest and poor existence will gain you favour with God.

While doing this The Church has accumulated vast amounts of wealth and power while keeping the people powerless and under their control.

The truth is that God wants you to live an abundant life. God wants you to be free – to express yourself fully and to enjoy all the spoils of His magnificent creation.

The law of attraction does not teach gluttony or greed.

It teaches abundance which means an abundance of everything which includes money, love, joy, health and success.

3. Thoughts Become Things Is a Scientific Fact

Many Christian arguments against the law of attraction is that it is not really scientific and that it is a metaphysical idea based on pseudoscience.

If it is was ‘hard core science’ then it would certainly be okay for christins to believe in it, right?

It’s okay for christians to believe in the laws of gravity and the laws of electromagnetism.

Well, the law of attraction IS in fact a proven scientific fact. Your thoughts make particles come to life and cause their existence to come into being.

This is the very basis of quantum physics and the observer effect has shown very clearly that we are all creators and that our thoughts do become things.

Is the law of attraction against God if it is based on the proven and widely accepted fact that quantum physics is our new scientific model of what we believe reality to be?

4. Sin Is a Moving Target

If you were to compare Christina beliefs today against Christian beliefs just 25 years ago then there is a stark contrast. If you go just a little bit further back to say 50 years ago then it almost seems like a totally different religion.

What is acceptable ‘in the eyes of God’ seems to change all the time – maybe because this is something that church and religious leaders decide on?

When I was a child, doing sport on a Sunday was considered to be ‘a sin’. Today, Sundays are the biggest sporting day of the week and I see many devoted Christinas nailed to their TV screens watching football on Sundays.

Is the law of attraction against God? Today it may well be but that is because of what people decide it to be. It is what people have decided The Bible says about it.

If the law of attraction is a sin today then it’s only a matter of time before churches catch on to the times and adopt it and make it an acceptable idea.

5. The Power of God Is within All Of Us

This is perhaps the biggest sticky point for Christinas who are dead set on the idea that God is someone outside of them.

This is why they see the law of attraction as a form of ‘worshipping’ some outside force or relying on something other than God to ‘give you stuff’.

It’s not that at all.

God is not someone or something outside of us. The Kingdom of Heaven is within said Jesus (Luke 17:21).

That Divine force that we call God is not some person or some old white male up in the sky. It is life force, energy, the universe – call it what you want but it does not change what it is.

It is that power that beats your heart, that allows you to think and that is your connection to the creator. We all have it by virtue of being alive.

Using the law of attraction is not about using some outside force to dictate and create things for us. It’s about using that part of yourself that is God within.


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