Is Manifesting Against God?

is manifesting against God

Is manifesting against God and can you believe in God and believe in the law of attraction at the same time?

Many of the ideas of manifesting goes against mainstream Christian teachings but there are many overlapping ideas which makes manifesting not as ‘wrong’ as many would make it out to be.

The law of attraction and the ideas of manifesting is everywhere. It has permeated modern culture and people like Oprah Winfrey has created a whole new culture around this idea that you can in fact create your own life.

This is very different from the Judeo-Christian belief that God decides everything about your life – that you are powerless and that you are at the mercy of God for everything you have or will ever have.

Many religious people grapple with the dichotomies between the belief systems they grew up with and the belief systems offered to them through the teachings of the law of attraction.

This leaves a lot of people torn.

The beliefs we grew up with are often fundamental and going against it can make us feel like we abandon our identity.

Most religious teachings about God are based on fear though. It demands of you to ‘please’ God or else…

Realizing the truth is liberating.

You realize that God is not someone out there who you should fear but that God is within you and that God wants you to have it all.

Is manifesting against God or is it simply part of what God intended for you in the first place?

Is your ability to choose your own thoughts and to manifest what you want your life to be part of God’s original plan for you – a plan that was suppressed by institutions centuries ago?

Why Manifesting is Against God

Whether manifesting is against God or not depends largely about your beliefs about God.

If you come from a Christian point of view then you probably believe in the Holy Trinity – God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

You’ve probably been very well trained and conditioned in the concept of sin. That somehow God wants you to do certain things and avoid others.

When you break these rules, this all-loving God will punish you with an eternal death by fire.

The only sin in the world is ignorance.

– Henry David Thoreau

The Bible is seen as the only source of information. Every question and every answer comes from the same ‘source’ – which in itself is problematic.

Ultimately this belief system tells you that God is an old white man who lives up in the clouds.

Even though he is all powerful and all loving he somehow demands that you do what He likes (or rather what others have told you He likes).

If you come from this belief system then you will have a hard time to reconcile manifesting and your religion.

You will always come up against one big stumbling block and the fact that manifesting requires you to look inward – not outwards.

Religion is all about looking outside yourself for guidance and ultimately to find God outside yourself.

If God is ‘someone’ who is somewhere ‘out there’ then you are always at Her mercy.

You have no power in life. You are helpless and hopeless and you are always left wanting and waiting – hoping to gain His favour in order to be blessed or to receive anything.

When you turn your attention inwards and realize the truth that the Kingdom of heaven is within and that God is not only living ‘in you’ but is in fact part who you really are and that your soul is the very light that makes up God.

Now you have the power to create your life and to truly glorify God by becoming everything you can be, living your life to the fullest.

  • Many of the ideas of manifesting comes from numerous different religions and traditions. Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and many of the Indian and Chinese Traditions. Most Christian will have a tough time reconciling these ideas with true Christianity.
  • Manifesting requires you to find God within yourself and to rely on that part of yourself. The idea that you place your trust in your (higher) self and not on God is not in keeping with most Judeo-Christian takes on what God wants.
  • Wanting plenty, wanting everything your heart desires and the desire for a rich life is frowned upon by regions. Manifesting teaches you that these desires are not only good but they are your birth right because God is abundant.
  • Religion teaches you that everything comes from God. God decides who gets what and for the most part you have to gain his favour. Manifesting teaches you that you (and not God) decide what you get in life by how you use your God given faculties of mind.
  • Religion teaches you that there is God and then there is also this evil force called the devil. This devil can also give you what you want but there will be dire consequences if you side with him. The law of attraction teaches you that there is only a stream of goodness. When you are connected to it, you experience the good. When you disconnect from it you experience the absence of good.
  • Manifestation is seen as an attempt to ‘be God’ which places you ‘above God’ as the sovereign power. This is not entirely true because you are simply connecting to God within and using that power to create.

What Is Manifesting Really

For me manifestation is the power of free will and using all the faculties of your mind that God gave you to create a life that you love.

Most religious people glorify suffering to some extent.

This stems from the suffering of Jesus that many hold as the ultimate glory to God. The suffering that most religious people endure is not so much physical but it is a deprivation of their own deepest desires.

You want to be rich, but you suppress it because it is not seen as spiritual.

You want to be successful but that would make you too important. A woman feels attracted to other women but she suppresses that because it’s not acceptable.

The law of attraction is not some foreign and mystical force of nature that comes from new age teachings.

Yes, it is a metaphysical idea but quantum physics have not laid the groundwork to prove it scientifically.

The law of attraction simply says that wherever you place your energy and your attention on, will be attracted into your life. Your thoughts will manifest – it will move from thought to form through the energy of your attention and your intention.

Manifesting in short means that you make things happen. It is a form of deliberate creation.

The observer effect is an important concept in quantum physics. It basically shows how your attention and your thoughts move a particle into existence.

Your thoughts quite literally create something out of nothing.

This is not some new age concept but is hard core science. This is not universally accepted as a scientific fact and it is where most of the scientific research is heading.

Your power to think, to choose your thoughts and to direct your own attention is your ultimate power.

Is manifesting against God if everything about manifesting comes from God?

Is manifesting against God if it simply requires you to become aware of the infinite possibilities that God has laid before you?

Why God Loves The Law of Attraction and Manifesting

I believe that God loves the law of attraction and manifesting. I believe that God wants you to become everything you were destined to be.

Sitting around with your hands behind your back, pleading and begging through prayer for God to ‘bring it to you’ is not how I have come to believe God operates.

The argument that many Christinas have against manifestation is you rely on the self to create your life and noty on God at all.

This idea that so-called new age thinking is a paradigm where you edge God out and rely solely on your own thoughts and powers is just not true.

It reflects the ignorance of those who are afraid of any thoughts that oppose their own.

Manifesting is not about ‘going it alone’ and trying to create your life without God. Manifesting is about working WITH God and co-creating your life.

I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.

– Jesus (Matthew 21:21-22)

God is an ever present, all powerful force – an energy that permeates and penetrates everything in life and this universe. Working WITH God, learning how to use and utilize its power is what allows you to manifest anything.

Imagine for a minute that God is electricity. That force that we call electricity is ever present. It is a potential and when you plug into it you can do a million different things with it.

When you choose to remain unplugged, you go without that energy and a great many things become useless in life.

Manifesting is like plugging into God. It allows you to connect to His power which is the power of creation.

You use the power to co-create your life and your world. This is not a power that you ‘summon’ from some underworld. It is the very force of life.

It is what God bestowed upon you at birth.

You are born with the inherent desire to become more, to be more and to live your life to the fullest.

You can NEVER do that by playing small and shrinking to submit to archaic doctrines that are designed to keep you in your place.

Is manifesting against God if everything about manifesting was part of life and nature?

Here are a few questions to ponder…

  • Do you really believe that God is some old white man with a beard who lives up in the clouds and who sits there all day long monitoring your every thought and action?
  • Who really knows what is against God and what is ‘for’ God ?
  • If God gave you free will and the power to choose, why does She want you to limit yourself to what some doctrine confines you to?
  • Who benefits most from your being controlled by a religious doctrine and you being limited by rules that MEN decided upon centuries ago?
  • Many things that were considered a sin just 20 years ago is today commonly accepted and allowed by almost all churches. Are these rules really ‘from God’ or are they simply what a group of men interpret to be the rules?

Can You Believe in God and Believe in The Law of Attraction?

We are only just starting to tap into the power of the mind and the power of thoughts. It’s not just the power to manifest ‘things’ for yourself but it is the power to heal your body, find inner peace and live in love and harmony.

Is manifesting against God if you are using the power of your own mind? My argument is simple and that is this: how could you?

Can you really use the power of your mind without God? If God is the very essence of life then everything good is ‘of God’ then I believe that manifesting what you want in life is ultimately God’s will for you.

Your mind is intricately connected with the mind of God.

While the teaching of the law of attraction and the teachings of religions use different words and call things by different names, most of it is one and the same.

It becomes a matter of semantics.

We seem to argue so much about what we call God but ultimately it is the same all loving, all giving ever present and all power Divine force that is what we call life.

There are millions of ways to be a human being, and many paths to what you call God. Well I am a Christian who believes that there are certainly many more paths to God other than Christianity.

– Oprah Winfrey

Many modern churches are catching on and starting to embrace these ideas. I do not think that manifesting and Christianity can’t be reconciled.

There are many Christian teachers and teachings that fully embrace the power of manifesting and come at it from a Christian point of view.

Is manifesting against God? No! Its a matter of perception and a matter of beliefs.

If you are stuck in outdated doctrines and believe in translations and interpretations and re-interpretations of a few selected documents from 2000 years ago then you will simply not be able to reconcile your religious beliefs with manifesting.

When you open your mind to God and you realize that God is not SOMEONE out there but SOMETHING inside you then you will come to truly know God.

Manifesting a full and prosperous life will become your way of glorifying your life and glorifying God through your life and the way you live.


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