Is Manifesting Dangerous?

is manifesting dangerous

Is manifesting dangerous and can it have negative effects in your life? If you have strong religious beliefs, have unrealistic expectations or try to manifest in another’s life then it can certainly be dangerous.

When you start going down the rabbit hole of quantum physics and learn more about manifesting and the law of attraction it can be truly mind blowing.

Some of the stories from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s group and students are nothing short of amazing.

In fact, if you know nothing about it you may think it’s some charlatan making up the most miraculous stories they can think of.

Learning more about the nature of human consciousness and unraveling the ideas behind our own true nature and our own true power is very uplifting and positive.

Unfortunately some people can be led astray and for some people these ideas can be dangerous.

It is dangerous not because it can harm you physically but it can cause mental and emotional issues for some people.

It is not the ideas themselves but rather how people interpret and use these ideas that can make manifesting dangerous.

There are off course the more extreme views that see manifesting as some sort of ‘dark magic’ that comes from the ‘occult’.

Rest assured that this is not the case. Your soul is not in danger!

What Does It Mean To Manifest Something?

To manifest something means that you make visible and tangible some invisible and intangible idea.

When someone manifests signs of an illness what it means is that the illness has been in the body for some time. Now that it manifests, this invisible and intangible illness becomes visible.

When something manifests, it provides evidence of its existence.

While it already exists as an idea, there is no way of perceiving it physically until it is manifested.

When we talk about manifesting our intentions we refer to a deliberate choice to bring a dream or idea of what we want to have or achieve in our physical reality into existence.

You may have a dream or an idea to be rich, to be married to your soulmate or to overcome a disease.

This is an idea.

When you start forming a clear vision for what that idea will look like in YOUR life then it becomes an intention.

This intention is incredibly powerful.

Intention acts as a clear instruction to your mind and emotions and invokes the law of attraction.

As you give your energy and attention to this clear intention it will manifest into your physical reality as objects, experiences and ‘realities’.

Can Manifesting Be Dangerous?

Is manifesting dangerous? For the most part it is not but there certainly are aspects about manifestation practices and theories that can be dangerous.

When I use the word dangerous I use it with caution though.

Danger here does not mean your life or your soul is threatened.

It is more dangerous in the sense that it can do more harm than it can do good.

Manifesting is about learning to trust in that all loving, all giving Divine power within yourself. By nature it seeks love, peace, joy and self expression.

To manifest anything into your life that is not currently there, you must expand your consciousness.

This expansion is not from an expansion of intellectual knowledge but it comes from uncovering and allowing more of what you truly are – which is a being of love and light.

Manifesting is not about adding anything into your life. It’s not about learning new skills or acquiring any special talents.

It’s more about removing and ‘chipping away’ everything that you have learned (consciously and subconsciously) that prevents the natural flow of abundance and prosperity to you and through you.

It’s not about acquiring ‘super powers’ but simply re-learning how to allow what is already in you – what was given to you at birth as a spiritual being on this human journey called life.

Is manifesting dangerous if you acquire the ability to create anything in your life?

If it was a matter of snapping your fingers and having everything you want appear then yes, manifesting would be dangerous but that is not the case.

Turning thoughts to things and manifesting ideas into reality takes time as there is a law of gestation which is really there to serve us.

It is there to support us in the sense that we only manifest that which we really give constant energy and attention to.

Otherwise you will end up manifesting a big pile of rubbish along with the small pile of things you really want.

While manifesting in and of itself is not dangerous at all, there certainly are scenarios and instances where it can be dangerous.

3 Reasons Why Manifesting Is Dangerous And How To Avoid It

1. Losing Yourself In Theories, Methods and Practises

When most people are first introduced to the idea of manifesting and see how the law of attraction really works it causes a real awakening.

This can lead you down a rabbit hole that can be truly mind blowing. Once you start seeing what reality really is and how life itself is only an illusion it can distort your sense of reality.

Some people can get caught up in the theories, the practises and some of the craziness that has evolved into an industry of ‘products’ in this space of manifesting.

For the most part this is good, but for some people it can be dangerous. It can cause them to disconnect from reality.

I once met someone who read more than 300 books on manifesting and the law of attraction and she was still struggling to lose weight.

The problem is that she became so obsessed with doing ‘the right things’ that she completely missed the boat.

Is manifesting dangerous from this point of view? Yes, because she was completely jaded and even depressed because her manifesting practices weren’t working. She worked hard at it but had no real results.

The real purpose of learning to manifest your ideas into reality is to let go of who you where when you had what you had.

To attract and manifest something new you have to change your consciousness and become someone new – someone better.

2. Traying To Create And Manifest in Another’s Reality

Surprisingly, this is more common than I ever thought. Most of the time though, people who are trying to manifest in others’ realities are doing it with ‘good intentions’.

Trying to manifest something good in your child or your parents or spouse’s life is a very noble idea but it still violates a cosmic law.

You have no right to interfere in another soul’s path.

You DO NOT know what its good for them and you do not know what their soul’s ultimate purpose is.

While you can not directly manifest for someone else (you can’t assume their consciousness) you most certainly can affect and influence their lives.

Is manifesting dangerous if you try to manifest in another’s life? Yes, it certainly is because you are meddling in higher matters that do not want or need your interference.

3. Inner Conflict With Religious Beliefs

With manifesting and the law of attraction becoming so popular and with this knowledge spreading, many religious people are having a hard time reconciling their religious beliefs with manifesting.

If you have some deeper belief that manifesting is against God then you will have an inner conflict that can really cause a lot of damage.

Is manifesting dangerous if you are deeply religious?

Yes, if you can not find a way to reconcile your religious beliefs with the ideas of manifesting then you will be torn apart inside.

Believing in opposing ideas creates inner conflict and you will constantly have a battle going on in your mind.

You may also get a lot of resistance from the people close to you if they are also deeply religious.

While I do not think that the ideas of manifesting goes against christina beliefs or values you will need to resolve that within yourself.

4. Manifesting With Selfish Intentions

One big question that has been asked a lot is if you can use the law of attraction to manifest ‘bad things’ ?

You most certainly can. In fact, most people are constantly manifesting bad things unconsciously.

Is manifesting dangerous if you have intentions to manifest with selfish, impure or dishonest intentions?

It most certainly is and you most certainly can manifest things that do not align with the higher good of humanity.

Eventually, this will catch up with you though because when you manifest from the lower energies of greed, fear and envy then that energy will permeate what you manifest.

That is why people who get money through illegal means or who manifest it from these lower energies always lose it.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

One of the biggest dangers with manifesting is that it can create unrealistic expectations.

The promise that you can manifest anything you desire is what draws many people into this literature and practices.

The idea that you can simply use your mind to get anything you want certainly sounds ‘easy’.

The reality is that it requires a lot of inner and outer work and most of what you want to manifest will not show up overnight.

Having unrealistic expectations and placing all your hope on some strategy or some theory can be dangerous.

Some people spend crazy money on seminars and online programs that promise the world.

If you can afford it, do it! You will always learn something useful and you will always expand your consciousness in some way.

If you can’t afford it, don’t. Do not let the hope of someone else’s ‘secrets’ lead you down a rabbit hole that you can not get out of.

Dream big. Listen to your innermost desires. Follow your heart.

You and only you know what you are capable of manifesting. If something seems so far out of the realm of your possibilities then you will need to grow into that consciousness before you can manifest it.

To the universe nothing is ‘too big’ but oif its too big for you then it creates resistance that prevents it from manifesting.

When you have unrealistic expectations and live in a false hope that by some miracle it could show up, then stop.

Far too many people want to fly before they learn to crawl, walk or run.


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