I Am a Money Magnet Affirmation for Wealth and Prosperity

i am a magnet for money, I Am a Money Magnet affirmations

The I am a money magnet affirmation is a powerful and effective affirmation for wealth and prosperity as it deals directly with your self concept and how you relate to money.

When you say “I am a money magnet” how does it make you feel? At first it may sound strange and even feel strange to say it. The idea of being a magnet for money sure sounds nice but does it really work?

Like any affirmation, the words itself has no power. It is what the words invoke inside you that really matters. When you think of a magnet it is something that attracts – seemingly effortless. A magnet attracts (or repels) metal because that is what magnets do.

If you are a money magnet it suggests that you can effortlessly attract money to you. Just saying it instantly allows you to visualize money coming to you because you are attracted to it.

The real power of this affirmation lies in your willingness to visualize the words. The law of attraction dictates that you must attract to you that which you place your energy and your attention on.

If your attention is on being a money magnet and that you attract money to you, then that must be what manifests in your life.

The Power of “I Am”

Affirmations tend to become dull repetitions with little to no power to attract anything. Just repeating words is pointless.

Repeating an affirmation, being fully present and feeling the words and allowing yourself to visualize what you are saying is how you make affirmations work.

The most powerful affirmations are those that start with “I Am”.


Because those are affirmations that will change your identity. One of the key ideas I’ve been writing about extensively is that you do not attract what you want. You attract what you are.

By using I Am affirmations you can start to deliberately create what you are and consequently what you attract through the law of attraction.

Dr. Joseph Murphy is one of the most prolific authors on the subconscious mind and his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a classic.

He makes it abundantly clear that anything you say after “I Am” will become your reality. Most of us do this unconsciously anyway with things like I am not smart enough. I am not talented enough. I am this or that ec.

You need to become very careful with what I Am’s you identify with. Chances are that they are holding you back – especially with money.

Most people’s entire financial report can be revealed by simply understanding their self talk about money. The challenge is that it happens unconsciously and it can be hard to change the years of practice.

Using I am affirmations is a great way to change this. I love the I am a money magnet affirmation and want to give you some more “detail to help you use it more effectively.”

I Am a Money Magnet Affirmations

When you say and really feel the I am a money magnet affirmation, it can be very helpful. What is even more useful is when you start making it more personal to address some of your own beliefs about abundance and prosperity.

  • I Am a money magnet…money comes to me quickly and easily
  • I Am a money magnet…I now have more than I need
  • I Am a money magnet…money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources
  • I Am a money magnet…money is good and brings out the very best in me
  • I Am a money magnet…I am worthy and deserving of abundance and prosperity
  • I Am a money magnet…God wants me to be rich and experience the abundance of life
  • I Am a money magnet…everything I need is with me and within me right now
  • I Am a money magnet…money brings joy and prosperity into my life

You can add anything that you want after the affirmation to help you dig even deeper into your own beliefs about money.

You can also switch it up by starting your affirmations slightly differently with I am a magnet for money…

Slight iterations of the affirmation prevents it from becoming dull repetitions.

When you understand that money is nothing personal and that your financial destiny is not dictated by outside factors then everything changes for you.

Your current financial situation is always a reflection of your past thoughts and action towards money. The challenge is that we look at our current financial situation which causes us to think and feel a certain way.

This thinking and feeling a certain way only causes more of the same through the law of attraction which is why things do not change.

You have to break the cycle which is why affirmations are so powerful – when use correctly.

Create Abundance and Prosperity – Effortlessly

The idea of attracting money effortlessly is completely misunderstood. So many people are drawn to the law of attraction because they want to manifest abundance and prosperity without doing anything.

Attracting money effortlessly does NOT mean you do nothing. It could mean that but for the most part it does not.

It simply means that there is no resistance on your action. It means that you do not do things you hate simply because you feel that it will make you rich.

When you feel inspired to do something and you love it then it is effortless. You can do it all day because it does not feel like “work” or like something you are being forced to do.

Having love and passion for what you do certainly does add an energy to allow the law of attraction to bring more of that to you.

The real win however is that when you set an intention to attract prosperity and abundance, you immediately set in motion the law of attraction. Things will show up that require you to take action. Sometimes it is just small steps and sometimes it is something big.

The distinction is that it will “feel right”. Do it. Do not hesitate. If there is not friction or resistance to taking action then that is a sign that it is inspired action and the result of your intention starting to mainest.

5 Steps To Turn Your Mind Into a Money Magnet

Using the I Am a money magnet affirmation is a great way to ‘correct your thinking’ – especially when your mind and your thoughts start drifting or get caught up in your present circumstances.

Using is deliberately and with a presence of mind it will change your thinking and “being” over time.

It will take time though because you most likely have to replace a lifetime of thinking in a certain way.

What is really important is that you don’t sit and do your I am a money magnet affirmation for half an hour and then go back to your old ways. You need to become conscious of your own thoughts and actions around money.

You need to make a conscious effort to actually become a money magnet. People who have abundance and prosperity are money magnets. Money just flows to them – seemingly without any effort.

This is because of their thoughts and actions around money. You can become like that by deliberately cultivating that mindset.

Here are 5 steps to becoming a magnet for money.

1. Money is good

Most of us grew up with the idea that money is bad and that it corrupts people. The truth is that money is neither good nor bad. It is whatever you make of it.

Yes, there are many people who do bad things to get money but the vast majority of really wealthy people use money for good.

You can never be poor enough to help 1 person in this world. With wealth and abundance, imagine what good you can do.

Start telling yourself that money is good and start looking for the evidence. It won’t take you long to start seeing what good money can do. Focus on that and let go of the old idea that money is “bad”

2. Working Hard For Money

The idea of working hard for money is an antiquated industrial idea. The idea of working for a paycheck to get by is one way to remain imprisoned for the rest of your life.

Working is the worst way to earn money. The money you earn may come THROUGH your employer but it does not come FROM your employer.

Money comes to you from the intricate workings of the law of attraction. Until and unless you fix the way you think and feel about money, it does not matter if you win the lottery or land a dream job. You will only get to keep the money that your internal thermostat is calibrated to.

You need to stop looking for money in all the wrong places. Lotteries, jobs, inheritance ec. Are all ways in which money can come to you but these are only the mechanisms by which it will be delivered.

Money comes to you through the law of attraction and what you think and feel about money will dictate what you attract to you.

Working harder, working more or even working smarter won’t make much of a difference other than wear you out.

People who are extremely abundant and successful never work hard because they want to make money. They “work hard” because they love it. It is their passion and enthusiasm that attracts wealth to them.

Start by looking beyond just working hard. Find your passion and your love and work hard at that. Work really hard at sharing it with the world.

3. Gratitude and Appreciation

We hear about gratitude so often that we tend to get a bit numb when we hear it again. The truth is that gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal.

When you feel really grateful for everything you have already, you open your heart to receiving more. Feeling a deep sense of gratitude allows the law of attraction to bring more to you because it eliminates the sense that you do not have enough.

The idea of appreciation and depreciation is also worth talking about briefly. When something depreciates – it decreases in value. When you appreciate something it increases in value.

You can increase the value of everything in your life by simply appreciating it.

4. Decide to be worthy and deserving of money

I want you to think very carefully on this very important fact. Who gets to decide who is or is not worthy of wealth and abundance?

If you are religious you may think that god gets to decide that. You may even think that some people are lucky or that others are born into wealth.

None of that gets to decide who is worthy of wealth. You are as worthy as anyone else. This entire universe is at your disposal and you are entitled to anything and everything to the same degree as anyone else.

Let this sink in and think on this often until you fully understand this. When you feel unworthy you will probably never attract it into your life.

You simply need to decide that you are worthy and deserving of wealth and success. Some people need to work really hard before they feel that they deserve it. It is a very common pattern but that is not really necessary either.

Abundance is your birthright. Bob Proctor wrote an amazing book called “You were born rich” which is based on this premise that you were born into the riches of the universe – you simply have to learn how to allow it on to your life experience.

You also need to unlearn some ideas that block the flow of abundance into your life. A real big one is resenting someone else’s wealth or success.

5. Rejoice in Wealth

How do you feel when you hear about or read about another person’s wealth and success? Do you feel angry? Jealous? Depressed? Or do you feel genuinely happy for them?

It may seem like a trivial thing but every time you feel any form of resentment towards another’s wealth and./or success you quite literally reject it come into your own life.

You may even know people who get rich by scamming others or exploiting someone else. Even then you should not harbour any resentment towards their wealth. What others do is their karma. How you respond to it is yours.

The more you can reach a place of being truly happy for any and everyone who has accumulated wealth or reached success in any way the more you will allow it to come to you. Know that everyone is on their own journey.

I Am a Money Magnet Final Thoughts

Now that you are becoming a magnet for money you can become more aware of your thoughts and feelings around money.

A simple gauge you can use in any situation is to ask yourself “Is this thought, idea or action going to attract money to me or is it going to repel money from me.”

If something comes up in your life that brings you face to face with your own negative beliefs about money, simply affirm “I Am a money magnet.

The entire universe now conspires to bring wealth and abundance to me. Everything is happening FOR ME and I am so happy and grateful for the abundance and prosperity in my life.”

This I am a money magnet affirmation can get you through a lot of difficult situations. Believe it. Affirm it and understand that there is real power in believing that you are a magnet for money.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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