How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want

How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want

Learning how to raise your vibration to attract what you want is about lifting your thoughts and emotions to align with the joy of what you do want instead of being dragged down by the fear of not having it.

I wrote a more detailed explanation of The Law of Vibration but for the purposes of understanding how to raise your vibration to attract what you want we will do a quick recap.

Everything is energy and energy is everything.

Even things that appear to be solid are actually energy. Energy moves in waves – these waves are called vibrations.

You are also energy and you are a mass of molecules at a very high rate of vibration.

With your mind you can actually dictate your own vibration. When you feel joy, peace or love you are in a vastly different vibration than when you feel anger, fear or guilt.

The way vibrations work is that it will always align with something that is alike. Energy attracts like energy. A vibration of joy will only attract more joy because the vibrations align.

The concept is called resonance and we’ve all seen the pitchfork experiment at school.

Everything you want to attract or minifest in your life has an energy. If you are attracting something you do not want, examine the energy behind your thoughts and you will see that it is a perfect match.

When you raise your vibration you can dictate what you attract into your life.

It might sound simple and it is but it is not easy because we all have a long list of subconscious beliefs and thoughts that automatically dictate our vibration in almost every area of life.

How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want – 5 Simple Tips

Attracting what you want tends to be a very emotionally charged subject and most people have some very strong emotional connections to what is ‘missing’ from their lives.

Most of the things you want to manifest fall in one of three categories (but its definitely not limited to this): you want more money, a great love relationship or better health.

When you think of money or your soulmate or your health, what emotions come up for you?

Take a few minutes now and write them down. Be brutally honest with yourself.

Is it fear? worry? guilt? Or is it joy? Gratitude? Excitement?

Can you see how the idea of what you want to manifest can have vastly different vibrations connected to it? If you want to manifest and attract more money then you simply have to align your vibrations to it.

If you are living in a low vibrational state and your predominant thoughts are on shame, guilt, grief, anger, ear ec. Then you can not attract abundance. Abundance is a form of love and joy. You could even argue that it is enlightenment – the highest vibration.

Raising your vibration to that of abundance and having more than enough money requires work. It requires you to work on yourself and your own thinking – especially your subconscious thinking.

So, how do you raise your vibration to attract more money? Here are 5 strategies. You may have heard them all before but I would urge you to pay renewed attention to them.

Look at them from the perspective of vibration and energy.


Like me, you are probably sick of hearing about affirmations. This is partly the challenge. We’ve been exposed to the idea so much that we become a bit numb to it. We’ve tried it before but probably feel like it “did not work”.

I want you to look at affirmations again with a fresh perspective. It it not meant to “do” anything. It is not what will attract anything to you. The purpose of affirmations is purely to help redirect your mind.

If you want to know how to change your thinking, this is a great tool. Affirmations is like a taxi. It is only meant to take your mind from one place (the negative) to another (the positive).

Knowing that, we can actually use affirmations more deliberately. Whenever any of your negative associations around money crops up, use an affirmation to take you back to a vibrational state of abundance.

It is really important to only use “I Am…” affirmations and affirmations that affirm that you already have it. Avoid words like “I will” or “I want” – the law is very deliberate and only responds with a “yes”. If you “want” it will give you more to “want”.

Also, do not not just blindly repeat words. Close your eyes. Still your mind and repeat the affirmations with a present mind. It is only effective if the affirmation can transport your thinking from a low vibration to a high vibration.

Simple is always better. You do not need complicated words or “perfect” words. You only need words that work for you.

  • I Am abundant.
  • I Am strong
  • I Am wealthy
  • I Am blessed and prospered in everything I do.
  • Money flows to me easily and effortlessly
  • I love money and money loves me
  • I Am so happy and grateful for all the abundance and prosperity in my life

2. Visualization

This has also been overhyped mostly thanks to The Secret and a lot of low quality spin-offs. Visualization practices has been used in sport for many years before it became popular with the law of Attraction.

The simple fact is that visualization works. Your mind can not tell the difference between an actual experience and an imagined experience.

This is a double edged sword because it goes both ways. That is why anxiety can feel so “real” and have such far reaching implications on your life.

The key to visualization is to build a crystal clear vision of exactly what you want to attract and manifest in your life. The clearer you are and the clearer your vision is the more powerful it will be.

Visualization is the most powerful way to raise your vibration – instantly. With your imagination you can clothe your life with anything and in the process feel good. This is an important distinction.

When your visualization is clouded by fear and when your visualization reminds you of what is missing it will actually attract the opposite of what you really want.

A great way to structure your visualization practice is to pick out specific “scenes” or events that will be the result of your intention ALREADY manifested. See people congratulating you on your new car.

See yourself looking at your bank statement. See yourself unlocking the front door to your dream home.

By making it real in this way you can not help but raise your vibration. The excitement, the joy and even the gratitude for having it will all raise your vibration and help you attract money faster than any other practice.

3. Experience What You Want To Manifest

Any time you feel what it is you want to manifest, you set the law of attraction in motion. When these feelings are of a high vibration they tend to align with what you DO want.

When these feelings are of a low vibration they tend to align with the opposite of what you want to manifest.

While affirmations and visualization are powerful, having actual experiences can help immensely in creating the feeling of what you want to manifest.

One simple trick is to go out today and take our $100 (more if you can) from your bank account. Carry that $100 with you everywhere and let that be a reminder to you at all times that you have plenty.

Go and walk around in expensive stores. Go and test drive your dream car. Go have a coffee in an expensive hotel. Surround yourself with wealth. You can do this even if you can’t afford it YET.

As you experience the abundance and surround yourself with it, keep telling yourself that you deserve it.

Don’t go there and resent it!

You are as worthy and deserving of this as anyone else. In fact, it is already there. You can see it and touch it and experience it already. All you need to do now is to allow it.

The actual experience of being surrounded by this luxury and abundance will automatically raise your vibration.

You can do something similar for everything you want to manifest. Anything that can physically place you in a feeling state of where you want to be will help you to powerfully align with the vibration of what you want to manifest.

4. Your Network

Who you surround yourself is incredibly powerful. It is very rare for you to raise yourself out of your friendship group’s financial reality. Its been said that your network equals your net worth and that is very true.

We tend to gravitate towards the norm of the people we surround ourselves with most of the time. Why is that? It is because our tribe equals our vibe.

Your “tribe’s” vibration around money will most likely be similar to yours. What you talk about, what you aspire to, what you complain about ec. Are all things that dictate your vibration around money.

While it is harsh to eliminate friends based on their money views, you can become very careful what you talk about with them. Avoid negative discussions around money.

Make friends with people who are wealthy. Just being around a wealthy person alone will raise your vibration. Seeing how they think and feel about money is incredibly powerful. You can not help but aspire to that and to replicate their attitude.

If you want to attract your soulmate, don’t keep hanging out with your single friends who like to b!tch about being single.

If you want to lose weight, don’t hang out with your friends who are also overweight and who are not serious about making a change.

The people you hang out with the most can have a serious impact on your energy and your vibration. Do not take this lightly.

5. Forgiveness

Do you carry any grudges? Most people fail to understand the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not about letting someone off the hook. It is about freeing yourself and releasing low energy thoughts and emotions.

When you forgive any and all people whom have wronged you, you do it for you. Not for them. Forgiveness allows you to unchain the shackles that prevent you from raising your vibration on a consistent level.

If you don’t, the thoughts of resentment, anger, frustration ec. Will always be there to drag you back down into the lower frequencies.

While forgiving others is very powerful, what is even more powerful is to forgive yourself. This might sound strange but we often hold the same emotions towards ourselves for things that we have done in the past.

Shame is the lowest vibration emotion there is. Feeling shameful about anything will drag your vibration down like nothing else.

If you had a failed business, lost big on an investment or somehow had a financial failure then this is super important. You can do everything you want to raise your vibration to attract what you want, but if you don’t fix this, the shame will always bring you down.


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