A Little Light on Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper – Book Summary

A Little Light on Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper offers a code for our life on Earth, by following these thirty-six spiritual laws; you can achieve gratitude, success, prosperity and countless blessings.

The author begins her introduction by informing us that our life on Earth is a team game, so it is essential to learn the rules, in order to participate fully.

The problem is that most people have chosen to disregard these spiritual laws, which has turned the Earth into a free-for all, and each for his own.

She relates how the mass consciousness is changing, as we are all becoming dissatisfied and want a better way to live.

In order to achieve this we have to learn the rules, work together, follow the spiritual laws and reach enlightenment.

By letting go of our ego desires and living for the Divine, life will become peaceful, joyous, harmonious, and a heaven on Earth.

You make many pre-life choices so that you experience the challenges you need to progress, but you are always free to choose, how you react and handle each of these circumstances.

Earth School

You are here, in this mystery school, to experience life in your physical body, and it is the way you deal with what life presents you that decides whether you pass your examinations. If you are able to respond with strength, understanding and compassion, you become a master.

Although multi-dimensional, most of us live in the third dimension, but our planet is now moving into a frequency, where we remember our divine connection, and open our hearts to unconditional love, the fourth dimension.

In order to move into the fifth dimension we have to forgive others and ourselves, and transmute fear and negativity.

Although you may have forgotten who you really are, your higher Self (soul) knows that you are a spiritual being in a human body, and your task on Earth is to remember who you are.

This is achieved by your soul sending you challenges and pain, which set you out on your search for truth. When you understand the spiritual laws, you can move forward on your journey, with clarity and understanding.

The Basics: The 8 Basic Laws of Life

There are eight basic laws of life:

  1. As Above, So Below
  2. As Within, So Without
  3. The Law of Request
  4. The Law of Attraction
  5. The Law of Resistance
  6. The Law of Reflection
  7. The Law of Projection
  8. The Law of Attachment

1. As Above, So Below – (on Earth as it is in Heaven)

This is the first Law of the Universe. This message puts forward that man is the counterpart of God on Earth and in the same way that God is man’s counterpart in heaven.

Here we are told the Universe loves us no matter what, and the author makes a direct comparison between the love of a wise parent, and that of the Universe, how a wise parent allows a child the support and space to develop, and learn from his or her mistakes.

In the same way that God does not force us to do his will, but will steps in to offer guidance, or side steps and let us learn the hard way, if we choose, waiting without judgement as we learn, and then opening new doors when we are ready.

We are offered guidance through meditation, intuition and dreams, but are always given the freedom of choice to decide which path we choose.

When you make a fear based choice this comes from your lower will. When you say “Thy Will Be Done” you are asking for help to choose from your higher Self.

These are the choices, which bring health, happiness and abundance, and promote harmony, joy and love.

These are the choices which empower us, as it is no more possible to manipulate, or bargain with a wise parent, than it is with God, for everything touches God’s heart, in the same way it touches a human heart.

When you are ready to accept something from the Universe, just ask calmly and pleasantly and it will be delighted to let you have it.

Value it, and the heavens will them smile on your appreciation, and send you more. When you are satisfied, so it is above. The Universe will always support your responses, and respond in a like manner.

2. As Within, So Without

There are only two worlds, our inner world and our outer world and the author explains that in our school on Earth, our outer world mirrors our inner.

This means if you have deep-seated anger, it will reflect back with angry people in your life.

In the same way if you are self critical, you will attract people who physically, or mentally abuse you. However, if you feel happy, loved and secure inside, you will be surrounded by those who love you.

Therefore “as within, so without” means that the Universe arranges itself to reflect your reality.

When you find peace within, then your life will be peaceful, and when this happens worldwide, there will be world peace.

Your inner feelings not only reflect your outer world, but also the way you build your body:

  • Sexual or emotional vulnerability can present as a layer of fat on your hips or stomach.
  • If you think you are unlovable, you may develop a big chest to guard your heart center.
  • If you believe you are responsibly for others, you may develop big shoulders.

In this way your body mirrors your hidden inner feelings. The author invites us to question our aches and pains:

  • Who are you allowing to be a pain in the neck?
  • Who are you allowing to be a pain in the backside?
  • Are you causing yourself pain?
  • Who are you aching for?
  • Who are you allowing to hurt you?
  • What don’t you want to hear or see?
  • Will changing your attitude allow you to move forward?

Not only do our bodies reflect back to us, but also our animals. What inner quality does your animal have?

Whatever you see will be an aspect of your own personality. In this way a person with a quiet and calm demeanour who has an animal with an aggressive nature, is not in touch with his or her hidden angry feelings.

There are also other ways to view inner aspects of your self:

  • Whether you drive a dirty, old wreck of a car, or a smart clean one indicates how you value your self.
  • A tap, radiator or roof leaking, indicates unshed tears.
  • Fires or scalds reflect rage within.
  • All facets of our society, such as parliament and prison systems, mirror the inner feelings of our total consciousness.

3. The Law of Request

This involves asking for help in order to receive it, but not interfering with others, unless they ask for your help. Rushing to help someone when they have not asked for your help prevents them from learning their necessary lessons and is unhelpful.

Naturally this does not apply in an emergency, but forcing your advice on someone will mean you will bear the karma, when it goes wrong and it prevents you learning and becoming stronger.

The author explains that in the spiritual realms, a higher being would never interfere in our lives, unless it was to save us from death when it is not yet our time, or from a serious accident that is not our karma.

It is appropriate to ask for help, only when you are ready to receive it. The Universe may provide this help in the form of a person, book, or even a television program, but you have to be ready and want to receive it.

When a person offers you help and you accept, the author explains, this is a contract, but if they offer and offer, until you are obliged to accept, that is pressure (their stuff).

When you need help from the spiritual world, meditate and be clear about what you want, and you will always receive it.

4. The Law of Attraction

We all unconsciously send out energy, some which is magnetic and some repellent. In this way you have attracted everyone and everything in your life. People and things that are not resonating on the same frequency, pass on by, as the fundamental law is that like attracts like.

If you transmit low frequency, negative qualities, like greed, anxiety, depression, neediness, insensitivity or unkindness, then you will magnetize those with a similar energy. However, high frequency energy, positive qualities, such as, happiness, joy, kindness, and generosity, magnetize those who also have these positive qualities.

Everyone in your life is there for a reason, to mirror an aspect of your self, and the author invites us to take a look around and see what they are reflecting and ask is this part of our shadow self, which we are denying.

  • If you believe you do not deserve, people will treat you badly.
  • If you believe you have to provide for others, you will attract those who need looking after.
  • If you don’t think anyone can understand you, you will attract those who don’t.
  • If you feel it is not safe to trust, you will attract those who deceive.

The inner attracts the outer, so examining and changing your thoughts, will change what you attract in your life. Remembering your good qualities will attract someone who really appreciates you.

5. The Law of Resistance

Whenever you focus on anything you call it towards you. In this way you invite situation, objects and people in your life. The problem is that if you do not want them, you try to push them a way again.

The author explains that we unconsciously invoke the Law of Resistance, as both our universal and unconscious minds cannot accept negative instructions. In this way anything you think about, although you may not want it, the Universe sends to you.

The examples presented here are:

  • Don’t you dare get it wrong – the unconscious mind only hears, get it wrong. It’s far better to say to someone, you can get it right.
  • Don’t be late – the unconscious mind only hears, be late.
  • I don’t want to be poor, will bring you poverty.

Likewise thinking you don’t want to be ill just instills the word ill in your unconscious mind and makes this a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The words, can’t, won’t, don’t and not, invoke the Law of Resistance and whatever you resist continues in your life. So never resist poverty or failure, but instead attract wealth and success.

When you release control, your free energy. This is because the Law of Resistance is activated by victim consciousness, when you blame others for your fate, and do not take personal responsibility for what you have created.

If you are feeling guilty or angry, you are resisting the joy of life and the splendour of self.

The author advises, if you are resisting something, take a look at the message it has for you:

  • If you always fail, picture your self as a success.
  • Stop resisting, decide exactly what you want and wholeheartedly draw the positive to you.

6. The Law of Reflection

Whenever the Universe brings someone or something in your life, it is always a mirror, or an aspect of your self, whether you like it or not. The spiritual Law of Reflection tells you to look in the mirror and change yourself.

If there is someone in your life that you do not like, there is no point in wasting energy trying to change him or her, as this is trying to change your reflection.

This is a form of denial, because these people are showing you a facet of your self that you are uncomfortable with, so you need to look at what’s inside, in order to change the outside world.

The more something about another person annoys, the more your soul is trying to draw this reflection to your attention. The people you like are those who mirror facets or yourself that you feel good about.

This is the Universe showing you a beautiful part of your self. When you use these qualities more and more, you will find lots of people with these good characteristics entering your life.

If the Universe really needs to get you to notice something it will give you three mirrors, all at one time, to look at:

  • Three blind people may indicate you are not seeing something.
  • Three accidents could indicate you are heading for disaster, or going to fast.

Likewise the elements reflect what is happening to you spiritually or your emotions:

  • Water in the form of leaking radiators, dripping taps or leaking roofs, indicates unshed tears.
  • A hearth fire is an indicator of a peaceful center, whereas an out of control fire reflects the resentment and anger of all who are affected.
  • Earth, although solid, can be boring and overshadowing. If you get stuck in mud, it is trying to show you something about your life. An earthquake indicates your foundations are not as secure as you thought they were. All new growth comes from the earth.
  • Air symbolizes new ideas and communication. Fresh air blows away the cobwebs and a hurricane is blowing away outdated thinking from an area and welcoming the new.

The author relates that everything in your life is a reflection, your car, your pets, trees and crystals, by understanding the Law of Reflection you can grow spiritually as you learn what life is telling you.

She explains that there are two ways to shed light on what you see in a mirror, attraction and projection.

7. The Law Of Projection

As all aspects of your self are reflected back to you, and all you perceive outside of your self is a mirror of something within you, this means that everything you see outside of your self is a projection. In other words you take an aspect of yourself and imagine that quality in those around you, often denying it is actually within our selves.

The author explains that the real truth, is that you can only hear, see, praise, criticize, or talk to your self, and that each time you say the words, “she is”, “you are” or “he is”, you are projecting a part of yourself on someone else:

  • If you are suspicious about the morality of others, you are projecting your own fundamental immorality.
  • If a boss accuses his employees of cheating him, then he is projecting his inner cheat, and as a result of this he may also attract cheats.
  • Persistently accusing your faithful husband of being unfaithful projects your own lack of faith in your relationship.

Remember every time you see something in someone else, you also have that quality in yourself; otherwise you would not have recognized it in them.

The author explains that when we understand this law, it offers colossal opportunities for our personal and our spiritual growth, as we all experience our lives differently, so watch and work on yourself.

8. The Law Of Attachment

We can all have anything that we wish for in our lives, but if you are dependent upon something to make you happy, or to give you a sense of self-worth, then you attached to it. When you are attached to something, it owns you and you are no longer free.

Some people in the Universe’s soup of energy are corded together, and this cord can bind and trap them. They are drawn together from lifetime to lifetime and will tug and pull at each other, physically, mentally and emotionally, usually without any awareness of the effect they have on each other.

These cords are created between people who have unsolved issues between them, and each time you have thoughts of jealousy, hurt, envy, need or anger towards someone, a tiny thread is manifested and attaches to them.

If these negative thoughts are sent continuously, they form cords or ropes, which will bind you together until you release them.

In following lifetimes the cords will draw those with unresolved issues, towards each other, so that these souls are offered the opportunity to do things in a different way.

You can also be attached to things, and have large cords attaching you to jobs, bank accounts, cars or houses.

Cords also attach people to subtle energies, like a need to love and neediness can tug you back and forth emotionally. If you are in a codependent relationship, you will find yourself so enmeshed in cords that you find it difficult to leave your partner.

Likewise parents find it difficult to release their children.

The author explains that attachment is conditional love, but a master loves unconditionally, allowing people to be whom they are, not controlling.

Love and forgiveness dissolves these cords and sets you both free and your relationships will totally change. In some cases, cutting the cord brings you together, in others you are released to leave the relationship.

Creation: The 8 Laws of Creation

There are eight Laws of Creation:

  1. The Law of Attention
  2. The Law of Flow
  3. The Law of Abundance
  4. The Law of Clarity
  5. The Law of Intention
  6. The Law of Prosperity
  7. The Law of Manifestation
  8. The Law of Success

1. The Law of Attention

This law means that whatever you give your attention to, it will manifest, according to how attentive you are.

The author explains here that although we are accustomed to saying, “seeing is believing” that the exact opposite is in fact true, and “believing is seeing”, as we create our own realities and the only thing, which stops any of us manifesting our dreams, are our fears and doubts.

The Law of Attention is precise, so this means we need to watch our thoughts, carefully.

Whenever you give your attention to a fear or have doubts about something, then you energize this very thing and bring it into creation. However positive thinking holds a stronger charge than the negative, and can make your dreams come true.

So whatever you wish to achieve, think positively, hold the vision and it will materialize.

2. The Law of Flow

Nothing in the Universe is static; as it is made up of constantly flowing energy and none of us are separate from each other.

The author explains this is why when you love yourself more; it will affect a total stranger on the other side of the world.

If your emotions are blocked, you will become trapped and artificial in your relationships, but if they are peaceful, relaxed and serene, your relationships will be good.

Likewise if your sexuality is blocked, then your sexual relationships will be difficult, but if it is flowing, your sex life will be good. In order to let new in your life you have to let go of the old.

Clearing your clutter and releasing old memories and beliefs, which you no longer need in your life, opens the gates for the new to flood in.

Start by physically clearing the clutter from your house, whilst you affirm what you want to take its place.

3. The Law of Abundance

The author explains that abundance is our natural birthright and means flowing with prosperity, happiness, success, joy, love, generosity, laughter and vitality and that our lives become abundant when we connect and flow with the higher qualities of life.

The only thing, which stops you from receiving abundance, is your consciousness, so it’s up to you to remove any beliefs, which stifle your abundance.

  • When you close your heart, you block your abundance to love.
  • Success is not a particular achievement, but a state of mind, a sense of accomplishment and contentment.
  • You will feel better, and be better able to nurture others, when you allow yourself to receive.
  • The Universe will not bring you abundance until you are ready to accept it.
  • Be friendly to others if you want more friendships in your life.
  • Practice smiling, if you want to be happy

4. The Law of Clarity

If you are completely clear about what you want, your message is picked up accurately and therefore everyone responds and new doors open. If you are not clear about what you want, then this ties up your psychic energy and you stay confused.

Once you become clear about what you want, its almost as if a light goes on over your head, signaling to the Universe to send you your desires, and it does.

When you are lost in the fog, the author says all you have to do is wait patiently until it clears. Soon the sun will shine and your direction will become clear.

However, if you have been walking around for a long time in a permanent fog, you have to make a decision (in any direction), however difficult this may be, so that you can feel your way cautiously, until you are clear.

You move swiftly along your spiritual path when you decide with clarity.
Never forget it is your right to draw what you need from the Universe, when you send out a muddled message, you may not get what you asked for.

5. The Law of Intention

Intention is more than wishing, hoping and wanting. If you intend to do something, you will overcome all hurdles, in order to fulfill your intention. Intention discharges a force that makes things happen.

When you draw together the energy and set your sight on your target, you set free the power of the Universe behind your vision.

You should never underestimate the power of intention. If you intend to send healing to someone at a certain time, it will happen at this time, whether you put it into action or not.

The author compares an intention to an arrow in flight and warns to aim carefully, as nothing can deflect it.

6. The Law of Prosperity

Again the author makes a direct comparison with the Universe and a loving parent, showing that the Universe wants it’s beloved child to have plenty in the same way that any parent does, and explaining that it is our divine heritage, to be prosperous.

However, there are things, which allow you to prosper, and others that hold you back.

If you are fearful, apathetic and do not believe that you do not deserve to be prosperous, this prevents you from being so, but when you express yourself creatively, cultivate your talents and gifts with passion, anticipation and joy, then prosperity will increase.

Many people of a spiritual nature are inclined to belief that it is ungodly to have money.

This is not true, it is not spiritual to worry about money all the time, the author expresses here that the most spiritual thing is to have money, but to use it wisely.

When you accumulate money in the bank and don’t let it flow, you are giving a message to the Universe that you don’t want more, so it stops sending any to you.

The idea is to have enough, and to know that it is sufficient.

When you speak, think and act as if you are prosperous, the Universe will act accordingly, and send you plenty.

7. The Law of Manifestation

As we have all manifested each and everything that is in our lives this means you may have used the spiritual laws of attraction, attention and prayer, although most of this will have been unconscious.

The author explains that we can manifest intentionally when we tune into the guidance of higher beings of light.

In order to do this you need to still the interference from your constant thoughts and be clear about what you really want.

Visualization is important to picture what you want, as it allows pictures to enter the right side of the brain, you must hold this vision, and have total faith that it is on its way.

The author explains that there is no difference between manifesting a tissue or something much larger, and that the key is to know that you can do it.

If you have difficulties being clear about what you want:

  • Write down exactly what it is.
  • Detail everything precisely.
  • Relax.
  • Visualize yourself receiving it.
  • Know it is on the way.
  • Sense the satisfaction of receiving what you want.
  • Hold your vision and Om, Ohm or Aum, for its manifestation.

When you bring your frequency into line to that of your vision, it will appear.

8. The Law of Success

Success means getting what you want and the best way to attain material success is by using the Law of Attention.

When using this law you cannot have a single negative thought or picture, but must have the determination to single-mindedly work towards your vision, by focusing on it incessantly.

You beliefs produce an energy that vibrates around you and success will follow when you believe in your self. This is why it is vitally important to watch your beliefs carefully, so that you cut out those that do not serve your goals.

Beliefs, which create success, include:

  • I trust people.
  • I am lovable.
  • I respond lovingly to others.
  • I deserve to have good things.
  • I can handle anything.
  • I open my heart and give charitably of myself.

Spiritually, success means having faith in yourself to achieve the best outcome for yourself and everyone else. You will be successful when you are positive and get the energy right, when your personal or collective vibration reverberates with the vibration of the outcome you want.

Success also involves following the Law of Flow, letting go of the old before you can move forward. This means clearing out any mental, physical and emotional clutter.

The 7 Laws of Higher Awareness

  1. The Law of Balance and Polarity
  2. The Law of Karma
  3. The Law of Reincarnation
  4. The Law of Responsibility
  5. The Law of Affirmation
  6. The Law of Prayer
  7. The Law of Meditation

1. The Law of Balance and Polarity

Here the author compares our live times with that of a child on a swing. She explains that we swing from one side of life to its opposite.

The farther you explore one extreme, the more you move away from the center. This means you have to swing the other way and experience its opposite.

This means as well as lifetimes of riches, you will have to experience poverty, the opposite. The aim of each lifetime is to integrate the opposites so you can live in harmony.

Until now it has taken many lifetime to get into balance, but as consciousness is now moving forward at a much quicker pace, we are aiming to balance them in this life.

If you are bighearted and give everything away and then become mean and won’t give any one anything, you are swinging between polarities and your assignment is to be centered about money.

Another example of swinging between the polarities is first being controlling and angry and then aloof and detached. You should strive to achieve the balance of being calm and caring.

2. The Law of Karma

The law of karma is about receiving back, whatever you have given out. This means anything you think or do will return to you, good or bad.

Karma is carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. In the Bible karma was described as “you reap what you sow”

When you send out anger and hate, these damaging energies will return to you in some form, though not necessarily from the direction you aimed it at. It may be as ill health, a dog bite, someone hating you, or an accident.

Karma is recorded as loving thought, credits and negative thoughts, debits. These have to be balanced and those unaware of karma call it good or bad luck or fate.

If you always act, speak and think for the highest good you will be a lucky person.

Your soul chose your family before you were born. This is your karma and you are being given another opportunity to resolve situations or feelings from a past life.

Many humans miss the opportunities, which their relatives offer them for growth and to change Karma, and instead carry on the old vendettas.

When we love and give power to others we heal karmic relationships.

If a relationship has reached a crisis, mentally wish the other person well, as this starts to heal the karma.


  • Karma is only carried until you have learnt the lesson.
  • You can free yourself through love and awareness.
  • Your health is your karma.
  • Positive beliefs create good karma.
  • If you are not happy, change your beliefs.
  • Your choices affect your health and vitality.

If you find that you never get away with anything, then this is instant karma and whatever you give out comes back right away. This means your soul is no long allowing you to accrue debt.

3. The Law of Reincarnation

Here the author explains the reincarnation is the principle of returning into a physical body again.

Under this law, if there is anything unsettled at the end of a lifetime, your soul is given the chance to return in human form to resolve it, and you return to Earth repeatedly, until you have mastered the spiritual laws.

Some examples given: if a husband has harmed his wife in a previous life, they return together so that the soul of the husband can repay. They may reincarnate as husband and wife, but it may also be as student and teacher, parent and child or as friends.

Communities at war can return together to see if their souls can find peace, or complete families frequently return at the same time, so they can work things out.

Earth is a learning establishment and we may reincarnate many times under similar circumstances because the soul desires to put the past to rest.

However, once on Earth many forget the perspective of the spiritual world and make the same mistakes, becoming trapped in the cycle of reincarnation.

There are several reasons for wanting to reincarnate:

  • To pay back our debts
  • To experience and fortify ourselves
  • To learn about emotions,
  • To learn about sexuality or other lessons available only on Earth
  • To help, be a light, teach, or serve on this planet.

On Earth you have the freedom to choose every word, thought or deed to experience your life. Once you have mastered the lesson of Earth, your soul is able to serve in one of the higher light establishments in the Universe.

The author describes Earth as the cosmic equivalent of a crocodile infested swamp, saying that only fearless souls sign up for this challenge and presents a simplistic overview:

  • Baby souls may only stay on Earth a few hours, days or weeks.
  • Toddler souls need clear borders and restrictions.
  • Teenage souls create havoc and a heavy karmic debt.
  • Middle age souls often have difficult lives, as they start repaying the debts from earlier lifetimes.
  • Old souls are wise, peaceful and distanced from the material world.

This is why we should never judge others, but just be aware they are learning what they need to for this journey, and always show compassion, for it is only young souls who will harm animals, people or the planet.

4. The Law of Responsibility

Responsibility is having the skill to take appropriate action towards a person or situation. This means responding when you receive visions or intuitive messages, as these are tests sent to you by the Universe.

When you accept these challenges readily, this indicates you are spiritually ready for greater things. If you do not respond, the challenge is taken away and offered at another time.

Unless you take care of yourself first, you will not be in a condition to help others. We are all responsible for our own destiny and do not have the right to carry another persons burden for them, as this stunts their growth.

Your responsibility is to encourage other to carry their responsibilities.

If you are burdened by a family belief, emotion or secret, lovingly but firmly hand it back to the person you received it from, because when you carry someone else’s burden, you hold back not only their evolution, but also that of the planet.

Likewise if you don’t tell someone the truth, in case they feel jealous, angry, depressed or hurt, you are being unfair to them.

When you take responsibility for yourself, speak honestly about your feeling, your release both yourself and the other person.

With understanding of the Law of Responsibility, we no longer project our feeling on others or blame them for anything, instead we ask, “how did I make this happen?” and “how can I change things?”

5. The Law of Discrimination

As adults, we are expected to know how discriminate between right and wrong. When you use the invisible forces, you must always use discrimination, and if you sense something is not right, ignore these impressions and close down.

The author explains that we know everything at a deep level and your gut feeling lets you know if someone is being honest or not. The problem here is that your logical mind argues, causing you to override your intuition.

If you cannot tell the difference, you will bear the resultant karma. Moreover, another test will come towards you in a different disguise.

She gives examples when discernment is not considered to be judgmental, but right:

  • Discern whether a person’s energy feels right to become your therapist or friend.
  • Discern whether your business partner will back your ideas.
  • Discern whether it feels comfortable to go on a date with that person.
  • Discern whether you want to go with your friends to see that violent film, and also if they are really who you want as your friends.

You have to be prepared to stand up and sense what is really right for you, it is not being judgmental when you say no – it is discrimination. The author recommends, you stay open, listen to your intuition and trust it to guide you.

6. The Law of Affirmation

Using affirmations is repeating words or thoughts over and over until they become firm in your unconscious mind, and part of your natural way of thinking and become part of your reality.

As your unconscious mind is impersonal, like a computer, it accepts all input without distinguishing from negative or positive thoughts. This means if you constantly think you are a failure, you will act it out.

This is why affirmations deeply affect how you feel and act and the more emphasis and energy you put into your affirmations, the more deeply they enter your belief system.

The Law of Affirmation says that you will bring about what you affirm. Affirmations should only contain positive words, be in the present tense and When you affirm that you already have what you want, you will magnetize it towards you.

They should also be simple and rhythmic or rhyming affirmations will slip easily into your unconscious mind.


  • Everyone loves me, I am healthy and happy
  • I am an ascended master of great love and light
  • I have a rewarding, satisfying job as an office manager
  • I am an ascended being with endless wisdom and patience
  • My life is full or laughter and joy

7. The Law of Prayer

The author explains that our every word and thought, is a prayer to God and that things like worry, are a negative prayer.

This reinforces the things we don’t want to happen, so we are advised to always pray in a focused, positive way.

You should not pray from the stance of eternal victim, bargainer, manipulator, trickster, greedy person, or someone with low self-esteem.

If you want God to answer your prayers:

  • You need to know what you want, set your plans in action and then let him know what he can do for you.
  • Pray from the heart
  • Pray with pure intentions

The author explains that, thankfully for us, God does not answer all our prayers, so we do not always get what we ask for. He does not answer our prayers with miracles, but in a more practical way and faith is necessary for it to happen.

The Law of Prayer is to ask, believe and it is granted. Prayer is sincere, authentic, simple and from a calm, centered place in the heart.

8. The Law of Meditation

In order to meditate, you have to find a place away from the hustle and bustle of life, so that you can hear the still quiet voice of God.

Meditation does not have to be formal, and many people find quiet still moments when they are walking in nature, painting, gardening, making pottery or playing music.

The purpose of meditation is anything, which empties the mind momentarily, so you can slip through the gap.

Many people find it beneficial to meditate at a certain time each day. Some like to create an altar to place crystal, candles, and items sacred to themselves or pictures of masters and saints.

Others find it helpful to burn incense or joss sticks or play sacred music. However you choose to meditate, you will find that silence brings you pearls of divine wisdom and meditation is the doorway to bliss.

9. The Law of Challenge

This law states that if you challenge a spirit three times in the name of God, it has to reveal who it is or disappear.

Here the author talks of how alarms, wake-up calls, are going off to alert us to the world beyond the physical.

As you begin to awake to your spiritual self, your light becomes stronger and attracts those whose intentions are not so pure.

You have to discriminate between the good and the bad and if in doubt challenge. You have to make sure that your light is strong enough so that the darkness does not influence you.

The author explains that if a stranger asked you to lend him money, you are most likely to look into his eyes and ask the questions you need answered.

This is because the eyes are the windows of the soul, and you will be able to sense whether he was being truthful, but if you have any doubts, you would check him out.

She explains how higher beings are pleased if you challenge them, as it shows you are being cautious, have good judgment and are being responsible.

The 11 Laws of Higher Frequency

  1. The Law of Frequency or Vibration
  2. The Law of Miracles
  3. The Law of Healing
  4. The Law of Purification
  5. The Law of Perspective
  6. The Law of Gratitude
  7. The Law of Blessings
  8. The Law of Decree
  9. The Law of Faith
  10. The Law of Grace
  11. The Law of One

1.The Law of Frequency or Vibration

There are two types of vibration or frequency, low and high. Low vibrations are heavy, whereas low ones are light.

Low frequency:

  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Criticism
  • Anger
  • age
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Jealousy

High frequency:

  • Calmness
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Humor
  • Laughter
  • Integrity

The light high vibrations dissolve and transmute the heavy low ones. Humor lifts the energy and dissipates difficult situations, and Love heals grief. When you stay centered and calm you sustain a high vibration, and are empowered.

If you do something just because you feel you ought to, then this has a low vibration. When you do things, which give you a sense, of joy you radiate high frequency energy and this raises the frequency of those around us.

Disease and illness have a heavy vibration that obstructs the flow of essential life force, but healing occurs when high frequency energy is channeled to the person.

2. The Law of Miracles

Unconditional love and forgiveness are divine energies that allow miracles to happen. More people are experiencing miracles, because consciousness is rising worldwide and more people have access to the divine and miracles are a natural consequence of the activation of higher energies.

Coincidences and synchronicities are a form of miracle. They are the result of spiritual forces organizing the Universe in such a way, so that fated meetings take place.

They are directed by God and arranged by your guides so you are given the chance to fulfill your destiny.

3.The Law of Healing

The author explains that light is energy, and everything is light, and that our physical bodies are built on the light of our consciousness of our soul, over numerous lifetimes.

Your life on Earth consists of two central emotions, fear and love. Resisting the experiences, you chose before your incarnation, through fear serves to block your emotional, mental or spiritual body, and will eventually cause illness and disease.

This is because rigid beliefs suppressed emotions and denying your spiritual self, cause tension, and if this is held in an organ too long it manifests something physical.

Illness is caused by blocked energy, but when you are flowing with love your body reacts by with health, because love is high frequency energy.

Manifestations of fear, such as anger, unexpressed grief; hurt and jealousy are low vibration and block the flow of energy through your body.
Healing occurs when high frequency energy flows through the body.

The author explains that one of the basic laws of the Universe is that you must ask for permission before you give healing to someone.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • A persons energy system is a private place
  • Although the person is complaining about their illness; it may be serving them in some way.
  • The illness may be their karma and they need to learn the lesson it offers.
  • You do not know and should not decide what is best for the other persons good.
  • They may have a spiritual contract with another person to heal them.

If the person is too ill to give you permission to heal them, you should tune into their Higher Self and mentally seek an impression of the answer.

If you do not receive an affirmative answer, it is inappropriate to send healing. However it is always apt to send light and love to someone and this can stimulate their own self-healing.

4. The Law of Purification

Each and every one of us has an aura surrounding his or her body. If your core is pure, you will have a huge protecting light surrounding you.

However, unresolved issues will show as dirty marks, someone who is ill can have a flimsy or non-existent aura and if you are shrouded in negativity, you will be surrounded in a dark cloak.

If you aura is completely pure and clear nothing can harm you, but fear allows you to be hurt. The more you evolve, the more noticeably your dark spots will be and the people you find the most challenging in your life are those who point out these negative spots. They are drawing attention to the areas you need to clean up.

Ways to cleanse your aura:

  • Write down all your negative thoughts, and then burn the paper.
  • Walk bare foot on the grass.
  • Walk in a breeze
  • Swim in salt water or put sea salt in your bath water.
  • Burn old letters and photographs, which hold unhappy memories.
  • Eat wholesome food and exercise regularly.
  • Use light to release locked in feelings
  • You can ask the ascended masters and angels to purify you by placing a violet flame around you.

5. The Law of Perspective

The author explains that time is not linear and that our mental state changes our perception of it.

This is why if you are bored or unhappy time appears to slow down, and when you are afraid of something it appears to stand still, yet if you are happy and enjoying your self it appears to fly by.

It is the low frequency activities that slow our perception of time, but time can be transcended:

  • Moving into a different time reality in your dreams
  • Mediums tuning into different times in the future
  • Tuning into past lives

Time is not the only thing that revolves around our perspective of it, size does also, and you will probably have noticed how much smaller things seem to you now than when you were a child.

In the same way a mountain seems much larger to a novice climber, than to an experienced on, and a problem may seem overwhelming in the middle of the night, but controllable in the morning, when your perspective changes.

Earth is know as the plane of illusion, because nothing is, as it appears to be, but all is as it should be according to God’s laws, and it is only our perception that is distorted.

If you view everything from the perspective of love, you will walk the ascension pathway.

6.The Law of Gratitude

Gratitude is when you are thankful from your heart. When you show gratitude to someone, they feel energized and want to give you more.

When you show gratitude to the Universe, it acts in the same way and responds accordingly and gratitude is the key to abundance.

Criticism and judgment are the opposite of gratitude and put you in hell. If someone does you wrong, always look for one good thing in that person and concentrate on this.

This does not mean that his or her attitude will change, but you will feel good, and whenever you are grateful for even the smallest thing in a situation or person, by the law of attention, it grows.

Also realizing that you have been sent these challenges to help you grow can alter your mind set, as your task is to learn the lesson and recognize its value.

The author relates that of the best ways to become healthier, happier and more abundant is to keep a gratitude journal, in which you daily record what makes you thankful.

This process is extremely addictive and soon you will start looking for more and more good things, to record.

No matter how bad your day has been there is always something to be grateful for.

7. The Law of Blessings

  • Blessing someone is summoning divine energy to touch him or her, and raising your hand towards the person you want to bless directs it towards him or her.
  • Blessing your food fills it with divine energy and instills it with vitality and life force.
  • Blessing someone when they sneeze, allows divine energy to enter them so they will be healthy.
  • Increase the joy in your work by blessing your job.
  • Make everyone around you happy and fulfilled, by blessing him or her.
  • Your plants will grow abundantly, when you bless them.
  • Your home will be peaceful if you bless it.
  • Bless your body and it will be a beautiful home for your spirit.

As you pour your blessings on everyone, you open yourself to the blessings of the Universe.

8. The Law of Decree

When you make a decree the Universe moves to carry out your order, but when you make a decree without being prepared, you may not be ready for the outcome.

How to make a decree:

  • Listen to your inner and outer guidance
  • Carefully decide what you decree will be
  • Write it down, scrutinize and make sure it is positive
  • Make it with humility
  • Make it knowing that you are in service to the planet
  • Stand up with your head and shoulder back
  • Command with authority and clarity
  • Say your decree aloud

The author presents us with the wording of a decree “In the name of God and all that is light, I now decree” and relates that this must be repeated three times and when you have finished to say, “so be it” or “It is done”

9. The Law of Faith

Faith allows miracles to happen and faith healing draws God. This is because it has such a high frequency that it raises above the lower laws, so making the unfeasible, possible.

When you have faith in the Divine you will be kept safe.

The Law of Faith means that if you have total faith in a result, then it will happen. Faith means listening to your intuition and inner guidance relentlessly. However if you have the slightest doubt, you allow in the possibility of failure.

Examples of faith:

  • Confidence is faith in your self, you trust your own ability and so others will instinctively trust you.
  • Fidelity is faith in a relationship, when you have total faith in your partner, you feel assured in the relationship.
  • Faith is the basis for prayer, decrees, manifestation and success, when you have faith, it must succeed.
  • The Divine has faith in you, so you must succeed.

10. The Law of Grace

Grace creates miracles, suspends karma and allows healing to occur. It is a divine privilege, which can change matter.

The author explains that with only a thought God can end pain, misery, illness, war and famine, but this would not serve our purpose, as our soul established itself on this planet to learn about and experience emotions and life in a physical body and God has arranged for us to have free will, so that we can create our own life on Earth, where every deed, thought or word manifests.

Until now we, as individuals, and as a society, have chosen to create illness, famine and war, by receiving and giving grace this can all be changed, but we must be ready to receive.

You have created each and every situation in your life, and have to learn the lesson before you ask for grace.

You can offer grace to others by showing empathy, mercy, unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. This allows you to receive an inflow of divine love and the more grace you offer, the more you will receive in return.

Whenever you are ready to forgive or show compassion and understanding you will be led to someone who can assist you to release your karma.

This may be an allopathic doctor, healer, herbalist, chiropractor, a therapist or even a television show or book that totally changes your attitude.

Give and receive grace, as this is the divine mercy, which set people free and the more you open your heart to strangers, care for the sick or elderly, let go of anger, pray for another or send love to someone, the more grace is discharged into the planet and it becomes filled with light.

11.The Law of One

An analogy between flying below the clouds and Earth is offered here by the author, and flying above the clouds and Heaven.

Below the clouds there is shadow and cloud, but above only wonderful sunshine.

She elaborates this is our experience on Earth, but beyond the fifth dimension there is only light, but where ever we are, we are all perfect and part of God.

As a third dimensional you fear the distinction between the races, sexes and all of creation, but when are aware that we are all one – you admire the differences.

This means I am:

  • A Christian, a Jew, a Sikh, a Moslem a Buddhist, and a Hindu
  • Heterosexual, homosexual, rich, poor, animal, vegetable and mineral
  • Human and divine

Yet on Earth we are inclined to separate the good from the bad, and the light from the darkness, but it is the darkness, which serves the light and is both your servant and your teacher.

When you are aware of this you move away from duality to oneness.

When you appreciate the Law of One, you recognize your own divinity, start listening to your intuition, rather than looking for answers outside yourself and become a co-creator with God.

The closing lines in this book explain that oneness is accommodating your own divinity, because there is only one God and it is also you.


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