How to Manifest Selling Your House

how to manifest selling your house

Learning how to manifest selling your house is all about building the image of what you do want, using the power of your thought to stay focussed and to avoid fear and worry from manifesting instead.

There are many strategies, techniques and gimmicks to sell a house. Most are against using them all the time and many even swear by them.

These strategies vary from burning sage to having exorcism performed. Some even swear by frying onions prior to inspections.

To manifest selling your house using the law of attraction and the power of your mind is not about relying on sales techniques or any of the sales strategies that drives most sales people.

Its about using the power of the law of attraction and the power of your mind and your intentions to manifest the sale of your home.

The Law of Attraction And Manifesting a Sale

When it comes to manifesting anything, it’s not just about what you do but also about what you don’t do.

The reason why so many people never manifest what they truly desire is not because they lack the skill, techniques or not know the necessary how to.

Habitually we tend to fall into certain thought patterns that are common, universal and even part of everyday human consciousness.

Since buying and selling a home are such ‘big’ purchases it tends to compel us into certain thought patterns.

Fear can easily consume us.

The money that’s on the line tends to make us nervous, fearful and apprehensive.

Our fears can be very powerful and can easily dominate our thoughts. If you do not keep your fears in check your fears will manifest instead of your desires.

That is the law.

The law of attraction does not respond to your intention alone but rather it responds to your energy.

You can have the intention to sell your home for X amount but if your energy is grounded in fear and worry then ultimately that will permeate your intention and end up manifesting instead.

There are two mental and emotional states at play.

One is the joy of selling your home and the other is the fear of not selling it.

Both are only thoughts.

The real question is where will you spend the majority of your focus on?

6 Ways To Manifest Selling Your House Fast

You can manifest selling your home despite market conditions, the location or even if there are ‘enough’ buyers around.

The principles of the law of attraction holds true. If you impress an idea on your scm through the use of your conscious thoughts then it MUST be expressed in your physical reality.

The world of sales makes for truly fascinating studies.

Sales people demonstrate the power of the law of attraction very powerfully.

Those who believe they can and who are able to overcome their own limiting thoughts are almost always the most successful.

1. Let It Go

Do you hold any emotional attachment to the home you are trying to sell? Sometimes you need to be brutally honest with yourself and realize that you may be sabotaging your sales efforts at a very deep level.

A house can hold many memories and we can have many positive feelings attached to it. Subconsciously you can hold the belief that letting go of the house equals letting go of those positive memories and experiences.

Realize that this does not have to be the case.

You can take all the memories and experiences with you!

Let go of any and all attachment. You can use this affirmations:

I now let go of this house and allow the right person to buy it. I release my attachments and give thanks for the many great experiences this house allowed me to have. I let go of the house and choose to keep all the positive, joyous and loving memories.

2. The Blessing

How are you leaving the house you are trying to sell? I am not just talking about how you leave it in terms of its physical state but what sort of energy are you leaving behind?

Places – and especially homes carry a residual energy of the people that inhabited that space.

I experienced this very powerfully when visiting sites like Notre Dame Cathedral, Anne Frank’s House and some of the Holocaust sites.

There is a very real energy present that is ‘left over’ by those who where there – especially when very strong emotions where felt in a place.

To manifest selling your house you need to leave it with a positive and loving energy.

If there was a lot of negativity in the home, bless it and send it love and light. Stand in the space and bless it. Pour love into the space and more importantly, bless the ‘right person’ to come into this house to have a happy and joyous space to live in.

It almost goes without saying but if there is anything about the house that is broken, potentially harmful or if you try and conceal anything from a buyer, fix it!

Knowing of this is enough to clutter your own energy and sabotage any potential sale.

3. The Imaginal Act

One of Neville Goddard’s main teachings is the idea of creating an imaginal act and rehearsing it every night before you fall asleep.

This imaginal act needs to represent something physical that you will DO once your ideal outcome has come into manifestation.

To manifest selling your house you can create the imaginal act of signing the papers, shaking your realtor’s hand and hearing him or her congratulate you on the sale.

In his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Dr. Joseph Murphy suggest that you imagine yourself removing the ‘for sale’ sign – or you can imagine yourself putting a ‘SOLD’ sticker on the sign.

These imaginal acts have an important function in that it creates the assumption that the house is already sold.

The law of attraction works most powerfully when we assume the feeling of the wish being fulfilled.

4. The Ideal End Result

This is a technique that is similar to the imaginal act but focuses more on a specific outcome that you want to achieve.

Suppose you want to manifest selling your home for a certain amount of money. Start building the image for what that would look like.

Take a blank contract and write in the amount you want the house to be sold for. Look at this every day.

Imagine yourself sitting with your solicitor and signing that contract.

5. Affirmations

Affirmations can be very powerful. They do not work like most people think they do. Rarely will an affirmation ‘make’ something manifest for you.

Affirmations can be used as a tool to help you direct and re-direct your thoughts and emotions.

When you are in a position where you have to sell your house you will invariably meet some obstacles, some fears and numerous negative thoughts.

When you allow yourself to be controlled by those thoughts your thoughts and emotions will follow along.

And…what you think about expands and eventually manifests as your reality.

By using affirmations you can help yourself to ‘course correct’ and to keep your mind thinking the way you want it to think. You can prevent the fears, doubts and worries from taking over.

Whenever negative or fearful thoughts come along, use an affirmation (or two or three) to help you stay positive, optimistic and to retain your energy.

Here are a few great affirmations you can use:

  • Infinite intelligence now attracts to me the perfect buyer for this home who wants it and who prospers in it.
  • This buyer may look at many homes, but mine is the only one he/she wants and will buy because he is guided by infinite intelligence within him/her.
  • My house easily and effortlessly finds new owners, who gladly pay my price of ____, its equivalent, or better.
  • Infinite intelligence now reveals to me everything I need to know to sell my house to the perfect buyer.

6. Move Into Your New Home

It’s very easy to get fixated on selling your home. Louise Hay suggested in some of her teachings that unless and until you let go of your home you can not have ‘the space’ to allow a new home into your life.

By going beyond the obvious facts that you have to sell your current home ‘before’ you can get your new home, simply shift your energy to the new home.

When your mind assumes and accepts the new home then you have shifted your energy. The right buyer will come along easily and effortlessly.

Move into your new home.

Start living there emotionally.

This will shift your energy away from all the nagging details that keeps your current home from being sold.

3 Powerful Metaphysical Tips If You Can’t Sell Your Home

I have recently sold an apartment. Not only did it sell in record time, it sold well beyond the price I expected.

I believe that my deliberate intention and using the law of attraction to sell the apartment is the reason for the successful sale.

I have also been able to do it with renting out an investment property in an ‘impossible market’. I bought an investment property and due to many complications it took 18 months to settle. By the time it settled, the market had changed significantly.

Juist on that street there were more than 6 other houses for rent!

The prospects looked bleak and my agent prepared me for the worse – months of vacancy!

I knew different and went to work on myself, my thoughts and on using the law of attraction. Here are some great tips to help you above and beyond the techniques I described above.

1. Watch your words

What you talk about, what you say to others and what you say to yourself are in fact affirmations of what you believe to be true.

Where your attention goes your energy flows.

Refuse to talk about, discuss or even listen to what others have to say about the market, interest rates, the area or even the house itself.

Decide what your end result is and refuse to lend your ears out.

This does not mean you don;t listen to sound legal or financial advice. It just means you don’t buy into someone else’s reality.

2. Be very clear in exactly what you want

The obvious answer is that you want to sell your home, but using the law of attraction requires much more than a vague intention.

You need to decide exactly what you want.

You need to create the ideal end result in your mind. See the date and/or sale amount. See people congratulating you on the sale.

See yourself handing the keys over. See the sale amount in your bank account.

Whatever it is that makes it feel real, do that and attach yourself to that idea.

3. Eliminate Fear, Doubt and Worries

Fear, doubt and worry is normal when it comes to big sales like this. If you want to manifest selling your house using the law of attraction you can not allow these emotions to dominate you.

Yes, its normal to be confronted with these fears, but that does not mean you have the be consumed by them.

Feel them.
Noticed them.
Then let them go.

Correct your course by bringing your thoughts back to that image of what you DO want.


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