How to Align With Winning The Lottery

how to align with winning the lottery

Learning how to align with winning the lottery is about releasing all resistant thoughts and emotions, making it believable and real in your own mind and ultimately to stop caring about winning or not winning.

Can you win the lottery using the law of attraction?

Sure, why not?

If the law of attraction promises that you can attract and manifest anything then this certainly does not exclude the lottery.

There are some deeper issues we need to consider though.

Why do you want to win the lottery?

Do you want to win it for the sake of winning it? Do you merely want your name on a list of winners?


What you really want is the money, right. Beyond that still, what you really want is abundance and prosperity. You want to experience having more than enough to meet all your needs.

One of the central teachings of the law of attraction is in what you place your energy and your attention on.

If your intention is to win the lottery, you are placing your energy and your attention on the wrong thing.

Winning the lottery is a means to an end.

Your ONLY job in the creative process of manifesting your desire is to know the exact final outcome you desire and to place your energy and your attention on already having it.

There is a big difference in placing your energy and your attention on winning the lottery and placing your energy and attention of having wealth and abundance in your life.

Learning how to align with winning the lottery is not really about winning the lottery.

I will explain this in great detail and I will show you how the act of buying lottery tickets and dreaming about winning the lottery can put you in alignment with abundance and prosperity.

The Concept of Alignment and The Law of Attraction

The idea of vibrational alignment is often spoken about in the law of attraction.

Everyone is saying ‘just get in alignment with what you want’ but what does that really mean?

Alignment simply means that your thoughts and your emotions ‘match up’ with what you DO want.

If you want to manifest abundance and prosperity then any thought of lack and limitation means you are not in alignment.

Even more than that, every emotion you feel connected to money that is not aligned with what you ultimately want from money puts out of alignment.

When you think about money and you are consumed by fear, you feel sad, depressed or anxious then those thoughts are what act as the point of attraction.

You attract that which you are aligned with – and in this case, the lack of money.

When you start to offer positive and empowering thoughts and emotions about money then you align with having more of it.

You are aligned because your thoughts and feelings create a vibration that matches up with abundance.

Every time you feel good about having more money, your vibration is saying ‘yes’.

Every time you feel fearful, worried or anxious about money then your vibration is saying ‘no thank you’.

The law of attraction does not attract into your life that which you want or desire.

It manifests into your life that which you are in vibrational alignment with.

Like, attracts like is the catchphrase we hear a lot.

Your vibration is what creates the attraction and is what the universe will match up to in what you end up attracting and manifesting.

How To Align With Winning The Lottery

To align with winning the lottery, you need to match your thoughts and emotions to what you would think and feel when you ALREADY HAVE the lottery win in your life.

It is as simple as that, but its also as hard as that.

Really feeling and living in a state where you already have something that you don’t actually have can be a real challenge.

Mastering this however is how you master your own mind and how you manifest what seems impossible.

Here are 5 important steps to align with a lottery win:

1. Release The Fear

Most people’s desire to win the lottery is born out of fear. When you are desperate for money and seek to alleviate your current lot in life then the thought of a few million dollars seems like the easy way out.

It often seems like the only way out.

When your desire to win the lottery is based on fear then your energy is tainted with the thoughts of lack and limitation.

Remember that you don’t attract and manifest what you want. You attract and manifest that which you are in vibrational alignment with.

You may really want the money because of all the wonderful things it can do for you but in back of all those thoughts is the fear – the fear that you don’t have enough, the fear of what might happen if you don’t get some money etc.

2. Become Divinely Indifferent

This may seem like a contradiction and it is something that many people struggle with. When you are indifferent to winning or not, it does not mean you don’t care.

It simply means that you are not attached to winning.

When you are attached to winning the lottery and you get so emotionally invested in ‘having to have the money’ you actually inject a lot of fear into your intention.

When you ‘let go’ you release resistant thoughts.

When you let go, you trust. You trust that something bigger is in charge of your life and you surrender to that.

Let go and let God.

Divine indifference means you surrender to the universe and you KNOW that it will come to you.

It requires faith. It requires trust and most of all it requires a disciplined mind.

3. Eliminate Festering Doubts

We all have doubts. The instant you set the intention to win the lottery you almost immediately get confronted with doubts and fears.

Havings doubts is not the problem.

Letting them fester and consume your thinking is a problem.

When doubts come up, notice them and let them drift by.

Always return to your intention. Having a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want acts as an anchor point for your thoughts and your emotions.

Doubts will come and go, but they will linger and often consume you if you are not firmly rooted in a clear end goal.

4. See it

If you can not see yourself already having everything that will come with winning the lottery, then you will not win the lottery.

Can you really see yourself with a bank account that size?

Can you really see yourself having the ability to buy anything you desire?

When you really start to focus your thoughts and you really start to think about having everything it starts to look and feel different.

For most people winning the lottery is a daydream.

It is something way out ahead of them.

When you internalize it and make it real in your mind here and now it feels different, it looks different and your emotions towards it is different.

You need to work really hard on seeing yourself already having it.

You need to actively engage your imagination and be very disciplined in your thinking. The more you can think about already having it, the more you can be aligned with winning the lottery.

5. Feel It

When you can really see yourself actually having it, the easier it gets to feel what it feels like to have it.

It is the feeling that is the real secret. It is the feeling of already having it that creates the real attraction and causes the law of attraction to come into effect.

You can do everything ‘right’, if you don’t feel what it will feel like when you already have won the lottery then you are not 100% aligned with it.

Winning The Lottery Without Winning The Lottery

I see so much written about the idea of winning the lottery with the law of attraction. There are even books written about it.

I recently saw a ‘life coach’ who specializes in coaching you to win the lottery.

There is one really big problem with using the law of attraction to win the lottery. If the universe is limitless then there are hundreds if not thousands of ways for you to ‘make a million’.

The lottery is but one means to an end.

If there are a thousand ways for you to attract wealth and abundance, why would you limit the universe to just one?

By placing this limitation on the universe you not only limit the universe but you limit yourself.

Yes, the law of attraction can give you anything but if you decide that you ‘know’ how it should come to you then you may have to wait a long time for the universe to arrange things to make it happen.

Your job in the law of attraction is not to dictate HOW it should happen.

You decide what you want – the outcome you want, and then allow the universe to make it happen.

When your energy and attention is on already having wealth and prosperity in your life then the law of attraction will move heaven and earth to create that in your experience.

Winning the lottery might be how it happens, but to be honest it is unlikely.

There are far better ways – far more fulfilling ways for the universe to bring wealth and prosperity to you than the one in 10 million chance of winning the lottery.

To align with winning the lottery is not all about winning the lottery though.

I think that aligning with winning the lottery can be a great way to create the thoughts and feelings necessary to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

You can win the lottery without ‘winning’ the lottery.


When you buy a lottery ticket and you practice the 5 steps above you do more than just hope you get lucky to have the winning lottery numbers.

When you align with a lottery win your thoughts and feelings align with abundance and prosperity.

When you let go of the fear and you start to really see yourself having it, you can feel what it feels like then you actually align yourself with abundance.

When you do this instead of just focusing on having a winning lottery ticket then you start to open yourself to the universe finding all sorts of means to bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

Use the lottery as an ‘exercise’ to help you create the image and the feelings of having an abundance of money in your life.

  • What does it look like when you have that amount of money in your bank account?
  • What does it feel like when you wake up and realize that you can buy anything you want?
  • How will you spend the money? What will you buy first?
  • How will you invest the money?
  • What causes will you give money to?
  • What will your life mission be now that you are wealthy beyond reason?
  • How will this money impact your family and your friends?

When you start planning on how you will spend and invest the money then you assume the feeling of already having it.

As Neville Goddard pointed out, having this feeling of already having it is the real secret to manifesting.

Having a lottery ticket is a really simple and really easy way to play this game.

You may not win the lottery but by doing this you will win a different kind of lottery. Your vibration of wealth and prosperity will be matched by the universe.

Allow The Universe Surprise You

The way in which the universe delivers your manifestation is always a surprise.

It is often strange, but it is always amazing, mind-blowing, and even baffling hope the universe delivers your desire.

If your belief and your focus are only on getting it delivered through a lottery win then you expecting your wealth to come to you through the eye of a needle.

There is a vast skylight through which abundance can come to you.

Let go of this incredibly limiting idea of only getting rich through a lottery win.

To align with winning the lottery is a powerful exercise but don’t let the actual win become your entire world.

Allow the universe the freedom to do what it knows best.

You are dealing with an intelligence that you can’t even begin to comprehend. This intelligence creates worlds.

It can and will create whatever you impress upon it through your thoughts and feelings.

Winning the lottery is such an unbelievable idea for most people. We all know the odds. We all know that it most likely won’t happen.

Overcoming these thoughts are often just too much and while you consciously may align with winning the lottery, your unconscious thoughts and beliefs are fighting you every step of the way.

When you use the idea of winning the lottery to align your thoughts and feelings with abundance you can ‘win the lottery’ without winning the lottery.

Your ‘lottery win’ will come in some way – a way that will be so much more joyful and wonderful than just having a pile of money being handed to you from a lottery.


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