Eucalyptus Oil for Money

Eucalyptus Oil for Money

Using Eucalyptus oil for money and the practise of attracting and manifesting greater abundance is not a new idea. Oils with certain fragrances have long been consider to have certain energetic properties.

Smell and aroma can have a profound effect on the brain and consequently on your thoughts, emotions and energy.

Essential oils work indirectly and Eucalyptus oild has numerous uses and benefits but its association to wealth and propsperity is undeniable.

I haven’t met a person who has ever declined the possibility of getting more money. Money is part of the life energy and allows us to live more, experience more and be more.

Today’s situation – the pandemic, financial crisis, and soaring unemployment rates – gives everyone a reason to seek more ways to increase and epand their ability to attract and manifest money.

Those employed need to protect their wealth, while those who’ve lost their jobs or closed down their businesses need to find a way to make cash, ASAP.

Don’t worry!

I’m not here to talk about investments and entrepreneurship – but yes, they are ways to make more money in the long run. For most of us, the basic question is, “How do I start?”

Understanding The Forces of Attraction

As a good start to making money, we have to imagine it first. Some people like to do mental exercises, which is just great for visual motivation.

I like the idea of stimulating our life force, the five senses and creating a positive aura.

Aren’t we drawn more to pleasant and like-minded people? The same goes for wealth and abundance.

When you radiate a feeling of optimism and openness, you should attract something alike–things you desire and believe in. I’m no scientist, but the laws of manifestation state that your positive thoughts about something will enable you to reach it better.

Make Your Money Wish

If you aspire to be rich, just say it with me, I want to be rich within the year. I can do this!”

That’s actually step one. The money-making journey is a process that starts with a clear, strong, and positive mind-set, and this is where aromatherapy or essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil for money, come in.

Essential oils have the ability to boost your attractiveness to your goal or wish. If money is your dream–and it’s nothing to be ashamed about because I dream about it too–then lets harness the power of eucalyptus oil to make this a reality!

Penny for Your Thoughts

Early in history, essential oils have been used in ancient rituals to cleanse the body, to promote good health, and of course–let’s not forget–to promote abundance.

Magical factions believed in the mystic properties of oils. Chants and incantations were made more potent with the oils and their strong connection with the Earth.

Whether summoned, prayed for, or dreamed of, visions of wealth and prosperity have always been part of our rich history.

Today, essential oils have become the byword for spiritual healing, calmness, prosperity, and relieving stress, anxiety, and aches.

My anxiety from work makes me reach out to my lavender + patchouli mix that I sniff when I’m about to join meetings or do presentations.

I also have frankincense oil to calm me down before sleeping and a eucalyptus blend when feeling under the weather.

Now I’m at this point where I’m considering using my eucalyptus oil for something more…rewarding! Cue in the emoji with the Dollar sign eyes…

7 Reasons why eucalyptus oil makes the perfect money magnet:

1. It is Nature’s healer

The eucalyptus tree produces woody and fresh-smelling oil. With the power of the Earth and sun, it possesses the properties of balance, healing, and concentration.

I grew up with eucalyptus leaves in our living room to ward off bugs, mold, and mildew. I later learned that it’s also used for cough, colds, and wounds.

This makes it nature’s all-around antiseptic and air cleanser!

With a healthy body, invigorating environment, and a clear mind, it’s easier to focus on your money-making goal. No aches, no pains, and no achoo to keep you down and distracted.

2. It keeps your mind on the prize (AKA being in the zone)

Aside from being in tiptop condition, eucalyptus oil helps keep you centered and focused. When emotionally balanced and secure, distractions will not hamper your productive ideas and endeavors.

Dilly-dallying is for those who have nothing else to do, but we are on a money mission.

Say it with me, “We’re on a money-making mission, and unlike the movie, this one is POSSIBLE!”

3. It removes the negativity

Negative thoughts about money or people will just translate to repelling it in real life. If you store feelings of guilt, doubt, or trauma over money, then that emotional block will deter the inflow of money.

It will give others the impression that you are weak, unstable, and lacks control of any situation.

Eucalyptus oil soothes and clears out that space and opens it up to receive abundance, growth, and prosperity. It’s okay to give, but in this case, it’s 100x much better to receive!

4. It brings in positive vibes

Feeling good about yourself means that you become confident, optimistic, and enthusiastic. The stimulating scent of eucalyptus oil just brings that whiff of fresh air and vitality.

The effect makes you “extra” in what you do–in a good way.

You become more confident during presentations, interviews, and sales pitches–which makes you a better candidate for promotions or a new job.

You become adventurous in your recommendations or become a disruptor of ideas–both of which are pathways to success.

5. It motivates and pushes you to your limit

Eucalyptus oil has that revitalizing effect that opens your mind to new ideas and possibilities!

It lets you expand your horizons to consider jobs with more perks, new businesses, buying a farm, cryptocurrency, becoming an influencer, writing a paid blog, selling online.

The list goes on, and you just attract more successful ideas until you hit the jackpot.

6. It helps you realize your goal

Essential oils are equipped to bring out the go-getter in you, to boost your feelings of accomplishment and self-love, so that you’d reach the finish line and celebrate yourself.

Eucalyptus oil, in particular, enriches that aura of abundance and openness that should attract more money and opportunities.

7. It energizes you to keep on going

Never stop with just one accomplishment. The scent of eucalyptus just urges you to keep it up, to keep the flow of attraction going, and to keep making more money.

7 Ways to Use Your Eucalyptus Oil for Money

So, if eucalyptus oil has all these wonderful propertires, how do you use it in your life? Below are 7 of the most popular and most effective ways to use it top help you attract and manifest money into your life.

1. Roll it

Every beginner’s essential oil journey starts with a rollerball, which I admit, I have loads of. It fits in your bag and pocket and is easy to use!

Roll it on your wrists or palms and inhale when you need a confidence boost or feel a money-making break coming.

2. Breathe in and out

Another fan favorite is the diffuser or humidifier that just envelopes your home or office with feelings of positivity and prosperity.

3. Make it part of your me-time

Add drops of eucalyptus oil in your tub or shower cloth to revitalize your bath.

4. Have a spa session

Massage your body with it to promote healing and to activate your pressure points to be open for opportunities and abundance.

5. Feel it

Meditate with eucalyptus oil to give you clarity on your next moves and bold ideas. Maximize the attraction by partnering it with monetary abundance crystals such as citrine or green jade.

6. Spray it

Can’t get enough of the refreshing scent? Use it as perfume or as a room spray to spread your positive aura wherever you go.

7. Affirm it

As you use your eucalyptus oil for money, remember to state your intention, your want, your belief, and your desire. You know you want it, and it helps to say it out loud. If you are alone, I won’t even stop you from shouting it out loud.

It’s Cash in Time!

Inhaling eucalyptus oil for the first time is just like a whiff of the evergreen forest lush, clean, and vibrant. Imagine basking in that aura of abundance and accomplishment every day and constantly churning wonderful ideas and realizing your goals.

Now that’s the smell of money!

I am so excited to try eucalyptus oil for money since like most of you, I’m spending a lot more on online shopping being at home most of the time. It would bring me so much joy if I could buy everything in my cart soon.

“I want to make more money so that I can shop all I want!”


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