Do I Have A Guardian Angel How Do I Know?

do I have a guardian angel how do I know

Do I have a guardian angel how do I know? Yes! you do have a guardian angel and you probably won’t know it ‘for a fact’ in the sense of seeing or touching them.

Ultimately we are all spiritual beings having a human experience in these bodies.

We have many limitations in that we perceive things through our senses for the most part.

Yet, we all have extrasensory abilities. This is what allows us to sense things beyond the obvious and beyond what we can perceive with our senses.

It is with these abilities that we get to sense our angels and our spirit guides.

I use those two terms interchangeably and I actually prefer to use the term spirit guide since we all have so much baggage around the term angel.

Your guardian angel or angels are spirit beings that you can not see or hear with your senses but who are present with you every moment of the day for all your life.

They have been assigned to you at birth and their only job is to help and guide you – but only if you ask for and allow their guidance in your life.

Do You Have a Guardian Angel And How Do You Know?

You absolutely DO have a guardian angel. In fact, most people have more than one and depending on your karma and your dharma these guardian angels may change over the course of your life.

There are so many misconceptions about angels thanks to fake psychics and poorly translated spiritual texts.

Most of what I’ve learned about angels comes from Doloris Cannon and authors like Gary Zukov.

Doloris Cannon pioneered past life regression therapy and early on in her career, she found a way to gain knowledge from ‘life beyond this life’ through her patients.

She recorded thousands of sessions with her patients and wrote prolifically about the knowledge that she gained through these sessions.

The references to angel and spirit guides from her books make it clear what angels are and why they are in our lives.

Most people want to know do I have a guardian angel how do I know? According to Doloris…

  • We ALL have at least one guardian angel assigned to us when we enter this life
  • Some people have multiple guardian angels depending on their dharma or their life purpose
  • Some angels will assist and guide you in some areas of your life while others may assist and guide you in other areas of your life.
  • As your life evolves and unfolds you may get new guardian angels and some might leave once they have fulfilled their purpose in your life
  • Your guardian angels CAN NOT interfere in your free will and in your life.
  • They can work with other people or help orchestrate life events to help and guide you.
  • They desperately want to help you but can only help you and guide you if you ask and give them permission.
  • They won’t do anything ‘for you’ as they are only here to advise you, guide you and offer you information to help you along your life’s journey.
  • They are not ‘protectors’ to stop any physical harm from coming to you. They are guides and they can only inspire you from within to protect yourself.

You absolutely do have a guardian angel and intuitively we all know it. Most of us have had experiences that confirmed this suspicion but human beings are naturally inclined to believe only what they can see and touch.

How do I know that I have a guardian angel?

If you can not trust your intuition and trust that inner knowing then you can ask for a sign.

Asking Your Guardian Angel(s) For a Sign

You can talk and communicate with your guardian angel(s) at all times. This is really what Divine guidance is all about.

It is about establishing a personal relationship with your guides and understanding that they are present, they are real and that you can communicate with them – and that it is indeed a two-way communication.

The problem is that most people expect their spirit guides to be like people.

They want them to look like people, act like people and communicate like people.

This is not the way it works though.

Communication with your guardian angels works through the higher faculties of your mind. Your intuition becomes your voice and your ears.

Your intuition is that inner knowing that needs no words. You ‘just know’ and you can’t really explain why.

When people ask me do I have a guardian angel how do I know, I usually say ‘Yes!’ you absolutely have spirit guides with you at all times and if you need proof or some sort of reassurance, just ask.

Simply ask your guardian angel for a sign.

Close your eyes, focus all your attention on your heart. Get really quiet and still your mind. Say…

‘My beloved angel, I ask that you will give me a sign and reveal your presence in my life. I ask that you will reveal it to me in a way that I will understand and that I will know that it is you.’

Just carry on with your life as usual. Your spirit guide WILL reveal itself and give you a sign. Some common signs that people see are:

– Angel numbers

Angel numbers are often repeating numbers like 111 or 333 etc. Numbers that repeat 3 times are believed to be signs and guidance from your angel(s).

– Synchronicity

Synchronicity are seemingly random events that have great significance to the point where they simply can not be ‘random’.

These can be all sorts of symbols, signs, songs TV shows, billboards, and a multitude of things that reveal themselves to you in a meaningful way.

– Animals

Many people have significant and deeply moving experiences with animals. The meaning of seeing certain animals are believed to be souls or spirits appearing briefly in your life.

Butterflies are known to be particularly significant and many believe that because they have such a short life, deceased loved ones often appear in the form of butterflies.

– Vivid dreams

Angels often appear to us in our dreams. These dreams are very vivid and they often stay with us for a long time because they feel so real and so extraordinary.

The dream state is a much easier ‘place’ for your guardian angel to meet you.

– Lucid (day) dreaming

When you can snap out of your ordinary daily awareness as a human being you can often see beyond the physical.

Traumatic experiences often snap us out of this state of mind which is why many people ‘see’ their angels when they are in such a state. You can also reach this state of mind when you are daydreaming and your mind completely let’s go and drifts out of ordinary human awareness.

Common Misconceptions About Guardian Angels You Need To Know About

Most people have a very twisted idea about angels, what they are and how they appear in our lives.

This is mostly due to how angels have been depicted in movies, the media and even in history.

Most people’s perception of angels is that they are white figures with wings who live up in the fluffy white clouds.

That image actually comes from Greek mythology that was adopted by many Renaissance artists.

It is fictitious and has unfortunately created a certain expectation with most people who want to know if they have a guardian angel.

Here are some common misconceptions about having a guardian angel

  • Your guardian angel is not a white figure with wings
  • Your guardian angel is not an invisible person
  • Your guardian angel is not a ghost (sho haunts your house)
  • Your guardian angel can not interfere in your life and your own free will
  • Deceased loved ones are probably not your guardian angels (although they could be)
  • Guardian angels can appear to you in a physical form but they rarely do
  • Your guardian angel is not really here to protect you from physical harm (although they could)
  • Every single person has a guardian angel (or more than one)

If you are still wondering do I have a guardian angel how do I know then changing your perception about what you’ve been told to expect is a very important step.

You will not be able to connect with your guardian angel(s) if you are looking for or expect them to be something they are not.

A Personal Story About Angels And Spirit Guides

When my aunt was 67, my uncle passed away suddenly. She was overcome with grief as they had no kids and the two of them were inseparable.

She basically gave up on life and all she wanted was to die and join her husband again. We all braced for the inevitable that she will be gone soon as well.

Then, out of the blue, she had a complete transformation. It was as if she became a new person and it was like someone flipped a switch inside her.

She had a lust for life like never before. All her ailments disappeared, she started traveling and doing things that she never would have done 10 years earlier.

She went on to live with passion until 82.

The reason why I share this story is that my aunt revealed to me and my mom what really happened. She said that during the darkest nights of her grief my uncle appeared to her.

He appeared in as himself in his mid-30’s and that he explained to her this whole life and death ‘thing’.He assured her that he was at complete peace and that life on the other side is pure love and joy.

He assured her that he will always be there to help and guide her and that she should live life to the full as she has much more joy to experience in this life.

At the time I thought she was a bit crazy. In fact, my mom got quite concerned for her sanity as the change in her was so dramatic that it sparked concern amongst the whole family.

It really stuck with me though. She was deeply religious and would never tell a lie or fabricate the truth in any way. As a youngster, I absolutely believed every word she said because I knew that she would never tell a lie or make things up.

I have since read about many similar accounts like this. People reporting loved ones showing up after their death – usually in a younger body.

While these people are now angels, they are not necessarily guardian angels but oftentimes they become guardian angels to their loved ones.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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