Can You Think Something Into Existence?

Can You Think Something Into Existence

Can you think something into existence or is it just fiction and esoteric theory? The idea of manifesting something out of “thin air” is something that has fascinated mankind for centuries.

Wizards and alchemy have fascinated mankind for this very reason that it makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Everybody wants something. Bringing our desires into the sphere of “reality” and everyday experience is often a struggle. It often takes a lot of time effort and resources.

What if it could be as easy as snapping your fingers, or waving a wand or speaking some sort of incantation?

To manifest a bread, the mere mortal has to mix the ingredients and bake it. But, is there another way? Can bread appear out of “nowhere” ? Jesus manifested bread by multiplying it and turned water into wine.

This was alchemy at work.

Many others who live at this higher consciousness could manifest physical things out of thin air. In our modern times, Sai Baba famously manifested Vibhuti and many still see this holy dust manifest at many of Sai Baba’s shrines.

While this idea of manifesting things out of thin air is debatable, it is not at all what we are trying to achieve when you think something into existence.

Everything Comes Into Existence Through Thought

Thinking something into existence is about turning a thought or an idea into reality.

While it would be nice to learn how to make your dream home appear out of thin air or have your dream car in your garage tomorrow morning, this is probably not the way it will happen for you.

There is a natural process and natural order to things. For a seed to become a plant, it has an inherent gestation period. If the conditions are optimal, the seed will sprout and grow faster than when the conditions are challenging.

In most cases, a seed will sprout and take on form, even if the conditions are not optimal. In fact, it is the nature of the seed to sprout even if there are just minimal resources for it to develop.

Have you ever tried chopping down a tree? Within days it stats sprouting new leaves. It is life looking to express itself.

Your thoughts are like seeds. It is constantly looking to sprout and take on form.

Everything that exists in your world, comes from a thought.

It is thought that gives birth to everything in the physical world.

Manifesting is not about creating things out of thin air. It is about combining, arranging and re-arranging what is into something that may never have been before.

If you want to manifest your dream car or your dream job or your soulmate it is really quite easy. Your dream car, your dream job or your soulmate already exist in your world.

It becomes a mere exercise in attracting into YOUR life experience something that already exists.

From that point of view, you are not creating anything in your life. You are merely attracting and arranging things that already exist into your own life experience.

Very few people truly invent or create “new” things. You can argue that Thomas Edison or Nicola Tesla or even Steve Jobs invented new and never before seen things.

The truth is that everything they invented was already here. Electricity was not created. It was discovered. The light bulb was an idea in Thomas Edison’s mind.

Through a lot of knowledge, experience and hard work, he turned the idea of a light bulb into a physical object.

The real question the is WHEN was the lightbulb created? Was it created when he had the idea or was it created when he held it in his hand?

Either way, it could not exist without the thought. Thoughts then are the seedlings of reality.

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.

– James Allen

The idea of thoughts giving birth to our realities is not a new idea at all. It’s been speculated and postulated about in many spiritual and philosophical schools of thought for centuries.

Even the Buddha said that “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”. In more recent times, Earl Nightingale made this idea more acceptable to a general audience with his famous book The Strangest Secret.

More recently, Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret popularised the law of attraction which essentially teaches this idea that our thoughts create and shape our lives and everything in our lives.

What is Thinking?

If your thoughts create your life, then it is essential that we understand the nature of our thoughts.

Defining a thought is not that simple. From a scientific point of view, we now know that thoughts are indeed THINGS. A thought can be measured.

It is an electric impulse in your brain and depending on the nature of the thought, it will activate different electric and chemical reactions in different parts of the brain.

Scientists can easily measure thoughts with brain scans and can clearly see how different thoughts “light up” different parts of the brain.

What is particularly significant is how these thoughts create a response in the brain and the rest of the body. It can trigger chemical responses and modern medicine is particularly interested in how these thoughts can trigger certain responses in the body.

Your thoughts can quite literally make you sick. We all certainly know how our thoughts can make us sick emotionally. Keep thinking sad and depressing thoughts and you feel sad and depressed.

Thoughts are not ethereal. They are representations of matter and are encoded in matter. They have shape and weight. Abstract ideas are analogically built from more concrete sensory representations. The sense of self is built from self-representations. Thoughts are forms of information, and all information is physical and relational. It ‘feels’ like something to ‘have’ a thought and to ‘be’ a self because we are that information, recursively reflecting on itself in an infinite regress.

Ralph Lewis, M.D (Source: Psychology Today)

Your thoughts are energy. The liberating and sometimes scary fact however is that we get to create our own thoughts.

Thoughts are not given to us or imposed on us. The challenge is that the way our brains are wired, it can create “automated thoughts”. The brain does not have the resources to figure out everything that happens to you all the time.

Most of our day-to-day thoughts are automatic. Out of the 60,000 plus thoughts you have on any give day, as much as 90% of them are the same as the thoughts you had yesterday.

This explains why most people simply re-create the same experiences in their life.

If you want to start creating your life then you have to start looking at the content of your thoughts.

You can think something into existence. In fact, you are already thinking everything in your life into existence.

The real challenge is in becoming more conscious of your unconscious thoughts – the 90% of your thoughts that are unconscious and that just seem to run in the background of your life.

Quantum Physics And Creating From Thought

Quantum physics is a very fascinating yet complicated field of science that only emerged in the last 100 years. It contradicts most of what scientists knew to be “true” and relates to how the smallest measure of matter (called quanta) behave.

Many quantum physicists have been able to offer some sort of connection between the ideas postulated in the law of attraction and quantum physics.

One of these observations is the fact that the mere observation of particles causes them to come into “being” or behave in certain ways.

What this means is that when you place your energy and your attention on these particles. It affects how they behave. The concept of influencing matter with thought is the connecting idea.

Whenever I think of this it brings the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto to mind. His experiments with water clearly showed how thoughts can influence water particles.

Sending thoughts of love to water will crystalize in beautiful fractal patterns while thoughts of hate would crystalize in disarray.

With his experiments, it became very clear how your thoughts can manifest in physical form.

The biggest challenge we have as human beings is the fact that we can not see or hear our own energy fields. We are so obsessed with the two senses that we tend to reject everything else.

We know that it exists though. We can easily measure brain activity and see how our thoughts have an energy in the brain and the body, but what about beyond what goes on inside you?

We all have an energy field around our bodies – not to mention the fact that you are in reality just a mass of energy anyway. While your body is an energy that can be seen, it is the energetic field beyond the visible and tangible that is your “energy body”.

In the 1940’s Semyon Kirlian created a form of photography called Kirlian photography which allows us to see the energy field surround objects. It also allows us to see the energetic field around a human body.

Kirlian photography
Kirlian photography of a finger tip

That is now ancient technology and with modern equipment, we can detect both electric and magnetic fields around a human body.

Where it gets really interesting is where we can no start to measure how thoughts and feelings affect our own energy fields and the energy that we emit.

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Thought And Energy

We see, read and hear about the power of thought so often these days that it tends to blow over our heads. The fact remains that our thoughts are immensely powerful and it is a power that we can all tap into.

Most people live on autopilot and their thoughts are on autopilot. To truly tap into the power of your thoughts you need to start using your thoughts deliberately.

Your thoughts have energy and according to quantum physics, it is an energy with which you can bring things into existence.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of the leading teachers on these ideas and his research is mindblowing.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, there is a magnetic energy field around us up to 3 meters wide and this energy does not come from the brain but from the heart. This energy has a frequency and it carries “information”.

Your thoughts create an electrical charge in the quantum field and your feelings create a magnetic charge in the quantum field.

What you think and what you feel broadcasts an electromagnetic signature that affects every single thing you attract into your life.

When you think from your past memories, you can only create past experiences. As all of the “knowns” in your life cause your brain to think and feel in familiar ways, thus creating knowable outcomes, you continually reaffirm your life as you know it. And since your brain is equal to your environment, then each morning, your senses plug you into the same reality and initiate the same stream of consciousness.

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

It is your thought that “ send out the intent” but it is the feeling that draws it back to you. This is why it becomes so important that you go beyond merely trying to think something into existence.

You must feel it into existence.

What would it feel like when your thought manifests?

Stop focusing on your thoughts in isolation and always consider the fact that your thoughts and your feelings work hand in hand to manifest your reality.

You can think something into existence with thought alone but if the emotions around your thoughts are contrary to your intention then the thought can not manifest.

You can think about wealth and abundance until you are blue in the face, but if the thought of it creates a feeling of lack and limitation then that is what will persist.

How Can You Think Something Into Existence

What is it that you want to think into existence? No matter what it is, you will have some negative thoughts and feeling around this. This is mostly because of the fact that it is not currently in your life or it is something you want to get rid of.

On the other end of the spectrum, the idea of having it and manifesting your intention makes you feel good. It excites you and it is why you keep reading and learning material like this.

Manifesting becomes a dance between these two polarities.

To turn your thoughts into the things you DO want, you simply have to make the thoughts of what you do want and all the positive, grateful and joyous thoughts around that idea the dominant part of your daily thoughts.

Its a simple idea but it is not easy. Here are 5 easy and practical ideas to help you do this better.

1. Become Aware Of Your Thought

Don’t just revert to autopilot. Start paying attention to your own thoughts. This can be tough if you are not used to it. Your brain would want to revert to autopilot. It is what is easy and what feels comfortable.

You need to pay particular attention to low energy thoughts like guilt, shame, anger, and hate. If these thoughts dominate your world you can not think anything good and wholesome into your life.

Keeping a journal or dedicating time for quiet reflection can help you become more aware of your own thoughts.

2. Remove yourself from your everyday Routines

If most of your thoughts are habitual and the same as yesterday’s thoughts then you need to break out of the routines. Many of your routine thoughts come from your routine actions and habits.

Remove yourself from your daily routines. Go do something different. It often need not be anything radical either. Just break out of the routines – especially the ones that trigger negative thoughts.

3. Deliberate Thought And Intention

Dedicate time in your life to deliberately create what it is that you intend to attract. You can harness the power of thought by deliberately directing your thoughts and your emotions on a specific idea.

It helps to remove distractions. Close your eyes, block out all noise and remove other distractions. Just 10 to 15 minutes of directed thoughts towards your intention can be incredibly powerful.

Meditation is a powerful “tool” for doing this effectively.

4. Set Reminders

As you go through your day, the automatic programming will kick in. You will revert back to your old thoughts and habits.

Set yourself some reminders a few times a day to bring your thoughts back on track. Over time the new thoughts will become your new habits but until then you have to put in the work.

5. High Energy Thoughts

You can try and banish negative thoughts but most of the time it is just an uphill battle.

A much more effective way to remove negative and low energy thoughts is simply to turn your attention to deliberately thinking high energy thoughts.

Gratitude, love and compassion are thoughts that will naturally remove negativity from your mind and your thought patterns.

When you are grateful for instance, all other thoughts of guilt, fear, and anger simply make way. Spending 10 minutes a day in a state of gratitude will not only raise the frequency of your thoughts but it will totally transform your emotional state as well.


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