Where to Place Citrine in the Home for Wealth

Where to Place Citrine in the Home for Wealth

Learning where to place Citrine in the home for wealth accumulation is crucial in maximizing its attractive properties and benefitting from this powerful stone.

In general, placing Citrine in or near the exact locations where money flows into your life is the best location for this powerful abundance crystal.

Citrine is a quartz crystal that is associated with abundance, money, and prosperity.

This soft yellow or honey brown appearance always reminds me of the sun’s vibrant energy and vibration.

In essence, Citrine’s energy has a solar quality that brings a healing and vibrant flow of energy to our bodies.

Considered as a merchant’s stone, Citrine is a well-known crystal used for centuries because of the valuable role that it plays in representing and attracting money and wealth.

What makes Citrine special?

For many centuries, people use Citrine to manifest more wealth into their lives. The positive energy of this stone promotes an abundant mindset that raises vibration, helping us operate at a higher level of frequency and manifest the fulfillment of our intentions.

It radiates distinct energy of light that is encompassing and exciting. Using Citrine to align ourselves with abundance is an excellent way to attract more money into our lives.

The key is to know where to place Citrine in the home for wealth and prosperity.

Citrine is useful to business

Placing a piece of Citrine in the safe or cash drawer can attract more customers and profits, helping us achieve our financial goals quickly.

The high vibrational frequency of this crystal aligns our desires in the same frequencies in the universe, attracting abundance and prosperity.

The revitalizing effects of Citrine help us release negative energies that block our creativity. It allows us to create a new energetic and abundant space where we focus on scaling up our business or career.

Citrine attracts prosperity into our home

Citrine is not only powerful but beautiful as well. Putting this crystal in our living room enhances the energy of the space, attracting abundance in all forms because of its powerful persuasive vibration.

The larger and more unique the Citrine is, the greater its power to amplify the positive energy around our home.

It vibrates gently, allowing us to experience true joy, bliss, and contentment while tapping our physical and creative energy to be more productive.

Citrine is easy to carry around

Citrine is also known as the ultimate wealth attractor and light maker, so having a small piece inside our purse or pocket gives us a sense of abundance.

We can carry it anywhere to attract money and money-making opportunities. This money magnet is believed to bring good fortune luck in unexpected ways that we cannot imagine.

It works to help us release the feeling of desperation and adopt an abundance mindset. As we embrace this energetic state, we allow golden opportunities to flow freely into our lives.

Citrine is a highly protective stone

Citrine is perfect for cleansing and protecting ourselves against negative energies. It can quickly and effectively absorb, transmute, and remove psychic energies that dissipate our personal energies.

Every day we pick up harmful energies, psychic attacks, and negative patterns from people, places, and objects in the environment, Citrine can easily help us release them.

Citrine can be used during meditation

To use Citrine for the first time, we can sit with it during quick meditation and ask the crystal to attract financial prosperity on our behalf. This allows us to connect with our wealth stone.

Using this crystal during meditation helps us align ourselves into its auspicious vibration as well as balance our chakras. Take note that an underactive solar plexus chakra manifests indecisiveness, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and loss of purpose.

When our solar plexus chakra is overactive, it manifests over-critical behavior, arrogant attitude, and working beyond our limits.

Placing Citrine on our solar plexus chakra is an excellent way to work with it and harness its power. A balanced solar plexus chakra helps us show our real self, boosts our willpower and confidence and displays intentional behavior.

Knowing our authentic self and living purposely makes us feel worthy to enjoy an abundant and stress-free life.

Citrine is positively charged and low maintenance

Unlike other crystals that need regular charging and cleansing, Citrine transmutes the negative energy that it absorbs, neutralizing its harmful effects.

It is completely self-cleansing, making Citrine a very low maintenance stone. We can also use it to clean the other crystals in our home.

Where to place Citrine crystal at home?

Placing Citrine in our home, especially in our workstation amplifies the wealth energy. To harness its powerful properties, we can put the crystal on top of important financial documents or business cards. This sends positive energy into the universe, manifesting opportunities to increase our profits and wealth.

We need to know where to place Citrine in the home for wealth activation.

In Feng Shui, Citrine must occupy the money area. This is the upper left corner of our home, representing the abundance and wealth sector.

We can create a crystal grid in this area, allowing Citrine to support our intentions and work with us to invite steady and overflowing abundance into our home and business. 

What are the different types of Citrine crystals?

There are natural Citrine and synthetic Citrine available in the market. It can be bought as tumbled stones or a formation of points. Citrine trees are also popular items and are usually used as purifying interior décor in homes or office spaces.

1. Natural Citrine

While natural Citrine crystal is the better option, it is more difficult to find and more expensive. The color of natural Citrine is usually warm brown or light yellow.

2. Synthesized Citrine

Synthetic Citrine comes from heat-treated Amethyst that adopts an attractive bright yellow color.

How to sense the energy of Citrine crystals?

All crystals vibrate energies at certain frequencies. The unique energy patterns of these gemstones depend on their crystalline structure, color, shape, and opacity. The vibration they produce aligns with our own energy, hence the experience of close affinity or attraction for a certain crystal.

When a crystal is calling you, you can sense its potent energy. It pulls you closer, embracing your being and aligning with your own vibration. This makes the specific crystal stand out from others.

For instance, when we pick up a particular Citrine among the many available options, it is important to feel if it is “the one.” We need to hold it in our receiving hand or the non-dominant hand. For left-handed people, the receiving hand is the right hand and vice-versa.

We need to close our eyes while holding the crystal and feel its effect in our core being- mind, body, and spirit.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Does it calm me?
  • Does it make me feel agitated?
  • Does it help me feel more centered, balanced, and focused?
  • Does it vibrate in my hands or give a tingling sensation?
  • Does it shift my mood or make me feel light and positive?
  • Does it make me uncomfortable, itchy, or irritated?
    When it feels good and comfortable, it is what we need to increase the quality of our lives. We can carry it around or meditate with it to amplify the connection and enjoy its beneficial energy.

How to set intentions to attract money using Citrine crystals in your home (or office)?

Since Citrine is a powerful magnet to bring financial abundance into our lives, it is important to learn how to maximize its properties.

We can program our specific intentions like earning this certain amount of money or earning this amount of profit at the end of the month, allowing Citrine’s magical power to align with people, events, and circumstances that will make our wishes come true.

When setting intentions, we need to be clear about what we want the crystal to do for us. A pure intention that is firmly grounded is necessary as it requires opening ourselves to great possibilities.

We need to adopt an abundance mindset, where the concept of giving and receiving limitless favors from the universe manifests in our everyday activities.

Citrine possesses generous energy that permeates our lives, making us money magnets. Working with this crystal means there is no lack and plenty of opportunities to reach our financial goals.

To keep the good fortune flowing, it is vital to use Citrine’s energy of Citrine to help other people too by sharing our bounty and empowering the world.

Here are some ways to use Citrine to attract more money:

  • Hold Citrine in our receiving hand and allow it to connect with our core being. By synchronizing with its positive vibration, we are empowering ourselves and becoming more intentional.
  • Set our intention by holding the Citrine and sensing its gentle power. We need to close our eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Write everything that comes up during this practice in a paper or journal, including physical and emotional sensations.
  • Infusing our drinking water or favorite refreshment with Citrine crystal. This allows us to ingest the prosperous and joyful energy of Citrine, making us more invigorating and ready to attract more money.
  • Using Citrine crystal jewelry to attract fortune and good luck. It is a fun and stylish way to maximize its power. When worn as an accessory, a Citrine pendant near our solar plexus is more beneficial. A ring and bracelets with Citrine should be worn on our non-dominant hand or arm.

Key Takeaway

Citrine crystal is definitely our financial ally, so make sure that you know where to place Citrine in the home for wealth enhancement.


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