Using The Two Cup Method For Money & Abundance

two cup method for money

The two cup method for money uses this popular manifestation technique and applies it to money. The method is based on the work of Dr.Emoto and how water reacts to our thoughts.

It allows you to create a symbolic ‘ritual’ to cast away low vibration thoughts about money and consume high vibrational thoughts about money and abundance.

There are dozens of theories, methods and techniques about manifesting abundance and prosperity. Much of it is hype and many techniques use novel ideas that have no real foundation.

The two cup method is very popular on Youtube simply because it makes for great videos and catchy headlines.

The real question is whether it actually works?

As I always say with many of these methods it is not the actual method itself that can ‘make you’ manifest anything.

It may help you by helping you visualize or focus your energy and attention but the method itself has no real power.

It is a means to an end. In saying that though it can certainly make something that you find difficult much easier and that is exactly why I love the two cup method for money.

Money issues can have a big hold on us and changing our thoughts and beliefs around money is never easy.

How To Use The Two Cup Method For Money

The two cup method for money takes this wildly popular manifestation method and applies it specifically to help you manifest more abundance and prosperity in your life.

This method is something you can do as often as you want, but doing it daily as part of a manifestation ritual can be very powerful.

If you have any doubts about the premise that you can use your mind and your thoughts to ‘transfer’ energy into other objects then the final section in this article will explain it in more detail.

There are two variations of the method – both can be very effective and you can use whichever one sounds more practical and more helpful to you.

Method 1:

  • Take 2 clean water cups and fill one of them with water and leave the other empty
  • Grab some post-it notes and label the two cups. The first label to be placed on the cup full of water will reflect your current money reality.

    Write down what your current money situation is and most of all how you feel about it. You may write something like:

    I am always broke and never have enough money to buy the things I would really like to have. It makes me feel frustrated, defeated and I hate not having enough.

    On a new posit-it note you will write your desired result. Here you will write a positive statement of exactly what you want in your life financially.

    Focus on a specific goal and focus on how amazing it will feel once this is your new reality.

    I am so happy and grateful now that I easily make $10,000 per month doing what I love. I enjoy the financial freedom and love sharing the abundance with my friends and family.
  • You now have 2 cups each with a note on it and the one that represents your current reality is filled with water.

    Now, turn your attention to the cup full of water and focus on your current reality. Really feel how this makes you feel. Imagine you can transmit all those feelings into the water in that cup. Spend at least a minute doing this.
  • Now take the water from this cup and pour it into the empty cup – the cup that represents your desired money result.

    This cup has a different energy. The words on the cup represent a different vibration. Turn all your attention to this cup now and focus intensely on the ideas, emotions and words written on this cup.

    Imagine transmitting these ideas of abundance and prosperity to the water – changing the very nature of its reality and changing its energy from scarcity to abundance.

    Spend a few minutes doing this. Close your eyes and really feel it.
  • Now drink the water. This is a symbolic act but it is also a way of ‘merging’ with your future reality. The fact that you now ‘take in’ the abundance and prosperity as opposed to the scarcity and lack is a symbolic act that does have significance.
  • Take the note from the first cup and rip it up. Take the note from the second cup and place it in your journal or keep it somewhere safe along with other things you value.

Method 2:

Method 2 is a variation of the original two cup method for money and uses the same strategy.

  • Fill both cups with water. Do the labelling in the same way with one cup representing your current money situation and the second cup your desired money situation.
  • Place both cups in front of you. Start with the cup that represents your current reality and transmit that energy to the water. Imagine yourself ‘emptying’ your own negative thoughts into that water.
  • Turn your attention to the second cup. See how that water is imbued with abundance, prosperity, wealth and success. See how that water represents everything that you want to become financially. Imagine that the water is somehow ‘magical’.
  • Imagine the two cups each have an embodied energy. One represents what you want and the other what you want to get rid of.
  • Now, drink the water in the second cup – the cup that represents abundance and prosperity and take the first cup and throw the water down the drain and rip up the note.

The Theory Behind The Two Cup Method

Much of the theory behind the two cup method comes from the work of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto who wrote the pioneering book Hidden Messages in Water is a 2005.

His work revolves around the idea that human consciousness affects physical reality – that our thoughts profoundly affect our reality.

This idea is something that has long been a theory and something that metaphysics has been postulating for centuries.

In essence the law of attraction is based on this idea that our thoughts and intentions create and alter our reality.

Dr. Emoto’s Work With Water:

Dr. Emoto’s work with water revolved around high speed microscopic photography where he would photograph water molecules in different states.

He experimented a lot with different kinds of water. By freezing water, it would take on a crystalline structure.

Early on in his work he noted how polluted water had a different structure to pure water from a mountain stream.

As his work developed he started experimenting how thoughts and consciousness affect these structures of water.

He found that water with the words hate written on the outside and having someone send thoughts of hate to the water will make the crystalline structure look fragmented, broken and unordered.

By doing the same experiment and sending thoughts of love to the water, it created beautiful, symmetrical and colourful structures.

He also experimented extensively in how different thoughts and different emotions react to water.

What I found particularly interesting was how Christie Marie Sheldon drew the parallels between Dr. Emoto’s work and Dr. Richard Hawkins’ scale of human consciousness.

Essentially the work of Dr. Emoto matched up perfectly with Dr; Hawkins’ scale.

Empowering and positive emotions from his scale resulted in beautiful crystalline structures while emotions at the lower end of the scale reflected disjointed structures.

The significance of these works is that it gives us a more visual and direct representation of just how impactful our thoughts are and we can see how living in certain emotional states can affect us profoundly.

Given the fact that you are made up of 60% water, just that alone should make you think very closely about your dominant thoughts and emotions since that in itself permeates every aspect of your body – not to mention how it affects your vibrational state..

Why The Two Cup Method Works So Well For Money and Abundance

Money is an incredibly emotional subject. One of the reasons why it can be so hard to change our money mindset is because we have so much emotion attached to our ideas.

Our money beliefs are ingrained in us.

If you believe in the law of attraction and you understand how powerfully it affects everything in your life then you probably understand how it can help you manifest abundance.

The biggest problem is that most of us offer our thoughts in response to what ‘is’ – your current reality.

As long as you are focussed on what you already have, you can not attract and manifest what you ultimately want.

Using the two cup method for money can really help you shift your energy and raise your vibration to match and align with what you DO want.

Here are some of the main reasons why I think the two cup method for money works so well.

1. Circumvent Negative Emotions

Trying to use your own mind to overcome negative emotions can be tough. It is often self-defeating. This method is practical and gives you a visual exercise that can help you bypass the process of trying to overcome negative emotions.

2. It Helps You Feel Abundant

OIt is strange but when you actually do this and really engage with the method fully, the act of drinking the water does make you feel different. It can help you shift your emotions and if you engage your imagination it does make you feel more abundant.

3. It Gives You Something Practical To Do

Most people who use the law of attraction to manifest more money are looking for something to do. Most people take matters into their own hands to “make it happen”. This is a huge mistake because you end up interfering where you shouldn’t.

This gives you something practical to do – without interfering.

4. It Is Very Visual

Most law of attraction methods and techniques are very theoretical and require a lot of mental and emotional focus for it to work.

This on the other hand is fun and very visual. Really seeing it and experiencing it takes it to a different level than just closing your eyes and trying to visualize something.

5. Helps You Raise Your Vibration

When you are fully engaged in this exercise, it has the power to shift your vibration. When you shift from your current situation to your desired future reality you shift from a lower vibration of fear and worry about money to a vibration of excitement, joy and even gratitude for the money you desire.

The Power of Thought, The Law of Attraction and The Two Cup Method

We often talk about the power of thought and how our thoughts create and affect our reality. While we all know it at some ‘theoretic level’ it often gets disregarded because we can not see the evidence of it that readily.

The work of Dr. Emoto changes this completely. It makes it clear and visible and you can see just how profoundly your thoughts affect everything around you.

Your grandmother may have told you that the reasons why her tomatoes grow so well is because she talks to them and sends them love.

You probably thought she was crazy.

The scientific truth however is that she was right.

There are many similar experiments to that of Dr. Emoto – some by scientists and some that you can find everywhere on Youtube.

One experiment you can do yourself is to use cooked rice instead of water. You will see first hand how your thoughts affect reality.

It is incredibly powerful to see this first hand to really understand how delicate and how profound the energy of thought affects the world around you.

When you develop this thorough understanding of the power of thought you can use the two cup method for money to great effect.

This method is not based on theory but on fact. It is also very symbolic and a truly fun way to manifest what you desire.


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