Seeing a Fox After Someone Dies? Here’s What It Means

Seeing a Fox After Someone Dies

Seeing a fox after someone dies means that a healing is on its way, that you have to watch out for deception or that you need to transform yourself in some way in the wake of this death.

It’s rare to spot a fox on the best of days. Seeing a fox after someone dies is even rarer. This uncommon occurrence can leave you wondering and feeling perplexed.

Many culture believe that a soul can inhabit an animal’s body after death as a temporary ‘transition’. Some also believe that when a soul leaves its human body it can freely move into and out of animal bodies.

Regardless of what you believe, when you have a real meaningful and benevolent encounter with a fox after someone dies then it most likely has a special meaning or message for you and your life.

What does this cunning creature want to say to you? Will the encounter lead to something good or something bad? Is it an omen?

I’ve been in that situation as well. After hearing the news of a loved one’s death, odd happenings just felt suspicious.

To understand the message behind the sighting, it’s ideal to revisit the features and traits of the animal. Afterward, get to know what it symbolizes in various cultures and religions.

The Most Important Features of Foxes and Its Symbolisms

I don’t want to get into too macuh detail about foxes as a species but understanding this unique animal can help us get some valuable insights to the meanings asscoiated to them.

Foxes are cunning and playful to some; others consider them as friendly and calm. However, they have some prominent physical features that is universal in almost every species.

  1. Bushy Tail:
    A fox’s tail stands out for being long and appearing to be big. In fact, the ancient term “puk” – which means thick-haired tail – is the source behind the animal’s English name. In folklores, this body part is thought to hold magical powers.
  2. Voluminous Fur:
    Like its tail, a fox’s fur makes it seem bigger than it is. At the same time, it serves as defense against the cold and heat.

    Due to its fur, it’s less likely to become a prey to a predator around its size. This is just one way of how the animal is good at deception.
  3. Fur Color:
    Foxes differ in fur color. Most of them are red, brown, grey, white or a combination of these. Some of them even change as seasons go. Such fur color enables them to blend with their environment particularly in the case of arctic foxes.

    Their color has meanings, too. The arctic foxes’ white coat earn them a reputation for being pure, wise or old. Meanwhile, those with red or brown fur are warm yet strong. Those with grey or nearly black fur are likely rough.
  1. Short, Upturned Snout:
    A fox’s face is less intimidating than those of other predators in the wild. Its snout is short after all.
  2. Upright Triangular Ears:
    Seeing a fox after someone dies, have you ever noticed how it resembles both a dog and a cat? Scientifically, foxes belong to the family of canines. Yet, a glimpse of its upturned ears, small frame and light movements will remind you of felines. Having both contrasting features further proves foxes’ duplicity.

A Fox’s Most Noteworthy Traits

While its physical features are quite prominent it is its cunningness that it is probably most known for.

Is the fox your spirit animal or is it the spirit of your loved one? Knowing its traits will help you demystify what its sudden appearance may mean in your life.

Foxes are unique in many ways but the most important traits that we can draw meaning from are that foxes are…

  1. Intelligent:
    The term foxy denotes cunning. However, the animal’s intelligence doesn’t have to be taken as negative all the time.
    Foxes are relatively small predators. What helps them thrive in the wild is their calculated moves when it comes to hunting.
  2. Solitary:
    This is especially true for arctic foxes. Apart from their white fur, being alone makes it hard for their potential predators to spot them in fields and hills of snow. Some fox species are a bit social though. Yet, they still prefer small groups.
  3. Adaptable:
    Unlike their big canine counterparts, foxes consume both meat and plants. This helps them survive even in cities where their typical small preys aren’t around. Or even just in the wild, consuming plants lets them survive even when their prey’s population is running low.

Common Beliefs and Associations To Foxes

Except in Antarctica, foxes are present in all continents. As such, several cultures, religions and traditions have beliefs and associations to them.

In some Native American communities, the animal has great spiritual significance. It represents healing and protection. In the old times, they even don fox fur as a defense against the elements and as a divine connection.

In East Asian folklore, foxes are deemed as shapeshifters, taking the form of humans.

When they’re humans, they may even have their nine white tails. Each tail represents power and life. When they lose these, nine-tailed foxes die.

These beings are often good-looking when they become humans. Despite being powerful, they’re usually gentle. This is much like the combination of masculine and feminine qualities due to their resemblance to other canines, and felines.

The 4 Meanings Behind a Fox Sighting After Someone’s Death

Fox sightings could be interpreted in many ways. However, seeing a fox after someone dies has some very specific meanings and associations.

I also want to mention that when I refer to seeing a fox it does not always mean seeing a fox in real life. For many it is in their dreams while for others it is in some other way either though images, TV or similar encounters.

What is important is that your sighting or encounter with the fox is signifiucant to you – it speaks to you on a deeper level and it is benevolent. It will stay with you for days, weeks or even years to come.

Here are the 4 most important potential meanings.

1. A healing is on its way

Perhaps, the incident is a message from your recently departed loved one or a message from the Universe. While you may still be grieving now, you may receive comfort soon.

The fox is there to provide you comfort and to assure you that the worst is over.

2. Watch out for deception

Seeing a fox after someone dies can also be a warning. Keep in mind the trickster nature of this animal. Its sudden appearance may be a warning to you when dealing with people.

During the wake and funeral, you’re likely to deal with many people. One of a few of them aren’t really there to offer their condolences so be careful.

3. Transformation is necessary

Foxes survive because they adapt well. They transform themselves. This could be as simple and subtle as changing fur color. Or, this could be like shapeshifting.

In your case, the transformation doesn’t have to be physical. When seeing a fox after someone dies, you may consider that the creature is the spirit animal of your dead loved one and that it’s prompting you to change.

This doesn’t have to be a grand transformation as well. Take small but calculated steps as you seek to change.

4. Others are seeking comfort from you

You may be grieving so much right now, but how about the others who are also close to the recently departed? If he or she’s your family, observe how your other family members are coping.

Some members may not be doing well. As such, give them comfort as you also seek your own.

What to Do After Seeing (or Dreaming about) a Fox

In the wake of seeing a fox after someone dies, the best thing you can do in the meantime is calm down. If something may happen soon, you’ve probably not had much power over it. Take control of your own self and your own thoughts and emotions as good as you possibly can.

Don’t keep it to yourself either as bottling up this significant encounter can leave you brewing over it too much.

You may have good intentions for not telling your loved ones. But the shock or mystery may leave you bothered all the time. Can you talk to a family member or friend who doesn’t get shaken easily?

You won’t know those who have good or bad intentions among those who offer their condolences. As such, be accommodating as much as you can. However, pay attention to what they tell you and how they behave around you.

If someone is making a random offer, you can say that you’ll think about it first.

Consult a trusted family member or friend before considering the offer. If the person insists that you accept, it might be better to avoid him or her for the meantime. People who truly care about you will give you the time and space to heal.

Deceitful people will rush you as they know you’re still emotional and often try and take advantage of the situation.

Like the fox, stay low-key as you go through the next few weeks. If ever you need to confront someone, be patient as you wait for an ideal time.

As you wait, you should also weigh the pros and cons of confronting that other person. Is it more advantageous to talk them over or ask them to confess than to just walk away?

In the meantime, avoid any drastic change, too. Take light yet calculated steps like a fox. Death is already a stressful event so don’t try to add another thing that will put you in great discomfort or disadvantaged position.

If you chanced upon a fox that’s white or mostly white, it could be a reminder of the pure soul you just lost. You might want to commemorate their innocence and gentleness by donating to charity or spending time with children. You might want to visit an orphanage too.

That white fox may also be about a person who is old and wise. Perhaps, its appearance is an encouragement for you to be such. Or, it may be asking you to uncover mysteries surrounding the death of that someone you know.

A Meditation Guide After a Fox Sighting

Knowing the meanings of fox sighting is one thing; understanding and embracing them is another. Through meditation, you can stay attuned to the creature’s message.

To start, ask yourself what you are feeling right now. Are you still in the denial stage? Are you feeling depressed, desperate or hopeless? Or, do you feel a bit relieved because you know that the departed one had been suffering?

Death doesn’t always have to be a sad event. Sometimes, it’s not also a challenge or a consequence; sometimes, it’s a solution itself.

Think about the person who just died. Bring the thought of them into your consciousness. Ask them waht they want you to know right now?

Be still and listen. If this encounter with seeing a fox really spoke to you on a deep and spiritual level then your intution will guide you to reveal its meaning to you.

It’s also possible that you’re angry.

This could be due to the neglect, abuse or murder that led to your loved one’s death.

For now, recognize all your emotions. They may not be pleasant but being honest with yourself helps you heal sooner.

Healing Crystals for Your Meditation

When dealing with something supernatural, you can’t just rely on your own understanding and problem solving skills of your conscious mind.

These are spiritual matters and death has one great gift to give and that it a wakeup call. Life is but a short experience in the continiuum.

If you need healing then crystals can be a great help.

The best healing crystals for you are Angelite, Celestite, and Azurite. You can hold these during your meditation or put them under your bed before you sleep.

Another option is to wear them as an accessory or attached them to your clothing.

Seeing a fox after someone dies will either calm you or trouble you. It is important that you ‘get’ the message. If you keep seeing a fox then it is usually a sigh that you did not get the message.

It will keep shoing up in your dreams, inmreferences and even in real life until you get it.


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