The 12 Best Crystals for Physical Healing

Best crystals for physical healing

Red Hematite, Emerald and marble are some of the best crystals for physical healing and they all have properties that has long been used in the healing arts.

There are many more crystals that offer various healing properties and we can use the vibrational and energetic properties of each to help us heal and restore both body and mind.

We certainly are living in trying times with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. It is not always that easy to simply shrug off the idea that the future might not be as secure as we want it to be. Positive thinking is not always enough.

This kind of anxiety, no matter how minor we like to make it appear, can affect our health in the long run.

Apart from exercise, a healthy diet and being conscious of your own health and wellbeing, using crystals for physical healing is one beautiful option we have that can help us maintain our general health and wellbeing.

How can crystals connect and heal the human body?

The wearing of crystals and other precious and semi-precious stones in talismanic fashion can be traced back to antediluvian antiquity.

In some traditions, Enoch, Noah’s father, is considered the first human to study and use them in the advent of angel Azazzel.

From then on, throughout history, humans have studied these materials and the nature of their connection to the rest of the universe including human beings.

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There is the theory of emanation stipulating the interconnection of all things both living and non-living by vibratory means.

Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton, among many other thinkers, acknowledged the existence of some kind of fluid or ‘spirit’ that encapsulates everything and keeps them in motion.

Franz Mesmer was a doctor who used the same idea calling it “animal magnetism” and used it in treating his patients.

In modern scientific studies, particularly in Quantum Physics, it is observed that particles and therefore matter also exists in a form of wave or vibrations.

The healing powers of crystals

These vibrations are identified in crystals and gems as the color they attract and emit.

These colors are defined by the chemical composition of each material and are thought to amplify other existing powers of the same wavelength especially of the heavenly bodies e.g. planets, stars, moon, and sun.

This is called the sympathetic property of a crystal.

The opposite of this is called antipathy wherein the crystal or stone radiates out the power it possesses to be received by other things in its surrounding.

Both of these properties, sympathy and antipathy, are the underlying ‘magical’ principles that govern the use of crystals for physical healing.

The 12 best crystals for physical healing

1. Red Hematite

The name has its root in the Greek word Haimatites. This is known to be the true bloodstone of ancient talismanic lore. It is also associated with the planet Mars and the first of the 12 Zodiac sign Aries.

In antiquity, red hematite was used to heal burns and inflamed eyes. It was also used for the sickness of the stomach including nausea and vomiting.

Records also mention its use against snake bites and menstrual cramps. Even to this day, it is used as a crystal for healing illnesses related to blood.

2. Emerald

Traditionally associated with the second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, and planet Venus.

The brilliant green luster of this stone has symbolized life, nature, and agriculture since ancient times. It was believed to bring fortune to women by attracting satisfaction in the pursuit of love and domestic affairs. Emerald was also used to protect the mother and her child during birth.

Today, it is said to help you recover from infections and sickness that involves the lungs and the sinuses. Its detoxifying power is also used to aid the liver while strengthening the heart.

3. Marble

From the Greek word Marmor, this stone is associated with planet Mercury and the Zodiac sign Gemini.
Marble has always been the material of choice in ancient architectures like the Parthenon of Greece and the pyramids of Egypt.

Today, marble is known for its cleansing properties that aid in flushing out toxins from your system. It’s said to promote healthier skin and blood.

The stone’s use as a steadfast architectural material is also associated with strengthening the bones.

4. Chrysoprase

Known as the crystal of happiness, this healing crystal uplifts mood and helps fight depression and anxiety.
This stone affects overall health by promoting the healthy growth of cells.

The positive energy of chrysoprase penetrates deep into the body and aids the organs in their functions.

5. Sardonyx

This stone had been popularly used in ancient Egypt for cameos, intagli, and scarabaei. Its reference as ‘royal stone’ coincides with its association with the royal image of Lion which is also the fifth zodiac sign Leo.

As a healing stone, sardonyx is believed to possess strong vibratory properties that protect its wearer or carrier.

6. Jasper

To the Assyrians it was Aspu, Jaspis it was to the Greeks, and to the Arabs it was called Yash. The popularity of this stone to ancient peoples can’t be denied.

As a healing stone, it is effective in tissue restoration especially for internal organs such as the liver, stomach, spleen, kidney, and bladder.

Other than its cleansing and healing effect, jasper is also excellent in soothing your anxiety and banishing negative thoughts.

7. Opal

Of all the precious stones, opal is considered by many as the most delightful to the eye. It possesses and radiates the brilliance of other stones such as garnet, amethyst, and emerald.

But the physical benefit of opal is not restricted to pleasing but healing the eyes, skin, nails, and hair as well.
Like the red hematite, women can also seek this stone to relieve the symptoms of PMS and help cope with menopause.

And like emerald, it also promotes ease in childbirth.

8. Agate

In ancient times, the calming power of this stone was invoked by sailors to appease the raging waves and winds of the ocean. Agate was also used as a protective stone against lightning and thunder and other violent natural phenomena.
In the 1200s, the German friar, bishop, and philosopher Albert Magnus observed agate’s ability to heal skin diseases or even insanity.

Today, the milder and less powerful vibration of this stone is used for calming and slowing down the stressed and agitated mind and body.

Agate’s healing property has been reported to affect headaches and migraines and other bodily pains. Its ability to transform negative energy into positive is also known to help women suffering from post-partum depression.

9. Amethyst

Amethyst comes from the Greek word Amethystos. According to ancient traditions, wearing or carrying this stone helps the person tolerate intoxicating fumes and beverages.

Others also used it as a charm to ward off witchcraft, poison, and dark thoughts. Records have it that amethyst helped people avoid temptations by strengthening the mind.

Even up to this day, amethyst is still known to be as effective as it was. It is said to help people with problems in hormone production and provide relief from many kinds of aches.

10. Serpentine

Its association with the zodiac sign Capricorn belonging to the house of reputation, fame, dignity, and authority, earned this stone its popularity in royalties of ancient Babylon and Egypt.

The healing practices of the old recommended serpentine to cure rheumatism and edema. As a charm, the stone is used to ward off venomous snakes and insects.

Serpentine was known for its affinity with bodily fluids and it still holds to this day. It is used to help with stomach problems like diarrhea and constipation but also with menstrual pains.

Serpentine also helps rejuvenate the cells and tissues of the body and aids in longer life.

11. Lapis Lazuli

Ancient physicians used this stone as a cure for a variety of aches and diseases including eye problems, fever, melancholia (depression), and problems related to blood.

These same uses persist to this day. Lapis lazuli is known to boost the immune system and lift the mood. Additionally, it helps relieve complaints with the throat and thyroid.

12. Diamond

In Rosicrucian philosophy, diamonds signify genuine and unselfish grief referring to the tears of little fairies called gnomes.

And although regarded as protection against all evil, diamond is susceptible to corruption by the wearer which is why to this day, people who suffer from psychosis, depression, and other overwhelming negative emotions are discouraged from using it.

Generally, diamond as a crystal for physical healing is used to aid with the excretion of bodily wastes. It is also known to help with the expulsion of kidney stones.

Key Takeaways From The Best Crystals For Physical Healing

I know, I was a skeptic of these kinds of pseudoscience, and I still am whenever I let my inner critic out from time to time. But I’d like to keep an open mind and discover and try new things. What am I to lose, anyway?

Besides, I like the exquisite look these crystals and gemstones possess. Whether they work as intended or not, they sure are fashionable.


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