Law Of Attraction For Kids – The Dangers Of Teaching This To Your Kids

law of attraction for kids

The law of attraction for kids can be incredibly powerful and raise very positive, well adjusted and independent children, teenagers and adults.

Once we learn about the law of attraction and how powerful it is, we naturally think “if only I knew about this earlier”.

The urge to teach our kids about it is normal and natural. It can also have a lot of negative effects – if not taught correctly at the right age.

Most of us did not grow up with positive beliefs instilled in us. Most of us grew up in a system where everyone gravitates towards the average. The common beliefs that you have to work hard and struggle to “make a living” is common.

The beliefs that you will find your soulmate “if you are lucky” and that your health is well-being is something you have no real control over.

Discovering the law of attraction when you come from this system is completely eye-opening. It is often the impetus for change. What if you grew up know that the law of attraction is a fact? What if you grew up with the belief that you can attract anything into your life?

It sure sounds nice not having to do all this “work” of undoing our pasts. Having all the beliefs that empower us “installed” at an age where we do not question things and when our minds are still easily receptive to these ideas.

As nice as this sounds, the law of attraction for kids does come with some issues and you need to be very careful when you start introducing your kids to these ideas. Careful is probably not the best word.

It is more about awareness of how kids could interpret things because as adults we forget just how literal kids can take information – especially if it comes from an authority like a parent.

– Making them “Lazy”

A lot of the criticism for the law of attraction is that it makes people lazy. The idea of sitting on your ass and attracting everything you want is a complete misunderstanding.

It does however highlight the issue that can come up when you teach kids the law of attraction.

You want to make sure that they understand that using the law of attraction to create their lives is not about doing “nothing”. Its about following their inner guidance. You want to teach them to tune into that intuitive voice inside.

It is not about being lazy and doing nothing. Its about doing the “right things” and these are things that are in harmony with their higher selves. Following your bliss is the ultimate lesson to learn from the law of attraction.

When you are tuned into the things you really want from life (not the material things) you are tuned into your highest calling. This is when your life is magical.

Wouldn’t you want that for your kids?

– Making them “Weird”

Another big concern when you start introducing your kids to the law of attraction is that they will naturally start talking about it to friends and teachers (depending on their age). Kids can be cruel and sometimes these metaphysical ideas can be taken as “weird” – especially around other kids who are living strictly by “the system”.

Be mindful of this when you teach your kids about the law of attraction. By simplifying the language you use and stripping all the metaphysical terminology you can avoid this to large extent. Your kids will pick this up in time and usually by themselves as soon as they are ready.

– Making Them “Dreamers”

Another big criticism of the law of attraction is that “these people” are dreamers. If you have the intention of manifesting a huge dream it can take a long time for it to manifest.

People around you might not understand this. It may look like you are just living in the clouds with this big dream.

When teaching the law of attraction to kids you want to be very cautious that they don’t just become dreams. It is important to dream and have bold visions for your life BUT you have to make sure that there is always a strong intention to realize the dream.

Dreaming for the sake of dreaming is empty. Dreaming for the sake of building a magical life is productive and fulfilling – and the reward is that it usually manifests and becomes a reality.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

Why You Should Be Teaching The Law Of Attraction For Kids

Teaching your kids the law of attraction is one sure fire way to release any limitations from their life. As parents we all set limitations for our kids – whether we do it consciously or subconsciously.

Children are very keen observers and most of what they believe comes not so much from what you tell them but from what they observe in you as a parent.

Apart from working on yourself as a parent and being an example of unlimited potential, you want to consciously teach your kids the principles of the law of attraction.

To large extent this can counteract all the bad habits that you may pass down to them.

Living to their full potential

When children understand the law of attraction from an early age they are destined to live up to their full potential. We all know that children are born with all the potential in the world yet so few ever reach that full potential.

Do you want that for your children?

The law of attraction teaches children that they can attract anything into their life.

This completely opens their minds to think and act in a completely different way.

They will attempt more things. Keep at things for longer and be more excited about their lives. This can be very powerful ideas especially for teenagers that lack direction or a passion for life.

Being happy

Ultimately we all want our children to be happy and well adjusted adults one day. Having a vision for your life that excites you.

Working towards this vision and having that divine guidance in your life can never lead to depression, anxiety or unhappiness.

The law of attraction for kids does not exempt them from challenges in life. Instead it gives them a powerful tool to handle anything that may come their way.

It is a way to empower your children.


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