How to Remove Money Blockages

how to remove money blockages

Learning how to remove money blockages is not about removing some mysterious force within you. It is simply about becoming conscious of your own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and energy around money.

Money certainly does make the work go round. We have given money so much power that almost everyone has money issues of some kind.

At a higher level of consciousness I believe we are all aware of the fact that we ARE abundant beings and that we have the right to have everything we desire in our lives.

Your natural state of being is for abundance and prosperity to flow freely to you and through you.

This abundance includes money, fulfillment, love, joy and everything that you desire in your life.

I love the analogy that money blocks are like an umbrella that you hold up. It is pouring with abundance yet you hold up an umbrella and wonder why you are not getting drenched in the abundance you desire.

What is It That Really Prevents Money From Coming To You Easily?

I used to get so tripped up about this. What is is that is blocking money from flowing easily and abundantly into my life!?

Let us learn to think of dollars, as we do of leaves on trees or oranges, as the natural and inevitable result of the law active within. There is truly no need to be concerned even when the tree appears to be bare, as long as we are conscious of the truth that the law is even now operating within to bring forth fruit after its own kind. Regardless of the state of our finances at any given moment, let us not be concerned or worried because we know that the law acting in, through and as our consciousness is at work within us, when we are asleep as well as when we are awake.

– Joel Goldsmith (The Infinite Way)

The idea that there are these mysterious beliefs hidden in your subconscious mind that is somehow preventing you from attracting and manifesting the wealth you desire can really play some tricks on us.

Understand that you CAN and that you DO know exactly what your money blockages are.

We almost always replicate our parent’s beliefs, habits and attitude towards money.

Experts claim that most of your beliefs about money are established before you are even 10 years old. That means you never really decided how you think or feel about money.

When you are a child, all the money and physical resources you need flows to you through your parents. It is therefore inevitable that you will inherit their belief system around money.

You will rarely have beliefs around money that deviate significantly from those that your parents handed down to you (unknowingly).

This does not mean that you inherit your parents’ financial situation (although that is most often the case). Many parents are more enlightened and understand what they are teaching their kids through their own behaviour.

So, before we start blaming our parents and our past, there really is no point.

I’ve come to see the folly of trying to figure out where my beliefs came from. It really is not important.

7 Powerful Tips To Remove Money Blockages

There is an immeasurable amount of money and abundance available to all of us. We live in an abundant universe.

All the lack and limitation that we experience is created in our own minds and it gets embedded in our consciousness.

The great thing is that your mind is NEVER static.

No ‘program’ is ever fixed in your mind unless you leave it unchecked and unexamined.

1. Perish The Thought

Your thoughts and belief that there is some mysterious force that is blocking money from coming into your life is a negative belief in and of itself.

Your very thoughts about money blockages in your life creates blockages.

Yes, you may have beliefs, attitudes and habits around money that are preventing the abundance you desire from coming to you.

Stop calling them blockages and stop making them ‘a thing’.

To remove money blockages quickly and effectively you can not allow them to give them power and control in your life.

I don’t think of them as money blockages but rather as money clocks. It is simply my thinking that is clogged up and I just have to clean it out in order to allow the abundance to flow freely again.

2. Just Identify The Belief

The interesting thing about beliefs is that once you identify them, you weaken them. When you identify a belief it loses its power because you now start to question it.

Almost always you will quickly see how silly some of your beliefs are and how they are not founded in truth at all.

To remove money blockages from your life you have to take the time in self analysis and quiet contemplation to identify your own beliefs about money.

This is not nearly as complicated as most make it out to be.

What was your parents’ beliefs and attitude towards money? Did you adopt it it and which ones do you now believe by default?

Sit down and write it out.

Simply identifying the beliefs, seeing it on paper and really exposing them is enough to start questioning it. Once you start to question a belief you weaken it.

The more you realize how silly these beliefs really are and how they are not true, the easier you can start to dissolve them.

3. Stop Doing Anything ‘For Money’

Do you work for money or do you work for joy and fulfillment? The vast majority of people work for money.

It is ingrained in us as we grow up. We make career choices based on what we think will make us the most money – not on what will give us the greatest fulfillment.

It certainly is true that many people reach ‘financial success’ through hard work but that almost always comes at a price.

Depression. Poor health. Bad relationships. Unfulfillment.

Doing anything ‘for money’ is a massive financial block because your thinking is based on the false belief that money comes from doing certain things.

Money comes to you THROUGH your job. Not FROM your job.

Money comes from The Source and you can get it through countless ways and means.

By becoming more conscious of the true source of your abundance will help you to shift from this idea of having to do X, Y or Z in order to ‘earn’ money.

God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me the Reality of me. – John Randolph Price

I understand that this is an esoteric idea and you may defend your belief that you have to work for money.

I get that.

I am not suggesting you quit your job and hope for the best. What I am suggesting is that you start to shift your focus on to your calling, your bliss and your inner joy.

Bring that to what you do and see how the universe responds.

Every major success story in business comes from someone who followed their bliss. Not from someone who did what they thought they should in order to ‘make money’.

You do not ‘make’ money.

You do not ‘earn’ money.

You attract money by what you are and the energy you emit around the idea of money, abundance and prosperity.

4. Soften Your Desire

Using the law of attraction to manifest money can be tricky. So many people try and fail – and then call the law of attraction BS.

The challenge is that there is a real paradox when it comes to manifesting money.

You have to have the desire and intention but you also have to ‘not desire’ it and let go. Non-attachment is where most people fail.

Being attached to what you want to manifest is a big money block. You start believing that you need the money before you can be happy, feel abundant or have what you need.

The truth is that money is the result of everything else.

When you are happy. When you feel abundant and when you realize that you already have everything you need then money will flow to you.

So often we have intentions, goals and affirmations for manifesting money. We use all sorts of techniques and methods to help us manifest.

The problem with all of them is when they really only remind you of what you do not have. These subtle reminders actually shift your energy on to what you don;t want – even though you think you are working on getting what you do want.

Abraham Hicks suggests that we soften the desire.

Instead of affirming “I have a million dollars ion my bank account” it is far better to affirm “a million dollars is coming to me now”.

This little trick prevents the mind from shutting down and calling you out as a liar.

5. Take Money Out Of The Equation

There is no doubt that money is a taboo subject. We all get so tripped up about it and in most conversations it is more acceptable to talk about sex than money.

It is no wonder that the very idea of money creates blockages in our psyche.

A powerful way to remove money blockages is to simply take money out of the picture all together.

Instead of trying to manifest a million dollars, intend to manifest an incredible job. Intend to manifest a dream lifestyle or intend to manifest something that you think money will get you.

By going beyond the money you automatically go beyond the blockage that money as an idea presents.

6. Release Your Attachment To Money

Are you a saver? Do you hoard money? Do you drive 20 miles just to save $1 on a certain product?

Holding on to money comes from a scarcity consciousness where you have a deep seated belief that there is not enough.

This attachment to money is a massive money block.

Holding on to money is part of the reason why money do not flow freely through your life. Money is an energy and the more you let go of it the more will flow freely to you.

Start by letting go of your fear around ‘having enough’. Realize that the universe is abundant and that you are entitled to this abundance.

7. Change The Emotion

Perhaps the biggest challenge to remove money blockages is not in identifying or changing beliefs but rather in changing our emotions around money.

How do you feel about money?

Does it scare you? Does it make you nervous? Does it make you feel guilty?

Our emotions around money come from a compex cocktail of past experiences, beliefs and associations.

Where they come from is not important though. You can spend a lifetime in self analysis and still be no closer to figuring out exactly why you fear money.

That is counter-productive.

All you really need to do is to change the way you feel about money. You need to change the way you feel about having, spending and enjoying having more than enough money.

How do you do this? Here are few ideas…

  • Get some cash.
    Get as much as you can afford but I suggest at least $100. Keep that cash with you at all time. Make sure you see it all the time – especially when you open your wallet. Your subconscious mind will learn that there is always enough money there.
  • Spend money on fun things.
    Those who are saving and hoarding rarely enjoy life. They are always ‘shrinking’ their life experience for the sake of keeping the little money they have. When you start spending money on yourself and doing/buying things you love and that makes you feel good then you learn to attach happiness to money.
  • Arigato money.
    The wonderful Japanese author Ken Honda talks about this concept of arigato money. It basically means ‘thank you’ money and stems from the idea that you need to build a healthy relationship with money in your life. When you spend money, say ‘Arigato money out’. When someone pays you, say ‘arigato money in’. That way you create a habit of being grateful for the flow of money through your life.
  • Buy what you really want.
    When you go to a restaurant, do you look at the prices or do you look at what you really want to eat? Most people look at the prices first and then decide what they will order. This goes for buying almost anything else as well. What you are really doing is that you are teaching your subconscious mind that you do not deserve what you really want. Resist this temptation. Teach your subconscious mind that you are worthy and deserving of what you really want.
  • Always give more than you think you can afford.
    Most people are charitable and give in the completely wrong way. Giving certainly is the fastest way to get more and is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to remove money blockages. BUT, you need to give with a sincere attitude. You can not fool the universe. Always give a little more than you think you can afford. This will start to break down your attachment to money and allow you to release the flow of money more readily.


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