How To Manifest Money by Writing it Down

how to manifest money by writing

Learning how to how to manifest money by writing is about learning how to direct and control your thoughts and imagination by putting pen to paper.

There are numerous methods and strategies but the principle remains the same.

Writing is a tool that helps you focus and direct your otherwise idle thoughts.

In the bestselling book The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale shares one of the simplest (and still) and most powerful manifestation methods.

Write down exactly what you want on a card. Carry that card with you and read it 3 times a day.

When you write it down you create it.

When you write it consistently you ‘install’ the idea and the image in the operating system of your mind.

The Power of Writing Down What You Want To Manifest

Writing something down on a piece of paper is more than just a way to jot your memory. Thoughts and ideas that float around in your mind are undefined, fleeting and remain illusions.

The instant you pin down an idea on a piece of paper it becomes ‘real’.

It may not be real in the sense that the idea is manifested but it becomes real in the sense that you started the creative process.

Teachings about the law of attraction have placed far too much emphasis on thoughts (in my humble opinion).

This has lead to most people trying to think things into existence.

Closing your eyes and trying to focus your thoughts on something you want can be incredibly difficult. The mind drifts and before you know it your thoughts are something completely different.

Not with writing.

There are 3 powerful benefits in writing down what you want to manifest in your life.

1. Focussed Thought

To manifest money by writing you can use the power of ‘capturing’ and focussing thought through writing as a tool.

It is not the writing in and of itself that will manifest money for you but the act and the activity of writing.

Writing is a tool. It’s an aid that is there to help you focus, control and direct your thoughts and imagination to direct it towards the money you want to manifest.

2. Repetition

Writing has been proven to be the most effective way to learn and memorize something. In a 1998 research project, students who used writing as a method for memorizing and learning outperformed the other students in every single test.

When you write something you are not only engaged in the physical activity, but you see the words and you also vocalize it.

This helps you to transmit the thought, idea or piece of information to your mind where it becomes more established much faster.

To manifest money by writing we will use this principle extensively to convey a new idea of belief to the subconscious mind.

Most of your beliefs and ideas about money are ingrained in your subconscious system of beliefs.

These are thoughts and ideas that you hear so often, that impacted you so deeply and that you reinforced so often that they became your ‘reality’

3. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is all about solving problems in your mind. You may have many inner conflicts about money and most of your desires for abundance and prosperity clash with some of your core beliefs.

Writing helps you see, analyze and understand what’s swirling around in your mind.

Writing helps you gain clarity.

In the manifestation process, there is nothing more important than clarity. When you gain clarity about exactly what you want financially then you create an intention.

The inner conflict that rises with your desires for more money creates resistance which is what prevents the law of attraction from ’working’ in your life.

Learning how to manifest money by writing is largely about gaining clarity and removing opposing thoughts and ideas through critical thinking.

Writing is an indispensable ‘tool’ for doing just that.

7 Ways To Manifest Money By Writing

I’ve written extensively about the metaphysical and esoteric concepts of manifesting and attracting money.

The more I research it, write about it and experience it in my own life the more I am starting to understand that money is really not money at all.

Money is simply an energy.

The money or lack of money in your life is nothing but a reflection of your innermost attitude to life energy.

The money in your life is like a mirror that reflects back to you what is really going on inside. It’s a reflection of your consciousness.

Manifesting money by writing all comes down to changing your money consciousness.

It’s not about gaining anything but rather about losing.

It’s about losing and ridding yourself of all those thoughts and ideas that distract you from the truth of your Being.

You are a Divine being and you deserve to be here. It is your Divine right to have everything you want. This entire universe is available to you.

All you REALLY have to do is to correct your mind and free yourself from the thoughts and the energy that disconnects you from the abundance that is all around you.

Here are 7 powerful methods to manifest money by writing:

1. Affirmations

I’ve written a lot about affirmations and you can find some more detailed information here, here and here.

The idea behind writing affirmations is not what most people think.

It’s not about writing down generic affirmations you find on Pinterest to make you feel more motivated or inspired.

To manifest money by writing affirmations you engage your imagination.

Writing affirmations is all about building an image and using the affirmation to visualize and communicate that image to your subconscious mind.

To manifest more money through writing affirmations, simply decide on ONE very specific financial goal. Write it down in the present tense in a statement that makes you ‘see’ yourself already having it.

Memorize this statement and write it down at least twice a day- once when you wake up and once when you go to sleep.

2. Manifestation List

To manifest money by writing a manifestation list you basically create a bucket list of everything you want in your life financially.

This is actually much harder than you think.

When you sit down and you have to decide that this, that and that is what I want you can start doubting yourself and most people get stuck after listing only a few things.

The best strategy to write a manifestation list is to start with what you DO NOT want.

Knowing what you don’t want helps to give you clarity about what you DO want.

Another great tip I got from Vishen Lakani is to always focus on EXPERIENCES rather than just focussing on stuff.

When your manifestation list is full of things you want to experience it is much easier for your creative mind to visualize and manifest those ideas.

There is a big difference between focusing on having a million dollars and focussing on what it feels like when someone hands you a million dollar check (or contract).

Start sculpting your manifestation list.

Spend a lot of time working on it, refining it and making it to be a true reflection of what you really want in life.

Lock in ideas as soon as you are happy with them and don’t keep moving the goal post every week.

Make sure you read and review your manifestation list daily.

3.Manifestation Box

Creating a manifestation box is a really fun and very powerful manifestation strategy.

With this strategy, you can manifest money by writing down your intention and placing it in your manifestation box.

This is simply a ‘box’ that can be as simple as a cardboard box or a family heirloom. The box is simply a container into which you will place items that have a high vibration.

Some people fill their manifestation box with manifestation crystals, items of great sentimental value, photographs, affirmation etc.

The idea is that this manifestation box has a high energy and contains and represents only pure positive thought.

By placing your written down money intention into this box you bring that energy to the intention to manifest money.

4. The 55×5, 3-6-9, and 1×11 Methods

In recent years there have been many manifestation methods that became really popular on social media.

The 55×5, 1×11, and the 3-6-9 manifestation methods are all exercises that are based on repetitive writing.

If you think about how beliefs are installed in your mind in the first place then it is through a slow and steady process of repetition.

With these writing exercises, you basically follow the same principle, but you condense it into much shorter time frames.

I am a big fan of all these exercises but the 55×5 method is probably the most effective – if you have time for it.

You can see a more detailed run-down of this method here, but below is a brief description:

  • Pick one limiting belief about money you want to change
  • Create a positive, present tense statement that you want to have as a new belief
  • Get yourself a notebook and clear the next 5 days in your calendar
  • Every morning and every evening you will write your statement out 55 times. (yes, its a lot of writing)
  • Do this religiously for 5 days, then set it aside.
  • Start it again the next week. I like to do this in one month blocks where I would go Monday to Friday and then relax over the weekend – trying to ‘forget about it’.

If you keep at it and make it part of your daily ritual you will over time rid yourself of almost every negative belief you may have.

This method also works if you want to manifest money directly. You can create an intention and wrote your affirmation around what you want to manifest.

Simply follow the writing steps to write out what you want to manifest financially.

5. Scripting

Scripting is one of the most powerful ways to manifest money by writing.

It is essentially a method where you write a daily journal AS IF you already have everything that you want to manifest.

The mind is notoriously bad at future pacing.

You can sit down and try to imagine yourself having what you want but it doesn’t take long for the mind to drift or to be reminded of ‘reality’ and there here and now.

Writing helps to change that.

You can future pace much better when you write.

Simply start a journal and append 10 to 15 minutes every evening journaling about your day, but instead of journaling about your actual day, write about your day AS IF you already have the money you want to manifest.

Neville Goddard wrote extensively about this idea as the most powerful way to manifest.

When you can project your mind and emotions into a future reality and experience it in the present then the law of attraction responds very quickly.

6. Journal Prompts

Journaling can be very therapeutic. Putting your thoughts and emotions on paper can lay them bare and help you understand and heal many issues in your life.

Journaling is a powerful daily practice that can help you manifest anything through consistent writing.

Through journaling, you can overcome limiting beliefs about money and create a ritual where you focus on what you want to manifest daily.

Journal prompts are basically journals that come with specific ‘prompts’ that make it easy to journal about specific things.

There are some great manifestation journals on Amazon that won’t break the bank.

You can also make your own.

Pick 3 to 5 prompts and create it in a Word file and print 30 copies to last you a month.

Some common prompts are:

  • The 5 things I’m most grateful for today…
  • Who do I love and who loves me…
  • How did I give or contribute today…
  • What do I want to manifest financially…

7. Burning Beliefs

This is one of my favourite exercises and it can be very powerful. To be honest, I am surprised no one is really talking about this.

It is something I learned from Bob Proctor almost 15 years ago.

The idea is simple but very powerful.

It is a strategy to help you overcome your limiting beliefs about money. It is highly symbolic and something that the subconscious mind responds very well to.

Here’s the strategy:

  • write down all your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper
  • calmly read through the list and think deeply on these ideas that you have come to believe
  • take a match and burn the piece of paper (please be safe)
  • with the burning paper, see these beliefs turn to ashes
  • set the ashes aside and affirm that those beliefs are no longer who you choose to be.
  • recognize that these burn beliefs now leave a void in your mind
  • write down the new beliefs that you want to ‘install in its place.

This is a very symbolic exercise and it works really well for some people.

You manifest money indirectly by writing down what is limiting you and then removing those ideas from your mind.’

Beliefs are incredibly important and play a massive role in how you think and feel about money and what you eventually manifest.


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