How to Manifest a Skinny Body in 7 Simple Steps

how to manifest a skinny body

Learning how to manifest a skinny body by using the law of attraction is about creating an intention, offering deliberate thought to what you want and to manage your vibration to align with your intention.

Having a skinny body is often more than just a superficial goal.

If it is something that is important to you, that you think will make you feel good and that you place value on then why not?

Manifesting a skinny body and losing weight is no different from manifesting more money or manifesting a soulmate.

The law of attraction works no matter what you want to manifest.

When it comes to manifesting weight loss there will always be the physical actions. Losing weight is simple.

Eat right and exercise.

The problem is that most people force this and fight their own minds every step of the way. That is why it is so hard.

Your mind is incredibly powerful and the body is always under the common mind. If your beliefs are misplaced then no amount of dieting or exercise will have any significant effect on the body.

Your body is equipped with a powerful system to regulate its weight. Allowing your body to fulfill this function can be enough to lose all the weight you want.

Can You Manifest a Skinny Body?

There are two ways to manifest a skinny body. The first and most popular is to starve yourself. By eating almost nothing and exercising a lot your body will eventually start to feed off any and all reserves.

This is not only unhealthy but very dangerous.

This is the strategy that we see many celebrities follow – and it almost always ends badly.

The second way is one that seems almost too good to be true yet everyone who has ever lost weight and kept it off followed this strategy.

This ‘magical strategy’ uses the law of attraction. The principle is simple but very powerful.

When you change your thoughts and emotions your body quickly falls in line and ‘obeys’ the mind with no questions asked.

Most people think of the law of attraction as a tool to attract external things into their lives.

While that is true, the reality is that the law of attraction works on a vibrational level. You attract and manifest that which you are in a vibrational harmony with.

When you change your vibration to manifest a skinny body then you can only attract things that are in harmony with that vibration.

This is the easy way.

You don;t have to force yourself to do certain things. You don’t have to go through painful diets. Everything comes naturally and easily because you attract all the ways and means through the law of attraction and what you are in harmony with.

How To Manifest A Skinny Body In 7 Steps

To manifest a skinny body you need to understand that you can not ‘become’ someone else with your current mindset, emotions and thought patterns.

You quite literally have to ‘become’ someone new. Changing the way you think and feel – especially the way you think and feel about your body is the real secret.

When you create the change at this level of the mind, the body quickly falls in line and follows this new blueprint.

You are ultimately in charge of your own body.

You get to decide and instruct your body exactly how you want it to look and you do tis through the way you manage your own mind and emotions.

Diet and exercise plays a part but it is no way way the important part.

Forget about diets and exercise plans for now. Spend your energy on your mind, your emotions and your thoughts. This is where the real work needs to be done.

As you ‘fix’ your thinking the law of attraction will start to bring to you everything you need to manifest a skinny body effortlessly.

Step #1: Understand What You Don’t Want

Knowing what you don’t want helps you gain clarity on what you DO want.

The reason why you keep attracting and manifesting what you currently have in your life is simply because your thoughts, your attention and your energy is focussed on what you do NOT want.

We tend to do this unconsciously.

Become conscious of these thoughts. Pay attention to them when they come up and understand that giving your attention to these thoughts simply can not manifest its opposite.

Step #2: Get Clear On What You Do Want

If you want to manifest a skinny body, what are the details of that? Getting very clear on exactly what you want is crucial.

Saying that you want to manifest a skinny body is too vague.

You need to give very clear instructions to the law of attraction. The clearer your instructions the easier it is to manifest.

Focus on a few things that are very specific and very important to you. This could be an exact weight. It could be an exact dress (or dress size) or it could be exact comments you want from other people.

Step #3: Create An Intention

Once you have clarity on exactly what you want to manifest, you can SEE yourself already having that skinny body and you can feel what that feels like then you have all the ingredients on how to manifest a skinny body.

To turn these ingredients into reality you need a commitment and the intent to see it and experience it in your physical reality.

Step #4: Lose The Lies

We all have a bunch of lies that we have told ourselves about ourselves. The problem is that when you tell a lie often enough it becomes a truth.

A truth is simply a thought that we no longer analyze or question. We simply accept it.

These thoughts gets installed in our subconscious minds and they become part of the brain’s ‘software‘. It becomes a program that runs itself.

Thoughts like:

  • I am fat or have always been fat
  • I am big boned
  • I just can’t lose weight
  • I’ve always been heavy
  • I’ve tried X amounts of diets and nothing works
  • It runs in the family
  • I have a slow metabolism
  • I have a sweet tooth

None of these things are true in and of themselves. Only when you turn it into a belief does it become true.

Once it becomes ‘true’ it is part of your software and your brain can not help but to base your experience of reality on that ‘truth’.

Strat paying attention to these lies that you have turned into truths.

Step #5: Give Your Mind a Goal

Your mind is always moving towards an idea that you hold either consciously or subconsciously. Most people aimlessly move towards their fears because that tends to dominate their subconscious thinking.

If you consciously decide that you want to manifest a skinny body then you need to give your mind that instruction.

When your mind starts to focus on you having a skinny body then it will start to enlighten your thoughts.

The law of attraction works not just based on what you think about but what you ‘feel about’. The two are intricately connected and if you can take conscious control of either your thoughts or your feelings about your weight then you can quickly create change.

Start working really hard on building the image of what you would look like, feel like and be like once you are skinny.

You need to shift your mindset. It’s a matter of ‘when’ and not a matter of ‘if’.

Step #6: Create a Daily Practise

One of the great lessons I learned from Abraham is that 15 minutes of ‘mental work’ is worth hours of physical work.

You can spend hours in the gym. You can spend weeks on diets but of the mind is fighting you then it will override everything.

You need to develop a daily practise where you can work on yourself, your thoughts, your intentions and your manifestations.

There are a number of very effective exercises and methods that are proven to work.

  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Written Affirmations
  • Scripting
  • Visualization
  • Manifestation Journal
  • Focus Wheel
  • Self Hypnosis
  • EFT (Tapping)

You don’t have to do all of them. Each practice will help you work on specific issues that you may have.

If you have limiting beliefs about being overweight then try EFT or affirmations. If you are stressed try meditation or if you have trouble changing your thinking try a focus wheel or visualization.

Having a practise where you work on yourself and your own mind every day is the key to manifest a skinny body.

This is the wheelhouse.

Everything else is detailed. The ‘how to’ will be attracted to you once you correct your thinking.

Like the Buddha said, when you correct your mind everything else falls in place. It is never ‘the diet’ or ‘the exercise’ that makes you lose weight.

It starts with your mind and with your thinking. When you correct your mind you will start to attract and manifest everything you need to to manifest a skinny body effortlessly.

Step #7: Raise Your Vibration

When you create an intention to manifest a skinny body you’ve done the hard work. Getting clear on exactly what you want and why you want it is enough to activate the law of attraction.

Your ‘work’ now is not to try and make it happen. Your ‘work’ is to keep thinking of what you DO want and to feel good about it.

When you feel good you raise your vibration.

Vibration is everything as it is what draws the people, events, experiences and pathways into your life.

These are the very instruments that the universe uses to bring to you everything you need to manifest your skinny body.

You simply have to hold the intention with a high vibration to see everything you need show up in your life.

When it shows up (and only then) you should take action. This is often referred to as inspired action.

It is not the result of you ‘working hard’ or going out there to make it happen. It simply is about acting upon what you draw into your experience.


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