How To Manifest A Fast Metabolism

how to manifest a fast metabolism

Learning how to manifest a fast metabolism is about learning how to use the power of your subconscious mind and how to ‘reprogram’ this part of your mind to burn more calories – even while you sleep.

The subconscious mind never sleeps. It never rests. Every second of the day it is involved in millions of utterly miraculous processes that keeps you alive and well.

To say it is a supercomputer will be an understatement.

The chemistry of the body is incredibly complex yet the subconscious mind knows exactly how much of everything to is required at any given moment in time to keep you alive.

Your metabolism is but one of these processes and by learning how to tap into the workings of the subconscious mind you can also learn how to raise your metabolism by only having an intention.

Your Mind and Your Metabolism

Metabolism refers to the very intricate process in your body where food (calorie) and water are converted into energy or ‘fuel’ for your body.

Every organ in your body requires energy to function which is the primary reason why we need to constantly resupply the body with energy.

The problem that most people face is that they have an oversupply of fuel – simply because they consume more food than the body needs.

This results in being overweight.

There are many factors that influence and determine an individual’s metabolism. With a higher metabolism, you can burn more calories.

This very fact is the main lure for those who want to lose weight.

A higher metabolism not only burns more calories (even while at rest) but it supplies you with more energy which leaves you feeling better (less lethargic).

Your body’s metabolism is primarily controlled by your subconscious mind. It is your ‘super mind’ that operates below your conscious level of awareness.

The subconscious mind truly is miraculous as it knows exactly how to coordinate the thousands of processes involved in the body to convert a piece of food into energy.

What is particularly interesting is the fact that your subconscious mind is always under the direct control of the conscious mind.

What this means for you and me that we can consciously instruct and direct our subconscious to do ANYTHING. That includes manifesting a fast metabolism.

Can You ‘Create’ a Fast Metabolism By Using Your Mind and Your Intention Alone?

If the body’s metabolic rate is under the direct control of the conscious mind then it begs the question of whether you can simply ‘instruct’ your subconscious mind through your thinking and your intention to increase your metabolism.

There is no doubt that you can make all sorts of changes in your body through your intention.

By directing your attention and your intention anyone can increase their body temperature, their heart rate and even their cortisol levels.

There’s been numerous studies and examples of this and it is now accepted as a medical fact.

What’s even more fascinating is when we start looking at how powerful the subconscious mind is under hypnosis.

When someone is under hypnosis, the conscious mind is put to rest and the subconscious takes over.

Under hypnosis, a person can be told that a pencil is a hot piece of metal and when it touches their skin a blister can form.

Many hospitals perform complex operations like C-sections under hypnosis alone (without any anesthesia).

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and when we learn to fully engage it and work with it we can make serious changes within our bodies.

Manifesting a fast metabolism by using your mind is really not that hard.

You can raise your metabolism by simply quieting your mind and directing your subconscious to raise your metabolism.

The real challenge is in ‘convincing’ your subconscious mind to make a higher metabolic rate your ‘normal state’.

“I Just Have a Low Metabolism”

Often times when people struggle with losing weight they start believing lies like ‘I just have a low metabolism’.

It is true that some people have a genetic disposition for naturally having a higher metabolism but ultimately YOU get to decide if you have a high metabolism or not.

It may sound a bit crazy, but you have already programmed your subconscious mind to assume a certain metabolic rate.

Every time you say something like ‘I just can’t lose weight’ or ‘I am fat’ or any of these everyday sayings you actually direct your subconscious mind.

People who believe that they have a high metabolism rarely have any weight problems. They have convinced their subconscious minds and they have developed a belief.

The subconscious mind works on beliefs and once a thought becomes unquestioned as your ‘truth’ it becomes an instruction to your subconscious.

6 Ways To Manifest A Fast Metabolism

Now that all sounds very nice and for most people this makes sense. The real question then is how do you do it?

How do you manifest a fast metabolism and how do you ‘program’ your subconscious mind to ‘install’ a fast metabolism?

1. Create an Intention

Why do you really want a fast metabolism? Are you sick and tired of not being able to lose weight?

Do you want to have more freedom to enjoy certain foods?

Regardless of WHY you want a fast metabolism, creating an intention is the most important step in manifesting anything in your life.

An intention is simply when you get very clear on exactly what you want. When your intention is to have a fast metabolism, think about WHY you want to have a fast resting metabolism.

If you want to just lose weight, great.

If you want more energy, great.

If you want to be able to enjoy certain foods without gaining weight overnight, then great.

Make sure you get a very clear picture of exactly what you want as this intention is what ultimately directs your manifestation.

2. Imagination

Your imagination is very powerful because it speaks directly to the subconscious mind. All forms of suggestion engage the imagination in such a way that it directs the subconscious mind.

Learning how to manifest a fast metabolism relies heavily upon using your imagination.

Build an image in your mind of how metabolism works in your own body. You can come up with anything.

I like to imagine energy ‘drifting’ in my body and then I use my imagination to speed up how fast this moves.

Some people use this visualization to imagine their bodies burning up fat and turning it into energy.

Whatever image you use, just make it up. The subconscious mind will know exactly what you mean because it communicates primarily through images.

3. Visualization

Once you can imagine having a fast metabolism you can start to use a technique called visualization to turn your idea into a reality.

When you imagine the same thing over and over again by vividly picturing it in your mind and really being present emotionally then your subconscious mind starts to accept the idea as ‘truth’ or a belief.

Your mind can not tell the difference between something imagined and something real.

The very act of imagining a fast metabolism actually creates a fast metabolism.

If you have trouble with this you can always use guided visualizations or self-hypnosis recordings to help you guide in this thinking process.

4. Raise Your Vibration

If you think that by simply manifesting a high metabolism you can sit and binge on Netflix while eating 3 tubs of ice cream a day and still lose weight then I am here to deliver some bad news.

Yes, you can manifest a fast metabolism but you have to understand that there is more to it.

Your mood or your vibration plays a big part in your energy levels and ultimately in your metabolism.

When you are in a high vibration and you feel joy, happiness and inspiration it places your body in a different energy.

When you are in a high vibration your energy raises naturally and this, in turn, demands more energy and your body’s metabolism responds naturally.

Being in a high vibration and feeling good also releases numerous hormones that stimulate a faster metabolism.

Do more of what makes you feel good.

I am not talking about pleasure. I am talking about joy.

Eating a tub of ice cream might feel good now. It will bring you please but as soon as the ice cream is finished you feel even worse than before.

Joy comes from within. When you connect with things you love you create joy.

5. Breath Work

There have been numerous studies that is now pointing to the effectiveness of breathing and how most people are simply deprived of oxygen throughout their system.

I want to reference breathwork here as part of meditation and/or yoga practices.

When your mind and body is engaged in a conscious effort to direct your thoughts you can really make progress in your life.

Almost all meditation practices focus on breathing in some way. Yoga combines this with specific postures.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing not only oxygenates the body but it stimulus the mind.

Breathing and breathwork are really practical and very effective ways to help manifest a fast metabolism and doing it consciously during yoga or meditation engages your subconscious mind consciously.

6. Lie To Yourself

Whether you tell yourself you have a low metabolism or a high metabolism, either way you will be right.

There is no real truth other than the truth that you have decided upon subconsciously.

Affirmations is a great way to use the mind’s natural process of repetition to program a new idea into the subconscious mind.

When you first start telling yourself something like ‘I have a super-fast metabolism hat burns calories at an incredible rate 24 hours a day ’ it may feel or sound like a ‘lie’.

If you keep telling yourself that lie, it soon becomes a truth.

When it becomes true, the subconscious has accepted the idea and will then use that idea as its blueprint when running the process of metabolism in your body.

Develop some powerful affirmations for yourself and use them often. Start talking about your high metabolism and tell everyone that you now have a fast metabolism.

Manifesting a Fast Metabolism – Conclusion

There’s a ton of really good resources online on numerous strategies to increase your metabolism.

From diet advice, exercise routines, and even sleep patterns.

There are dozens of factors that affect metabolism.

I came at it from a different angle here and even though I highlighted the ways you can use the mind and your intention to manifest a fast metabolism it does not discredit all the other ways and means to do so.

I would encourage you to take up some of these more practical ideas as well.

Supporting your mental efforts through physical and more practical efforts certainly will help you get results much quicker and create much more long-lasting results.

Always remember that the subconscious mind is ultimately in charge of these complex processes in your mind.

Through your conscious mind you can control and direct your subconscious.

Your mind can make you sick, but your mind can also heal you and support your optimal health and well-being.

Being happy, healthy, and energetic is your natural state.


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