How to Charge Citrine Crystals

Citrine crystals are not only beautiful but also possess powerful energies that can benefit our lives. These vibrant yellow stones are known for their ability to attract abundance, wealth, and success.

However, like with any other crystal, it’s essential to cleanse and charge citrine to keep it working at its maximum potential.

There are several ways to charge and cleanse citrine, such as using sunlight, moonlight, and other crystals. In this article, we will discuss different methods to effectively charge and maintain the energy of your citrine crystal.

How to Charge Citrine Crystal

By following these simple techniques, you can ensure that your citrine stays vibrant and continues to provide you with its amazing benefits.

Understanding Citrine Crystals

Healing Properties

Citrine is a variety of quartz crystal, known for its yellow to brownish color, resembling the warm hues of the sun. This powerful healing crystal is widely praised for its ability to infuse people’s lives with positivity and abundance.

Some of the key healing properties of citrine include:

  • Boosting self-confidence: Citrine helps in increasing our self-esteem and belief in our abilities, enabling us to pursue our dreams with determination.
  • Enhancing creativity: The vibrant energy of citrine stimulates our creative thought process, supporting the development of new ideas and innovative solutions.
  • Attracting abundance: Citrine is often called the “Stone of Prosperity” as it can attract wealth, success, and abundance into our lives, both in the material and spiritual realms.


The energy and vibrations of citrine crystals resonate strongly with the solar plexus chakra, the energy center responsible for our personal power and motivation.

The energy vibrations of the citrine crystal are:

  • High-frequency: Citrine has a high vibrational frequency, allowing it to work effectively with the solar plexus chakra, thus helping us to harness our personal power and make important decisions.
  • Grounding: The earthy quality of citrine’s vibrations helps us to stay grounded and connected to our physical and emotional being, promoting stability and balance in our lives.
  • Cleansing: Citrine possesses a unique ability to cleanse the energy field, both in our body and in the surrounding environment, removing any negativity and fortifying our aura.

By working with citrine crystals, we can channel their healing properties and positive vibrations into our lives, enhancing our overall sense of well-being and achieving personal growth.

Preparing Your Citrine for Charging

Before charging your citrine crystals, it’s essential to ensure they are cleansed and ready for the process. In this section, we will cover the necessary steps to prepare your citrine crystals and jewelry for charging, including cleansing crystals, setting intentions, and removing jewelry.

Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing your citrine crystals is an essential step to remove any negative energy they may have absorbed. Effects of running or salt water, wind, and smudging are commonly used methods to cleanse crystals.

  • Running water: Hold your citrine crystals under running water for a few minutes. This method clears away negative energy and helps restore the crystal’s natural vibrancy.
  • Salt water: Soak your citrine crystals in salt water for a few hours to pull out negative energy and leave behind beneficial minerals. Be sure to rinse them in clean water afterward to remove any remaining salt.
  • Smudging: Using a sage bundle or incense, smudge your citrine crystals by passing them through the smoke. This method helps to purify the crystals energetically.

Setting Intentions

Once your citrine crystals have been cleansed, it’s crucial to set intentions for the charging process. Focus your thoughts on what you want the citrine crystals to accomplish or manifest. Speak your intentions out loud or keep them in your mind, and hold your citrine close to your heart. This process helps to tune your citrine to your desired outcome and makes the charging process more effective.

Removing Jewelry

If you have citrine jewelry, remove it from your body before charging. This ensures your jewelry can fully absorb the energy without interruption from your personal energy field. Place the citrine jewelry alongside any loose citrine crystals during the charging period for optimal results.

By following these steps, your citrine crystals and jewelry will be prepared and ready for charging.

Charging Methods for Citrine

In this section, we will discuss various methods to effectively charge Citrine crystals. We will cover sunlight energy, moonlight charging, Earth charging, and Reiki healing. These methods will help you keep your Citrine charged and ready for use.

Sunlight Energy

Citrines can benefit greatly from the relatively short exposure to sunlight. Set your Citrine crystal in direct sunlight for up to 30 minutes to revitalize it with the sun’s strong and spirited masculine energy.

However, avoid leaving the crystal in sunlight for extended periods, as prolonged sunlight exposure may cause fading of its natural yellow color.

Moonlight Charging

Another gentle and effective way to charge Citrine is moonlight charging. Placing your crystal under the light of the full moon overnight is ideal for this method.

The soothing energy of the moon helps cleanse and charge the crystal, and it is particularly beneficial during the full moon phase, as the moon’s energy is most potent. Make sure the crystal is placed in a safe location outdoors or near a window to receive the moonlight’s full effect.

Earth Charging

Citrine can also derive energy from the Earth itself. Burying your Citrine crystal in soil or placing it directly on the ground connects it with the Earth’s grounding and stabilizing energy. Leave your crystal in contact with the Earth for approximately 24 hours, then gently rinse it with clean water to remove any dirt before using it again.

Reiki Healing

Charging Citrine with Reiki healing energy involves channeling the universal life force energy into the crystal. Reiki practitioners hold the Citrine crystal in their hands and set their intentions, allowing their own healing energy to flow into the crystal.

Reiki can be an effective way to charge your Citrine, especially if you are a practitioner or receiving Reiki healing from a qualified professional.

Remember to choose the charging method that resonates most with you and your Citrine crystal to ensure the best possible results.

Maintaining Your Charged Citrine

Additional Cleansing Techniques

Apart from the primary methods like sunlight and moonlight, there are some other ways to cleanse and charge your Citrine crystal. Meditating with your Citrine is a simple method; just sit with it in hand or near you to deeply connect with its energies. Smudging your Citrine with sage smoke is another popular technique for clearing away negative energies.

For different energy qualities, consider placing your Citrine in soil for a grounding effect, charging it with the smoke of incense or with your breath, or pairing it with a complementary crystal like amethyst, carnelian, or kyanite during meditation.

Don’t hesitate to explore different techniques that resonate with you and your personal energy.

Storing and Caring for Your Crystal

To maintain the integrity and energy of your charged Citrine, follow these storage and care tips:

  • Keep your Citrine away from direct heat or prolonged sunlight exposure, which can weaken and fade its natural color.
  • Store your crystal in a cool, dry place, ideally wrapped in a soft cloth or within a velvet pouch to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid immersing your Citrine in water, as it can damage its structure.

Utilizing Charged Energy

Once your Citrine is cleansed and charged, you can harness its powerful energies to aid in various aspects of your life. To enhance manifestation, wealth, and prosperity, place the charged Citrine in your workspace or the wealth corner of your home.

For benefits like optimism, confidence, and happiness, keep the crystal near you or wear it as jewelry.

Incorporate your charged Citrine into meditation or visualization practices to boost the energy of your chakras, particularly the Solar Plexus.

You can also pair it with other crystals, like hematite for grounding, kunzite for emotional healing, or obsidian for protection.

Use affirmations and intention-setting rituals to capitalize on the charged energy. Hold your Citrine as you recite affirmations related to your desired outcomes, such as increased optimism, happiness, or financial abundance.

This practice reinforces the powerful connection between your intentions, the crystal’s energy, and your personal journey.

Remember, the key is to experiment with different techniques to find the ones that best resonate with you and your intentions.

Believe in the healing powers of Citrine and trust in the energy you’ve put into it while nurturing and maintaining its charge.


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