Best Incense for Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing crystals is an essential practice for maintaining their energetic properties and ensuring they continue to provide positive energy in our homes and lives. One of the most effective methods for crystal cleansing is the use of incense.

By burning specific types of incense, we can effectively remove negative energies and rejuvenate the crystals’ vibrancy.

There are several types of incense that are particularly suitable for cleansing crystals.

Sage, for example, is known for its ability to purify spaces and remove negative energies. In addition to sage, incense scents like frankincense and Palo Santo offer similar benefits, making them excellent all-round choices to cleanse both crystals and the surrounding environment.

Best Incense for Cleansing Crystals

In this article, we will delve deeper into the various types of incense best suited for crystal cleansing, as well as discuss the advantages and potential drawbacks of using incense for this purpose.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the perfect incense for your needs, ensuring your crystals remain vibrant and energetically cleansed.

Best Incense for Cleansing Crystals


Sage, specifically white sage, is a powerful incense known for its cleansing properties. Native American cultures have used it for thousands of years to clear negative energy and restore balance in spaces. To cleanse crystals with sage, we simply burn the sage and pass the crystal through the smoke, effectively removing any lingering negative energies and making it ready for use again.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo, also known as “holy wood,” is another excellent option for cleansing crystals. This incense, native to South America, is believed to have purifying and healing properties. When burned, its sweet and earthy scent helps dispel negativity and invite positive energy. To cleanse your crystals with Palo Santo, gently pass them through the smoke, allowing the purifying properties to restore their vibrancy.


Cedar is a fragrant wood known for its ability to cleanse and protect against negative energies. It’s an ideal incense for cleansing crystals, as its warm and earthy scent creates a soothing atmosphere. To use cedar for cleansing, light a cedar stick or cone incense and hold the crystal close to the smoke, allowing the energizing aroma to purify it.


Sandalwood is a popular choice for cleansing crystals due to its calming and spiritual properties. It’s often used in meditation and spiritual ceremonies, making it an ideal incense for crystal cleansing. To use sandalwood, burn a sandalwood stick or cone incense, and pass the crystal through the smoke, allowing the subtle, woody scent to eliminate negative energies.


Myrrh is known for its grounding and purifying properties, making it an effective incense for cleansing crystals. The ancient resin has been used for thousands of years in various spiritual and religious practices. To cleanse your crystals with myrrh, burn some myrrh resin on charcoal or light a myrrh incense stick, and gently expose the crystals to the aromatic smoke.


Frankincense is a resin collected from the Boswellia tree and has been used for centuries due to its purifying and protective properties.

To cleanse crystals with frankincense, simply burn some frankincense resin or light a frankincense incense stick and allow the crystal to pass through the fragrant smoke. This process will help clear the crystal of any unwanted energies.


Lavender incense is known for its relaxing and calming qualities. It’s excellent for cleansing crystals because it purifies and restores balance to the energies surrounding the crystal.

The fresh, floral scent of lavender also promotes relaxation and is helpful when working with high-vibrational crystals. Gently pass your crystals through the lavender incense smoke to cleanse and rejuvenate them.


Patchouli, a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia, offers a rich and earthy scent that many believe can cleanse and balance energies. Its unique aroma helps clear negative energy, making it an ideal incense for cleansing crystals.

Pass your crystals through the patchouli incense smoke to cleanse them and promote a sense of calmness and stability.


Rose incense, with its delicate and soothing floral scent, is considered a powerful cleansing agent for crystals. The scent of rose can help dispel negativity and invite positive energy into your space.

To cleanse your crystals with rose incense, burn either rose petals or a rose-scented incense stick, and pass the crystal through the smoke, allowing the gentle aroma to purify and restore balance.

Purpose and Intentions

When cleansing crystals, our primary intention is to purify and remove any negative energy that may have attached itself to the crystal.

This is essential for maintaining their energetic purity and preserving their unique properties.

By doing so, we can ensure that the crystals continue to function at their optimal energetic levels and provide the most significant benefits to the user.

The purpose of using incense for cleansing crystals is to utilize the smoke and aromatic properties of specific herbs, resins, and plants to transform and cleanse the negative energies surrounding the crystals. Incense acts as a powerful tool to aid in the process of releasing stagnant energy, making way for positive vibrations to come through.

Additionally, incense can create a calming and purifying atmosphere in which the crystals can absorb and be imbued with positive energy.

When selecting the best incense for cleansing crystals, it is crucial to consider the specific needs and attributes of the crystals, as well as our personal preferences and intentions. Here are a few excellent options that we can consider:

  • Lavender is known for its ability to purify and cleanse the air, making it ideal for clearing negative energy and restoring balance.
  • Frankincense has been used for thousands of years for its healing and spiritual properties, often chosen for its purity and ability to remove negative energy.
  • Palo Santo is a multi-purpose incense that can cleanse both ourselves and our space, providing an all-around option for those with limited access to various types of incense.

Incorporating incense into our crystal cleansing routine not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a degree of intentionality to the process.

By consciously choosing an incense that aligns with our goals and intentions, we can create a stronger connection between our thoughts, actions, and the energy of the crystals.

This heightened sense of purpose empowers the overall effectiveness of the cleansing ritual, ensuring that our crystals are energetically clean and ready to serve their intended purposes.

Different Forms of Incense

In this section, we will be discussing the different forms of incense, including incense sticks, incense cones, resin incense, and loose incense. Each type of incense has its own unique characteristics and can be used for different purposes.

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks, also known as joss sticks, are the most common form of incense that people use for cleansing crystals.

They are made by rolling a mixture of herbs, oils, resins, and woods onto a bamboo or wooden stick. Incense sticks burn slowly and consistently, producing a steady stream of fragrant smoke. This makes them ideal for cleansing crystals as you can simply pass the crystal through the smoke to absorb and release energy.

Some popular incense sticks for cleansing crystals include lavender, sage, and sandalwood.

Incense Cones

Incense cones are another popular form of incense used for cleansing crystals. These small, cone-shaped incense pieces are made by combining herbs, oils, and resins, similar to incense sticks.

However, they burn more quickly than incense sticks and produce a stronger and more concentrated aroma. This makes them perfect for cleansing larger crystals or multiple crystals at once.

To cleanse your crystals using incense cones, place the cone in an incense holder and light it, then pass your crystals through the smoke as it burns.

Resin Incense

Resin incense is made from the hardened sap of trees and plants and has been used for centuries in spiritual and healing rituals. It is considered more potent than other forms of incense, making it highly effective for cleansing crystals.

Resin incense is available in different types, such as frankincense, myrrh, and copal. To use resin incense for cleansing crystals, you’ll need a charcoal disc, a heat-proof container, and tongs.

Place the charcoal disc on the container and light it; once it is hot, carefully place the resin pieces on top of the charcoal disc with tongs, producing a fragrant smoke to cleanse your crystals.

Loose Incense

Loose incense is a mixture of herbs, resins, woods, and oils that are not formed into a specific shape. This type of incense allows for more control over the ingredients and customization of scents.

Often, you’ll find loose incense mixtures tailored specifically for cleansing crystals, such as sage, cedar, and juniper blends. To use loose incense for cleansing, you can either:

  • Place a small amount of loose incense on a burning charcoal disc, as with resin incense, or
  • Light a small amount of the loose incense mixture directly in a heat-proof container and let it smolder, producing smoke to cleanse your crystals.

Cleansing Techniques


Smudging is a popular method to cleanse crystals using the smoke of dried herbs. The most common choice is sage due to its ability to remove negative energy. To smudge your crystals, follow these steps:

  1. Light the end of a sage smudge stick and allow it to smolder, producing smoke.
  2. Hold your crystal in the smoke, gently wafting the smoke over and around the crystal for a few moments.
  3. Set your intention and visualize the negative energies leaving the crystal, allowing it to return to its natural state.

Always make sure to use caution when handling fire and smoke, and ensure proper ventilation in your space.

Burning Incense

Another effective technique for cleansing crystals is burning incense. Some popular choices include:

  • Lavender: Known for its purifying and air-cleansing properties, it can restore balance to your crystals.
  • Sage: As with smudging, sage incense can remove negative energy and cleanse your crystals.

Here’s how to cleanse your crystals with incense:

  1. Light the incense stick and allow it to smolder.
  2. Hold your crystal near the smoke, allowing it to envelop the crystal for a few moments.
  3. Focus on your intention to cleanse and recharge the crystal while visualizing the negative energies dissipating.

Whichever method you choose, be it smudging or burning incense, be confident in your ability to cleanse and recharge your crystals. The key to effective crystal cleansing is a clear intention and a focused, knowledgeable approach.

Choosing the Right Incense

When it comes to selecting the perfect incense for cleansing crystals, it’s essential to consider several factors.

Not only should the incense be effective at removing negativity, but it should also align with your personal preferences and needs.

In this section, we will discuss how to choose the best incense for cleansing and explore some popular types of incense.

One crucial aspect to consider is the type of aroma the incense emits since it will contribute to the overall cleansing experience.

The scent should be pleasing and comfortable for your senses, as well as resonating with the energy you want to create. In many cases, the aroma of the incense can also play an essential role in intensifying the cleansing process.

It’s worth noting that there are various types of incense you can use for cleansing purposes. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Lavender: Known for its purifying properties, lavender incense is perfect for dispelling negative energy and restoring balance. It’s also a popular choice due to its calming effect, which helps ease stress and promote relaxation.
  • Sage: A powerful cleansing agent, sage incense assists in removing negative energy, protecting your space, and increasing positivity. It’s often used in purification rituals and has a strong connection with many spiritual practices.
  • Palo Santo: As a sacred wood in many traditions, Palo Santo incense carries a powerful, cleansing energy. It’s known to purify and balance energies while also attracting positivity and good fortune.

Aside from the aroma and type of incense, you should also consider its quality and ingredients. Natural incense made from high-quality materials will be the most potent and provide a better cleansing experience.

We recommend looking for incense made from sustainably sourced and pure ingredients to ensure your cleansing rituals remain as effective and free from harmful substances as possible.

Lastly, consider your preferences and personal experience with incense. Trust your intuition and choose incense that resonates with you on an energetic level.

Often, the best incense for cleansing crystals is the one that feels the most aligned with your intentions.

As you explore the world of incense for cleansing, keep these factors in mind and allow yourself the freedom to experiment with different types.

With the right incense and intention, you’ll successfully cleanse your crystals and benefit from their harmonizing energy.

Additional Benefits of Incense

In addition to cleansing crystals, incense offers a range of benefits that can positively impact our mind and overall well-being.

One of the most well-known advantages of using incense is its ability to aid in meditation and relaxation.

As we burn incense, the soothing aroma can help us find our inner peace and create the perfect environment for focusing on our thoughts and mindfulness practice.

Moreover, incense is great for reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of calmness. The gentle smoke and pleasant scent work together to relax our senses, making it easier for us to let go of stress and tension. By doing this, we can achieve a more balanced and positive mindset.

Incense can also help improve our mental strength and resilience.

The various scents can trigger feelings of motivation, courage, and determination, which are important when facing life’s challenges. By incorporating incense into our daily routine, we can cultivate an environment of positivity and emotional support.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the use of incense can contribute to an overall sense of happiness and well-being.

The fragrant smoke promotes relaxation, which in turn helps minimize negative emotions and create an atmosphere of joy.

By regularly burning incense in our homes, we can evoke feelings of comfort, tranquility, and contentment.


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