Why You Won’t Find Your Life Purpose and Why You Probably Should Not

“Why am I here?” is probably one of the most fundamental questions you could ask yourself. It is a perplexing question and when you start to think about it the strangeness of life starts to awaken even more questions with even less definitive answers.

I think that a big part of the desire to discover your life purpose is your soul’s desire to understand more of this life and what it wants to experience in your human journey.

If you are looking to discover your life purpose because you want to know “what to do with your life” then stop.

Your purpose is NOT about what you “do” for a living.

It is also not what you were taught to believe when you grew up. If you ask a devout Christian or Muslim their answer will most likely be that their true purpose is to serve god.

Then there are a whole slew of cliches about life. Things like life is a school or life is a battle or life is __ whatever you grew up hearing all the time.

Where To Start Looking For Your Purpose

According to scientists, at any given moment there are more than 6 trillion reactions happening inside each and every one of us.


But not nearly as impressive as the fact that each one of these processes are perfectly synchronized with each other.

It’s really hard for us to even begin to comprehend the magnitude of the intelligence ‘behind’ all the miracles that we call life. Best of all we don’t have to do anything to make it happen – we simply have to ‘be’ and simply allow it all to happen.

This Intelligence that created and designed life also created and designed you. Regardless of how you look at it, you are here for a reason.

Life is simply too complex and intricate for ‘accidents’ like you to just happen.

Renowned psychologist and philosopher, Carl Jung said that when a person comes into this world, their life represents a question to which their life has to provide the answer.

We all have a purpose or a reason for being here and since the earliest times humankind recognized that there’s something much beyond what they perceived in daily life; that they were part of something much greater and grander than the mundane.

So what is your life’s purpose?

Why are you here?

For many their purpose is quite difficult to find, simply because we’ve been conditioned to ‘make a living’ and to follow good common sense.

When you consider the fact that you showed up here for a reason, then you will start to realize that your purpose is something that’s ‘with’ you and that it’s always been with you. It’s not something outside of you and you don’t have to go and look for it somewhere else.

You cannot find your purpose as long as you are looking outside yourself. Only through a spiritual approach where you are able to look inside can you truly ‘find’ your purpose.

Even just talking about ‘finding’ your purpose is a little misleading since it implies that it’s lost and somewhere else, whereas it is to be found through introspection and self knowledge.

Your purpose is always trying to connect with you. It’s always present (and has always been) and your Highest self, your Spirit is forever trying to remind and inspire you to live your purpose.

It is that still small voice that whispers to you in silence to follow your dreams and to pursue your innermost desires. Instead of trying to find your purpose you simply have to let your purpose find you instead.

Since you are always connected to your purpose, you only need to clean yourself up in order to allow your purpose to reconnect with you.

As long as your life is clogged up with fear, anxiety, resentment, worry ex. you cannot connect to your purpose. You have to focus your efforts on creating the environment that will allow your purpose to find you.

For a seed to grow and to blossom into a flower it needs the right environment in order to flourish – and when it does, it happens effortlessly.

The same is true for you. You need to clean yourself up and unclog your life from all the negativity and create an environment in which your spirit can flourish.

Your Purpose and Your Passions

Your purpose, your passion and your bliss is always with you. Listening to that still small voice deep inside your soul is the path to living a deeply enriching life. You cannot hear this voice if your life is overshadowed by the ‘noise’ of daily living.

This ‘noise’ is not just the noise of the external world, but also the internal noise of all your thoughts racing through your mind almost 24 hours a day. Learn to empty your mind, to be quiet and to go within.

Taking time for quiet reflection will help you to create a greater sense of inner peace and help you to connect with your purpose.

Meditation is a very effective way of creating this sense of inner peace and quiet in your life and it will help you to reconnect with your own self and everything beyond the mundane of everyday living.

Stop trying to find your purpose. The very idea of having to “find” it implies that it is outside yourself.

You merely have to connect with it.

Relax, quiet your mind, go within and let your purpose find you. Make an effort to unclog your life from all the worry and anxiety that only distracts you from being at peace.

Work on creating the environment deep within yourself in which your soul can flourish and become what you are destined to be.

Why You Won’t Find Your Purpose

No amount of meditation will ever help you find what your purpose in life is. No person can tell you what it is. No book can teach it to you. No gurus can give you a technique to discover it.

Your purpose will only be found in one way and that is in service to others.

At the most fundamental level, your purpose in life is not to get but to give. If you are trying to find your purpose to “get” anything then it will always elude you.

When you start giving all of yourself to the world and your innermost intention is to serve, to help and to give only then will your purpose find you.

Your purpose is not yours to ‘find’.

It is something that is always trying to connect with you. It wants to find you but can not be revealed to a mind that is dominated by the ego.

Even if you do find your purpose from a place of the ego you will be bitterly disappointed. Your purpose is always aligned with the higher good of all. It is not self serving and will most certainly disappoint the ego.

So, how do you find your purpose right now?

You simply decide to serve. Put what you have to work and find ways to impact others’ lives. Find ways to serve. Taking the first step in this direction will set you on a path that will unfold your purpose.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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