Keeping Bay Leaf Under Your Pillow

keeping bay leaf under pillow

Keeping bay leaf under a pillow can have many beneifts beyond its mere frgranace and known associations with a good night’s sleep.

Bay leaf has been used in spiritual practices to enhance psychic abilities, invite dreams and raise your positive energy.

At first, you may not associated bay leaf with anything magical, mystical or spiritual. Instead, it probably only reminds you of those spicy aftershaves or an important flavour enhancer when cooking.

However, bay leaf has many mystical properties and numerous associations to spiritual rituals. Burning bay leaf releases a powerful scent and both the scent and the smoke is used in numerous spiritual practices.

The scent of burning bay leaf fills the air in many eastern temples and places of worship.

Smell can have a powerful impact on memory and perception and can instantly invoke spiritual associations to those who have asscoaiations to this smell.

Bay leaf is also a wonderful sleep companion. Smell can have a big impact on the way we feel and can help you calm down and relax – which in itself can improce your sleep.

Keeping bay leaf under your pillow goes well byond just the benefits of a good nights sleep though.

7 Reasons for Keeping Bay Leaf Under Your Pillow At Night

The practise of placing certain objects under your bed or under your pillow is not a new one at all. Many people keep different types of crystals close by during their sleep hours to fully harness the power that these stones can have energetically.

Your sleep hours are very significant from a spiritual point of view. Its the time when your conscious mind goes to rest and your subconscious takes over.

Its the time of the day where you have an opportuinity to connected with that part of yourself that is beyond the mundane physical consciousness.

So, here are some of the main reasons why you should consider placing some under your pillow, starting tonight.

1. A summoner of prophetic dreams

One of the main reasons you must keep a bay leaf under your pillow at night is that it greatly affects your dreams. You can let it do its work freely just by sleeping on that particular pillow.

However, you can also write a more targeted question.

Do you have any specific worries that you want to be addressed? Do you want some answers to a particular question?

Write them down on a piece of paper.

Then, as you sleep, the bay leaf helps you dream the solutions – and perhaps the future in store if you pursue a certain move.

Bay leaf can also help you achieve lucid dreams. So, you can control how your dream goes. As a result, you are capable of turning the dream into more pleasant corners, wherein you can see your desires become realities.

2. It wards off nightmares

Your dreams can hold the answers to so many things. Therefore, you don’t want it to be filled with your fears transformed into scary form.

Another reason for placing bay leaf under your pillow is to ward off nightmares. Who wants to spend their supposedly refreshing moments engaged in sweat-breaking fear?


Thankfully, a nice little bay leaf under your pillow can help you avoid nightmares. It will certainly prevent you from getting scary prophetic dreams – or even just scary ones that hold no deeper meaning.

However, note that sniffing too much bay leaf before you sleep can also give you the opposite. You may end up with a terrifying version of what you were trying to achieve in dreams.

3. It enhances psychic awareness

As you may already start suspecting, bay leaf has a profound effect on your psychic awareness. It makes your mind more open to suggestions, but more safely. This can be evidenced by its ability to keep nightmares at bay (pun intended).

Generally, though, a bay leaf under the pillow can heighten your mind’s inner eye. Your new psychic awareness will be even more valuable to you if your interests completely lie in the mystical.

As mentioned earlier, bay leaf can make you experience lucid dreaming. This control can also be translated into how you can control your destiny in real life.

You can feel the vibrating awareness that you are capable of so much. Therefore, you are not afraid of attempting risky moves that you would not otherwise consider.

4. It protects you from energy hounds or monsters

Not only do bay leaves keep away nightmares, but they also ward off other threats to your energy.

Just before you fall asleep at night, you may have noticed a dark shadow looming in a corner. You look around, and there is no logical explanation for the presence.

Often, you wake up feeling tired and miserable because of these hounds.

These are energy monsters. They pass by during sleep to try to leech off the positive energy from you. This may be difficult to believe, but they exist.

You can think of them as spiritual threats rather than physical ones. A single bay leaf can ward them off.

5. It surrounds you with positivity

Your bay leaf is not content with just preventing your energy from leaving you. It also adds more power to you by surrounding you with positive vibes.

Some may say that it has a lot to do with your belief system. Perhaps they are right. After all, how you believe in something affects everything else.

However, there is still so much that you can get from a bay leaf. It is a bringer of a generous gift – positive energy. The more that you have this, the easier it is for you to connect to the Universe.

6.It promotes good luck and wishes come true

Because of the shower of positivity that you get, you are immersed In good vibrations. This allows you to pursue more of your dreams. So, yes, you are capable of making your dreams come true.

Bay leaf under the pillow at night also promotes strong psychic awareness and strength. So, doing so can help you connect better to the Universe.

It is in this connection that you can more effectively communicate what you want in life. With better communication, the Universe can perceive what you want and grant it to you.

It may seem like a little fairy tale but putting bay leaf under your pillow goes beyond just getting good dreams from it.

You can find those dreams coming true in real life, as well. There are no limitations to what types of goals you can hope for.

You can manifest love, a wonderful career, or better health. But, of course, you should never wish for anything that could directly harm other people. Using bay leaf for its magical properties is inherently good. You should never mar it with bad intentions.

7. It helps you wake up refreshed

Because of the positive energy and great, prophetic dreams, sleep becomes what it should be – a haven of comfort. So, it is no wonder that after having slept with a bay leaf under the pillow, you feel a lot better.

Refreshing sleep does not only await the typical optimistic regular sleeper. Bay leaf can also offer this to those who suffer from insomnia and all kinds of aches and pains.

For example, haven’t you noticed that you will often feel more of your pain during the night? This is because you don’t have any other distractions. You feel all the aches and pains at their peak as a result.

With bay leaf under your pillow, however, you can be sure to feel more comfortable to get you to sleep better.

Is there a special way of preparing the bay leaf?

There are no rituals required to prepare a bay leaf for great sleep. There are no other ingredients needed, either.

Just take the bay leaf and place it between your pillow and mattress. Leave it there. You can even keep it there for days, as long as your bed covers are still clean and fresh.

However, you should never sniff too much of it to avoid the presence of evil dreams. Too much of the scent can give you a headache.

When you are lying down on your pillow, visualize all the things that you want to manifest. Then, focus on these thoughts as you get ready for bed.

You can say that there is not much to it. The strongest ingredient you should add would have to be your trust in the process.


Bay leaf has mystical properties. One of the best ways to avail these is to keep one under your pillow before you sleep. Sleep well and make your dreams come true tonight.


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