Conor Mcgregor’s Law of Attraction Secrets

Conor Mcgregor Law of Attraction

Conor Mcgregor law of attraction “confession” came as a bit of a surprise to many. For someone of his stature in a sport like the UFC, the “tough guys” don’t usually talk about fluffy stuff like the law of attraction.

Conor Mcgregor is arguably the biggest star in the UFC. He is considered to be in the top 10 most successful sports stars of our time. He is one of those people who transcends his own sport.

Even people who do not watch the UFC is still drawn to him for his charisma, sense of humor and his antics outside the sport of mixed martial arts.

At the age of 12 things did not look great for Conor Mcgregor. He grew up in a dirt poor part of Ireland with very little opportunities and a grim future. He was on his way to becoming a standout in his community – and that is to become a plumber.

While training as a plumber he had one dream and that is to become a superstar soccer player. He started building a dream of being in massive stadiums where everyone was cheering his name.

He knew that he did not want to be a plumber and he had much bigger dreams than working on cold wet building sites in the middle of winter.

Conor Mcgregor’s Introduction to The Law of Attraction

At the age of 15, Conor Mcgregor’s sister gave him a book and pleaded for him to read it. This book was Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret. As a 15 year old boy in Ireland that was not the kind of book boys would read. In fact, he refused to read much of anything.

His sister knew that Conor had big dreams and she persisted – encouraging him to read the book at every opportunity.

Eventually, the film about The Secret came out and this was something young Conor was open to at least watch for an hour.

The message from The Secret struck a chord in young Conor. All of the dreams and ideals he held in his head became alive in a whole new way and he realized that he absolutely CAN create the life he felt he was destined for.

He poured himself into understanding the law of attraction and it became part of his everyday life as he started training in mixed martial arts.

At the time, no Irishman has ever been to the UFC and most people thought he would be lucky just to get in someday.

Conor knew differently. He has seen it in his mind and as Bob Proctor pointed out in The Secret: “If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand”.

6 Great Law of Attraction Lessons From Conor Mcgregor

Conor Mcgregor is a great example of what you can achieve when you start working with the law of attraction. Here are 6 great lessons we can take from his massive success.

1. Where You Are Is Not Important

No matter where you are in your life. No matter your background or your past or any limitations you may have. You CAN create anything in your life.

Where Conor grew up, just getting a job one day was considered a success. There was no role models, no pathway and no encouragement to even dream of having what Conor has now.

Where you are is not important. All that really matters is where you want to be and what your dream and your vision is for your life.

If you hate where you are in your life right now then that is actually a good thing. Hating where you are is often the fuel you need to fire you up and to push you to pursue your dreams.

2. Mindset Is Everything

Your mindset is everything and as long as you can use and direct your mental focus you can achieve anything. Conor had nothing but his mind to work with.

He had no privilege, no support, and no pathway to make it to the UFC. He had to create it all in his mind – and that is all you need.

If you can build the image you WILL be provided with the means to make it real.

3. The Power Of Visualisation

He recalled himself practicing soccer late at night and pretending to score goals in front of packed stadiums. Not only did he practice kicking a ball but also practiced in his mind – the feeling of the crowd cheering and him celebrating.

Visualization became a huge part of Conor’s life. He attributes visualization to most of his success. Whatever he wanted to achieve he would start building the image in his mind and then he would rehearse it over and over again.

He became incredibly good at it. Visualization is like a muscle and you need to train it to get good at it.

In fact, he became so good at it that he would rehearse all his fight in his mind to the point where the fights would realize exactly as he would visualize them.

This is how he claims to have beaten almost all his opponents. By mentally rehearsing his victorious he not only created his future but he created such a sense of certainty in himself that he almost won the fights before he even stepped into the octagon.

An important lesson for us all here is to realize the true power of visualization. Even more than that, the importance of training your mind. So many people think they can’t visualize but that is only because your mind is not trained.

You need to practice.

Conor recalls how he was obsessed with practicing visualization. He said that he would practice every time he drove into a car park he would visualize the perfect spot. Every detail of what he wanted ion his life he would visualize.

4. Passion

We see Conor McGregor on TV and in almost everything he does yo can see and feel his passion. He doesn’t do what he’s doing to make money – even though he is making loads of it.

He has an authentic passion and you can see it. He believes that he is living his destiny.

His motto is to “go all in” when he does something. This means you go into something with all your heart and all your mind.

This is very different from the common mindset that most people have which is to “give it a go and see”. That is not passion. That is not a full and total commitment.

Find that fire inside you. Find out what makes you tick. Find your passion and take that to everything you do. Make that everything you do.

5. Gratitude

Despite all the bravado you see from Conor there is a deep sense of gratitude when he speaks about his success.

He has a deep sense of gratitude for everything in his life – even his early days when things were tough. He is grateful for where he grew up. He is grateful for all the challenges because he realizes that it is the tough times that propelled him.

He also has a deep sense of gratitude for his family and he takes nothing for granted.

I’ve written extensively here about the power of gratitude and you can clearly see it in action with Conor Mcgregor and how he uses the law of attraction.

6. Hard Work

Conor Mcgregor’s law of attraction secrets will undoubtedly inspire anyone. If someone from his background can make it then anyone can, right.

There is one more thing that sets Conor apart from everyone else though and that is his work ethic.

This is so often overlooked by people who think that the law of attraction will just land things on their lap as they sit on the sofa.

This is NOT how it works. Yes, you need the vision and the belief and you need to have the intention. You need to visualize and have gratitude but all that is worthless if you don’t take action.

Even by the standards of professional athletes, Conor has an insane work ethic. What is your work ethic? Are you obsessed about creating the life you can see yourself having?

You and The Law of Attraction – The Lessons From Conor Mcgregor

It really is quite remarkable when you look at everything he has achieved. From his success in the UFC to his many super successful businesses, he clearly understands the law of attraction and how to use it.

It never ceases to amaze me how many cult figures of our time at some point come out to reveal just how they used the law of attraction to help them create their success.

Whether it is a Lady Gaga with her gratitude practices or Pitbull with his Tony Robbins tapes or even a Will Smith. The examples are endless and this all underlines an important point for us to take away.

The law of attraction IS working.

It always is whether you use it or not. You always have the choice to deliberately create your life and use the law of attraction consciously OR you can let autopilot take over and allow your mind to freefall and simply re-create what you already have.

Let this be a fresh call to action. The law of attraction is simple and anyone can use it to create anything they want.

It is not an empty promise.

It is a powerful message of hope.

You are never stuck. You are never doomed to fail. You are never lost.

As long as you have your mind you can build and create whatever you want.


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