What is The Meaning of a Hummingbird Flying in Front of You?

What is The Meaning of a Hummingbird Flying in Front of You

The meaning of a hummingbird flying in front of you symbolizes an important spiritual message of joy. It also signals a raising in your vibration, synchronicity and calls on you to be more present.

The hummingbird is a spiritual animal that symbolises joy, harmony, and peace in many cultures. But what is the meaning of a hummingbird flying in front of you?

For many, the appearance of a hummingbird would be the stuff of dreams. This incredible being, floating effortlessly in front of you, would stop anyone in their tracks and encourage them to evaluate the spiritual meaning of such an event.

Whether your hummingbird appears in the physical or within a dream, the symbolism is powerful and meant to be exactly that: a spiritual sign.

But what does it mean for you?

Hummingbirds as a Spiritual Creature

As is the nature of the bird itself, it is peaceful and effortless, almost soundless, and ethereal.

The universe has a language and uses many symbols, numbers, signs, and animals to communicate with its beings. The hummingbird is a messenger from the higher realms that is universally understood.

Symbolising the lightness of life, hummingbirds resonate at a higher vibration, guiding you to enjoy the sweetness and simplicity of life, whilst marvelling at life’s complete and utter beauty.

A bringer of blessings and celebration, it will force you to open your heart to the magnificence of the universe and ask you to look deeper within.

8 Reasons you could be seeing a hummingbird in front of you

1. Synchronicity

The hummingbird is a rare sight and not one to be ignored if you are witnessing this amazing creature in front of your eyes.

If the universe sends you a hummingbird, then this can mean that the universe is effortlessly aligning with you.
You have made the perfect decisions to get you to this place of readiness and your efforts are being matched.

If you are worried or are losing faith in yourself or the things that you want, then this is a huge sign for you to have faith. The universe has sent you a flashing sign that it is with you and is working to get everything to fall into place.

2. Joy

Joy is a powerful emotion and is one of the emotions that the universe hears the loudest. Along with gratitude, love, peace and relief, joy is a huge sign to the universe that you want more of the thing that is bringing it to you.

The hummingbird is one of those creatures that just brings with it joy and happiness. Just like a baby elephant, you cannot help but fill with beautiful thoughts just looking at it.

3. Raising your vibration

Whether you see the hummingbird physically or within a dream, this one is the same. Hummingbirds vibrate at a level unmatched by any other creature on earth.

If the hummingbird is attracted to you, that means that you are attracting it. Thus, you are attracting a higher vibration.

If you have been working on raising your energetics and ensuring that you surround yourself with things and people that assist you in this, then the universe is saying that it is celebrating you for doing so.

If you are wondering how to raise your vibration higher, then you are being guided to do just that. A period may follow this visitation that feels a little scary, where things that you are used to, begin to come to an end or fall away.

This is ok, it is only the energies and lower vibrations that no longer serve you, leaving your energetic space. Sadly, sometimes that can include family, friends, and relationships, but know that you will begin to attract people who match your vibration and only encourage you to raise yourself higher.

4. Be present

Hummingbirds have that incredible ability to what seems like, stop time.
They are unlike any other creature when they do this.

They are beating their wings so fast and so effortlessly, that they appear to freeze in space. If you are inviting the hummingbird, then the message here is to become more present and live in the now.

Our whole life is a series of now’s. We do not live in the past or the future. We can learn from the past and plan for the future, but we are living in neither.

Being present is understanding that now, is the only moment, and now is endless.
Practicing mindfulness and meditation can really help to understand this concept and to become more present in your world.

5. Ethereal Intentions

Your power to understand the unseen is becoming more and more attuned. If you are looking for the answer to your spiritual questions, then the hummingbird is drawing your attention to your own understanding.

We have the ability to see beyond our perceived reality, into the unseen and the unexplained. Your message here is to trust the skills that you have learned and trust your intuition, because you have the knowledge and the insight to answer those questions for yourself.

The hummingbird can be a sign of celebration of your spiritual connectedness and the work you have done to get here. Celebrate your achievements because they did not come without toil.

6. Lightness

The main characteristic of the hummingbird is its weightlessness and its ability to adapt.
If you are feeling lost and confused about your path or your purpose, then the appearance of this angelic bird is drawing your attention to that which no longer serves you.

Sometimes when we feel the most lost, it is actually at the end of the hardest part. A time when we are completely ready to move on, but we just don’t know how to do it.

When you are feeling like this, the hummingbird is asking you to identify things that no longer serve you, to release yourself from the weight of those things and lighten your burden.

It is not your responsibility to carry baggage for others, fly your own path and whomever is meant to come with you, they will fly alongside you, not weigh you down.

7. Open your mind

Another spiritual meaning of a hummingbird flying in front of you is the call to open your mind.

The universe is constantly presenting you with guidance, messages, and opportunities to embrace. This tiny bird is asking you to open your mind to the abundance and options that the universe is sending to you all the time.

A good exercise to help with this is meditation. During meditation, we can explore how to communicate with the universe and receive guidance, messages, and intuitive information.

So, if you are asking for guidance or signs, then all you need to do is listen and follow your intuition, the universe will provide, you just need to notice it.

8. Perfection

One of the most incredible attributes of a hummingbird is its perfection. It is like no other being on the planet and it defies all idea of reality.

Its precision is astounding, and herein can lie your meaning.

Your care and attention to your journey is immense and your guides are drawing your attention to this. By bringing you a picture of sheer perfect creation, they are reminding you of your perfection and joyous addition to the world.

They are reminding you of your importance, your beauty, and your uniqueness. Everything about you is a precise creation of intention. You matter, they are proud, and you are loved.

Are you seeing a hummingbird in your dreams?

If you are seeing this beautiful creature in your dreams, then this is a sign that your guides are really urging you to notice.
Normally signs are presented to you in a physical form, but if this is not possible or you may not have seen it, then your guides will send it to you in dream form.

Dreams also tend to symbolise an energetic connection instead of a physical one. So, pay attention to the meanings above that mention energetics or emotional states. As messages within dreams are generally from our subconscious and may not be easily identified in a conscious state.

Either way, in a dream, or in reality, this is one of the most beautiful messages that a person can receive from their higher guides. It is not every day that you encounter a rare sight like this, and the meaning of a hummingbird flying right in front of you has got to be one of the most spiritual encounters of your life.


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