What Happens When Your Vibration Is High?

What Happens When Your Vibration Is High

What happens when your vibration is high is that you start to manifest people, events and things without trying. You start experiencing synchronicities, unconditional love and above all you feel great for no particular reason.

I see so many ‘manifestation techniques’ that try and manipulate your vibration as a means to an end – as a way to manifest what you want.

There is a subtle difference that I believe makes all the difference when it comes to understanding and using the law of vibration.

When your focus is on your (high) vibration instead of what you want to manifest then you truly open yourself up to receive – without trying hard.

Forget About Manifesting…Just Raise Your Vibration

Many people try and ‘force’ themselves to raise their vibration because they ‘know’ how important it is to help you manifest what you want.

While it certainly is true that being in a higher vibration allows you to manifest your desires faster and easier, it is hardly a recipe for manifestation success.

If you are trying hard to raise your vibration only because you want to manifest something then it will always taint your vibration.

You can never BS your Higher Self.

I want to introduce you to a new idea that has really made a huge difference in my own life.

When you make it your ‘goal’ to live in a high vibration – not because of what it will get you in terms of manifestation but rather just because of how it makes you feel.

It’s a subtle shift in focus but what it does is to remove that ‘pressure’ of manifesting something specific.

Most of the time, that thing you want to manifest is actually what lowers your vibration.

When you think about its absence from your life that alone drags down your vibration more than anything else.

9 Things That Happen When Your Vibration Is High

When your vibration is high life is great. It is quite simple when you look at it that way.

The problem with a lot of these law of attraction teachings is that many people try and manipulate their vibration because of what they think they can get from it.

‘Raise your vibration and you can manifest anything 100 times faster’

I’ve heard that a few times.

While it is true, you can not manipulate the universe. Your consciousness knows your intentions and it is always your intentions that manifest.

It is the one thing that no one can BS.

The real trick is to make raising your vibration ‘the goal’ and not what you will get as a result of raising your vibration.

So, what happens when your vibration is high? Here are 9 very obvious signs…

1. You feel good

The idea of feeling good comes in many shapes and sizes. You can feel good in your body, you can feel good in your mind or you can feel a bit of both.

These are usually emotions and since the mind and body are so intricately connected the two often go hand in hand.

At the lowest level (lowest frequency) you can feel good by stimulating your body with food or some other mechanism that provides pleasure.

That rarely lasts very long.

You can stimulate your mind to feel good through achievement, personal growth or even through service to others.

However, when you are at a high vibration you feel good for no real reason.

We’ve all experienced this yet very few people can recreate it at will. That good feeling where you feel like you are on top of the world and there was no specific ‘input’ to lead to that feeling is the result of being in a high vibration.

2. You manifest spontaneously

Spontaneous manifestation is where there is virtually no time delay between your intention and its materialization.

While it sure sounds nice to bypass all the usual struggles and to just snap your fingers and have what you want.

However, it is not quite like that.

When I refer to spontaneous manifestation when your vibration is high I refer more to ‘unconscious’ manifesting or non-deliberate manifestation.

Your subtle intentions manifest.

No writing affirmations, doing hours of visualization, or employing the latest manifestation technique.

This is because of the purity of your intentions when you are at a high vibration.

It is that state of consciousness where the ego is shifted to the backseat.

You need something and the right person manifests to help you with exactly that.

You have a need for something and it shows up almost immediately. You have a problem and the solution just appears out of nowhere in the most mysterious way.

3. Synchronicities happen

These spontaneous manifestations I referred to often show up as synchronicities. I often refer to synchronicity as ‘wtf moments’ – those moments where amazing things happen and you can not quite explain the coincidence.

When coincidences happen and they somehow leave you feeling like there was more to it than the mere happenstance you start to see how the entire universe is FOR you.

When you live at low vibrations you simply cannot see it.

Everything is a problem and you feel like life is happening TO you.

When synchronicities start guiding you, reassuring you, and communicating with you, you understand that everything is possible because you are not alone.

You have Divine guidance available to you at all times.

Synchronicities manifestations

4. You start attracting people and events

No matter what you want to achieve, attract or change in your life, you will most likely need other people.

We often bang our heads in silence trying to figure out what we are doing wrong.

Like the ghost in the machine, we often can not see our own mistakes. We are well and truly blind to our own flawed thinking.

Have you ever had the experience where someone, often a stranger, says one thing and all of a sudden things click for you?

What happens when your vibration is high is that you are wide open to anyone and anything that can lead you to what you want to manifest.

The right people with the right information, help, or advice just seem to appear from nowhere.

The universe works through people more than any other way and only when you are in a high vibration can you be open to this help and guidance.

5. You feel grateful

Gratitude is a subject that comes up often with the law of attraction and manifesting.

There’s a good reason for that.

A grateful heart instantly places you in a high vibration. You can not feel gratitude and be sad, depressed or cranky at the same time.

What happens when your vibration is high is that you are wide open to the abundance of the universe.

You can not help but be grateful because you actually see (and experience) abundance. You realize that everything is here FOR YOU and this fills you with a deep sense of appreciation for everything you have.

You may even feel grateful for everything you do not have (yet) as you realize that everything is in a process of unfolding and you moving towards what you want is part of this perfect system.

6. You experience unconditional love

Being in a high vibration allows you to experience unconditional love. This is not the kind of emotional love that you feel for your kids, your dog or your car.

It is the kind of love that is more an energy than an emotion.

Unconditional love is beyond the ego and it is the kind of love where you KNOW that we are all one and that we all come from the same place.

You feel love, compassion and care for everyone and everything in creation.

Not because it is important to you, because it is beautiful or because you have an association with it.

You feel it because you know, understand and sense that it IS in fact you.

What happens when your vibration is high is that everything that removes you from this unconditional love gets removed.

You well and truly remove the shackles and you allow yourself to be free from it and to be more of who you really are.

7. You affect others without trying

We’ve all been in the presence of people that have such good energy that they make you feel good – even when you are in a crappy mood.

What happens when your vibration is high is that you radiate that energy.

People who come into your proximity MUST be affected by it – even if they are in a crappy mood.

The good energy drowns out all that is negative and of a low vibration.

This is why you can affect others without even trying when you focus on your own energy and your own vibration.

When you really turn inwards and focus on YOU, yourself and your own vibration then your mere presence will affect others in a positive way.

Most people are looking for ‘things’ to do so they can help others.

That is actually a selfish desire in most cases.

It is your ego trying to offload some guilt.

When you focus on your vibration and you learn how to overcome your ego (self) you allow more of that pure positive energy that is the real you to radiate.

That is how you change your world.

8. You experience spontaneous healing

I am not suggesting that when you raise your vibration you will get rid of any serious illness. What I am suggesting however is that when you live in a high vibrational state for prolonged periods of time, many of your minor health issues will start to dissipate.

Your body is designed to live in a high frequency.

That is your normal and natural state.

In that state, your body is at ease. When you are in a low vibration your body is at dis-ease. The disease can not survive when your being is at a high vibration.

This healing power is even more evident in healing emotional wounds. You will find it easy to forgive people, overcome your own demons and let go of past baggage that holds you down.

9. Seeing the unseen

Now this is where things get a bit ‘woo woo’ and many of you will probably switch off here.

There is an unseen world around us much like how dogs can hear things we can not hear. The idea of ‘beings’ or ‘angels’ that walk among us sounds like fiction.

I must admit that until recently I snubbed the idea and thought it’s something that ‘spiritual weirdos’ believes in.

There have been countless examples of people on their deathbeds, people having NDE’s (near death experiences), and people in heightened vibrations who report seeing angels, beings, or even otherworldly phenomena.

When you ‘lose’ your mind and your body and you enter pure consciousness you raise your vibration sufficiently to perceive what most never will.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s incredible work in this area has had numerous accounts of people seeing angles/beings while they are in a very high vibration after mastering certain meditations.

Raising your vibration to this point is not that easy and you will most likely need the help, guidance and training from someone who lives at a higher state of consciousness.


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