7 Signs Your Higher Self Is Talking To You

signs your higher self is talking to you

The signs your Higher Self is talking to you is not that voice that whispers to you. It is far more subtle and often overlooked because of the demands of the ego.

Synchronicities, seeing Angel Number, being drawn to nature or the urge to be by yourself are all signs that the Higher part of you is trying to communicate with you.

Like I said in previous articles, the question is not whether your Higher Self is communicating with you are not.

The real question is whether you are listing and whether you can hear it?

How Do You Know If You Reached Your Higher Self?

There are many different levels of consciousness. Everything that is alive or that has the life force in it has some level of consciousness.

Plants, animals, and organisms of all shapes and sizes all have the life force flowing through them.

It is how we distinguish ‘dead objects’ from living ones.

Consciousness refers to the awareness, understanding, and inner knowing of that Divine life force that is present within you.

The greater your consciousness the greater your awareness and ‘unity’ with this life force.

So-called ‘spiritual masters’ like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and even more recently people like Mother Theresa are all people who had a very high consciousness.

It means that they had a very clear, lively, and intimate connection with their Higher Self. Often to the point where they could ‘lose’ their ego for prolonged periods of time and live as closely to God Realization as is possible in a human body.

So, how do you know if you reached your Higher Self?

I think very few people can go through life without making some sort of connection with their Higher Self.

While it is always present and while it is the ‘real’ you, life and being a human being can be a huge distraction.

The illusion that you are your body, your mind, or your personality can be very convincing.

Some easy ways to know that you’ve reached your Higher Self are when…

  • you feel inspired
  • you experience unconditional love (giving or receiving)
  • you are between sleep and waking consciousness (those few minutes when you wake up)
  • you contemplate your Soul, your death, or God (Spirit, Consciousness, the Universe)
  • you meditate and go beyond your ‘self’
  • you have a spiritual experience

I will expand on some of these ideas later but what I want to drive across is that you absolutely have a Higher Self. In fact, you don’t really ‘have’ a Higher Self because in reality, you ARE that Higher Self.

It is your body, your mind, and your personality that is the illusion.

What Happens When You Reach Your Higher Self?

Once you know certain truths you can not ‘un-know’ them. You cannot turn back.

Once you have the epitome and once you have that realization it changes your perspective to the point where you can not live or be the way you used to be.

Much of Spirituality centers around this idea.

When you have that spiritual realization – an awakening, you can not see yourself, the world and creation in the same way again.

When you reach a higher consciousness you can no longer be satisfied living at a lower level of consciousness.

Some of the things that will happen to you is that…

  • you start seeing everyone as your brothers and sisters
  • you feel more compassion and understanding for everyone
  • you feel the desire to give, share and help
  • the need to judge and criticize fades away
  • feeding your ego, your body and your mind becomes less of a concern
  • you want to avoid people who live primarily on the ego level
  • you feel a need to be by yourself and in silence
  • you feel drawn to spirituality

When you reach your Higher Self you know it. You feel it but that feeling is beyond emotion.

It is hard to describe it because words fail to convey the feeling. It is why it is best described as a knowing – a sense of that Divine presence that reflects your true nature, your true origin, and your true destination.

How Can I Receive Messages From My Higher Self?

How Can I Receive Messages From My Higher Self

If your Higher Self is your true nature and who you really are then how can I receive messages from my Higher Self?

How can this all-knowing Divinity within me become more prominent, more audible and how can I tune in to ‘tap into’ that Higher Power within me?

Most people are looking for some sort of voice or some sort of communication that they themselves consider incontrovertible.

This is part of the problem.

You are looking for a message or a form of communication that YOU prescribe.

Your Higher Self will probably not communicate with you in the way that you prescribe.

You need to surrender and let go of all your preconceived ideas.

The only way to receive any messages, ideas, or communication is by surrendering your ego and even your mind.

Your Higher Self is beyond that and can only be heard when you can mute your humanness for long enough.

7 Signs Your Higher Self Is Talking To You

First and foremost you need to understand that your Higher Self wants to be heard. It wants you to receive its guidance.

Before you took on this body, this personality, and this life you set out with a ‘mission’. You came here to learn certain things, to experience certain things, and to accomplish certain tasks.

Your Higher Self knows this and desperately wants to guide you through this life experience.

The real question is not whether you are guided or not, the real question is whether you are truly listening.

Here are 7 signs your Higher Self is talking to you…

1. Synchronicities

Synchronicities come in many shapes and sizes. For many, it is seeing repeating numbers like 11:11 or 1234 everywhere they go.

Numbers are often used for your Higher Self to communicate with you and to guide you in certain life decisions.

It is by no means the only way synchronicity happens.

You bump into a random stranger who gives you the exact answer you needed. You get in an elevator and a song plays that gives you the exact guidance you needed.

You walk into a coffee shop and on the table is a book with exactly what you need to learn.

2. Intuition and Hunches

We all have intuition. It is part of being a human being. Like many other human faculties it is something that needs to be nurtured and developed.

We’ve all had experiences where we would have ‘a feeling’ to avoid something and then minutes later we realize why.

I was once on my way to a job interview. I had to catch a bus to a train station and then catch a train.

When the bus came I had an overwhelming feeling to not get on that bus.

I ended up missing the train but an hour later it became apparent why. The train derailed and it resulted in a serious accident with several people injured.

When you have a hunch to:

  • Buy a book, read an article, watch a movie…
  • Go somewhere unusual…
  • Talk to someone you do not know…
  • Buy something unusual…

Do not hesitate. Follow that inner feeling – the hunch is always RIGHT because it is a sign your higher self is talking to you.

When you learn to really discern this inner voice from your own imaginings or your ego’s demands then you will grow to really trust your intuition in everything you do.

3. Angel Numbers

Numbers that repeat 3 times such as 111, 222, 333, 555, etc. are commonly referred to as angel numbers and they usually have some spiritual meaning.

The study of numbers and their spiritual meaning has been around since the middle ages.

Even then, many believed that numbers and certain number sequences carry specific meanings.

Each Angel Number has its own meaning and if you keep seeing these repeating numbers then it is a sign your higher self is talking to you.

4. Vivid Dreams

We all dream all the time. When you enter into a deep sleep you always dream. Most people simply never remember their dreams.

Our dreams are often just idle ‘chatter’ from your mind but dreams can be incredibly powerful and incredibly insightful.

Most of us are so used to obsessing over our problems that the conscious (waking) mind rarely has time to switch off for long enough to tap into our dreams.

When you go to bed with a quiet mind, sleep deeply and learn to wake up without being jolted back to your problems then your Higher Self can talk to you through your dreams.

When you have a vivid dream it can feel so real.

These sorts of dreams tend to be so powerful that they stay with you for some time. It often feels like you were really there!

Pay close attention to these dreams because they have a powerful message from your Higher Self.

5. Quantum Moments

In his movie The Shift, Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about the idea of Quantum Moments (which comes from a book entitled Quantum Change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives by Miller and C’de Baca ).

It refers to instantaneous transformation where you have a spiritual insight that changes you right at that moment.

These ‘spiritual epiphanies happen unexpectedly and often arise when you are at your lowest points in life.

It is as if your Higher Self throws you a lifeline.

When you have this insight you almost immediately ‘see’ the illusion of the ego and how your life and everything that is ego driven is not really real at all.

It allows you insight into almost every area of life.

It gives you clarity of purpose and you now KNOW that you are a Spiritual being having a human experience.

I remember having a quantum moment when I was 26. I was at a really low point – unhappy with almost every aspect of my life.

I was out on my balcony at around midnight. A sudden wind picked up. It was warm air that blew in on a very cold night. Everything became very vivid and I had an overwhelming sense that I was not alone.

I felt a presence. It brought me to tears and I just could not explain why.

This experience changed me in every way and to this day I can still remember that quantum moment in great detail.

6. The Urge To Be Alone

Being alone is often something to be frowned upon in our culture. Most people simply can’t be by themselves or don’t want to be because of how it looks.

The idea of having a lot of friends and always being surrounded by others promotes ‘popularity’.

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

– Blaise Pascal

Only when you are ‘alone’ and when you are by yourself can you truly connected with the Higher part of yourself.

When you feel the need and the urge to be alone and to have quiet time by yourself then it is your Higher Self wanting to connect with you.

7. Drawn To Nature

If you live in a city or any urban area it can be hard to connect to nature. Most people never really pay attention to it anymore – especially if you are a city slicker.

However, nature shares something very special with us as human beings.

When you find yourself in nature you can not help but experience inner peace. When you are on a mountain top, next to a river, in a jungle or even in the ocean we all feel some connection to it.

The sense of inner peace, the sense of awe, and the sense of connectedness that we experience in nature can ‘call us’ because when we experience it we become open and receptive to the Higher Self to talk to us.

If you feel yourself drawn to nature, it is a sign your higher self is trying to talk to you – it wants you to quiet your mind and outer perceptions and go within.


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