Seeing 1010 And 1111 And 1212 Everywhere? Here’s Why…

seeing 1010 and 1111 and 1212

If you are seeing 1010 and 1111 and 1212 all the time then these numbers are trying to show you something within yourself that is manifesting as your life experience.

These mirror numbers are mirroring back to you certain aspects of yourself and relates directly to your relationships in your life.

People see these numbers in so many different places and very often you see them on time pieces, book pages or even on car license plates.

Regardless of where you see them the simple fact is that these numbers are a sign from the universe – directing and guiding you.

They usually follow you everywhere until you heed the message. They are there to help and guide you and ignoring them usually only makes them follow you more.

However, you know deep down inside that these numbers have some sort of meaning – a message from your Soul to help guide you along your life’s path.

The Meaning of 1010 and 1111 and 1212

First I want to explore some of the most common meanings of each of seeing 1010 and 1111 and 1212 individually.

I will then also help you put it all together with a broader look at why you see all 3 of these numbers all the time or why you see variations of the 3 consistently.

1.The Meaning of Seeing 1010 Everywhere:

The number 10 signals to ‘peak’ or the end of something. It refers to the completion of a period in your life and often starts showing up in your life to prompt you to start afresh.

When you see 1010 or 10:10 it’s usually a sign that can give you encouragement when you go through a bad period. It signals that this period is coming to an end and that you are about to embark on a new path.

In many cultures, the number 10 is considered ‘lucky’ and is associated with achievement and happiness.

Seeing 1010 everywhere usually gives you the guidance to make the decisions that will lead to a fresh start.

2.The Meaning of Seeing 1111 Everywhere:

Seeing the number 1111 is one of the most common synchronistic numbers and much has been written about it.

The number 11:11 is a sign from the universe guiding you to follow your intuition. It is prompting you to take action, to say yes and to go for it.

If you are in doubt about some decision. If you feel fear and uncertainty then 11:11 will keep showing up until you take action.

Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself.

When you trust in yourself you trust in the very wisdom that created you.

3.The Meaning of Seeing 1212 Everywhere:

The number 12 refers to the daily cycles and if you refer to our time system then 12 refers to one cycle on the clock.

Everything in life is cyclical and there is a rhythm and a flow to everything.

Seeing 12:12 is a reminder of this. It helps you to stay positive when times are tough because you know that the season will turn eventually.

During good times it also serves as a reminder to be grateful for what you have and to help and support those who are going through a ‘winter’ in their lives.

Why You Are Seeing 1010, 1111 and 1212

The common trend in seeing numbers 1010 and 1111 and 1212 is the fact that they are ‘mirror numbers’. The same number mirrors back on itself when they are ‘doubled up’.

Mirror numbers directly relate to relationships.

Relationships are one of the most prominent ‘mirrors’ in your life. Your relationships reflect back at you your innermost states, desires and emotions.

This is also not just relating to relationships with other people.

You have relationships to money, to food, your health and almost every other thing in your life. A relationship is all about how you relate to someone or something.

Anything in your life that is not in a harmonious relationship is nothing more than a reflection of something within yourself that is not in alignment.

That means that if you are in a bad relationship with a spouse, family member or even a colleague then there is something within yourself you need to address.

When you are facing health issues or financial problems then seeing 1010 and 1111 and 1212 acts as a reminder that these conditions in your life is only reflecting back at you what is really going on inside you at the level of your consciousness.

1010, 1111 and 1212 As Mirror Numbers

When you see only one of these three numbers repeatedly then its easier to understand what it means FOR YOU. You can simply relate the meanings that I have already discussed and see how it applies in your life and circumstances.

It often happens that you see these numbers interchangeably for prolonged periods in your life.

If you see all three of these numbers all the time then you can simply relate them to your life as mirror meanings.

10:10 refers to the end of something or the completion of a period or spell in your life. How does that reflect your inner self in your physical reality?

Maybe it signals the end of a bad spell in a relationship, a work environment or your relationship with money?

11:11 mirrors your indecision and prompts you to act – often in spite of your fears. Inspired action is when you feel the universe at your back.

Everything just happens easily and you don’t have to force anything into place. This mirror helps you identify your real fears and helps you to move past them by acting on the inspiration.

12:12 mirrors back to you the cyclical nature of everything. No matter where you are in your life and no matter what circumstances you find yourself in that are out of your control, it too shall pass.

This number mirrors back to you hope where you see no hope. It mirrors back to you abundance where you can only see scarcity. It mirrors back to you love where you can only see fear.

Is Your Mind Playing Tricks On You?

When Carl Jung first came up with his ideas of synchronicity he was laughed at by his peers. The idea of ‘bridging’ science and spirituality was very far-fetched at the time.

We are catching up though and many of these far out theories are now proven as fact.

Spirituality is now a real consideration in science and virtually every scientist knows that when human consciousness is involved there is an unseen and intangible force at work that does not comply to liniar scientific thinking.

There are a lot of sceptics out there though.

Their opinion is of course very valid and worth considering. It is easy for the mind and the ego to get involved when you start seeing angel numbers and experiencing synchronicity.

It can be hard to distinguish between a fabrication of the mind and a true spiritual message.

Your mind can record numbers like 1010, 111 and 1212 much easier because they are repetitive and easy to distinguish.

Because it recognizes these repetitive numbers more easily it can ‘see them’ more easily in the future as well.

How do you KNOW then if seeing these repetitive numbers are a sign and a guidance from Universal Intelligence or if its your mind making it up?

  • It is meaningful to you. They usually relate directly to something in your life that you are going through.
  • There is an intuitive knowing that they mean something.
  • Seeing them feels good.
  • It expands your consciousness. It causes you to pause and to explore the meaning. It creates a desire within you to really know and understand what it means.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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