Powerful Words That Raise Your Vibration

Words That Raise Your Vibration

There are words that raise your vibration almost instantaneously. There are also words that can do the opposite.

Most people, habitually use words that keep them in a low vibration. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) identified language as a determining factor in creating a ‘map’ of your world and the way you perceive your life.

When you change this ‘map’ you change everything.

Whether an event is a disaster or an opportunity really just depends on your perception and how you frame the event to yourself.

Even beyond this psychological level of words and language there is an even deeper understanding of words and vibration.

Everything is energy and energy has a vibrational frequency.

Words are no different.

With words we not only create our world but we can reshape it and recreate it because of the vibration effect that words have on our consciousness.

Do words have a vibrational frequency?

By nature sound has a very obvious vibrational frequency. Sound is nothing but a vibrational frequency that we can perceive through our hearing.

Spine words have a vibrational frequency.

We can observe it, measure it and even create it.

With our voices we can give words a vibrational frequency. The way we speak certain words can vastly change the vibration of those words.

You can say almost any word in almost any ‘emotional undertone’.

I can still hear my mom’s words when I was little: ‘say you’re sorry and say it like you mean it’.

Words in an of themselves have no definite frequency but the way we use them will create the frequency.

Do words carry vibration?

Do words carry vibration

Spine words carry a vibration. The age old practice of chanting has long been part of spiritual traditions.

The belief is that when you chant certain words or incantations at a certain vibration it creates a spiritual connection.

The sounds of ‘ahhh’ and ‘ohm’ are common in meditation practices.

Its believed that some frequencies can place us (and our minds) in a different state.

This is actually quite easy to understand. Just think how calming piano music can instantly help you relax while an upbeat rock tune can drive you to jump up and down with your air guitar.

Words, Communication and Vibration

We all instinctively know which words make us feel good and which words make us feel bad. It’s not just the words themselves but rather the feelings you attach to those words.

Experts claim that only 7% of communication is verbal. Dr. Mehrabian’s studies are often quoted and he concluded that how we understand something relies on:

  • 7 percent verbal
  • 38 percent vocal and
  • 55 percent visual

What goes with the words is all out important.

Far too many people sit on their buts muttering affirmations in the hope their lives will change.

How words make you feel is the fastest and most accurate way to gauge whether they are words that raise your vibration or lower it.

Instead of trying to find ‘magical’ words that will instantly raise your vibration it is better to turn our attention to the emotional scale (as defined by Dr. Richard Hawkins).

Finding words that can help us match up to certain emotions is by far the most effective way to find words that raise YOUR vibration instead of relying on some generic words.

I want to also make a quick side note: Many people advocate using words from the Sanskrit language and receding them as mantras to raise your vibration. While Sanskrit is a very pure language that is often associated with many spiritual practices, the use of words that has no meaning you you will rarely have a vibrational effect on you.

5 Words That Can Raise Your Vibration

If words are so powerful, where do you start? I think its not so much a case of what you say but rather a case of what you DO NOT say.

The habitual running commentary in your mind is perhaps more responsible for your life than you might realize.

In The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer beautifully explains how this incessant inner conversation actually ‘verbalizes’ your entire experience of life – without your conscious awareness.

When you start to deliberately change your language and the words you use to describe yourself, your environment, your life and your experiences then you can make a dramatic shift in your consciousness.

Are there any magic words to use? Not really.

There are magic emotions though and that is where you want to focus.

Whether you tell yourself you are having a wonderful day or whether you tell yourself you are having a crap day is really just a matter of context and perception.

What you tell yourself though has a massive impact on your vibration.

Here are some powerful words and ideas to focus on deliberately until it becomes habitual.

1. God

When you say the word God it instantly connects you to a more spiritual side of yourself.

We all have different ideas and beliefs about God but what is universal is the fact that God represents that which is beyond our physical life.

When you contemplate God, your Higher Self, creation and the non physical you will rarely be stuck in low vibrational thoughts like the guy who cut you off in traffic 3 hours earlier and you are still stewing over it.

Use whatever word works for you. God, Jehova, Spirit, Universe, Jesus…

Again, its no so much the word but what the word invokes within you that can help to raise your vibration.

You don’t always have to reach for the highest vibration words and thoughts.

You just have to shift to something higher than what you were festering in.

2. Love

Obviously we are not talking about romantic love and what most people associate to love.

Love is that universal God force that flows through everything.

Compassion, empathy connectedness all allows us to connect to Divine love.

Ultimately we are all one and being connected is the key to tuning into the flow of love.

From a more practical point of view we want to start being more conscious how we communicate with others.

Starting with those close to you and extending out to all the strangers in your love, start communicating with love.

The word love itself has a high vibration and using it deliberately and sincerely is a great start.

Tell those you love that you live them. Tell yourself that you love you!

In a similar vein, banish the word hate from your vocabulary.

3. Thank you

Gratitude is incredibly powerful. When you are in a state of gratitude you dissolve all anger and fear.

Try it. Be grateful about something right now and notice how your energy shifts. Any words that express gratitude are words that raise your vibration.

  • I’m so grateful for…
  • Thank you for this…thank you for that…

Be deliberate in what you are grateful for. Tell people you love how grateful you are for them. Express your gratitude for everything that is great in your life.

When this becomes habitual your entire life shifts.

You will stop blaming, feeling like a victim and feeling like life is happening to you.

Life happens FOR you and everything has some sort of blessing.

Be grateful for it and express your gratitude verbally.

4. Joy

Joy is something we all strive for. Unfortunately our culture has led us to confuse joy with pleasure.

Joy is an inner state. It comes from being totally connected with your Higher Self. It is a state where you want nothing and where you just feel good for no real reason.

Pleasure usually needs ‘something’ to make you feel a brief sensation of joy.

When you really think about what brings you joy you will soon discover that it is beyond all your lists of wants and needs.

What words bring you joy?

This will be different for every person but start by describing your world in a joyful way.

Instead of complaining about the day, find what’s great about it and appreciate (as opposed to depreciate) its value.

  • This is a wonderful day…
  • I am passionate about…
  • Wow, I just love that
  • That is great! Thanks…

Whatever words you can find to invoke joy in your life will raise your vibration immensely.

5. Forgive

Christianity is firmly based on the idea of forgiveness. Not only is forgiveness a ‘Divine act’ it is an act that raises your vibration and your consciousness.

When you live with grudges and vendettas you harm yourself more than you could ever harm anyone else.

It is like a poison that is slowly running through your bloodstream – paralyzing many aspects of your life without you really knowing its effects.

It lowers your vibration unlike anything.

When you forgive you instantly raise your vibration.

If you blame yourself for anything, forgive yourself. Say it out loud – and say it like you mean it.

Think of all the people you hold grudges against. Send them love and light and forgive them – sincerely!

Better yet, call them up or write to them and tell them that you forgive them.

Forgiveness Is the Fragrance the Violet Sheds on the Heel That Has Crushed It

– Mark Twain

Why do words carry so much power?

We all have friends or loved ones that can just push our buttons. It often just takes one word (with no particular meaning) from them to really trigger you.

A hundred other people can say that word BUT it is because they say it, the way they say it and the meaning and history behind it can set you over the edge.

You know what I mean, right?

While we all know the negative side to this, we can also use it as an empowering trigger to instantly raise our vibration.

When you start filling your vocabulary with words that raise you up, increase you vibration and transform your emotional state then you change your life.

I make up words.

I create fictional words and I give them meaning.

When I say the word out loud, apart from the fact that no one will know what it means, it instantly triggers something very specific within me.

Words carry so much power because they carry meaning. They often carry history which can be detrimental.

For most people money have a negative connotation. Words like debt, bills etc. instantly send them into a vibrational state that ensures money can not flow to them.

Can Words In and Of Themselves Attract And Manifest Something?

If you are looking for some magic words that will instantly manifest your desires then I am afraid, that does not exist.

In mythology that idea of some magical word or some magical incantation is a powerful symbol.

It is powerful in the sense that the word(s) or incantation triggers something within the hero – allowing him or her to connect to some higher part of themselves that may have been dormant.

This is very appropriate for us in our everyday lives.

We become habitual in our use of language. When someone asks you ‘how are you?’ most people reply with an ‘okay’ followed by some sort of negative comment.

Our inner voice tends to be conditioned into negativity and it can be one of the hardest habits to brea.

Starting with your verbalized language and what you say out loud is a far easier way to make the change.

When you deliberately start to change the words you use you not only change the way you talk to yourself but you change the way you feel.

This in turn changes your frequency, your vibration and ultimately what you attract and manifest.

So many law of attraction practitioners feel frustrated because they feel like they ‘try’ very hard but see no real results.

This may well make all the difference.

It is never the actual words that cause a manifestation but rather the vibration that those words create within you.

When Words Lower Your Vibration

When you think a thought you emit an energy. When you verbalize that thought you give it much more energy.

I used to laugh off the idea of saying affirmations out loud but when you understand this you realize the power of doing that.

I will give one important caveat early on though: your intention remains the overriding factor.

The ‘seed’ of every thought is what I call intention.

You can say ‘I am happy, healthy and prosperous’ 2000 times but if saying it reminds you (and triggers the reminder) of how miserable you are, how sick you feel and how broke you are then that is what will be emitted as a frequency.

Consequently that is what you attract.

That is why it often feels like you ‘try so hard’ to manifest what you want but you keep attracting more of the same or even more of what you don’t want.

How can I increase my vibration instantly?

You can increase your vibration instantly by using the right words. Most of your mood and your vibration is determined by what you tell yourself.

The first and probably the most important step is to become conscious of your inner dialogue.

Can be hard.

Like the ghost in the machine we are often blinded by our own mistakes.

When you are in a low vibration, law of attraction can not help but to bring you people, events and circumstances that match your vibration.

This is why we often feel stuck and like ‘nothing’ is working.

Using words and language effectively we can lift ourselves out of this lower vibration.

  • Start by thinking of 3 things you are grateful for. Say it out loud: ‘I am so grateful for…’
  • Start by thinking of 3 people you love. Say it out loud (or to them if you can) ‘NAME, I love you’
  • Life is a gift! I live in a friendly, loving, harmonious and giving universe. Joy, peace and harmony IS my true nature. I now return myself to this nature and I let go of any and all the gunk that clogs up my connection to my Divine nature.

These 3 simple ideas can transform that inner conversation that is habitually dragging down your vibration.

When you do this enough and practise it deliberately then words that raise your vibration will come to you automatically and you will find yourself living in a higher vibration.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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