Step-By-Step Manifestation Box Instructions

I decided to reveal my step-by-step manifestation box instructions to help you create your own manifestation box that actually works.

Like a lot of these law of attraction techniques and ideas, it gets exploited commercially. I’ve seen people sell manifestation box instructions and also see many of these ‘ready made’ boxes for sale.

A manifestation box in and of itself means nothing.

It is only what you bring to it that gives it its meaning and its true power to help you manifest your desires.

I use the word HELP very deliberately.

A manifestation box is simply a tool to help you and to make your own manifestation process more joyful, less stressful and ultimately to actually make it happen.

Instructions for Making a Manifestation Box

Below are the basic manifestation box instructions – make it your own and let your self-expression and creativity guide you to make it your own.

As a side note I also want to add that buying ‘ready made’ manifestation boxes is not really a smart way to go about it.

They may look great and have some cool stuff in them but this really is one thing that needs to be deeply personal and that needs to be crafted by your own two hands.

The energy and attention that you put into making it is a great part of why this is such an effective manifestation technique

The 10 Steps To Making a Manifestation Box That ‘Works’

Step #1: Make or Buy a ‘Box’

A manifestation box can be any container. For years my journal doubled up as a manifestation box but over time is just got out of hand. I had so many elastic bands holding it together that I started using a box instead.

The term box simply refers to some sort of container that can keep a number of things together.

Making this box special in some way that is beautiful and/or meaningful to you is important. Its a form of self-expression.

Even though the box is an inanimate object, the energy that you place in it and give to it is what is part of the magic.

Make it or decorate it in a way that YOU love. If you have a box that already has sentimental value then use that as it will already have an energy that you can tap into.

Step #2: Get Clear On What You Want To Manifest

The most important manifestation box instructions revolve around what you actually put into the box.

It’s not so much about placing objects into the box but rather placing energy into the box.

The strategy behind using a manifestation box that I find most powerful is to fix your mind on the ONE thing that you want to manifest into your life.

Dedicate your entire manifestation box to that one (or maybe two) idea.

In order to do that you need to get very clear on exactly what you want to manifest. I’ve written extensively about this before and the concept of having an intention revolves around clarity.

The law of attraction does not respond to what you want.

It responds to the thoughts and emotions that you hold in your consciousness.

Step #3: Write a Letter For Your Manifestation Box

Most manifestation box instructions revolve around this idea of writing a letter to the universe.

In my opinion, most people make way too much of this.

The idea of writing a letter to the universe is simply a way of expression and clearly defining what it is that you really want.

Think of it as an order that you are placing to the universe.

You can ‘order’ anything you want from the menu called life. The best part is that the only ‘payment’ you need to make is to give your energy and your attention to this idea or desire that you have.

There is a catch though.

Your ‘order’ will only be accepted if you are crystal clear about exactly what you want. Vague or ill-defined orders can not be interpreted and the universe can not fill in the details for you. That is YOUR job.

Simply take a piece of paper and write to the universe telling it exactly what you want and why you want it.

Remember to avoid any negative statements of things you don’t want, things you don’t like or your desire to get rid of things in your life.

Focus only on what you DO want.

Step #4: Add Visualizations To Your Box

One of the great things about a manifestation box is that it can really help you gain greater clarity in exactly what you want.

Over time it can help you refine and strengthen your intention.

Collecting pictures from magazines that either represent or relate to what you want to manifest should go into your manifestation box.

Your connection to that image and placing it into your manifestation box gives it power and brings an energy to your box.

Step #5: Create 3 Affirmations for Your Manifestation Box

Affirmations are powerful statements of intent. Once you have an intention, create 2 or 3 powerful affirmations for yourself.

Create these affirmations ‘around already having and already being what you want to manifest.

Place these affirmations in your manifestation box and try and read them whenever you feel tempted to open the box.

A powerful manifestation box instruction that I have followed diligently is to keep adding supporting thoughts and ideas to the box over time.

I continuously add affirmations and inspirational quotes to my box.

As you keep adding powerful ideas you start stacking the energy you place into your manifestation box and the ideas and desires you want to manifest.

Step #6: Add Spiritual/Inspirational Books

Spiritual books and texts carry an energy. Dr. Richard Hawkins illustrated this by calibrating the Bible, The Tao Te Ching, and numerous other spiritual books.

All these major spiritual text books contain an energy that you can use and utilize.

I keep a copy of the Tao in my box but whatever spiritual text appeals to you, place it in your manifestation box – even if you rarely read it.

This is not confined to religious books. Any books that have great value to you and that you find inspirational will also do the job.

Step #7: Add Manifestation Crystals

Crystals can be a very powerful aid in helping you align and manifest your energy. Some crystals align with certain energies and can help you manifest certain things more effortlessly.

Citrine, Quartz and Amethyst are some popular choices but the word of crystals is vast with many variations and applications.

Even if you are not into crystals, I would instruct you to at least just place a crystal into your box and forget that it is there.

Crystals can amplify energy and they can act as some extra ‘fuel’ for your manifestation box.

Step #8: Reminders of What You Already Manifested

This is huge. Seeing your intentions manifest not only makes you believe you can, but the motivation and inspiration give you momentum.

Have you noticed when things start working out in your life how quickly you can attract and manifest a series of things?

It is because of momentum and it a powerful idea that Abraham talks about a lot.

With a manifestation box you can CREATE this momentum by simply focussing on what you are already manifesting.

Every small thing that I manifest towards those ‘big’ things I make a note of and place the note in my manifestation box.

Sometimes when I feel a bit flat I will sit down and think of past things I’ve manifested and write it out and place it into the box.

The collective energy of these ideas that you have manifested goes into the box more than just the notes you place in there.

What’s even more powerful is once your main intention manifested, you place ACTUAL pictures of you having it in the box.

Over time your manifestation box becomes incredibly powerful because you realize that whatever intention you place into the box will eventually manifest.

This is one of my most powerful manifestation box instructions to you. If you do nothing else, do just this with your box.

Step #9: Sentimental Items

Sentimental items are things that you place greater value on. These items often have an energy of their own and by placing it into your manifestation box you add to that great energy.

Some people place jewelry of departed loved ones or special things you have been given or collected over the years.

I like to place photographs of myself and the people I love. Just looking at a certain picture can instantly lift my vibration and these are the kinds of photos I would instruct you to place in your box.

Step #10: Place Your Manifestation Box in The ‘Right’ Place

Now that you’ve created your manifestation box, where should you place it? Personally, I don’t like to advertise it and I don’t like to invite others to even look at it.

It’s deeply personal and I keep it next to me at my desk where I work.

When you see it all day long it serves as a reminder – constantly reminding you of your intention and what you want to manifest.

You are also much more likely to look inside, add affirmations and quotes or to reread and review your desires and intentions.

There is no real ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ place to put your manifestation box. If you have a sacred space in your home, place it there. It will add and benefit from the energy.

Some law of attraction teachers promote the idea of making a manifestation box and then putting it away – to forget about it.

While I understand some of the arguments, I would not encourage this.

Why a Manifestation Box ‘Works’

A manifestation box in and of itself will not manifest anything ‘for you’. The box is a tool – a vehicle that is designed to help take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The manifestation box instructions above all revolve around one basic idea and that is to immerse yourself into that which you want to manifest and that for which you have a burning desire to be, do or have.

The act of making this box can also be very powerful – especially for people who are more creative and/or kinesthetic.

A manifestation box helps to give your ideas a physical presence. It also creates an energy by collecting things of value together.

Attaching this high energy to your intention not only helps it to manifest faster but helps you to bring joy and love to the entire process.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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