The Universal Law of Abundance – How To Get More

universal law of abundance

The universal law of abundance states that there is more than enough of everything for everyone and that we are all entitled to having it.

The universe is abundant and there is no lack or scarcity other than the lack or scarcity that you have created with your thinking.

This is certainly not a concept that most of us grew up being taught. Most of us grew up learning that money is tight, you have to save and work hard to get your little piece of the pie.

Some people are “fortunate” and get a lot while others are doomed to just make ends meet.

This is total garbage and there is absolutely no truth to this. More than half of all the billionaires in the world, started with $0. In fact, many of them started with less than $0.

What is abundance and why you CAN have it

What does abundance mean to you? For some it is having enough to eat, for others it is having time freedom but for most it is about having a lot of money.

Abundance simply is having more than enough of everything you need to live life to YOUR fullest. Money may be a part of it but abundance is not money.

Abundance is a feeling. When you feel that you have more than enough, you feel abundant. The idea of “more than enough” is also something that most people avoid. The idea of excess has been branded as “bad” and wasteful.

Yet, when you look at nature, everything is abundant. There is more than enough of everything in nature. You are part of this nature and you are entitled to everything you can imagine for yourself.

Think of anything you desire in life…does it exist in the world? Is there someone else who has it already?

Then why can you not have it!?

There is no god who decides who gets. You are never doomed into living in lack or scarcity.

As long as we remain vigilant at building our internal abundance—an abundance of integrity, an abundance of forgiveness, an abundance of service, an abundance of love — then external lack is bound to be temporary.

– Marianne Williamson

The universal law of abundance is true for you, just as it is true for the billionaire. The only difference is how you choose to use your mind and your inner resources to allow this law to work in your life.

Like any law, it is always in operation.

You are using the law of abundance in your life already – but probably in a way that manifests scarcities and lacks.

There is an abundance of everything you want in this world. All you have to do is to get in harmony with it and attract it into your life and your experience of life.

How To Use The Law of Abundance

When you start looking at things this way you realize that everything you want is much closer than you think. Shifting your focus to simply trying to get in harmony with all the abundance you want to manifest is not hard either.

It is fun. It feels good.

When you “go there” in your mind you can already feel the abundance, can’t you? This feeling is what you want to place all your energy and attention on.

There is always abundance around you – even if its just an abundance of oxygen or sunlight. Shifting your energy to always notice the abundance instead of noticing the scarcities is how you cultivate the universal law of abundance in your life. You need to retrain your brain not to live in a world where there is scarcity.

1. Why am I not abundant already?

Answering this question will at first bring up a series of “excuses”. They maybe be perfectly legitimate but ultimately they are just excuses. If you keep answering this question you will get to dig deeper and uncover your own limiting beliefs about money and abundance.

2. Are my predominant thoughts about scarcity or abundance?

The law of attraction dictates that you attract to yourself experiences that match your predominant thoughts. Like attracts like. If you are constantly worried about finances, about not being able to afford things and how you don’t have enough then that is what you will attract more of.

Consciously you may want more but because your thoughts are always drawn to the side of fear, that is what ends up manifesting in your life.

3. What do I already have an abundance of in my life?

Everyone has an abundance of something. It may be health, love, passion, joy ec. By focusing on abundance, you attract more abundance. It really is that simple. Its not easy though because you will soon start thinking again about what’s missing in your life.

4. Where do I choose to live?

Choosing to live in an abundant world is a choice. It may not seem like that at first but when you start thinking about it this is so true. What you choose to notice and give your attention to is what will expand and show up.

Choosing to live in an abundant world allows you to see abundance everywhere. As you see it and start looking for it more and more will start to manifest for you.

The shocking Truth About The Universal Law of Abundance

When we talk about abundance in terms of having a lot of money then most people have it completely wrong.

This is most probably why so many people struggle financially.

Most people think that someone who has a lot of money is wealthy or rich. That is not true. Someone who is wealthy has a lot of money. Read that again and note the order.

  • You become wealthy first
  • Money follows wealth
  • Wealth does not follow money

Wealth is a mindset. It is a way of thinking. When you have that mindset, money flows into your life with ease.

Its been said before that if you win a million dollars, you better become a millionaire fast otherwise you will lose the money.

Being a millionaire is a mindset. It is not a sum of money in your bank account.

You go there in your mind first. You become it and eventually you will have it.

It is also not for the sake of having it. Wanting abundance to just horde it and just to have it locked away is not wealth and abundance. This who are truly abundant want to share it and give it away.

When you have abundance in your life it overflows. You can not help but pour it out and allowing it to flow.

If your goal is to collect abundance of any kind and to lock it away then you probably will never have it. That is not the nature of abundance. Instead, focus on how you can share it and how you can use it in your hand to make the world a better and more abundant place.

The universal law of abundance is for everyone and it does not pick any favourites.


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