Help! I Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

i stopped seeing angel numbers

Help! I stopped seeing angel numbers and I am worried that I am being deserted. When you stop seeing angel numbers you have either manifested your desire, received your guidance or have gone beyond the need to be guided.

You may also have become more disconnected in your life with the fears, worries and anxieties of everyday life taking its toll on you.

One of the most reassuring things I find in life is the fact that I am Divinely guided at ALL times.

Your Spirit Guide(s) are bound to you for life and you truly are never alone. Even when you feel completely abandoned and lonely it is only your mind playing tricks on you.

When you turn your attention inwards and even if you just contemplate your own Divinity you instantly reconnect with the highest part of yourself.

Why Do You See Angel Numbers ?

To really understand why you may have stopped seeing angel numbers, I think it’s important that we briefly look at why you see angel numbers in the first place.

It is easy to get caught up in seeing numbers and signs and we often forget some of the fundamental understandings of what we call angels or guides or spirits.

I had a great insight from reading the works of Dr. Brain Weiss.

He suggested that we leave ourselves certain clues or markers before we even start this life journey. These signs or markers are there to help guide us on this journey.

Doloris Cannon suggested that every single person has at least one spirit guide or angel to help and guide them.

Most people have more and you rarely keep the same angel or guide for your entire life.

From these two great teachers we can gather that when you see angel numbers it is either a pre-determine sign or an intervention to help guide you, to give you information or to help direct your decisions along your life path.

This life is not easy from the point of view that we find it hard to predict certain outcomes. As human beings we crave certainty and we want to know that we are ‘doing the right thing’.

Seeing angel numbers is a form of Divine guidance. It is definitely not the only form of guidance but for many people it is a form of messaging that they can understand and interpret.

Should You Be Worried When You Stop Seeing Angel Numbers?

One of the first reactions that most people have when they stop seeing angel numbers is that they start to worry.

Are you being deserted by your angel guides?.

Are you being left on your own?

These feelings can really start playing tricks on your mind. The very idea that you are being deserted by someone – especially your Divine guides can be incredibly disempowering.

You need to stop that at once!

When you start indulging in those fear based thoughts your consciousness gets dragged down with it. At such a low level of consciousness it would be incredibly hard to ‘hear’ any Divine wisdom trying to communicate with you.

In short, when you stopped seeing angel numbers you should not be fearful, worried or concerned in any way whatsoever.

In fact, you should probably feel gratefu;l because it may signal something good in your life.

There are a number of reasons why you stopped seeing angel numbers. I will discuss the 5 most common reasons below to help you realign your thinking.

6 Reasons Why You Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

So, I stopped seeing angel numbers but I just don’t know why. While your concern is normal it is never because you are being deserted.

To help you troubleshoot I have laid out 6 common reasons why and how to get yourself ‘reconnected’ with your Divine path.

1. You Received The Message or Manifestation

Suppose you are driving to a friend’s house, you get lost and you call them up. You ask them for directions and while you are on the phone with them they direct you right to their house.

Once you are there you no longer need their directions anymore, do you?

If you have been asking (consciously or subconsciously) for guidance about something from your higher Self then once you received the message or manifested what you intended then you no longer need the guidance.

It becomes redundant.

If you’ve been guided very closely by seeing angel numbers all the time, feeling hunces and being directed you may feel a sudden ‘loss’.

When you stopped seeing angel numbers it is important to really take stock. Did you ‘get’ the message, did you receive the guidance you asked for or did you manifest what you intended?

Most of the time, this is why you will stop seeing angel numbers and experiencing synchronicities around something specific.

2. You No Longer Need That Particular Guidance

Have you ever been exposed to something and you start pursuing it with great vigor and enthusiasm. Then, 2 months down the line you lose interest completely.

The novelty fades and your mind starts pursuing something else.

It could be that your enthusiasm was doing the asking – asking the universe for guidance. You started seeing angel numbers everywhere to guide you along this new and exciting path.

When you lose interest and when your energy and attention moves away from that you no longer ‘require’ the guidance and for one you stopped seeing angel numbers.

Take stock. Look back at what you may have shifted your focus with. This may well explain why synchronicities stopped showing up in the form of angel numbers.

3. Alignment

When you stop seeing angel numbers you are either disconnected or very connected to your Higher Self.

You will know which one applies to you.

Most of the time it is because you have become disconnected. You have become so engrossed and caught up in the needs and demands of your personality that you have shifted your attention off your own Divinity.

Even the thoughts and the worries of not seeing angel numbers anymore is a misalignment. In reality, that way of thinking (and worrying) actually prevents you from seeing angel numbers and receiving Divine guidance.

When you are aligned with your highest self you open all doors of communication.

When you are misaligned you shut yourself off. You feel separate, alone and disconnected.

So, how do you stay aligned and ensure that you are always open and connected to your Higher self and to your own Divine guidance?

Here are a few ideas…

  • Feed your mind with positive, inspiring and uplifting ‘soul food’ every day. Read something spiritual. Talk to someone about the deeper things in life. Avoid the noise of social media, the news and television.
  • In Rhonda Byrne’s new book she shares a great strategy. Ask yourself this question several times a day: ‘Am I conscious?’ It immediately draws your inner awareness to your higher Self – to that which you REALLY are.
  • Meditate and contemplate. By quieting your mind and turning your attention inwards every day you drown out the external noise and allow your higher Self to be recognized and to be heard.
  • Ask. You can ask your angel guides anything. You can ask them for guidance. You can ask them to become more present and to be more clear and more prominent.

Another scenario is if you are very connected. You are highly spiritual, you have daily practices and you feel very closely connected with your Higher Self most of the time.

As you evolve spiritually you may ‘lose’ the need to be guided by angel numbers.

Your intuition takes over.

4. You Are Not Paying Attention

One of the strangest things about this human form is that we often fail to see the mistakes within ourselves – even when it is glaringly obvious.

It is easy to see mistakes in others. Being objective gives us clarity and understanding that we do not have with subjectivity.

We tend to defend our own ignorance. Life may be giving you a thousand nudges and signals – pushing you, directing you and moving you in a direction yet you are wondering why the signs are not showing up IN THE WAY YOU WANT TO SEE THEM.

Seeing Angel numbers is but one of a million ways for you to be guided by a universal intelligence that has everything at its disposal.

The real question is: Are you paying attention?

Everything that you may think is ‘going wrong’ may well just be a series of forces trying to direct you towards your highest good.

5. Different Guides Are Entering or Leaving Your Life

Doloris Cannon pointed out that we all come into this life with at least one spirit guide assigned to us. This guide is with us at all times and can never leave us.

They are bound to us for a set period of time.

Very often, we receive different guides at different stages of life – each one helping and guiding us in different ways.

Some guides may be called top help with different aspects of your life and they may not always communicate through angel numbers.

Just because you don’t see numbers does not mean you are not being guided by them. Start paying more attention to your intuition, to life events and to the people you attract.

6. You Are Seeking Unclear Guidance

When you feel like you are just not getting any guidance despite asking and asking then you may well be asking for the wrong things.

If you want your angel guides to guide you then you need to really watch what you are asking for.

Asking things like, should I do this, or that? Is this better than that? Is that right or wrong for me?

These questions are incredibly vague and your guides simply will not interfere in that level of life. Questions based on value judgments are a function of human existence.

What is good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse only matters to you.

The way to ask for guidance needs to be much more specific.

What is your end goal and what in particular do you want guidance for?

Asking your guides in a more specific way will be more something like: ‘What is the fastest, most joyful and most fulfilling way for me to find and get a job that pays well and that I will love’.

Instead, I see most people asking things like ‘Is this the right job for me?’ How can I get that particular job? Etc, etc, etc.

These vague questions rarely get your guides involved. They are there to help and assist you towards your highest ideals and to guide you along your life path.

When your requests for guidance have more substance – substance beyond the mundane needs of your personality then you are far more likely to get your guides involved.

When your requests for guidance involve your life purpose and your highest ideals then your angel guides have no choice but to move heaven and earth to try and help, direct and guide you.

This is often when angel numbers start appearing everywhere. Your intuition is on fire and all the synchronicities just start to flow into your life.

Staying Connected With Your Highest Self For Guidance

I have a simple but very effective technique that I use to make sure I stay connected to my Higher Self.

When something goes wrong, you have a bad day or when things spiral out of control you are completely disconnected.

Almost every problem you have in your life is a problem on the outside world. When your energy and attention is centered then you are connected to the highest part of yourself.

Problems seem to just fade away.

I imagine a great, bright light within me – located in my heart centre. This light is soft and inviting yet it is incredibly strong and can illuminate everything in my mind and consciousness.

When my attention is on the outside world – on the problems, the worries and the fears that consume me then I am ‘in the dark’.

By simply shifting my awareness to the light within, everything becomes illuminated.

By just imagining this you instantly transform the way you think and feel about almost everything.

When you shift your awareness to that Divine Light within you then the mere awareness draws you into your own God consciousness – to that which you really are.

That is how you instantly connect with your Divine Self.


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